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d100 Ancient Rings

A reader request...feed me more!

This is just to replace other ring tables and could apply to non ring items with some re skinning. This should create more interesting rings. The more powers the more conditions and curses a ring has and the more impressive it's story. Some rings have value without being magical. Many rings have one basic power usable and other powers require conditions.

d20 Material
01 Bone or ivory from animal tusk or horn
02 Stone d4 1=obsidian 2-granite 3=jet 4=fossil
03 Amber from fossilized tree resin
04 Semiprecious stone d4 1=jade 2=coral 3=lapis 4=amethyst 5=crystal 6=agate 
05 Gem d4 1=ruby 2=diamond 3=opal 4=emerald 
06 Copper
07 Bronze
08 Brass
09 Silver
10 Electrum

11 Gold
12 Platinum
 Iron or steel
15 Mithril
18 Adamantite
19 Orichalcum
20 Planar being body part

d12 Decor (d6 common)
01 Engraving abstract
02 Engraving symbols
03 Engraving creatures
04 Engraving writing
05 Set gemstone usually one per power
06 Creature figurine
07 Cameo carved stone
08 Tiny bell or makes ring sound when used
09 Signet stamp
10 Highly reflective or shiny or glows

11 Secret compartment for a pill or poison
12 Functional holy symbol

d12 Origins?
01 Primordial pre human race
02 Prehuman monster race
03 Planar beings from beyond
04 Ancient shamen
05 High priest of a long ago faith
06 Ancient wizard made for self
07 Ancient wizard made for royalty
08 Ancient sorcerer made for cult
09 Witch made as a gift
10 Made by a alchemist

11 Gifted to mortals by spirits
 Gift from a deity

D12 Purpose?
1 To help a ailing cult or religion or state
2 To help win a war
3 As a gift to favoured child
4 As reward for some great deed
5 To commemorate a great contract
6 To be worn by a bloodline leader
7 As a pact to ensure peace
8 Made to battle for a alignment
9 Made for champions of a cause
10 Made to use exotic magical ingredient like dragon heart
11 Stolen from supernatural beings
12 Lost by heroes or godlings of the dawn age

d12 Variants
01 Pinkie ring
02 Toe ring
03 Ear ring
04 Nose ring
05 Arm ring
06 Neck ring or torc
07 Ankle ring
08 Bracelet
09 Head circlet
10 Crown

11 Nipple ring
12 Ankle bracelet

d12 Conditions
01 Full powers only work for certain race
02 Full powers only work for certain bloodline
03 Full powers only work for certain class
04 Full powers only work for certain alignment
05 Full powers only work for certain religion
06 Ring require sacrifices to activate full powers
07 Ring requires certain blood spilled to activate full powers
08 Ring requires secret words found to activate full powers
09 Ring requires quest to be fulfilled to activate full powers
10 Ring cannot be removed without remove curse

11 Ring is activated by visiting historic locations
 Ring is sentient with a ego and alignment tries to guide bearer to some cause

d12 Curses
1 Contrariness argues with everyone
2 Delusion gives impression has ability like fly or fire resistance
3 Weakness lose 1 point STR and CON per day til reduced to 3
4 Pursued by powerful supernatural beings by night and their minions by day
5 Alignment change to usually that of ring creators
6 Any injuries you cause partly feed other planar beings
7 Otherworldly beings can see and hear the wielder through the ring
8 Wielder increasingly interested in ring origin and becomes increasingly obsessed with past
9 Wielder believes ring is their destiny and they are the lead hero of the story
10 Wielder will not let go of the ring, becoming spiteful and paranoid if suggested
11 Higher power takes control of wielder who remembers nothing a turn a day
12 Flawed wish spell will work opposite to cause as much suffering as possible once

d6 Powers
1 one basic
2 d3 basic
3 one major
4 one major d3 basic
5 d3 major
6 d3 major d3 basic

d100 Basic Powers (*may have opposite version of spell instead)
01 Detect magic once per day
02 Protection from evil once per day*
03 Blur once per day
04 Conceal alignment once per day
05 Charm person once per day
06 Invisibility once per day
07 Spider climb once per day
08 Waterwalk once per day
09 Levitate once per day
10 Sleep
 once per day
11 Magic missile once per day
12 Burning hands
 once per day
13 Comprehend languages once per day
14 Cure light wounds once per day*
15 Bless once per day*
16 Light once per day
17 Hold portal once per day
18 Knock once per day
19 Web once per day 
20 Strength once per day 
21 Shield once per day
22 Phantasmal force once per day
23 Audible glamour once per day
24 Enlarge once per day*
25 Featherfall once per day
26 Identify once per day
27 Mending once per day
28 Detect good once per day
29 Detect once per day
30 Detect law once per day
31 Detect chaos once per day
32 Detect undead once per day
33 Detect enemies once per day
34 Detect gold once per day
35 Remove fear once per day+
36 Slow poison once per day
37 Barkskin once per day
38 ESP once per day
39 Mirror Image once per day
40 Fog cloud once per day
41 Stinking cloud once per day
42 Grease once per day
43 Command once per day 
44 Talk to birds once per day
45 Talk to fish once per day
46 Talk to amphibians once per day 
47 Talk to reptiles once per day
48 Purify food and water once per day*
49 Jump once per day
50 Detect invisible once per day
51 Protection  +5 loses a point every time it succeeds in helping wearer
52 Protection +1 AC and HP
53 Talk to one specific breed of mammal d4 1=rat 2=cat 3=dog 4=horse
54 Talk to one specific breed of mammal d4 1=cow 2=goat 3=mouse 4=pig
55 Gives knowledge of a specific language spoken and written
56 Gives knowledge of a specific craft skill
57 Gives knowledge of a single weapon use even if normally not used by class
58 Stops blood loss after one round as if treated by first aid
59 Infravision 3"
60 Nightvision
61 Protection from dirt, clothes and body never need washing 
62 Grants literacy to the illiterate, can read all spoken languages
63 Will catch a edible fish a day with one turn once a day 
64 Can block a single arrow, crossbow bolt or magic missile once per day
65 Body will not decay while worn
66 Can create a d10 copper coins a day in your pocket
67 Can transfer 1 HP from wearer to another once per person each day 
68 Always dry, water falls off leaving dry
69 Resistant to extreme weather heat or cold, always comfortable
70 Can once a day change a cup of water to wine (some make beer instead)
71 Can identify metal and purity by touch
72 Can identify gems and semiprecious stones by touch 
73 Turn into small animal of specific type once per day most often rat or bird
74 Produces up to a teaspoon of salt per day
75 Produces up to a teaspoon of honeycomb per day
76 Twinges if your master or leader in peril
77 Lets you tell the time
78 Lets you always know direction of north or a specific place 
79 Detect a race within 3" d4 1=goblin 2=orc 3=elf 4=dwarf
80 Lets you hit creatures as if using a magic weapon with bare hands
81 Undead touching you hands or bite takes 1 HP damage per hit
82 Allows you to lactate continuously so you can be a all year wet nurse
83 Protects you from sexually transmitted disease, lice and fleas
84 You are incapable of producing children from any union while wearing ring
85 Allows you to perform sexually as a virile youth
86 Gives you a lovely singing voice
87 Allows you to dance in current local area style
88 Allows you to guess weight of anything under 100lb
89 You can make babies stop crying in one round
90 Dogs will not bark in your presence if you do not wish it
91 You can call singing tiny birds to join you in song
92 Vermin and gremlins keep away from any goods on your person
93 Can burn signet design onto paper or brand skin
94 Can convert silver to copper or reverse currency at normal rates 
95 Stops hair growing allowing your hair and beard to be easily managed
96 Can kill vermin or birds with a HP or less with glance if it fails save
97 Once a day can summon a medium dog for a turn
98 Once a week can call a gremlin to serve for a hour
99 Once a week can call a Imp to serve for a turn
100 Once a week can call a kobold to serve for a hour

d100 Major Powers
01 Dispel magic once per day
02 Fly once per day
03 Fireball once per day
04 Lightning bolt once per day
05 Icestorm once per day
06 Polymorph self once per day
07 Polymorph other once per day 
08 Gaseous form once per day
09 Protection from normal missiles once per day
10 Water breathing
 once per day
11 Continual light once per day*
12 Confusion
 once per day
13 Speak with dead once per day
14 Speak with animals once per day
15 Speak with plants once per day
16 Cure disease once per day*
17 Neutralise Poison once per day*
18 Airwalk once per day
19 Stone to flesh once per day
20 Suggestion once per day
21 Flame strike once per day
22 Wall of fire once per day
23 Wall of Ice once per day
24 Wall of wood once per day
25 Wall of bone once per day
26 Charm undead once per day
27 Charm demon once per day
28 Charm devil once per day
29 Charm elemental once per day
30 Charm animal once per day includes giant animals
31 Charm lycanthropes once per day
32 Rock to mud once per day
33 Dimension Door once per day
34 Teleport once per day
35 Remove Curse once per day
36 Cure serious wounds once per day
37 Air walk once per day
38 Protection from evil 10 foot radius once per day*
39 Ring turns into a +1 melee weapon at will
40 Ring turns into a missile weapon with ten +1 shots a day
41 Fire resistance - immune to natural fire, half damage from magic fire
42 Cold resistance - immune to natural cold, half damage from magic cold
43 Waterwalking at will
44 CON +1
45 CHA +1
46 DEX +1
47 INT +1
48 STR +1
49 WIS +1
50 Magic missile one d4 per round
51 Immune to non magic weapons
52 Regenerate 1hp per round of non fire or acid damage
53 Vampirism d4x10% of inflicted wounds heal wielder
54 Free Action - immune to being impeded by webs, paralysis or water
55 Invisibility at will
56 Protection +3
57 Protection +1 5 foot radius
58 Do not require air
59 Do not require food
60 Swimming can move full speed in water and breathe water
61 Cantrip ring can cast one cantrip or zero level spell at will
62 Turn undead as cleric once per day
63 Turn into any natural animal and back once per day
64 Extra attack each round +1
65 Resist magic 5%
66 Sorcery ring converts any known spells to power one 1st to third lv spell in the ring
67 Wizardry doubles number of zero level spells (priest and druid versions possible)
68 Wizardry doubles number of first level spells (priest and druid versions possible)
69 Reflection deflects three level of spells per day (one 3rd or three 1st etc)
70 Spell storing holds one spell of level d6, can absorb spell cast on user and cast later
71 Fire Elemental Ward - elemental cannot attack wearer unless wielder attacks first
72 Air Elemental Ward - elemental cannot attack wearer unless wielder attacks first
73 Water Elemental Ward - elemental cannot attack wearer unless wielder attacks first
74 Earth Elemental Ward - elemental cannot attack wearer unless wielder attacks first
75 Telekinesis 25lb 6" range at will
76 X-Ray vision can see through 10 foot stone or 2 inches of steel
77 Call d12 kobolds for one turn a day with work tools or weapons
78 Call d12 wild dogs per day 
79 Call d12 orcs for one turn a day
80 Call d12 1HD snakes for a turn per day
81 Call a Djinn once a week for one turn
82 Call a Succubi/Incubi once a week for one hour
83 Call a lesser devil once a week for one day
84 Call a lesser demon once a week for one day
85 Call a Ogre once a day for a hour
86 Call a 8HD elemental once a week for a hour
87 Call a d12 skeletons once a day for 1 hour
88 Call a d12 zombies once a week for 1 hour
89 Call a treant from the forest to serve one day a week
90 Call d12 elves from elfland for one hour a week
91 True seeing once per day
92 Blade Barrier once per day
93 Animate dead once per day
94 Heal once per week
95 Death spell once per week
96 Wall of force once per week
97 Comune once per week
98 Plane Shift once per week
99 Raise dead once per month
100 One use wish

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Recent adventures of the third expedition to Xor

Running my Xor setting gives me a good heads up on what to create next. Like the market, dodgy deals and carousing tables came from a single session. What I need now is something like a d100 Xor settlements from shacks to cities. A more detained settlement generator and a hexcrawl map of a campaign area. I ended up using map I generated for my last native Xorians game this sessions as it was all done and ready to go. I will expand this into a starting mini campaign setting to help gamers start play faster. I'm still open to other ideas. I need a hard copy for editing and use in play and hope to set up a design pc shortly.  I guess sample content based on my tables would be useful and help fill some side bars and boxes. I want every page to have a short Xorian saying or phrase or proverb too.

Here is a bit of a map of last two player groups merged. Thanks to dallas for the meat erasers. Todays game had a player sick and a schedule conflict gage merged with ours and we ended up with five players.

Robert the Necromancer - currently enjoying his zombie servants and public freedom
Gerald Swinton - sailor mercenary who survived the shipwreck
Munto Hornswoggler - halfling adventurer extraordinaire
Snorri - dwarf who arrived by iceberg, lost some fingers to sharks on way from Yotunland
Tom Flannery - specialist who experimented with mutagens the six legged mutant

Everyone had two days before visiting the lord of Botham who has offered them a Quest. So the lads decided to look for followers, go shopping and carousing.

Robert had stuff to research from his living meat spell book and shopping. He has five zombies and is delighted to have so many.

Gerald woke up in a giant crab shell miles away with adoring crab folk. He had defended their honour or something and the family were now big fans. Two joined him as followers and he has dubbed them his knights.

Snori awoke with a tiny face on his neck after party with exotic merchants. He visited a priest who told him how luck he was and to make sure the face doesn't say bad things. Not very comforted but Snorri believes he is now in hell.

Munto got drunk with a priest who told mim of a community of outsiders like them living in mountains.

Tom looked for shonky deals in alley ways and a ogre offered him strange gold coins for a oiled massage which he declined. One of his mutations has made mini-me clones drop off him and he has kept one as a follower. Two escaped one got eaten by a dog. They don't talk much but gibber and bite. He also recruited a  cannibal halfling with a blowpipe.

Anyway the lord sent them to kill or deal with faceless druids of the forest who have attacked villagers. In return they may occupy a abandoned village as his vassals and take some settlers. A survivor of the druids an old man was met among refugees who offered to lead party.

While crossing the hex they say a rolling flesh sphere approached. They fired at it and missed mostly but up close it's vertical slit mouth opened and began snapping but they splattered it. Robert tried to raise it as zombie but it's soul resisted and it began chomping again. He theorised big monsters might be more resistant to the spell. It was the first time the spell had failed (I might mod the spell I made as not enough have gone wrong). The party took it's teeth and and skin and some meat and marvelled as the sphere had a meat covered bony shell, jaw, guts and no visible brain or sense organs. (a reskinned ochre jelly).

So they came to the forest and saw smoke from a community and moved into the fleshy Lorax woods. Marvelled at bugs, featherless birds with wing membranes, the floating jellyfish (good eating). Something approached the party, something big. A great fleshy hydra as big as a ox came at them but Tom managed to deal a terrible stab from behind and the thing died. Pulled it's teeth, took ribs for a BBQ and moved on.

Heard a ritual and approached a bone compound wall with a fifty foot brain inside with the faceless men inside spit roasting victims, beating drums and dancing with their terror birds. These faceless men had bone swords and javelins and war clubs. They wore coloured lorax skirts except the chief who had a vest. No sign of their "druids" who wore skin hooded capes. The chief carried a strange ganglion bundle of meat too. Tom climbed the wall while the rest of the party opened the gate with Roberts knock spell. The leader died with a single rapier thrust and the gang and the zombies tore the terrorbirds to shreds. Robert used a audible glamour spell to make the celebration sounds continue covering the sounds of the fight. The faceless men went down and Robert was pleased how many good corpses survived but mostly not ones killed by Zombies. In LOTFP with a definite kill I describe horrible death.

The party got ready for more carnage. Tom and his halfling climbed the slimy brain to check out a hole in the top. Snorri helped the living impaled and burned bodies on the spits and the old man kindly killed the horribly mutilated and burned kinfolk. Snorri watched the brain entry and took cover after leaving a pile of corpses in front of the door as a obstacle. Gerald and his crabmen took position by visibly in front of the door. Munto waited by entrance and Robert surrounded himself with zombies.

After sound died and the cultists inside aware something wrong four sub chiefs with swords charged out, several losing initiative from pile of corpses they tripped through. Behind them four acolyte druids with skin hoods and iron daggers charged out. Inside two leaders of the cult summoned demons. Snori, Gerald and the crabmen held the lines and several acolytes were mauled by zombies. Robert got a few stabs in and Munto stabbed a few more. These guys were tough but the party over five minutes hacked, stabbed and tore limb from limb to victory. One demon summoner was grabbed by his demon and dragged to hell. The other summoner was attacked and his colour slime demon escaped control fleeing into the forest. One bos escaped to the forest. Meanwhile inside Tom had stabbed the leader of the cult. Several followers were unconscious and alive as were some cultists.

Inside they found the women and children attached by umbilicals. They cut them free and a few lived. Snori cut the belly button off a captive and attached him to a cord and he became attached. The cultist was ashamed of being feminised by the process. Robert found a niche for sitting in the brain and it squelched around him. The brain gloated Robert would never escape but he willed his zombies to tear him free. Found more spellbooks and lots of pheromone potions. They debated throwing away the dragon booster hormone some thought it should be sold as nobody had seen a dragon. They also debated the keeping the compound and killing the brain. They also found the secrets of the skin face masks. Tom thought If he wore one he couldn't be distinguished from other six legged Englishmen.

Tom and Munto found the escaped cultist resting in bone ruins. Everyone else rested and recovered over three days and Robert made more zombies. They went to investigate the ruins but Tom and Munto scouting the weird lights saw grey men exit a meat pit and vanish. The party found the pit and robert gave a lantern to a zombie and sent it in. It fell 30 feet and was pulped into burning gore and broken lamp bits. Snori went in and they the rest came down. Hanging on bone hooks they found living human skins which could be worn by climbing in slits in the rear. Robert was pleased as they could hide his zombies.

Found a meat chamber with tables, a bar and patrons and barmen with no skin fused to the floor and furnishings. They offered keratin cups of the local brew (blood or serum). The party were puzzled why this place existed and the people made generic smalltalk. Tom figured it was to train something infiltrating humans. Another chamber was a operating room and they put a zombie on a slab and watched it get restrained, it's brain sucked out and left overs thrown down a noisy sloppy pit.

The third door led to a Migo metal complex with a brain storage room, a costume library with metal weapons and clothes and currency. A Migo hibernation chamber was a problem and the party killed four migo and got two good condition migo bodies and six grey man skin suits. The party went back to the brain village to ponder the strange treasures they got. Gerald managed to knock himself out and munto webbed himself playing with odd devices.

Was pretty fun. I might try and join a 5th ed game and hope to meet Dallas to plan some local shenanigans and online games.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Faerie Mutations

Elf taints comes from contact with the fey. Not those elves born to the mortal world but the kind living forever beyond the veil of sight. Such taints are rare but more common on the borders of elfland or to those with a local elf mound or faerie circle. Earthbound elves and other sylvan creatures or goblinoids might carry this taint also. Most think of elves as beautiful but the faerie world includes fair and fowl. Goblins, banshees are well known but the faerie taint can even include reptilian qualities. Plant and fungal qualities are well known properties. Possibly as among the first humanoids they are closer related to all manner of beings even the unliving and immaterial spirits of the dawn age. I guess elves mostly chaotic in most dnd I just thought of them as higher law we don't understand like lawful-alien. But LOTFP they are very chaotic and I can now get calling them chaotic. I'm inspired by traditions of the game, medieval stories about serpentine bat wing dragon elves.

You could cross this with other mutations to mix undead to make weirder elves. Or make plant mutations be more like fungus. Lotsa weird elf variants might be made mixing types like using elf and reptile might be used to make a draconic elf.  Im a bit inspred by european stories of reptilian faeries.

Enjoying this mutation system for a while in BRP and DnD games. My rough idea for a mutant class is a d6HD/Lv use any weapons any armour but might need to be customized every new physical mutation. Each level get a major and a minor mutation from any list depending on setting. I'm considering a simple meta mutation table or a limited choices for a single special power. Special powers like hiding mutations, change mutations, choose tens and ones of d100 after you roll on mutation tables, etc. I have enough mutation power lists to make this worth while. Mental most needed but various mutation strains might include beastial, nightmare, fish, candy, crystal  all viable. A mutant class good for when i use my rules set for sf, gamma aeon, Psychon, Xor and even my fantasy setting.

d12 Taint came from...

1 Ancestors were elf slaves
2 Ate strange herb or flower or root
3 Suckled from elf breast
4 Wandered through a faerie circle
5 Ancestor slept with elf
6 Ancestor was replaced by a changeling as a baby
7 Ancestors lived near borders of elfland
8 Ate some magic goblin mushrooms
9 Had sex with a elf
10 Faeries sprinkled pixie dust on you
11 Snorted pixie dust offered by stranger in a bar
12 Caught in a breeze ladened with magic spores

d10 basic types
1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

d100 Minor Cosmetic Mutations
01 Elongated ears
02 Pointy ears
03 Flower like ears
04 Enlarged eyes
05 Exotic coloured eyes
06 Night vision
07 Thermal vision
08 Perfect snooty nose
09 Detect secret doors as a elf
 Facial features hysterically exaggerate when emotional

11 Flawless perfect skin
12 Unusual pigment (green, violet, ivory, jet)

13 Photosynthetic skin halves food needs
14 Shed skin often, often sloughing off
15 Half withered half flawless
16 Hairless body
17 Only 1% body fat
18 Skin covered in mystical symbol scars
19 Pigment changes from night to day
20 Barklike rough skin +1 AC
21 Light elongated body frame
22 Flower bud nipples
23 Nonfunctional wing buds on back
24 Hunchback
25 Horny ridges on ribs
26 Pendulous breasts
27 Leaves grow on torso
28 Enlarged extended vertebrae
29 Extra ribs
30 Lactate delicious mildly addictive milk
31 Pot bellied
32 All offspring are litters of goblins
33 Addicted to elf food
34 Cannot eat meat
35 Small tail
36 Constantly aroused
37 Delicious syrup secretes from sex organs
38 Cannot eat cooked food
39 Excrement and urine smell delightful
40 No belly button or several
41 Spidery elongated fingers
42 Webbed fingers
43 Webbing under arms
44 Incredibly thin arms
45 Spiky spines growing under arms
46 Leaves sprout from shoulders and arms
47 Enlarged hands
48 Elongated arms
49 Two, three or six digits on hands
50 No fingernails
51 Elongated legs
52 Webbed frog like feet
53 Long pointed feet and toes
54 Leaves growing down legs
55 Extra jointed toes
56 Two, three or six digits on feet
57 No toenails
58 Backward bending knees 
59 Hairy legs with hooves
60 Large thighs and scrawny forelegs
61 Frog like tongue for catching bugs
62 Single over sized fang
63 Elongated face
64 Large mouth with large goofy teeth
65 Pointy chin
66 Pointy teeth
67 Horrible scream heard from far away
68 Sweet harmonious song like voice
69 Saliva tastes wonderful 
70 Lamprey tongue
71 Leaves replace hair
72 Flowers grow in hair 
73 Long luxurious silky hair
74 Elongated skull
75 Pointy head
76 Short horns or antlers
77 Pinecone like upper skull
78 Acorn like skullcap
79 Elongated eyebrow ridges
80 Hair changes colour seasonally
81 Exude a lovely earthy or floral or sweet odour
82 Androgynous appearance
83 Always prepubescent
84 Retain youthful looks till death
85 Slow metabolism, poisons take longer to effect
86 Grow d12 inches
87 Shrink d12 inches
88  Can sleep all winter inside a hollow tree or hole
89 Lycanthropy is a fatal disease
90 Iron inflicts +1 HP damage per touch
91 Can understand babies
92 Revolted by human body hair
93 Sense faerie circles and gateways
94 Resistant to charm and sleep spells 
95 Speak any elf or goblinoid languages
96 Empathic to plants
97 Sense natural weather for 24 hours
98 Sense magnetic north
99 Sense magic
100 Sense leylines 

d10 basic types
1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

d100 Major Mutations
01 See positive life force things in 3"
02 See negative life force things in 3"
03 Can see invisible in 3"
04 See spirits or mental forces in 3"
05 Can smell opposite alignment
06 Track like a bloodhound by scent
07 Taste and identify poison 
08 Can hear whispers of invisible spirits within 3"
09 Can smell shapeshifter within 3"
10 Face can change for a disguise turn/lv a day

11 Skin is luminous and can be increased to light 3" radius
12 Skin changes colour like a chameleon

13 Skin turns invisible rnd/Lv/day
14 Skin sloughs off healing mutant d4/lv/day
15 Skin is a ablative defence gives extra 2HP/lv
16 Skin secretes soporific poison to anything that bites mutant save or sleep
17 Skin glistening with invulnerable to non iron or magic weapons
18 Skin is like polished metal or mother of pearl +2AC
19 Photosynthetic needs no food for CON in days in dark before hungry
20 Skin secretes a psychoactive drug like toads or salamanders when licked or bitten
21 Beautiful butterfly wings allow flight for movement and can fold up
22 Transparent insect wings allow flight for movement and can fold up
23 Folding bat or reptilian wings with membranes allow air movement
24 Bird wings allow flight for movement and can fold up come in various colours
25 Levitate one turn per level per day
26 Can hibernate for months or years or decades
27 Will self resurrect if body intact or put back together after a week
28 No longer requiring breath immune to gas or odours
29 Can breathe water through gills but can still drown or be choked
30 Can breathe a fog cloud once per day 2x@5th 3x@10th
31 Can reproduce with any creature always fertile and makes a hybrid
32 Fishtail allows mutant to move full speed in water
33 Do not need to eat or excrete but can to be polite or socially
34 Immune to poison
35 Immune to all disease
36 Spectacularly functional genitalia
37 Prehensile tail can be used as hand or swing from like a ape
38 Butterflies in your stomach can spit up a fog like cloud once per day 2x@5th 3x@10th
39 Insect swarm lives in abdomen round/lv/day inflict 2hp/round 3" cloud
40 Can choose to have children from elves, litters of goblins, humans or animals
41 Arm membranes that allow gliding, full move across lose 1"/round height 
42 Extra set of arms +1 attack in melee or missile or extra shield
43 Claws morph from hands d6 unarmed damage
44 Can hit magical beings with bare hands and unarmed attacks
45 Can open magically held or locked doors or chests
46 Webbed hands +3" move in water
47 Natural sleight of hand, pick pockets and prestidigitation tricks
48 Talent at handcrafts including sewing, tailoring, cobbler, knitting or weaving
49 Ability to smith any metal able to make weapons, armour or jewelry
50 Highly artistic drawing, calligraphy and sculpture without effort
51 Frog or grasshopper legs can make move in a singly jump or several jumps to total
52 Frog feet swim full move in water or +3" move
53 Legs fused into fish or snake tail move rate in water or +3" move
54 Bird feed can walk or hold things like branches or claw for d4
55 Goat clove hooves can climb and ignore terrain like a goat
56 Extra invertebrate legs like a insect or lobster or arachnid x2 move rate
57 Bury feet in ground for a hour a day for food
58 Bury feet in ground and recover a HP per hour
59 Walk on water at will
60 Spider climb at will
61 Speak in poetry or rhyming verse or slang or song
62 Mimic animal sounds or voices
63 Speak any language
64 Speak to animals
65 Speak to plants
66 Scream of fear 3" cone, save or flee round/lv once per day 2x@5th 3x@10th
67 Scream of death 3" cone, save or die if under 4HD once per week 2x@5th 3x@10th
68 Song of phantasmal force round/lv
69 Song of healing d3 per level once a day
70 Song of charm person once per day 2x@5th 3x@10th
71 Attractive crown grows on skull +1CHA
72 Antlers, horns or unicorn horn a +1d6 extra attack
73 Prehensile long hair moves on own as if in a unearthly breeze or as a hand
74 Hair is like spun silver or gold worth hundreds or can trim a d12gp worth a day 
75 Wreath in hair with leaves, nuts, fruit produces a meal a day per level 
76 Glowing hair acts as protection from opposite alignment 1round/lv/day
77 As long as hair intact +1 STR
78 Hair can elongate or retract 1"/lv, functional as a rope, if cut takes time to regrow
79 Hair can change colour and style at will from bald to ground length
80 Prehensile root beard almost ground length acts as a hand
81 Hard and woody flesh or ethereal shimmering +2 AC
82 Can grow a living wood +1 bow from your body once a year and a d12 arrows per day
83 Require decapitation or burning to permanently kill
84 Unaffected by aging will live forever
85 Can leave trails of sparkling pixie dust that glows for a hour/lv
86 Shrink 1 foot high hour/day
87 Shrink to 1" high a turn/day
88 Immune magical touches of undead like paralysis or energy drain
89 Can turn into a spirit round/lv/day
90 A limb or head or organ (eye) can be removed for a hour/lv 
91 Can play any musical instrument first try
92 Read any language
93 Sense undead within 3"
94 See in multiple dimensions at once in 3" ignore displaced or out of phaze
95 Speak to spirits but cant see them
96 Speak to dead, corpse saves or compelled to speak
97 Can see through illusions in 3"
98 Takes half magical damage as if always saved
99 Can resist mind reading or mind control attempts like charm or fear
100 Can travel to elfland at will with a passenger/lv

If any duplications or big mistakes let me know