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mesopotamia image dump 9

 Some Assyrian auxiliaries doing what they do best. Assyrians bringing home the bacon.
 Some Sumerian and auxileries including Gutians with bottom left with the hair braids.
A jolly good mess
 An Assyrian king on the loose after a battle
 Sumerian infantry - what are stats for a studded cape in your game? GURPs had skills for capes
 Reproductions of wall art niceley done.
 I still unsure of the significance of Assyrian shield types. Other than bigger shields more formation based and defending of others like missile troops. Wide variety of missile troops too. Must be some very exact logistics and deployments and kill zones to consider here.
 A nice Assyrian gateway

 A nice photo of a model showing lots of detail. I like the maze gardens

 This realy nice series based on relief wall art and found objects. Great detail.
 Most of the heavy armour of the bronze age deployed from chariot and often seem to have flexibility of a potbelly stove.

In my game i give fatigue mods on sneak, dodge and other skills if you wear sleeves or leg coverings in heat. Carry heavy armour for battle and caves.
Quadesh, the battle that ended Egypt, Hittites and chariots from military supremacy.
 A battle donkey wagon ready for war. Have had a few bronze age car wars moments in my game. Mostly for running down fleeing bandits but a few monsters and a prone giant even went under the wheel
 Egyptian chariots seem much lighter affairs
 Early temple complex
 Sea peoples, and many horned hat barbarian peoples about menacing cities and fighting as mercenaries. Egyptians had a royal guard of heavy armoured guys with swords and horned hats. This guy has a fighting spear and a javelin and a sword.
 More serious Assyrian siege action
 Time travellers always dropping in
 Wall relief painting reconstruction
 A nice image of Ur
 Quite a nice reconstruction with some greenery at least

I think this is a Assyrian Ziggarat

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Exile Log: In the trash heaps of necromancers

So Acula, his no 1 orc warrior woman wife, Nahme the Angelic relic bearer with her orc maid, assistant priest and linkboy theif opened the vault in the ghostwood. They probed other crypt and found no trace of evil or magic within so left it. Were seeking the secret lair of a famed evil relic making necromancer.

Inside was a shrine of a chaotic neutral underworld luck goddess. On top was a silver cup with silver coins inside. Room lined with sealed family standing vaults ten doors in all. Acula took the silver cup which others frowned at. Then he pissed on the altar. -2 Save curse for him.

As touched the secret vault lid that was really a well used hidden door, all the doors opened. Half bathed in daylight and the wights stayed within. But five melee range wights surprising you is a scary thing. The wizened horrors screamed and Acula and Olga the orc and Nahme got drained. Olda twice. Monsters half destroyed others driven through secret door by priest who can now possibly turn undead this mighty.

Party fled back from Ghost wood and to Aculas Tower. Then fled to renamed again Silverthorn village/dungeon as she was officially Mayor and spent thousands on village infrastructure.  Finally got to Shadelport and the temple that owed them thousands in healing credit as part of relic deal. 1600gp credit used in healing level draining and curse removal.

Poor Nahme gasped at cost from a good church for heroes fighting evil.

Having rested in their city homes, Nahme with her husband in their new blood rich district apartment. The couple looked at property to invest in, looking at more boarding houses that could be turned to virtue. Acula spent time with his first human wife (no2) and human kid. Life a bit boring here since the orcs and owlbear baby moved to his grim tower.

In city they met the plucky Tako warrior still fresh from the sea and ignorant of surface folk. He was seeking battle and adventure so they all set off through Silvethorn estates. Tako showed off is underground hume under village well that linked to dungeon.

Nahme tried to wrangle workers and money to finish her small manor (12 000gp) faster. But hard being a lawful good taskmaster. Decided should check out tower of gold the party saw in deed office and was nearby so party would look at on way back to crypt.

Someone mentioned that evil sorcerer Chondaru and all reminiced about wanting him dead.Oh that's why we were looting the Hobgoblin Halls to kill him. Finding all those relics was great. So now we are off to loot a necromancers lair in the haunted forest to place we know full of wights.Some head scratching here.

So found on crossroad some vendormen with boxes of travellers treats. Except no 4 he had sacks of last season turnips. Rest less shabby vendormen sold braces of sausages, another had meat pies and third had eel stew. Bought all goods and told to invite masters to send goods to Silver thorn. One told of the fabled gold tower (a bit more flashy than the City deed offering ownership for 10 000gp).

Party found it in hidden mountain forest gulley. An immaculate shiny gold tower six stories of 16 foot each. With a spire on top and all windows shuttered. Acula knocked loudly and claimed this property was open for inspection. A angry elf began to abuse them and it turned out they predate humans on island and don't recognise city claim. Nahme offered to write a letter to city law makers that city should acknowledge them. This and a free pie helped elves be less abusive. Party tried to offer them visit Silverthorn which intrigued them. Party explained Elves no longer can be murdered on sight in the Barony. So went on their way. Seems gold just a glamour. Possibly un-allied elves not from bright or dark elves. Party hope to try and deal with again as all in the same hex.

So arrived earlier in day 9am and inside crypt sunlight had sealed less crypts than last time. This meant two more doors could open inside. Saw two doors of vaults had remained opened, matching with their earlier kills. So entered ready this time. Five dead came at them and were not a surprise and some already wounded (I make undead heal as a human in unhallowed graves). So dead fell fast. The cleric who noticed his silver magic mace could reflect sunlight that annoyed the dead now had a polished his now silver plated shield. Sealed vault doors covered by sun and heroes pried open doors and killed two more wights with no harm this time. So nine killed in both fights total. Looted the crypts and found symbolic tools of trade and dress inside individual wight vaults.

Saw lots of undead had been walking around here

Down below found a barracks with zombies (easily finished). Robbed trunks for weapons and junk. Found strange urns on shelf. Each player in prayer to luck goddess for help meddling with such items. Acula found some scraps of gold leaf with animals stamped on it worth 3gp. Mahme had a foot wide spider jump out onto her which Acula shot off her with an arrow. Old ate its legs off while holding arrow in hand, looking at her hideous human husband, smiling. For a moment party was all liking each other. Octopus ad opened one to be covered in magical filth giving him mummy rot. Was put to safe spot in party and Nahme worried about the parties medical benefits at the temple. She would discuss this with the Sun Gods Patriarch of the Shadelport.

Opened into corridor and chose the more evil looking black door with silver metalwork. Smashed open and a filthy foul messed necromantic lab was behind. Bench to strap victims down. Alchemist array of glass work, filled with grey, violet and black dust. Coffins were in room which of course opened.

Party pulled back to lst choke point. Warrior zombies, dressed as knights with two handed swords and twice as strong a normal ones. Party filled with arrows and dead kept coming. Nahme and Acula hurt, Olga was unconscious. Found bench of 6 more urns. Nobody else but Acula were willing to touch. He got a nasty scorpion bite then a gem with continual light. Octopus got exited and tried one and got a spirit almost posses him so backed away to far end of room. Acula found some clay cult tokens, and some coins. Best thing was a screaming flying skull which he grabbed and re-sealed. Will be handy one day. Some dumb incense he found and gave to Nahme who saw it was a favourite of the gods from 800 years ago and rare today. This started a quarrel about loot division. A good thing to feud over while in a dungeon.

Other door in corridor was a living room. Found Wardrobes with necromancer robes. Another of noble ladies, one of sexy slave outfits and another stuffed with peasant clothes. The wardrobes magically preserved clothes and killed bugs entering them.The octopus decided to wear some robes or take some to wear later. If the freakish boils on him didn't kill him. Room had desk with writings about the evacuation 800 years ago to the Black School on Devil Hill.

Next room a library. Looted when long ago when lair abandoned but the Octopus selected many works to sell to those dumb guys who use spell books and study. He thought this undead human making could be a weapon in the great below-the-sea-war. He would appeal to his patron entity of sorcery for wisdom on this matter.

Final room was bed chamber. A big fancy bed with a eight poster giant spider theme made a nightmare  canopy. Covered in webs with elf spun spider silk sheets on a human hair mattress. Next to bed was a cabinet of delicious liqueurs  with narcotics. Including something called bone medicine. Was made from grated unicorn horn, now death sentence to possess in city. Another had strange devices and fetish objects Acula and Olga stashed in their packs. Gave each other funny looks made others feel awkward. Most amazing treasure was three of the wizards wives in powdered form. One rated evil.

Having looted everything on the donkey waggon the party was ready to go. The orc warrior women made great scouts and guides in the woods allowing the best route for a cart. On way something was stalking them. Acula hid and party moved on. Was a strange albino elf riding a silver warg. Accula shot wolf and elf cast a sleep spell on him. He resisted and shot wolf and elf as wolf actually charged and bit him. Party heard fight and began running back. As arrived Accula had been badly hurt by poison arrows and warg. Both down and he was ready to kill warg but wife convinced him she could hire wolf master or learn herself. Strange elf bore sighns of necromancy and chaos.

Took back to Accula's tower torture dungeon for containment. Elf was a bone wood elf, niether light nor dark, bound to death and demons and the cursed wood. They were kin and masters of the bone goblins. Part of the great mystery curse 800 years ago.

Heroes and flunkies rushed to city to heal the plucky cephalopod. Had lots of stuff to sell but went to the dodgy guy who buys any evil relics Acula has flogged off before. Bought lots of the fluff evil loot. Octopus bought a zombie halfling manservant. He wants to ride on his head wearing necro robes and pretend to be a mindflayer.    

Necromancer was interested in buying the elf but they gave him to the secret police instead as both informants. Got given 50gp and Accula told well done for procuring the assassins tower for them. Gave him a black uniform of sub lieutenant and sent him home with security advisers.

The priest following Nahme is a bit forlorn as he has not been made a honorary follower of Nahme. He followed her previous follower when party serving temple and stuck around. When the acolyte girl died The young cleric assumed he would get job. Nahme snooping after new follower and considered the bone elf upset him.

All feuded over proper treatment of the powdered women. Nahme was persuaded that the women should be freed even the evil one. Acula offered to take the evil one and sell her to necromancer pal. More fantasy urbanisation, retail adventures and grave robbing next week.

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Card Props From my Alpha & Gamma games

Quick cards i did for con game design. Used for metamorphosis alpha and my gammaworld out of the bunker games. Was possible to end gamma world adventure with space travel.

While playing with cards to allow for mutant,cyborgs, undead, androids, robots, plants etc for games realised the basic use of cards for race/class/occupations for rpg's work really well. Jaded players can pick at random for surprise.

My character sheet in a A6 or A5 zine form idea needs some work too.

The long promised mutation rules project i will try and start.

Designing a hex too...

Exile Log: Into the basement of Doom

As usual the heroes Nahme the Angelic relic bearer and Acula the greedy archer and cross species polygamist were as usual embroiled in setting up homes, caring for dependents and growing a little empir of their very own. Nahme has a poorhouse, a pure womens boarding house and her merchant husbands townhouse in Merchant district. Acula has a former murder house he got cheap. Allies of party have other property too.

All own a share of Mazewood village and underground former dungeon complex. Now Tunnels occupied by reformed poor people of Shadelport, converted good orcs (many from fem orc warrior order), kobold teens and tribes from several sources, a hunter clansman of acula and local farmers. Only a hotel on surface. Lots of herds are kept in dungeon by night. Farmers live underground now too. Population will be 200 soon, officially a sub village of the city.

Acula wants to be a kobold king and live for centuries on a pile of gold with lots of wives to sleep on. Nahme building a manour a bit from the village surface pub and seeks to establish a order of templars. She tried to convince village to all become Sun god worshipers and rename village to something with Sun gods name in it. Didnt work but they made her Mayor for 4 years as she had donated thousands to community.

Anyway so gang went to Aculas new tower of Assassins he bought cheap and evicted all the assasins from house in corpse form. Had his orcs spread assasins corpses in hedge thorn maze to scare off any who might return home to find whole clan of 200 years killed by Acula. So like orcish christmas the gleeful orcs turning tower into a scarier looking place. Brought in his orc kids and family pet owlbear. Was worried the lil gang would out grow and eat his human child in city.

New wife he rescued from assassins not so keen on tower going orcish and hearing of Aculas other human and monster wives. Olga the orc is now 3rd lv warrior orc heroine and knows she is number one wife by might alone. Has kept all peaceful. All wives now want own separate property and semi coooperating. Acula paid a Druid to help him miraculously impregnate the prettier and smarter of his kobold princesses.

So in the Assasins tower, found a old door hundreds of years old, predating 200 year old tower in basement. Shattered open and inside was ancient corrupted shrine, dedicated to Orcus. Battled some goatmen barrow wights and cleansed by removing evil occult objects and re - sanctifying as a temple of light with Nahmes clerical powers. Nahme lost level but credit in healing temple was a good buy health plan.

Found sub cellar with ruined grog and stores with ledgers. Bottom level was a necromancer lab and zombie sweatshop with an escape tunnel. Among books found map and mention that a necromantic veil relic was made in Ghostwood by necromancer. Party got very interested in finding and robbing his dungeon in Ghostwood. Also books dated the original church as from fall of the kingdom that became ghostwood overnight 800 years ago.

Party now 5th level and major flunkies going on third.

Party rested and Acula found the necromancer guy who who bought the murder house corpse furniture and always bought any evil or macabre or cult crap. Sold Orcus stuff and a wight monk they forced into a barrel to a necromancer (for the lost lore undead monk might know). Sold wight corpses in city alchemist markets. Dug up more info on dungeon and went to Ghost wood (only six miles away from Aculas Tower). Found area with old headstones uplifted by ancient trees, melded into the forest. Found two crypts including one with more wights and entry to the necromancers dungeon lair.

HobGoblin Halls lost relics and Chondaru the enemy sorcerer have been forgotten.

This was night of floods all way home and internet got broke

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Marvel Log: Revenge of the Empire

Had a quick game of Marvel.

A secret pre WW2 Nazi bunker experimental time machine project site 30km from River City acting mysteriously. The River City Sentinels were alerted by signal from government super spooks watching the anomalous location now plugged with 40 meters of reinforced concrete. Heroes arrived.

The Traveller the ultra temporal deceptive with hyper deceptiveness, teleportation and a ufo disguised as a car and a pocket dimension time vehicle of his own from the future. Covers face in grey bandages in hero I.D. Cop trenchcoat always. Can form ray gun from body into hand and create "quantum clones".  Read Psychic impressions.

Titan Armour aka T.C. aka Titanium Colossus. Built buy a poor girl kid from trash yard crap. Nobody knows age or gender. Skates around on hover skate field boots and has a huge concussion cannon she wants to put on market as humane weapon.

Sparky a machine animating scientist-medic genius who forms armour from garbage, emits lightning bolts and carries advanced gadgets of his design. Eccentric and cocky tech hero.

Storm Wing the most experienced and popular hero with team is made official leader with Captain Australia as second.

Stormwing is a telekinetic power house able to fly, make force shields and crush enemies at will. Currently learning to use tk sense of touch as radar. Is a millionaire airline owner and ex fighter pilot. Her kid brother looks after the baby she had with cosmic entity.  

Captain Australia the latest in long line of wearers of this costume since WW2. Also an alien cyborg. Unlike previous captains he can roll high speed in a ball shape by grabbing ankles and tumbling. Can boost strength for limited period to highest in team (Am 60). 

Tank Armour, another millionaire weapon developer testing products as a super hero. Now suit has space capable life support, stealth field, and a new conventional weapon hard point. He can change simple elements like turn air into solid carbon and makes metallic hydrogen to power the suit's plasma forge.

Thunderstrike Armour, another millionaire weapon developer. All powers from suit of armour and has electrical field that protects him, damages those who hit him and makes martial attacks greater. He is a military engineer originally and super smart. New hero on the block.   

So team meet and squabble about new hero. Traveller shakes hands with and bumps new members, Titan suit is so new has no impressions. Thunderstrike and Tank don't realise they have been on same defence tech boards in civilian I.D.'s

Call to APIO controlled former spy bunker and heroes alerted as dealt with previous gate built and used by WW2 Nazis. As heroes arrived, mostly in travellers ufo/flying car, Stormwing Flew with Captain, Thunderstrike was carried by metahuman affairs copter with hook on his suit. Titan skated over the river.

Arrived in stages and surrounded the bunker. Heat and repeated blasts burrowing from concrete. Surface building exploded and 4 Notorious ww2 Japanese Villains remained looking haughty.

Supersumo a powerhouse wrestler with armoured fat but skilled warrior
Electric Samurai who creates his biometal armour and sword at will and electrically charge them
Sakura the cherry blossom girl, who can fly and move superfast and explode into fireball looking effortless and easy.
Dr Fang a horrible stereotype immortal cult leader with powers of alchemy

Traveller tried to scan their powers and not really any luck. Titan fired her concussion cannon wide open angle blasting three of the gang on low setting. Samurai had stepped forward hacking the new kid Thunderstrike making him bleed and their electrical fields go crazy in different colours. Sparky came from behind and threw a sticky power drain sphere on his back stuttering his shock field. Stormwing blasted villains with force. Sakura the meta geisha ran up heroes at hyper speed and exploded sending the UFO car crashing. Captain Australia accidentally rolled over it.The Japanese imperial time travel team recognised him instantly from uniform files from their time.

Geisha got taken down by teamwork first. Dr Fang disintegrated a hole through the Titan armour after teleporting behind it. He managed to hurt the previously hidden operator who screamed like a child. Other heroes disturbed and Dr Fang got picked on next. As was laying down with heart attack, traveller and his two clones did triage abd cuffed the villain. Traveller decided to use his psychometry on the wizened old chinaman and fell into a coma screaming. 4000 years of memories of the evil cult leaders torture sessions flooded into him.

Sparky, Thunderstrike and Samurai all battled with cascading sheets of different coloured lightning that most wouldn't go near. Capt Australia rolled about battlefield and rammed Samurai several times with her strength boosters on. Samurai swept through three heroes with one sword blow and critically wounded thunder who was bleeding but fought on. Eventually they brought Samurai down with team work.

Tank and Storm wing managed to hold Aumo airborne then drop him into concrete slab on bunker. Heroes all dogpiled him with everything, tank formed a carbon block on his head. Sumo eventually fell kept too busy by TK wrestling from Storm Wing.

APIO helicopter grabbed unconscious villains and asked Traveller the time travel expert what to do with them. They already had Dr Fang imprisoned in Canberra War Memorial since 60s and having two seemed odd. Threw villains back through with rude ote in Japanese and dropped one of Sparkys energy siphons and bombs through closing the portal and destroying the old time machine.

Heroes started a group Karma Pool finally and Stormwing in charge as most popular (50) with Captain Australia (42 pop). Traveller from scanning team mates realizes three of them have grey aliens in origin stories. He hopes they are the friendly kind. Picked up on Tank with Lemurian connections which Dr Fang also had. He went to train his Agility up and now has better than average human health (23 points instead of 20 - rest of party 60-120 each). Will improve his accuracy too.

Will start a bit earlier next time but enjoyable battle. Instant +5 Karma for dialogue and smack talk working really well - i think i stole this from Zac.

Service Resumed

Unclean wind spirits smashed the Internet with a storm on Tuesday night - second worst flooding I've seen in Sydney in 7 years. I was trapped in meatspace and was social, watched lots of LEX and regretted catching it so late in life. But im better now and back online. Doing lots more art. Flashbacks of late to some past awesome shows. Been getting more minis and models happening. Assembling my soldiers and chariots. Roman, Assyrians and Sumerians. Ive realized Assyrian Auxiliary sets make good Babylonians. Will get more for my moderns and 1920s minis. Shame I missed the fantasy adventurers in 1/72nd. I'm now claiming 1/72nd - 1/68th scale is my official scale with scale getting sloppy in my Marvel games. 

So will design some of my magic item sets, underland stuff, manuscript work, a d100 post crash ship isolated infrastructure community and start on my Zero and 1st level mutation lists. Babylon and Exile report catch ups.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Roadwar 2000: A quick bounty hunt for the arvo...

So the Triffid Muster is next big roadwar gig. But Sheriff in his former cop black interceptor had some spare time and took a bounty to the Blue Mountains to nab a parole absentee.

So headed into mountains and met up with the Mutie in his rust red ram buggy.

On way found a few odd things. Encountered hillside road with a crashed tractor and trailer on road with gap between them a patch of mines. Above this point was a tree with a parachute in it with a hanging body.

"i could jump that but I'm not tackling that without team" declared the Sheriff.

Lost 4 hours. Came across a attempt to cover road with oil and a gang nearby with flamer. Fired rocket killing and igniting napalm. Mutant went off road around flames and ran down guy with flamer, the Sheriff followed and ran guy over again.

Drove past millitia bunker and both saw light artillery piece 40mm cannon aimed at them from a concrete bunker hidden from most views on a bend with a rough gravel uphill driveway to road. Shell pierced rear end of Sheriff's car rupturing fuel tank. Both floored it around corner and stopped. While Mutie jumped out with a patch kit while Sheriff grabbed light disposable rocket tube. Red bunker militia utility vehicles came around corner in chase and Sheriff fired rocket. Damaged one truck badly and it drove off road and got stuck in crap at bottom of slope off road. As second car came in Sheriff got out his .45 magnum revolver and critically wounded driver who steered of road also.

Chased for 3 km after temporary patched fuel tank holes. Managed to shake guys off with help from machine gun nests from a town border guards. Drove on till got to rest and repair till next day. In morning went to meet Karumi the cyber biker girl but on way saw a wrecked car with a huge 12 foot tall roo corpse judging from rear.

Mutie got out his Gentech Buck Knife and licked his lips, days of free food and biofuel. Sheriff sat back wary as ever. He looked at car in good nick and went to look. Found driver missing through smashed window and a trail of gore and bloody handprints to a human skin pile. Huge beast leaped up. It was a big red roo-goanna hybrid that had learned to play dead to hunt. Huge Mutie punched it with his inhuman strength and reflexes and the Sheriff shot it in the head. The thing that shouldn't have lived was dead.

Karumi arrived and took samples for her company. Mutie hacked up beast and was impressed by the beast. Managed to arrive in town to see it was a gang town. Every car in town a red one. All Purple heart gang members. A zone vet gang about 25% with low grade military cyberwear limbs. Cars only lightly armed and armoured. Party sure they could take two or three cars each but eleven cars in town. Most of town in bar where the wanted man was picked up by face recog from a net image.

Man was towns beloved fry cook. They all boasted how they had got him out of jail. They assumed Sheriff and Mutie were gang members visiting. Sheriff told everybody the gang were cannibals who ran hospitality to other gangs. Mutie ordered a pork roast at unbelievably low price. Lots of the Purple Hearts gang tried to hire Karumi. She zipped her jumpsuit to her belly button and exuded her bio implant pheromones and hung out by kitchen door pretending to get a breather. Cook came out to crack onto her. His guards charmed by her let the couple alone and she lured him to car. How about handcuffs she suggested as she locked him in rear cage of the ex police interceptor. Guys all escaped with gang realizing what had happened..

A long car race of obstacles and ambushes was on. Some gang ambushes even helpful. Party set off traps which ended up worse obstacles to pursuing gangs. Finally got close to country town militia and team escaped gang wrath. Talked to town militia and thanked them. Town claimed wrecks.

Got to Sydney outer zone and collected $2400 for prisoner.

Karumi smacked herself in the head.

"All that for so little. What were you thinking you idiots?"

Was mostly filler session with 4 players absent but got lot done and car chases were fun with groups on map outperforming on drive rolls to get forward by car lengths. Every drive roll then a random road hazard. Several rounds of this worked well for several sequences. Sheriff player remarked game more scary alone or with only two or three players.

Triffids next game

Monday, 13 October 2014

Curses, Conditions, Corruption and Relics pt2

Very happy with new batch here for various ages of horrors that ruled world in the monster kingdom age. Next will do non human stuff, reptilians, arachnids, amphibians and more...

Ran Roadwar2000 and Babylon today will blog soon. Assembling soldiers, building roads. Teaching and making art again. About to be kicked off health benefit for working so i hope my fitness lasts a while. Must stock up on meds and get dentistry all done quick. Being too healthy and working isnt so bad an outcome.

Have some stuff i did for con games which i will use again here and I'm liking idea of core character choices stuff done with cards. Skills, Spells, class, Alignment all on cards. Worked very well in my con games. Have considered a character zine for dnd with various data on whole spreads for higher levels.

Mid and high level encounter tables. I'm getting away with numbers and boss monsters as elites but will need some more soon.

These types could be mashed up with other types to make necromantic elder cultists or elder chaos warband.

Elder Magic Relics
Elder gods dwelled since primordial times. At times their power is released occasionally enslaving the world and benefiting many non human servitor species. They have many names but they themselves have tru names we cannot comprehend. Many ruled through cults in the dawn time, during the elder age and the monster empire.  

d20 What non human entity created relics for cult?
01 Dreaming lord under the sea and his dread servitors and hybrid minions world wide by waterways
02 Alien being from the stars intrudes our world through dreams, masked cults and possession

03 Cosmic conduit of time and space seeks hosts to bare children to cultists and become living gates
04 The lord of elder communion unites human & elder gods, assumes thousands of masks to lure cults
05 Mindless lord of atomic chaos at the core of the universe, cult call his servitors from the stars
06 A sorcererous tentacled hairy toad being called upon by magicians to learn arcane power and madness
07 A black void of living darkness who absorb light and souls, serves witches and beings in the dark
08 A serpent headed humanoid master of the saurian and serpentoid beings who ruled the past
09 A great body of mist spawning monsters or tentacles or mouth or breasts served by woodland cults
10 A great ball of cosmic flame served by cults via sacrifice, immolation, arson and destruction
11 A multidimensional anomaly, self aware and impossible, calls horrors through space and time
12 A biological mass in space, a great brain that spreads spores through stars spawning new life forms
13 A shambling tentacled thing seeking only to breed and turn cultists into hosts for tentacle blob things

14 A great glowing naked flesh colossus with flowing mashed features, absorbs and infects cultists
15 A being of interstellar void & freezing arctic winds, takes prisoners to distant worlds and hybridises
16 Tentacled burrowing kraken & its spawn who devour planets from within, corrupt the minds of mortals
17 A entity that occupies complex structures and huge machines and even cities as systems of order
18 Things from beyond dimensional vale seek to become one with us and offer power, most just hungry
19 A race of great spirits that may manifest as physical or mental things, haunt locations & kill with relish
20 A carnivorous vegetal horror that creates hostile ecosystem that turns humans into cattle and slaves

d20 Horrid stories of relic bearing cult hero

01 Triggered a disaster that killed thousands
02 Body became host of horror from beyond that heroes killed

03 Hybridised with victims and continuing in secret with cult
04 Aided a coven of wicked magicians who tormented the people
05 Called a horror into the word d4 1=to breed 2=to destroy 3=to rally cult 4=doom enemies
06 Went to join master as immortal to serve them forever
07 Turned into monster and sealed away as guardian of relic
08 Tormented people until lynch mob killed them publicly
09 Ruled a monster kingdom puppet state sacrificing own people to dark gods
10 Awakened a horror until magician defeated them both
11 A immortal agent of the gods still but transformed into something horrid
12 A famous dread magician until killed by a hordes out for revenge
13 Journeyed to spectacular place then returned with impossible stories
14 Had mad visions in isolation and recorded learning

15 Fooled people into puppet cult and use as pawns for real hidden mystery cult
16 Started a well meaning charity and benevolent society and charmed public
17 Corrupted a community into foul worship and service vile inhuman gods

18 Hopped bodies causing untold evil before being banished or imprisoned
19 Wrote confessions as became more insane, killed self after creating book and relics
20 Increasingly grew from sympathetic hero to despicable insane magician as fell to madness

d12 Elder Magic Corruption conditions
01 At first sunset after first use
02 After 3 uses of power
04 After 7 uses of power

03 If carried 24 hours
05 If carried 7 days
06 If carried next full moon
07 if read text or study artist depiction of elder gods or minions or cults
08 If hears a elder god related magical chant
09 When wielder takes more than half damage
10 If the user makes a blood sacrifice
11 If the wielder is effected by elder god cultists spell
12 If user in presence of elder god, sleeping entity, servitor or hybrid

d12 Common Elder Magic Objects
Things may have any number of pluses or uses (one use a day is for basic items)

01 Sacrificial daggers send victims soul to patron god 1in10 have pluses to hit and damage too and are used as foci by cultists
02 El Metal Weapons may harm beings on other planes or requiring magic to hit 1in10 have
pluses to hit and damage too
03 Mask of El Metal provides dark vision and hide alignment, 1in10 also hide from magical detection and location can see astral, ethereal and magical phenomena
04 Robes of the cult lords act as as protection adding to armour and saves, decorated in cult symbols, 1in10 cast dimension door once a day
05 Diadem of the elder gods casts friends three times a day, 1in10 cast charm person once a day
06 Torc of madness +2AC from sane persons (non cultists) 1in10 also +2 saves vs sane magic
07 Skull of communion is a hybrid skull bound to entity most act as a y/n augury once a day but 1in10 can cast contact other plane once a day too
08 Tentacle rod strikes as a 2d4 flail and grips if critical 20 hit roll 1in10 instead a tentacle staff does 2d6 damage
09 Ring of elder power, can shoot a d3 magic ray once per round like a cantrip, 1in10 staff versions shoot magic missile with colour according to cult
10 Flesh Plugs of the cult master, insert into lips, cheeks, nose or ears makes wearer enjoy pain 1in10 any damage does one less point
11 Stick of elder power once a day drain 1STR point with a touch and transfer to self for one turn, 1in10 drain energy level and can use to power a 1st level spell known giving you an extra use of spell, both abilities only once a day
12 Summoners wand calls monster summoning one once per day and 1in10 monster summoning three instead 

d12 Corruption effects 
01 Contact objects d4 1=patron entity 2=cult 3=servitor species 4=hybrids by dreams or telepathy
02 A familiar appears, sent by a god to watch over you

03 Alien parasites d4 1= or swarm of weird bugs 2=alien larval horror 3=elder god embryo 4=alien worms
04 Spirit attempts to possess you in moments of weakness or stress, then tries to summon more entities
05 Awaken long slumbering horrors and their agents by proximity
06 See things in other worlds increasingly clear, they start to see you too and hunger for you
07 Increasingly develop madness d4 1=irrational fear 2=megalomania 3=sadism 4=delusional
08 Grow new organs as become a hybrid being pleasing to patron god
09 Hear otherworldly beings whispering madness to you
10 Urge to start new cult 1in6 with split personality runs cult in secret a surprise to normal self
11 Become d4 1=undead immortal servitor 2=cannibal 3=hybrid slave 4=cultist
12 Obsessed with dark knowledge in blasphemous books and occult experimentation

Khaos Relics
Khaos is understood to be the demonic chaos of evil today but was a time when chaos was more neutral and less objectionable until demons began to enslave and use it to their ends as the angelics became increasingly lawful. Older style chaos exists still and hates it's heretical evil khaos which subverts true chaos with intellect, sadism and hate. Original pure chaos is abstract and difficult to understand, mostly forgotten by public.

d20 Horrid stories of relic bearing cult hero
01 Opened portal to the abyss of khaos releasing swarms of evil
02 Destroyed a community famed for virtue and peace
03 Rallied a barbarian horde to lay waste to civilisation
04 Burned a famous library and killed literate victims and scholars
05 Tormented lover and killed horribly to punish them for not loving them
06 Destroyed a church renowned for goodness
07 Bred with monsters and produced spawn of horror
08 Led a horde of demon worshipping goblinoids
09 Kidnapped children to corrupt and serve in evil army
10 Led horde of irregular troops to death against superior disciplined foe
11 Led a horde over vast distance to kidnap unwilling lover who was trying to flee
12 Led a gang of horrid bandits who became khaos tainted cultists

13 Polluted a community with khaos and people broke out in mutations or plague
14 Bred hybrid demon animals to create earth born demon horde
15 Led coven of khaos witches who plagued countryside with fear
16 Released a great horror into world with awful ritual
17 With demon lover became parents of monster child who menaced kingdom
18 Covered the land with impaled corpses especially on roadways
19 Was attacking a holy place with horde and killed by priest or holy warrior
20 Ascended to abyss to join ranks of chaos and evil

d12 Khaos Corruption conditions 
01 At first sunset after first use
02 After 3 uses of power
04 After 7 uses of power

03 If carried 24 hours
05 If carried 7 days
06 If carried next full moon
07 if in presence of a demon
08 If hears a demonic magical chant
09 When wielder takes more than half damage
10 If the user mentions a demon name while spilling blood
11 If the wielder is covered in blood
12 Enters khaos holy place like temple or near a gateway

d12 Common Chaos Magic Objects
Things may have any number of pluses or uses (one use a day is for basic items)

01 Weapons of chaos made from demon bone, with + to hit and damage, some bleed, 1in10 also burn for +1d4 damage and can start fires (some demon bones weep acid, radiate cold or shoot sparks instead)
02 Demon bone summoning wand calls 2d8 goblins 1in10 call 1d6 ogres
03 Demon ring +2 save vs fire and reduce one point per dice from fire, 1in10 reduce fire damage by half, some variants exist resisting acid, cold or lightning

04 Blood amulet if you drink a victims blood after battle can heal one hp (once per fight) 1in10 heal up to 12 points by drinking blood of 12 fallen foes per battle
05 Ring of shape change turns you into a brastman such as a goat or wolf man for 1 turn, 1in10 can change for an hour a day and also turn into normal animal version

06 Demon bone armour and sheilds have plusses to AC and 1in10 also provide same plus to resist fire (or other attack form like acid, cold or lightning depending on demon type)
07 Levitation relic typically a domestic object like a broom, bucket, churn or milk stool that can cast levitation spell once a day 1in10 cast fly instead
08 Mask of the demon (also in helmet form but always cover face) can breath 1d6 flame bolt per round as an attack, 1in10 versions fire 2d6 and other attack forms like cold, lightning or acid possible
09 Girdle of Mutation can call on gods with a mass sacrifice of innocents for a random mutation. A 10% per mutation you have of being changed into a mindless chaos spawn ameboid when you next try with 1in10 versions dont have the bad side effect
10 Teleportation Ring casts dimension door once a day with 1in10 versions casting teleport instead
11 Sacrificial dagger give victims soul to demon patron if they fail a save or are chaotic evil, 1in10 heals user one hp per soul sacrificed
12 Horn of Khaos is a demon horn you attach to your skull for life with a ritual and proved + on AC and saves like a ring of protection, 1in10 come in set of two and can saround weilder in unholy phantom flame at will which provides 30 inches of light

 d12 Corruption effects 
01 Item fuses to body and cant be removed without surgery or death
02 Hunger for blood the more innocent the tastier

03 Hunger for destruction of property, vandalism and arson are favorites
04 Hunger for pain yours or others, whatever you can get
05 Always seeks to be leader by any means
06 A minor demon familiar appears to guide you to chaos and evil
07 A demonic patron announces you are it's thrall
08 Grow demonic features like horns, hooves, tail, tongue
09 Cast no shadow or reflections
10 Animals fear and hate you
11 Shun holy symbols of law or good and their sanctified ground
12 Demonic tattoos appear on you, some with messages for you from abyss

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Curses, Conditions, Corruption an Relics pt1

Went through my item tables of late saw i had misses item 3 on d12 tables for all the corruption conditions so thought i would update in one place and add more stuff.

Basically more complex items are jerks and so are their creators. Conditions and effects make items more difficult and alignment possibly ore relevant. Also you can equip a villain with something neat that players will not want.

Alignment is a bit more important in my game and some of these effects might not bother some users. In my party Nahme the angel relic bearer was already giving more to charity than 10% and paying tax and religious tithing. She even tried to give her non good friends some relics to mind. She didnt want any nagging talking items though.
 If you cast identify you learn first major property item in my game, you need a higher level or extra spell to learn mmore than first property. More checks to find additional properties but you might wait a while and get corrupted

Necromancy Relics

Chosen wielders often must serve creator to avoid negative effects of item but true agents of evil don't mind these effects

d20 Horrid deeds of relic creator
1 Rulled ancient kingdom of the dead
2 Rulled land with fear and tyranny
3 Mass murdered folk on holy day
4 Desecrated holy place and corrupted church folk
5 Kidnapped children for sacrifice to prehuman gods
6 Ate lots of local babies
7 Cursed local leaders until stopped by hero
8 Attacked a wedding, stole bride and turned guests undead

9 Led a fearsome horde of skeleton warriors
10 Ran farms and sweatshops with zombie workers

11 Awakened wights from ancient barrows
12 Made a collosal flesh horror from local corpses
13 Poisoned wells and stole corpses

14 Had evil influence on ruling family
15 Experimented on locals for fun

16 Killed everyone within a mile of lair with great death spell
17 Terrorized land as a vampire
18 Was a ruler in elder age returned as a mummy
19 Turned farm animals into zombies with dark elf buddies

20 Became a lich who tormented the living then vanished

d12 Corruption conditions
Corruption takes time usually or has some conditions

01 At first sunset after first use

02 After 3 uses of power
04 After 7 uses of power

03 If carried 24 hours
05 If carried 7 days
06 If carried next full moon
07 if enters a place of death like a graveyard or crypt
08 If used to cause death or user kills
09 When wielder takes more than half damage
10 If the user touches blood
11 If the wielder touches a persons corpse
12 If user in presence of undead

d12 Common Necromancer Objects 

01 Black Blades of onyx or obsidian typically swords and daggers and exotic polearms. Have plus to hit and damage.
02 Bone Crushing bludgeons of e
nchanted lead or basalt stone for blunt weapons like maces, mauls, hammers and often chopping weapons like axes.
03 Bone Armour a medium armour with standard pluses 1in10 also adds to strength 
04 Bone Rings are + protection type items 1in10 casts Charm Undead d3 times a day
05 Grace of Death items are often a helmet, wand or ring that provide a plus on charisma with undead, and make them recognise you as dead 1in10 let you feign death at will  
06 Wand of death fires a ray (colour depends of faction) that acts like a 1d6 magic missile with d100 charges. 1in10 can be recharged by using in human sacrifice
07 Fetish of Zar, tiny wood idol with feathers you ask to make undead for you, most set to skeleton or zombie with d100 charges but some 1in10 have a d1000, 1in10 fetishes create ghouls or worse but use two charges per HD.
08 Staves and wands of death - made from a tree of the underworld, + to hit and damage and often used as a spell focus by some trained wizards. 1in10 fire a 2d6 death ray 100 range. Wand versions useless as weapons and if fire a ray does only 1d6 30 range
09 Skull mask provides vision of who is living dead or undead, 1in10 have pluses of protection like a ring also
10 Claw gauntlet drains one HP from a willing donor once a day per person which can heal wielder, 1in10 drain from unwilling
11 Cape of the Shadows can call a shadow in dog formdaily to serve for a turn, 1in10 can summon a d10 shadows  which does not obey but go on murder spree, may be in other items of clothing like a hat, gloves or a helmet or a box or bottles or other shaped shadows
12 Rod of Blight strikes victim with disease as per spell the victim gets to save and will resist rod forever 1in10 are energy level draining taking one level, can be used as a club

d100 Corruption effects

01 Unknowingly act as servant to revive dead necromancer, guided by dreams
02 Spirit attempts possession when weak, might even argue it would save wielder
03 Starts to talk and dress like creator, WIS save or one step alignment shift
04 Small animals and plants nearby die to fuel the items power
05 Item requires sacrifice, WIS to keep from doing it each full moon, might increase in  thirst
06 Only aroused by dead things and death, cant get interested in living beings
07 Can't stand being near the living, depend more on isolation and dead servants
08 Sleep in only coffins, crypts, sarcophagi or buried in a grave
09 Body crawling with worms, become immortal worm colony in 24 months
10 Grow increasingly hideous, CHA save monthly or lose stat point, at zero become undead
11 Death stalks you, sometimes surprises you, making you loose cool in stress moments
12 Spirit of the relic can talk to you offers biased horrible advice on everything

Saintly Relics
Chosen wielders often must serve creator or a god to avoid negative effects of item but true agents of good dont mind these effects. Generally for lawful good religions but other good might count.

d20 Saintly deeds of relic creator
1 Great act of charity and kindness
2 Resisted great temptations, always did right
3 Was killed horribly resisting enemy of faith
4 Founded a sect or order
5 Killed mortal enemy of faith
6 Killed supernatural enemy of religion
7 Great deed of self sacrifice for believers
8 Great ancestor and famous parent

9 Converted many with difficult pilgrimages
10 Overcame a terrible custom frowned on today
11 Killed resisting a horrible spiritual enemy
12 Pioneering founder of faith
13 Great writer who produced a holy text
14 Great healer who saved many and brought new convert
15 Great pilgrim who brought creed to new places
16 Great teacher who brought new changes to faith in past
17 Saint responsible for prophecies and communing with god
18 Saint was a great ruler in name of religion
19 Built a great wonder or monument
20 Purged heretics and would be reformists in church organisation

d12 Corruption conditions
Corruption takes time usually or has some conditions
Once curse functioning might show some signs of change 
The taint of good be upon ye! Beware!

If carried next daybreak
02 After 3 uses of power
03 After 7 uses of power
04 If carried 24 hours
05 If carried 7 days
06 If carried till next full moon
07 If held while praying overnight
08 If used to protect weaker person
09 When wielder takes more than half damage
10 If the item touches holy water or altar or enters a good temple
11 If the wielder touches or kisses a lover
12 If wielder takes a risk for any other

d12 Common Saintly Objects 
01 Holy Weapon of the Saint in many varieties, pluses to hit and damage which also inflict burns to any evil person who touches equal to bonus, also glow 1" per plus
02 Saints fingernail as cure light wounds once per day
1in10 is a cure serious wounds
03 Saints Hair in a locket can cast protection from evil once per day 1in10 is a 10 foot radius version
04 Holy mantle of the saints a robe that cures disease once per day 1in10 cure three a day
05 Saints Ring removes poison once per day 1in10 work three times a day
06 Saints medallion casts bless once per day 1in10 casts prayer instead
07 Saints blood usually on a cloth or in tiny bottle +1hp if used in any first aid or skill based healing
08 Holy Symbol of the saint +2 levels on power of turning 1in10 adds two extra turnings per day too
09 Saints Bounty a plate, bowl or cloth produces food for one person once a day 1in10 produces 7 times a day
10 Saints Staff purifies water once a day 1in10 creates water once a day
11 Saints snake staff turns int a constrictor snake once a day 1in10 keeps working even if snake gets kiled
12 Saints lantern illuminates with light at will 30" 1in10 casts permanent light daily also

d12 Corruption effects

01 Unknowingly a servant to cause of kindness and justice, guided by gods
02 Spirit will attempt possession when unconscious or asleep to "help" wielder
03 Starts to talk and dress like hermit, WIS save or one step alignment shift monthly
04 Small animals sing and dance around you and plants sway gently
05 Wounds stabilise if below zero, automatically halts blood loss
06 Only interested in serious long term legal monogamy and not motivated by sex
07 Give away 10% of your wealth to help the poor
08 +2 resist fear and charm if good
09 +2 resist disease and poison if good
10 Grow increasingly lovely +1 CHA if good
11 Protection from evil once per day if good
12 Spirit of the relic can talk to you offers goodly advice on everything

Stone Age Relics
Often used by goblinoids, cave folk, shamans of non literate peoples, beast cults and beast men. Even some more wild elves might like these.

d20 Awesome deeds of relic creator
1 Made pact with a great spirit
2 Made pact with beast lord
3 Made pact with elemental lord
4 Defeated great evil spirit of the old world
5 Founded a great clan and bloodline
6 Ate heart of great monster

7 Burned a civilized city
8 Slew a mighty magician
9 Hunted a great beast on long adventure
10 Avenged his people by wiping out a tribe
11 Defied the gods
12 Was a might tribal healer and wise man
13 Invented a custom or cultural craft or skill or tool
14 Killed by a god or great old one
15 Discovered the promised land for tribe and killed off locals
16 Exterminated a race of monsters in the dawn age
17 Helped revolt against evil empire of monsters
18 Stole true love from other tribe and hunted by lovers family
19 Hunted and punished those who committed sacrilege or broke law
20 Battled great beast to save kin and get treasure

d12 Corruption conditions
Corruption takes time usually or has some conditions

01 If carried next daybreak

02 After 3 uses of power
03 After 7 uses of power 
04 If carried till next full moon
05 If carried till next full moon
06 If used to draw blood of wrong animal totem species
07 If used to draw blood by person not of right totem (1in12 chance?)
08 If used used by person not of tribe
09 If wielder ever harmed a tribe member
10 If the item used without tribal shaman blessing
11 If the wielder eats forbidden food
12 If used without correct sacrifice

d12 Common Stone Age Objects 
01 Beast tooth on a string lets you speak to species once per day 1in10 works always
02 Beast bone in a bag with rune on it can call a beast to area daily but does not obey 1in10 works 3 times a day

03 Great Flint Weapon sparks when strikes, + to hit and damage but 1in10 can also be used to start fires easily
04 Cloak of the beast acts as a elven cloak, 1in10 lets you assume animal form for one turn per day one species per cloak
05 Boots of the Beast acts as elven boots, 1in10 leaves footprints of one beast species
06 Ochre Jar a stone container creates one dose of artist pigment per day, different colours available, 1in10 can be used to bless a herd to increase birth rate by 10% per year
07 Horned Hat of Beast Mastery gives + on any beast related skill checks 1in10 let you cast Charm animal once per day
08 Spear Thrower of thunder lords acts as a woomera or atlatl, acts as a club with + to hit and damage and same mod if used to hurl dart, javelin or spear and doubles range 1in10 turn a missile into a lightning bolt with 1d6 per + the weapon has once per day that injures foes in a line
09 Knife of Butchery come in form depending on alignment good ones ensure butchered beast is reborn after time in happy hunting grounds, evil one tortures the soul and sends to hell. 1in10 can be used on humans as well for sacrifice 
10 Amber bead as cure light wounds once per day 1in10 is a cure serious wounds
11 Coral bead allows you to breathe water for one turn 1in10 work at will
12 Cloak of bark lets you turn into a tree for one turn and 1in10 let you remain in tree form for centuries, some versions turn you into a huge toadstool instead

d12 Corruption effects
01 All food and drink you touch or carry spoiled, only be fed or drink with helper
02 A characteristic score begins to drop 1point per week till dead or coma at zero
03 Inflicted with advanced lycanthropy next full moon
04 Animals and monsters dislike you and are never surprised by you or your party
05 Wounds will not stabilize if below zero, will bleed to death
06 Becomes infertile and uninterested in sex or love
07 User succumbs to poison easily, half normal resistance
08 Wielder becomes a beserker and menace to friend and foe in battle
09 Wielder will not d4 1=use metal 2=use fire 3=take shelter from weather 4=wear clothes  
10 User becomes a cannibal, hunger for own species
11 Spirit of the relic gives unwelcome advice on everything
12 Spirit of the relic posses you when weak or unconscious or asleep

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