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d100 Dodgy Docklands Encounters for 1920's

Next Episoded100 Saucy Slumlands Encounters for 1920's
Need some stuff like this for travels in my cthulhu game and gangbusters goons might enjoy too

d100 Dodgy Docklands
01 Workers having a smoke
02 Workers playing dice
03 Workers playing cards
04 Men having a dog fight
05 Men having some sly grog from guy with coat and bottle in bag
06 Someone exchanging package with security guard
07 Big angry guy accidentally bumps into you
08 Workers striking an warehouse in angrymob
09 Striking workers fighting private security
10 Striking workers fighting cops
11 Striking workers abusing scab labour under watch by guards
12 Bunch of old women in work clothes smoking
13 Communist agitator talking to striking unionists
14 Gangster talking to unionists
15 Homeless bum sleeping in alley
16 Bum out asking for work
17 Homless drunk
18 Homeless urchin
19 Gentleman hobo with cane and bowler
20 Clumsy clerk with big glasses and pile of papers
21 Cigar chomping factory boss with two men
22 Cleaning woman with trolley
23 Cab driver having a smoke 
24 Waggon load of fish piled by old horse led by old man
25 Fish packers in rubber work clothes, stink of fish
26 Fishermen in overalls and bags to or from fishing trip
27 Large truck driver delivering load
28 Small van delivering packages 
29 Telegram delivery boy on bike
30 Bakers looking tired
31 Printer workers covered in ink
32 Girl selling matchsticks
33 Paperboy reports to a gang
34 Shoeshine boy reports to a gang
35 Old negro musician busking for coins
36 Old blind man begging (really a spy)
37 Beat cop on patrol with club and whistle
38 Someone up in telephone pole with tools probably not legal
39 Irish gang members loitering by a alleyway
40 China man or woman on way somewhere
41 Old prostitute drinking and high on heroin
42 Three younger prostitutes with razors
43 Two prostitutes with a pinup 
44 Rentboy looking cautiously about
45 Chinese boy on lookout or meeting point for concealed opium den
46 Italian gangsters loitering around alley
47 Greek gangsters smoking and talking
48 Old man with guitar playing
49 Drug dealer lurking in alley
50 Drunk playing an accordion with a monkey or parrot
51 Booze seller hanging in alley

52 Gun dealer hanging in alley
53 Newspaper stand also sells drugs
54 Newspaper seller also runs numbers racket for gang
55 Newspaper stand reports to a local gang
56 Stray dog 1in6 has rabies
57 Rats swarming everywhere
58 Hundreds of cockroaches
59 Immigrants looking for work
60 Nervous anarchist carrying bomb to a meeting
61 Gangsters in car out to inflict violence on someone
62 Twitchy arsonist casing out a joint
63 Private detective pretending to be a bum to watch area
64 Private detective in car watching while having a drink
65 Crooked off duty cop in car watching something
66 Private detective leaning on wall in alley reading paper watching someone
67 Undercover police detective watching business
68 Speeding car
69 Two policemen on horses
70 Police car driving through area on lookout
71 Salvation army band collecting charity

72 Men collecting for strikers
73 Veteran with missing limb begging
74 Girl handing out flyers for a singing dancing show
75 Kids running around
76 Stray cat makes some noise in bins
77 Unionists marching with a banner
78 Gang with bats and axe handles on the way somewhere
79 Surly large overalled men with boat hooks and gaffs
80 Weasly man with .22 out to mug some one
81 Speed addict with switchblade looking for someone to rob
82 Thug with club desperate for cash looking for soft target to rob
83 Burglar casing building
84 Overweight Man leaning on wall, bulging eyes which stand out
85 Lookout for some dodgy delivery men
86 Man with trolley with crates on it
87 Horse cart and scruffy man collecting rag and bone
88 Dead horse on street
89 Car collision
90 Speeding motorbike goes by
91 Small bus goes by
92 Car with boat trailor goes by
93  Speeding police car

94 Ambulance o1in6 mental hospital
95 Retarded huge lad laughing at something
96 Paranoid man thinks someone after him walking quickly looking uneasy
97 Grifter with shell game going
98 Conman trying to sell stolen goods quick at bargain price
99 Man trying to sell some stolen guns quickly at low low prices
100 Shootout from a payroll office robbery quite near

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Giant Mutations

Oh by the way Giants were not real. There was no cover up.
Will go over older mutations eventually - didn't put game mods in older basic mutations

Xor Bio Mutations
Necro Mutations
Reptilian Mutations
Diabolic Mutations
Plant Mutations

Faerie Mutations
Mental Mutations
Subterranean Mutations
Angelic Paladin Mutations
Cyber Mutations
Psychon Mutations
Surgical Mutations

Failed mutation system
Apotheosis Mutations - too many mutations
Mutant Character Class

d12 Sources of mutation
01 Ancestor was a giant
02 Local portal to giant land opened near by
03 Intimate with a giant*
04 Cursed by location of giants
05 Blessed by some giants
06 Ate some giant food that looked delicious
07 Cannibalism triggered it
08 Tried a strange potion of mushroom
09 Cursed by evil gnomes
10 Strange cloud passed you and you got a flu after
11 Exposed to auras of giant ley line
12 Giant spirit from aeons past occupied you for a time
*very young giants especially half breeds look like adult humans and infiltrate them

d10 basic types1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

d100 Minor Mutations
01 Giant foot long nose immune to stink or nausea attacks and spells
02 Giant droopy elephant ears hear normally sub sonic sound like a dog +1 listen
03 Giant eyes gain night vision
04 Cyclops single eye
05 Extra eye, possibly in forehead or back of head
06 Huge nose runs and sneezes often
07 Extra face on head or both can be partly fused with three eyes
08 Face split in middle one pretty one ugly
09 Face split in middle one male one female
10 Prehensile trunk like a elephant also makes a good snorkel
11 Obese with bulging fat and loose floppy sweaty skin +1AC
12 Warty covered hard skin +1AC 
13 Open pustules and sores stinks of rot
14 Strange tattoos all over
15 Floats in water easily with some equipment, can even sleep floating in sea
16 Skin has a exotic colour and smells and tastes spicy like pepper or cinnimon
17 Spikes growing from skin, natural attacks take 1pt damage
18 Stony flesh +d4HP
19 Immune to fleas, ticks, leaches or other vermin by tasting foul and smelling bad
20 Scarified all over from torments
21 Hump holds enough water for week
22 Spikes growing from vertebrae and shoulders, d4 unarmed
23 Plastron shell +2AC from behind
24 Hold breath in rounds equal to CON
25 Can breath smoke without discomfort
26 Non functional tiny ornamental wings like bat, bird or bug
27 Huge hunched shoulders
28 Barrel chested -d12 inches shorter
29 Bony Ribs +1AC
30 Rippling chest +d4 HP
31 Huge gut holds food for a week
32 Can eat vegetation like grass or wood
33 Rotten meat is delicious and causes no harm
34 Can eat diseased food unharmed
35 Can eat poison food unharmed
36 Flatulent and belches often, save to resist when stressed, 
37 Diarrhea, violently excretes bucket full of sloppy mess once a day
38 Takes ten minutes to urinate once a day, large floppy genitals
39 Eat your body weight in food daily or feel starved and grumpy
40 Constantly aroused huge genitalia
41 Giant clumsy hands, loss of fine motor skills -1
42 Tiny hands, gain in fine motor skills +1
43 Claw fingernails d3 unarmed
44 Long arms almost extra yard
45 Freakish spider like fingers
46 Extra fingers 5+d6
47 One arm is a huge club fist d4 unarmed and poor manipulator
48 One arm is a tentacle two yards long
49 Hand has a eye on it
50 Freakishly hairy arms
51 Huge Feet +1" Mov

52 Long Legs +2" Mov extra yard tall 
53 Bow legged -1 Mov
54 Club footed -1 Mov
55 Hairy feet and legs frighten children and small animals
56 Webbed Feet +3" in water Mov
57 Extra smaller leg +1 Mov
58 Limping -2" Move
59 Run like quadruped using knuckles +3 Move if use both arms or +1 if only one
60 Huge tendons +1 yard jump
61 Huge beard reaching the ground grows a foot a day if cut
62 Beard twitches and moves like a crude stupid limb
63 Fangs d3 with overbite can bite for unarmed attack
64 Long Forked Tongue foot long
65 Huge ornate moustache at least a foot wide
66 Mouth like a lamprey can only suck food or blood
67 Horrible yellow rotten teeth
68 Drooling problem
69 Horrible breath
70 Smoke comes out your mouth if even a bit excited or mad
71 Huge head like carnival character

72 Head bobbles like a bobblehead doll
73 Head shrinks like a pinhead
74 Grow tiny horns d3 unarmed
75 Spikes on head, d3 damage if swallowed to attacker a round
76 Head smoulders when angry
77 Huge sloping forehead
78 Hammerhead
79 Bony dinosaur like crest
80 Deformed skull with horrible bone growths
81 Huge heart +d4 HP
82 Huge Liver +1 vs poison, drink twice as much booze
83 Huge glands +1
84 Common allergy d6 1=nuts 2=fish 3=eggs 4=flour 5=hayfever 6=bees
85 Huge fist size bunch of lumps under skin
86 Small gremlins live inside body
87 Crawling with worms inside
88 Hyper aroused all the time
89 Urges to reproduce constantly
90 Spew up green bile at least once a day
91 Craving for human flesh
92 Dont notice filth or stains
93 Innate sense of superiority

94 Easily Angered
95 Constantly crave food
96 Resist charm and mind control +1
97 Alcoholic binge drinker
98 Tasteless fashion and colour sense that upsets and horrifies
99 Second personality often critical
100 Glowing brain cracking out of head, leaking and disgusting 

d100 Major Giant Mutations
01 Huge evil eye d3/Lv once per Lv per day 6"
02 X-ray eyes can see through stone or flesh for 1" per Lv
03 Swine snout can track like dog and smell things buried foot underground per Lv
04 Huge ears has sonar like a bat 3"/Lv
05 Impaling snout d4 unarmed sucks a d3 blood per round after if victim doesn't escape
06 Sense magic 1"/Lv blocked by foot of stone or wood
07 Can sense magical weather change or clouds from horizon to horizon
08 Giant can see ley lines and gate points to faerieland or giant land
09 Extra face, cause confusion in 3"cone three times per day
10 Fear Aura 1" radius, save of flee, round per level per day
11 Iron or silver weapons required to hit or any magic
12 Skin self sealing only bleed one round will stabilise wounds
13 Hard flesh +2HP per level
14 Skin becomes metallic or stone +4 AC
15 Skin glows and inflicts d3 electricity on any making unarmed attack
16 Skin drips foul slime, nothing alive will bite or taste you twice, save or vomit
17 Skin fireproof half fire and heat damage
18 Skin hairy like yeti half damage from cold
19 Skin is disgustingly mucous covered half damage from acid
20 Skin drips acid, ruins clothes and scars floors, d3 to any unarmed attackers
21 Huge lactating breasts can provide food for one person per day per level
22 Face in chest with sharp teeth d6 unarmed attack or bonus attack to grappled victim
23 Muscular chest +1STR
24 Temporary STR booster +d4 for a round per level per day 
25 Breathe water
26 Large folding wings bird or bat or bug, fly round/Lv per day at full Mov
27 Giant vigor +d4 HP +1/Lv
28 If killed returns to life a day later
29 Titan Heart +1CON
30 Rotating waist 30 degrees can fight any facing equally, no back unless ambushed
31 Can eat anything even rocks unharmed
32 Can shit a cubic yard of waste per level makes compost or can set like mortar33 Intestines burst out and act as a extra grappling attack yard/Lv
34 Prehensile tail 2 yards long can hold tool or weapon as a hand or support weight
35 Spiked club tail d6 extra attack
36 Small clones burst through flesh monthly d6 damage each time
37 Can reproduce with any living creature
38 Any creature you have eaten in month you can cough up a baby clone once a week
39 Your dung grows a tree one foot a day per level to a height of 10+1/Lv
40 Your genitalia can sense fertile males or females or whatever within 1"/Lv
41 Huge pop out claws d6 unarmed attack 
42 Huge club arm no manipulation d8
43 Arms can elongate yard/Lv
44 Extra set of arms +1 attack
45 Favorite weapon appears in hand by will from giant land and back
46 Store one favorite hand size item in giant land summoning it at will
47 Summon being from giant land 1HD/Lv once a week, must bargain with it for service 
48 Hands can create light 3"area round/Lv with a use/Lv per day
49 Shoot lightning arc 3d6 9" one use/2Lv
50 Conjure storm clouds or fog once a week mile/Lv area
51 Legs can elongate yard/Lv

52 Springing legs +1Yard jump/Lv
53 Walk on water at will
54 Walk on air round/Lv/Day
55 Extra kick attack d6
56 Centaur legs +12" Mov
57 Legs torn into fish tail in water, full Mov speed in water 
58 Earthshaker stomp 1" radius/Lv, all human size bipeds save or fall over, use/Lv/day
59 Digging feet can kick up cubic foot of soil per level per round by kicking earth
60 Your kick is like a axe d8, can cut wood
61 Breathe Fire 3d6 1" range/Lv, use/2Lv day
62 Snake beard extra d4 attack round, save vs poison once per Lv/day
63 Crystal beard +1 WIS
64 Crystal Moustache +1INT
65 Blow wind, 3" cone FX, humanoids save or fall and blow 1" away, use/Lv/day
66 Prehensile tongue tentacles can make grapple attack foot long/Lv
67 Huge trapjaw teeth d8 damage and can hold on d4 a round
68 Fold out teeth +1 extra d6 bite attack
69 Can bite through rock and metal inch per/Lv round
70 Vomit up acid spray 3d4 1" cone, use every 2Lv/day
71 Huge antlers or horns or single horn d6 extra attack

72 Head can separate and reattach and levitate as a speed of 2"
73 Blazing halo of magic flame d6 unarmed attack and can ignite flamible
74 Halo of light over head, can heal 2HP/Lv on anyone point by point as it pleases
75 Extra Head with own personality, harder to charm or mentally influence
76 Serpentine elongated neck yard per level, could use to spy or grapple
77 Whenever beheaded d3+1 heads grow back
78 Huge Muscular Neck cant be strangled or asphyxiated against will and filters air
79 Prehensile Hair foot long per level can hold things or grapple or swing on
80 Snake hair extra d4 attack round, save vs poison once per Lv/day
81 Powerful Liver immune to all poison
82 Immune system resists all disease
84 Plane shift to giant land or return once a week use
85 Healing Suge d8+1/Lv once a day
86 Regenerate limb or other body parts hacked off in a week to a month
87 Dimension Door 1"/Lv once a day
88 If unconscious teleports to giant land
89 Superior balance and reflexes +1DEX
90 Regenerate 1hp per round
 except vs fire or acid, but grows increasingly cancerous
91 Identify spell one property per Lv/day by touch
92 Invisible round/Lv per day
93 Brain unlocks giant lore gains d3 Strange lore NWP of choice

94 Can sense who has giant blood or human blood with 1"/Lv
95 Can speak to all giant beings and their kin (but not giant animals)
96 Can cast enlarge on self round/Lv per day as it pleases
97 Can cast reduce on self round/Lv per day as it pleases
98 Can turn into a gnome hour/Lv
99 Lesser under 1HD goblinoid and kobolds want to worship you 10/Lv
100 Orcs and hobgoblins want to serve you 1HD/Lv

d12 Apotheosis

01 Bloom into a huge moronic gargantua go on a rampage then sleep a millenium
02 Grow into a huge moronic giant, 1/2 INT then wander on hunt for human flesh
03 Head keeps growing till body crushed and dies to at least house size
04 Becomes a ogre and doesn't remember much wanders off to start a lair
05 Becomes a ogre mage and terrorises the land and gathers minions
06 Become a cyclops and flees into the wilderness to grow grapes and herd sheep
07 Become a formarian and lust after rotten flesh, wallowing in mud and tormenting slaves
08 Become a hill giant and head for the high country to join a clan
09 Become a stone giant and go to the mountains to build a lair
10 become a frost giant and seek a glacial lair
11 Become a fire giant and look for a volcanic lair

12 Become a insane troll and go on a rampage 

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Psychon Log:2018 Green Ice

Got a game going of old friends. Was clunky running of a laptop rather than print but someone will print me several copies. Added hex map on bottom randomly made with tables plus one of the sample citadels made with the book. Added images of the Mecha Space Gods the robot and the priest worship.

Boris the Violet Barbarian and his clockwork chicken - piebald with yellow patcher. 6 fingers, coughs up phlegm daily, lung filters, tastes of sweat. Skilled in sneak, climb and track. With shield, sword, throwing axe, unarmed+1 specialist, cleave combat skills. Wears now barbarian helm, buckler, harness and bracers. Only speaks common. Has neutralize disease ointment, 2 black powder grenades with fuses. He is totally neutral and wants to kill and smash and rob and not read stuff. Has a clockwork antique robot chicken that can carry him a few minutes and they understand each other with clicks. Raised by aliens in a secret base to be a barbarian hero.

Robot 58008 Sorry the Seamster of Flesh, Good aligned Medical Robot. With a horned helmet and a long spear.  Now has braces and greaves and a hero harness. Also bought overalls and a furry pastel green cloak. He is lapis so he flakes off gold daily and had some bonus cash. He also has a pet goose that lays golden eggs and tells stories with mostly sticky endings as a warning. Raised by race of robots in a bubble and out to see the world. 50s wind up toy look with barbarian muscle minimal armour. Has various spell apps weather sensor, auto repair, medical kit, medical scanner, armour plate, enhanced hull, hardened shell, automedic, black box. Let robot have cyber mutations as everyone given 4 starting. Once was shot with nanites and now has cyber mutations: food analyser, cigarette lighter finger. skull opens to expose brain and immune to poison food. Speaks common, machine, ancient and Space god language. Three neutralize Nanoplague potions. Roll for god. If you dont like that god roll again until you are happy. Every god you reject is now your enemy. So he hates Talos, Kronos and serves the great magic space god mecha Raydeen. He is a nice guy.

Water in the Desert, a cyan mutant hero. Modified by advanced beings. Tastes of fresh turmeric. Has a intelligent nuclear powered grav linear accelerator pistol that shoots anything 2d4. Started with basic bonus mutations. Hermaphrodite with a siamese twin face on chest, thermal vision snake eyes and a transparent flesh skull. Then added class based ones from psionics mutations got sense water, better with a stick and has become job. Iron will and a saving throw boost too. Then got at second level bot reptilian dna and grew a evil extra lizard head to blame problems on (three faces now) and a foldable dimetrodon fin. Is fairly sneaky, stealthy and a survivalist and has learned to use octopus leather glider wings as he only weighs half as much. Shopping for spring shoes. Has eye drops that take you on hour trip to commune with gods in other dimensions. Expert pistol fighter at close range and faster always double tapping. Can speak common and ancient. Wears a hooded green cape and got a new furry pastel green cape with purple octopus suckers on the reverse.

Xenopun the Priest of Masingor the space god mecha defender of planet Psychon. Has a concealable needler pistol and is good with daggers and can snap off his ribs to make daggers. Has reverse birdfeet and a cat tail. Has a zombie hand with a comband fused into it as a pet. Keen to battle evil gods after party pulled him out of a crionics pod.  Had faulty memory, possibly was on orbital with ancients. A expert in computers, a technician and space god archeologist, speaks ancient, space god, machine and common. Did cleric stuff like detected evil and quizzed charlatan cults. Neutral good. Has got some more light armour with a harness, yellow cape and Found a elf ring that lets him see auras overlapping things and strength potion eye drops.

Space gods of party inspired by 70s shogun warrior mecha gods who fight kaiju and aliens. First three party members were food and water finding and testing team of a desert nomad tribe that looted wrecks in the sand. Thew were from different places but the nomads adopted them. One day the great borderland fire wall went down and they crossed only to be sealed in a new land of pastel green ice. Blue and blach lichen and grass burst through the permafrost and patches in ice where it covered hundreds of small lakes. Great ice crystals with cryopods inside scattered over the flat mostly permafrost. Found a zombie astronaut glowing in tattered suit from one pod and awoke Xenoppun after killing it. The frozen permafrost was in fact a delicious bouillon stock soup that locals exported.

The robot chicken hopped on top of the ice crystal and saw a ice block temple miles away. Met a race of twins, each was a bugbear and a eldren. When one died they fled or committed suicide or were killed by all the other twins after drinks in the afternoon. A cult of the distant citadel who pleached tolerance and brotherhood. Claimed god was beyond electronics and matter. They noticed antenna and monitor and camera were nott functional, a non AI god what a joke. Cleric Xenopus knew it was bullshit. Cultists were not evil but the orange skinned priest was. Saw purple walruses with antlers pulling sleds of cryopods. left them next morning. Imagined stoic walruses through the snow hauling iceblocks of soup stock through secret tunnels under the flaming wall.

Tried awaking some more pods. Killed a few astrozombies and refroze cyborgs that they tried to be nice too but were virused. Found a pre apocalypse human astronaut but nobody wanted to get to know him as he would lose his memory and be transformed by the gods within hours.

Found a black monolith in a pod -  silicon molecular alignment solid state AI block from a orbital with telepathic abilities. Party offered to help the space god relic computer to the city and improvised a sled.

Battled a permafrost ammonite attacking from burrow after warnings of ice bears and zombies and astrozombies. Ammonite was pale green chamo fur one side and purple inside with a red eye and huge purple tentacles. Found magic ring, a dronebot in a case with a one button remote and tank parts in a mail package in a wrecked land rover in the monsters burrow. 

City was squalid in lower levels then crystal then old concrete with a observatory on top. A shanty town of tin huts and slushy soup based orange mud everywhere that smelled bad.

Arrived at the amazing citadel with vending machines and atomic assembler replicators in the markets making goods while the citadel was crumbling and its AI dead
. The AI block the citadel AI was dead and asked help to reach the top where he could instal himself. Party seemed ok with that. AI offered to use his replicators to make basic civilian tools and stuff.

Shopped, ate in a pub while new clothes and goods made. Drank walrus milk and ate salted fish. Saw the various social classes of twins using elevators. Paid to be freight to the topmost inhabited level. Driver wouldnt go to the haunted levels. So went up and saw huge pyramid of cargo crates and the merchants monument on the warehouse level to the great god Colossus the official citadel cult. So bribes some guys to send them up a quiet lift and removed the hoardings covering it. Visited library, stole some books and reactivate the librarian robot for a chat. Skipped the palace and went to meet the Astrologer Science Wizards who operated the observatory. Installed AI which would take weeks to infect I mean install itself everywhere. Helped party with equipment and gave apartments. Priest saw a ghost with a faerie ring. Keen to go hunting for stuff haunting area and repair some subsystems like talk to god with drugs. Guys all happy to play again but i need hardcopy I'm still needing but a player offered some prints. So unexpected outcome for some sundays and stuff using my own EMO OSR rules again.

I liked how party got into the custom of hand licking to taste each other and invested in subtleties of front or back of hand and angle of hand to denote status. The barbarian tasted the worst and was frequently isolated by NPCs. The goose was great telling pessimistic tales that seemed relevant to party preaching warnings and danger. Paid guards to enter city with a golden egg. Richard like space zombies and beating up cyborgs saving them and sealing back in pods and breaking levers. Nobody got too hurt cept a few undead and a ammonite. Heard of a Modron hive that the gods say to leave alone and several alien steamworks factory ruins. And another cult of outsiders from the eldren-bugbear twins. Saw lots of mixed bugbear eldren families. Their priest a bit confused as bugbears and goblinoids from Tau Ceti according to the space gods and sometimes are enemies of mankind. Eldren were possibly from space. Locals said Colossus built the citadel and made the yellow eldren-green bugbear kin peoples. Who knows that false priest managed a cult and didn't even have a uplink to any god. Oriac the new Citadel-Hybrid AI says the lower city underlevels and zombies have signs of same evil AI behind it. Party keen to help. Robot and cleric especially keen. Barbarian and mutant keen for adventure.

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Gamma Oz Revisited: Olary

Gamma Oz - Manna Hill to Broken Hill

Manna Hill + Oz Trash Tables
Cockburn + Ruin Tables

Gamma Oz Setting and basic map

Gamma Oz "World map" Nations
Gamma Oz "Improved World Maps 2450" + redundant descriptions i did by accident

Ok so a few thoughts

Ive considered doing this as a version of Gammaworld 2nd ed, or a more dnd like mechanic or as a region for planet psychon (add some magic). Mamma World, Metamorphosis Alpha, MCC and Planet Psychon overlap in content a bit. Two of my biggest disappointments in MCC was slowness (my slowest kickstarter yet waiting on stuff i didn't want). Also lack of setting and and lack of monsters and too much on Patrons compared to DCC. Unamerica might be useful and looks great.

Anyway I realized I had done a town map that never got a blog post. One day will do a big map of Broken Hill (silver City) as a good size wierd town with outback flavour, strange monuments built by artists and a unique ethnic mix. It would have at least 100 interesting locations and 100 NPCs. A book of everything on Gamma Oz and Broken Hill would be a nice book.

Broken Hill is known as capital of the outback. It has one of oldest Afghan Mosques in Australia where camel caravans first opened up the outback. After mining died it became a artist haven and they left many weird monuments like the giant Dice outside Manna Hill. Rural Australians like making weird monuments and giant things in the wasteland anyway. After the Apocalypse many became cult sites. The town has radio and local Tv stations and multiple bunkers are known. Famous races of horses or camels or vehicles and other festivals and events still bring in traders.

The campaign so far is starting from Manna Hill a small friendly community and crossing wasteland through other towns to get to Broken Hill. This crosses regional boundaries into a new nation too. Maningary is so small it isn't worth mapping.

Pop 36 humans, manimals and mutants
Industry: Cattle, Trade, Wool
Buildings: Olary Hotel (1886), General Store, Eatery, Residence, Outlying Stations, Church
Ruins: Post Office, Train Station, Police Station and several cattle stations
A stop for traders. Has several ruins which youngsters like to explore and gangs sometimes stay in.

Functional Buildings
Outback jack was a swagman, a nomadic shearer and jackaroo for years before settling here with his wife Margaret. Standard humans they are friendly to all and most of town eats here. Jack will share his knowledge of a wide area but it might be 20 years out of date. Sells all kids of tourist junk of the ancients like postcards, boomerangs and stuffed animals and stationary.

General Store
Mr & Mrs Kookaburra live here with their son Kevin and daughter Bindi. They handle trade and mail service and have rooms for couriers to stay in. Brother of the post master of mannahill he handles postal duties here and will let kids from there stay in his shed. Ms Kookaburra is the regions champion cake baker. The store sells supplies, ammo, food and water and odds and ends. Merchant waggon caravans now stay in his yard and use the shed.

Olary Hotel
Everyone comes here to drink after work or after eating at the diner. Mr Platypus (Paul) and his Wife Mrs Platypus run the place with local barmaid belle Ginger who men for miles around are in love with and raiders try to kidnap her monthly. Derek is the handyman and a mutant who works for his board. The rooms are fairly nice and cool but the top floor is unoccupied and damaged and has a few giant bugs and a mutant owl creature living in it. The hotel has a well which supplies local water.

Spade Farm

Sammy Spade is a bonzer sheila and stockwoman. She has a dozen itinerant workers of all sorts here at any time and she flies an ultralight. She has a stable of mutant camels, horses a emu and a ultralight aircraft they use for herding cattle and emus and kangaroos in the area.

Unity Church

Father Ron Bullpit runs the place with Mother Maggie. They preach working together to survive and are quite popular. Out the back Ron brews the towns beer and has a shooting range. Maggie makes ammo and fixes guns. the church is fortified and she uses the tower as a sniper lookout. She shoots troublemakers and stray mutants and is a good source of info on movement near local ruins. They don't really have a god, more of a set of principles. The sect has branches in a few towns and broken hill and is growing.

Toad Station

Was bought by  Ron Toadflap, a canetoad mutant who is a bit unscrupulous and keeps several slaves. His stable has moronic quadrupede human mutants his prefered mount. He and his wife Sonia have lots of gold and trade goods and ammo stashed away and often have a d4+4 canetoad workers staying over. Some say he has been feeding the mutants in the ruins and putting his tadpoles in the underground aquifer which he denies. He gets blamed for every evil and some stories might be true.

Goanna Station

A struggling farm run by Mr Goanna and his sons Rory and Phil. They are tribals originally and sometimes you see them dancing in with ritual body paint and playing the yidarki. A few kin from the outback come to stay and help herd emu and shear sheep seasonally. They are friendly enough but wary of eye contact and some find it hard to understand their tribal accent which takes a bit to get used too which the locals are. The three are always looking for wives and are the first and last to leave the pub.Sometimes they put on a traditional wild food feast for everyone in town.

RuinsPost Office

The old post office has been abandoned for years, it's function subsumed by the store. Gang members squat it frequently and the garage has ruined postal vans and often is lair of some mutant.

Police Station 

Sealed fortified outback station has been shut since the apocalypse. A code is required to enter the durally shutters that nobody knows. Local kids have tried for years and the kookaburra kids and Phil the goanna have a list in their clubhouse shed behind the post office of all the codes kids have tried for the last hundred years. Lights and sounds of machines are inside. Locals say a robot and some androids haunt the place and intact vehicles and weapons are inside.

Waggontrain Station Ruin

Was used by the waggon trains till seventy years ago when raiders burned down the stockade. The waggon train offices and remnants are built into a series of train shed and railway station buildings. Now gangs and mutants and other undesirables live here. Some fittings are pre apocalypse but ruined and some are heritage from the 1930s.

Singer Station

Former station where the singer family were massacred now it is haunted. The undead family roam the grounds keeping intruders away so there is probably farm loot inside. Some undead animals live here too.

Plumber Station
Some mutant thing lives here that moves about invisibly at night. It avoids light and keeps away from the regular town folk residences. A mutant gangcult used to live here.

Gordon Station
A enclave of a gang stay here but leave the townsfolk alone mostly in fear of Father Ron and Mother Maggie who have wiped out several gangs. Laurie, Pamela and Victor sometimes drink and eat in town. 2d6 other gangers stay here never mix and are unwelcome.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

War With The Giants 3 Gossip and Loot

So finally those giants begin to fail. It will take years to restore the kingdom. Fresh ruins, giant buildings and monoliths. Walls, unburied dead. Orcs and beastmen and giant folk still in the wilds. Bandits will occupy some of the empty places. Foreign lands might invade. Outer lords might declare independence or refuse to pay tax to a king who failed them. Years of adventure await.

Gossip is possibly untrue things you hear from people in the war. Loot is fancy treasure flooding the market during the invasion.

d100 Gossip
01 The dark faerie have been manipulating giants and setting them on humanity
02 The giants are the true gods we must appease them with food, gold and sacrifice
03 Not really giants, wizard just grew them and its a plot to scare us
04 If you cover yourself in feces giants wont eat you
05 Some giants children pass as adult humans so they could be among us
06 The end of the world is coming, the kingdom will never recover this
07 I heard the ruler has fled with his favorites already, nobody can stop them
08 If you write devotional messages on your roof giants will leave you alone
09 All those hills and mountains are dead or sleeping giants
10 This used to be their land and they have come to take it back
11 The smarter giants are not so bad and will just conquer us and be new nobles
12 The dumber giants will just eat us and wont even bother talking
13 You can bribe giants with gold or food to leave you alone
14 If giants take you as a concubine it is worse than being eaten
15 If you dig a shelter to hide in this will all blow over
16 I heard a whole village moved into a mostly looted dungeon
17 One village went into a cave to hide, probably albino cavemen by now
18 Eating people is bad but moving rivers and hills is a bigger problem
19 Giants easily destroy our defences and build walls and forts effortlessly
20 The towns and cities are flooded with people fleeing the giants
21 Towns and cities have closed their gates and wont let more in
22 If you come with lots of food the locked cities will let you in
23 Iv'e heard some of the besieged cities have begun to have plague outbreaks
24 Some of the giants are powerful magicians
25 Only preying to the gods can save us now
26 Maybe some of the demi humans might aid us, giants eat them too
27 All the giant animals and creatures following the giants are worse
28 The weather has gone crazy from the giants, fog, snow and even fire from the sky!
29 Giant rats are everywhere some are size of dogs and bears
30 Found a house of dead people, giant bedbugs had killed them all
31 Great behemoths have been seen straight out of old legends
32 In olden times great weapons from heaven helped drive away the giants
33 Someone in the market has been selling giant holy symbols 
34 giants have been sending captives to giantland as slaves and food
35 Who would have thought necromancers would turn out to help us fight giants
36 If you know the giants are coming the devils of hell will help you before the gods bother
37 The giants have been smashing churches, why don't the gods just stop them?
38 Giants are just misunderstood if you treat them like people they will be nice
39 There are plenty of people who deserve to be eaten, just let them empty the slums
40 A giant told me nobles are sweeter especially virgins and children
41 Someone put a bomb in a cow and when the giant ate it boom!, he was dead
42 The multi headed giants can be tricked int fighting themselves
43 Giant tribes all hate each other, just need to make them fight over loot or something
44 Lots of wizards have fled, they use magic to get away the cowards
45 The seas have been blocked by sea giants or frozen by frost giants
46 This land is so broken by the giants it will never recover, best flee now
47 Great frozen glaciers have been rolling from the mountain full of frost giants
48 Great volcanic vents have been opening releasing fire giants and their minions 
49 Orcs taste terrible and get on ok with giants so they have been joining them
50 Lucky goblinoids don't like giants and they have gone into hiding
51 Don't go stay in the refugee camps, no food, disease and the giants will come for them

52 Best flee into wilderness where giants don't go like the evil swamp or the haunted forest
53 Giants are not so tough, maybe equal to ten men, there are more of us
54 Maybe if we attack the giants homes they will have to return to defend them
55 I wouldn't mind a giant cow or sheep or goat, they could make you rich
56 I would mind a giant woman! Imagine what you could do!
57 A giant sat on my roof and took a dump and drowned my granny the bastard
58 So much industry has stopped lots of work has stopped and nobody is getting paid
59 If the rulers spent more money we could defend ourselves better
60 Im taking my family and heading for a old mine I know, better kobolds than giants
61 Some have fled to elfland, better to be a slave with them than eaten by a filthy giant
62 Iv'e seen a few drunk giants laying around, I wish I was brave enough to kill them
63 Some village lad has killed 3 giants with tricks and has been knighted
64 Some lord has offered his daughter to anyone who can keep giants away from his castle
65 Some giants have been poisoned by the assassin's guild with cattle and grog
66 You know since the giants attacked i've seen less prejudice and snobbery among men
67 This is a test from the gods, if we stand united and prey we will overcome
68 Wine prices have soared, cyclops have taken over the vineyards
69 Food prices go up and up, we will starve before giants even get to eat us
70 Im going into the sewers when the giants come, they wont fit down there
71 Giant land is full of magic food and wonders like talking animals

72 I'm going to send all my money getting drunk, no point in struggling
73 The drug smugglers have stopped coming and all the adicts have gone crazy
74 If only a string leader would arise to lead us all to victory
75 Nobility are useless, they just hide, they cant escape, we should throw them to giants
76 If we serve the giants and help them they will spare us, they are just big humans
77 Iv'e heard there was a magic weapon that killed giants in a dungeon in the hills
78 The wizards have been making weapons to fight giants, they need giant organs badly
79 Giant brains can be used to make potions to control them
80 Some giants have been charmed and made to fight their own kind
81 Some giants are not so evil, if only they could be made to leave us alone
82 If the frost and fire giants meet it will be war between them so other tribes seperate them
83 Frost and fire giants have the most minions and want to take over the most
84 Most of the giants just want a feed and some mayhem, eventually they will get bored
85 They will go home when their bellies are full and there is nothing interesting to smash
86 Im not afraid of giants, if one was here right now i'd show them who is boss
87 Dwarves are experts as fighting giants why don't we ask them for help or training
88 Some of the giants have been eating the forests, soon the faerie will retaliate
89 In the old days the druids would make terrible monsters to fight them
90 Necromancers have been animating dead giants to fight for man, good for them
91 Necromancers have been making their own giants from hundreds of human corpses
92 Have you seen the strange clouds lately? All are giant castles just waiting to attack
93 If the cloud forts could be seized and controlled by men nobody could stop us again

94 The clouds forts of the giants are tiny, whole kingdoms are in the cloudlands
95 The cloud forts are full of treasure and it would really hurt them to destroy one
96 If you see huge fog banks and hear laughter flee, fog giants are the worst
97 Storm giants will accept surrender and spare you as a slave, dont trust the rest
98 Some giants are eating the forest so the forest giants will turn on them soon
99 Stay away from the coast, great waves and monsters are hitting it hard
100 Some giants in the swamp did a deal with the lizard men, now dinosaurs are coming too

d100 Loot
01 Hill seed, plant it and a hill grows a foot high and wide a day to a d100 foot high 500gp
02 Mountain seed, plant it and grows a d1000 foot high a foot a day 1000gp 
03 Lava seed, plant it and vent opens foot a day, d100 foot wide, lasts a week,1000gp
04 Cloud seed, plant it and d1000 foot cloud land grows and floats away 1000gp
05 Tree seeds, often in box of d10 plant it and grows d100 foot tall, foot a day, 100gp
06 Glacier seed,  plant it and grows foot a day, d100 foot wide and tall, 1000gp
07 Volcano seed, plant it and grows a d1000 foot high a foot a day 5000gp 
08 Stone seed, grows a d100 foot tall and wide stone outcrop, foot a day, 700gp
09 Orc seeds, in box of d100, savage orc grows in a week, like you for food, 50gp
10 Ogre seeds, box of d10, savage ogre grows in a week, like you for food, 200gp
11 Frozen cube of troll flesh, grows into a nasty troll in a day if not kept cold, 100gp
12 Giant club, 3 yard long club +1, usable by most giants 1000gp
13 Magic rock, hand size stone if thrown grows and hits for 2d8, nag of d6, 100gp
14 Returning boulder, good for giants but also for catapults or siege weapons 1000gp
15 Ball of pitch, flammable boulder, explodes for 4d6 damage over 2", 500gp
16 Giant spear 18 foot long giant weapon but could be used as a d10 pike +1 1500gp
17 Giant Axe 12 foot long giant weapon could be used as a d10 poleaxe +1 2000gp
18 Giant Dagger 3 foot long giant weapon could be used as a d8 sword +1 1500gp 
19 Giant Short Sword 6 foot long could be used as 2-handed sword +1 2000gp
20 Giant Dart 6 foot long could be used as non throwable spear +1 1000gp
21 Silver harp, can talk and play music and knows elder lore
22 Magic Beans, will grow a yard an hour till reaches a cloud kingdom in the sky 1000gp
23 Golden goose, intelligent and knows stories, lays a 100gp egg a week, 10000gp
24 Giant Key, 3 foot long brass key opens any non magic giant lock 1000gp
25 Cloud Ladder Bottle opened forms 10 foot x 100 foot high ladder lasts for a day 500gp
26 Giant Thread, golden very hard to break light cord 100 foot on spindle, 10lb 1000gp
27 Giant Apple, 30lb very tasty, eating some makes you grow a d6 inches taller 1000gp 
28 Giant Wine Bottle, as big as a man, fine glass with delicious rare sweet wine 500gp
29 Giant Mantle, lets a giant be human size and back for one hour 1000gp 
30 Giant slave girdle, lets a human survive lovemaking with a giant or have a baby 1000gp 
31 Potion of Giant Strength +d6 STR for a hour 100gp
32 Potion of Growth as per the wizard spell 100gp
33 Potion of Fire Resistance -1/dice from fire and heat attacks lasts hour 100gp
34 Potion of Cold Resistance -1/dice from ice and cold attacks lasts hour 100gp
35 Potion of Storm Resistance -1/dice from sonic and electric attacks lasts hour 100gp
36 Potion of Invulnerability to Fire, lasts one ten minute turn 500pg
37 Potion of Invulnerability to Cold, lasts one ten minute turn 500pg
38 Potion of Air Walking, lasts one hour 1000pg
39 Potion of Water Walking, lasts one hour 100gp
40 Potion of Water Breathing, lasts one hour 100gp
41 Gauntlets of Ogre Strength 18 STR 1000gp
42 Belt of Hill Giant Strength 19 STR 2000gp
43 Belt of Stone Giant Strength 20 STR 5000gp
44 Belt of Frost giant Strength 21 STR 7000gp
45 Belt of Fire giant Strength 22 STR 9000gp
46 Belt of Cloud giant Strength 24 STR 12000gp*
47 Belt of Storm giant Strength 24 STR 15000gp*
48 Potion of Giant Control as charm monster vs one type only made from brains, 1000gp
49 Scroll of Giant Protection, giants can't come within 3" of user for 10 minutes 1000gp
50 Scroll of Giant Summoning, various types, giant will demand fair pay or else 1000gp
51 Ring of Giant Speech, can understand and speak any giant langage 1000gp
52 Cloud Command Orb, somewhere is a driverless cloud fort out of control, 10000gp*
53 Amulet of Giant Protection -1/dice damage from giants, immune to boulders, 5000gp
54 Potion of Gigantism, makes you a giant, permanent, good for pets 1000gp
55 Potion of Embigification, +d12 inches tall or 1HD on animal, permanent 100gp
56 Horn of Giant Summoning, use/week random giant appears and demands pay 10000gp
57 Maul of Titans, 24STR to use 5d6 damage 20 foot long 200lb, move cubic yard of rock or ten foot cube of soil per round, hits as if +3 magic, 40000gp*
58 Hammer of Titans, 20STR to use 10 foot long 100lb, smash open wooden doors up to 1" tall, hammer post ten foot into soil per blow, 10d4 damage, hits as if +2 magic. 20000gp*
59 Horn of Fog, makes 10" wide cloud of fog three times a day 3000gp
60 Horn of the Valkyrie, once a week calls ten suicidal berserkers to aid user 3000gp
61 Book "To Serve Man", recipes to cook humans, 6x4 foot, 200lb, 1000gp
62 Book "Secret of Giants" trivium of giant tribes and tips to fight them 20lb 1000gp
63 Giant Dictionary, can learn common giant languages or translate 20lb 1000gp
64 Manual of the Stone Colossus, instructions to build a giant living statue, 20lb 50000gp*
65 Manual of the Flesh Colossus, instructions to build a giant flesh golem, 20lb 30000gp*
66 Manual of the Bronze Colossus, instructions to build a giant living statue, 20lb 100000gp*
67 Wonders of Giant Land, guide to strange sights of giant kingdom, 20lb 1000gp
68 Wonders of the Cloud Kingdom, guide to cloud castles and lands 20lb, 1000gp
69 Anatomy of a Giant, guide to insides and uses for giants bodies 20lb 1000gp
70 Magical Powers of Giants and their Kin, includes ogre magi 20lb 1000gp
71 Sword +1+3 vs Giants 2000gp
72 Sword +2 Giant Slayer +3 and double damage vs true giants 10000gp
73 Sword Frost Brand +3 +6 vs fire creatures, wearer -1/dice from heat or fire 10000gp
74 Arrow of Giant Slaying one use only, kills a giant, +3 to hit 1000gp
75 Hammer of Thunder Bolts STR 18 to use +3, double damage. If wear Gauntlets of ogre strength, Girdle of giant strength and know true name +5 x2 damage true giants  save vs death or die with hit, can be thrown will stun all in 3" that fail save 25000*
76 Dwarven Hammer +2 for most but +3 for dwarf and can be thrown and return, when thrown x2 damage or x3 vs true giants 15000
77 Sling of Giant Slaying +2 or +3 and double damage vs giants 3000gp
78 Sling Stone of Giant Blinding vs giants +3 save or lose a eye 1000gp
79 Composite Bow of Giant Killing +2 or +4 and x2 damage vs giants 10000gp
80 Dagger of Giant Stabbing, +2 but vs giant always hits 4000gp
81 Giant Baby 500-100gp depending on type
82 Ogre Baby 100gp
83 Sabre Tooth Kitten 800gp
84 Dire Wolf Pup 400gp
85 Winter Wolf Pup 1000gp
86 Hell Hound Pup 1000gp
87 Baby Firenewt (has legs and can walk) 100gp
88 Firenewt Egg 50gp
89 Cave Bear Cub 800gp
90 Baby Wooly Mammoth of Rhino 1000gp
91 Eye of The Giant lets you see though a giants eyes within one mile 5000gp*
92 Giant Gate Staff (wand for giants) once a week opens gate to giantland or to mortal world if in giant land, giants think these are very valuable 10000gp
93 Burning Spear +3 +d4 damage ignites on will and can act as a torch 5000gp
94 Giant Horn will blow by self as signal if giant in one mile,20 foot long 200lb 3000gp
95 Sword of Ogre Slaying +2 +4 vs ogres and ogre magi, beheads them on natural 20 hit roll and lights up if ogre within 100" 5000gp
96 Spear of Troll Slaying +2 +4 vs trolls, wounds do not regenerate 4000gp
97 Amulet of Protection Vermin, keeps normal and giant rats, mice, fleas, stirges, flies, lice or bloodsucking pests 1" away 1" 2000gp
98 Boots of Enlargement casts growth spell three times a day 3000gp
99 Potion of Giant Bait, smells delicious to all giants in 30" want to know what it is 1000gp
100 Potion of Giant Repulsion as stinking cloud on wearer to giants or kin 2" area 200gp
*Mysteriously after war this will disappear to some hidden dungeon by will of gods

True Giants are those with Giant in their name, kin includes ogres, rolls, ettins, titans and even unnaturally huge animals with giant in their name

Part 4
Giant Mutations - giant blood taint and the chaotic mutations of giants
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