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d100 Catacomb Dungeon Dressings

This is for decrepit built underground cemeteries under churches, ruins, cities and dungeons. Roll a few for a small complex or roll as a theme for new areas opened up or levels. Ive been playing with the Zac S system of placing several courtyards about and some other features like from my pre-keyed locations or from a table. Then I connect them with shapes based on letterforms for passages and perhaps add soe more rooms where lines terminate or meet. Ive done a few and has got me doing the whole chaotic complex thng. Normally my stuff is too sensible, rigid and boxy.  

d10 Quick Catacomb Dungeon Dressing
01 Remains of dead
Niches, shelves and
03 Tombs, crypt and sarcophogi
 Ladders, trapdoors and stairs
05 Gates and archways
06 Plinths, pedestals and altars
07 Relief carving and statues
08 Paintings, tapestries
09 Floors and condition
10 Weird conditions

d100 Catacomb Dungeon Dressing
01 Piles of loose bones and 
02 Piles of loose old coffins stacked up
03 Piles of mummified bodies
04 Piles of stacked skulls and bones sealed off passage
05 Barred cell with body on plinth with heaps of dead flowers
06 Skeletons assembled as art works with symbolic robes and tools
07 Bodies on plinths in rusted cobweb covered armour and tabards of holy order
08 Skeleton with scythe actually a trap if passed
09 Skeletons in robes posed praying or holding lamps
10 Cases of mumifie children

11 Mumified bodies standing upright in niches
12 Skeletons laying sideways in niches

13 Small sealed niches where mumified bodies inserted head
14 Shelves of coffins
15 Shelves of mummies
16 Niche with graffiti from past
17 Niche with bars and ancient gilded skeleton
18 Niche with huge bladed pendulum trap
19 Niche with swinging battering ram
20 Niche with spiked bars block passage and possibly impale someone slow
21 Rows of sarcophagi with fine carved line art or former heroes
22 Entrance to much older tomb with older art and different symbology
23 Great stone sarcophagi with carved figure of great leader
24 Smashed sarcophagi robbed and vandalized
25 Sealed stone door to chamber full of sarcophagi
26 Huge holy symbol seals crypt entry 
27 Upright sarcophagi with carved likeness of once important occupant 
28 Crypt carved with figures in middle of room sealed with bars
29 Open sarcophagi with open coffin inside no body
30 Hole in wall to sealed tomb patched up with skulls and mortar 
31 Wooden trapdoor 1in6 locked d4 1=wood ladder 2=stone footholds 3=rope 4=rope ladder
32 A heave flagstone trapdoor cover, with iron staple wall ladder to another level
33 Iron bar lid locked or built in, situated in floor or ceiling, possibly a drain or air vent
34 Open shaft connecting upper and lower levels for goods, possibly with rope and winches
35 A secret iron ladder in shaft to other level
36 A well shaft which cuts through several levels or even into a cave or underground stream
37 A secret spiral staircase to other level
38 Steep stone winding staircase
39 Grand stone staircase with skull and death symbols carved in stone
40 Tiny cramped srairs reaching into depths of crawlspaces within walls
41 Grim archway actually a concealed portcullis trap
42 Ornamental archway with skeletal death statue harvesting souls
43 Arch with bars covering entrance to tomb
44 Pillars either side of barred stairs to tomb
45 Grim Reaper life size statues with scythes or sickles either side of door 
46 Door arch is a huge crude brutish face with door for mouth
47 Rows of pillars and buttresses
48 Archways with skeletons chained hanging by limbs or tiny cages
49 Archway gate with locked iron gate with bars
50 Archway gate with portcullis and hanging chains 
51 Bejeweled mummified body inside Glass case on plinth
52 Small caged shrine with old boxes stacked inside
53 Stage with stalls for robed singers and very acoustic ceiling
54 Dais with holy symbol in stone
55 Dais with ritual altar
56 Dais with caged sarcophagus
57 Dais with ritual font surrounded by skulls
58 Dead adventurer shoved in open panel in base of plinth with statute
59 Podiums with mummified monks, some are holding crumbling old books
60 Podium with scroll shelf for records of burials, candles, wax, quills and dry ink
61 Rough hewed coarse stone walls
62 Smooth dressed stonework
63 Glazed brick walls with strong earthy red  and black colours
64 Crude brick walls with some patterns forming simple symbols
65 Carved scenes of skeletons, the reaper and the underworld entrances and demons
66 Carved scene from creation or other important religious event
67 Gargoyle pair guarding a door or crypt 
68 Doorway carved as entry to d4 1=hell 2=primordial garden 3=heaven 4=judgement
69 Carved grotto with water flowing from spring or well
70 A great carved mythic beast like a sphinx or dragon or divine beast
71 Family scene mural
72 Underworld mural
73 Graffiti covers walls some dating to ancient times or secret cults
74 Painted scenes of agriculture, farmland and landed class wealth
75 Mythic feats of religious heroes mural
76 Mural of funeral scene with weeping mourners
77 Tapestry of conquest over the old people
78 Tapestry of coronation of long ago ruler
79 Tapestry of heretics being rounded up and stopped
80 Honour roles of names who helped fund catacombs
81 Floor covered in bone, rat dung, bits of bodies and garbage
82 Floor covered in chalky white bone meal and dirt
83 Ancient worn cobblestones, some areas smooth worn by foot steps and water
84 Water covers some lower floors and areas where drains blocked
85 Roots burst through walls, ceiling and floors in places
86 Water drips through from above forming streams and slime 
87 Sewerage and water has turned area into awful stinking mess
88 Fungus and mould everywhere with bad air, shrooms & floating balls of slime in pools
89 Crumbling and prone to collapse if doors slammed or loud noises
90 Mozaic tile floor depicting underworld of funeral
91 Everywhere lit by magic candles and torches or glowing skulls
92 All the dead and faces in art look tormented
93 Find some remains with same face or inscription of similar name 
94 Tiny goblin or gargoyle or gremlin faces peek out from architecture everywhere
95 Huge sealed ornamental gate with magic symbols and ritual altar
96 Dead whispers heard often get worse as skulls and artworks or phantoms join in
97 Doomed phantoms re enact past tragedies or wander about depressed
98 Cobwebs from huge spiders are thick here with mummified bodies in spidersilk found
99 Spacial anomalies make it hard to map or find the way out easily
100 Spores cause dreamlike hallucinations and religious visions

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d100 Colossal Dungeon Dressings

Medieval noodle bars anyone? So returning to my Gothic stuff and rewriting some stuff needlessly. Which is ok so working on not doing this. Developing another genre project on side also. So figuring out a few basic play styles will help flesh out the rest of the dungeon zone type.

Faux Gothic Setting Adventure Modes:
Gothic castles & churches
Graveyards from village plot to city necropolis
Catacombs for built underground graveyards
Colossal dungeon is a prison and torture complex
Haunting of hell house
Romantic ruins 
Tragedy and doom!

Gothic castles & churches
This is to explore recent ish human structures of the officials of the nation and clergy. Big posh stone houses with religious and historical objects to make a statement. The nobility want to follow the kings style from highest duke to lowest land owning knight. Priesthood such as clerical orders and warrior monks enjoy building like this too. So adventurers may explore a modern lords home or church fort. his is basic gothic setting type and others are related to this one by being burred beneath it. While most are orderly grids, some are confused follies built by madmen, or built add hock into sprawling composite buildings.


From grave robbing to protecting graves or finding a specific crypt, there is always danger in these locations. Dealing with a petty graveyard haunt is a good career start. Caring for a big graveyard is a big job and sometimes bad spirits arise from tragedy or curse and even good comunities have problems. Definitely bring a priest. Built castles are better for keeping people out. Built prisons keep people inside. Making prisons a threat to criminals is important, So random torture 

Are underground graveyards beneath some cities or old church districts. Some connect to sewers, drains or storage cellars. Often heaped with dead and no witnesses but chances of getting lost are high. Monsters love these places and the dead walk freely.

Colossal Dungeon
This complex is a prison, often 
the basement beneath a ex fort or castle. Prison life is harsh but the occupants are harder. Special prisons include for mad, lame diseased or political prisoners. Punishment, cruel confinement and torture are the norm. Guards control walkways and towers while the boss lives over the gate house.

Haunting of hell house 
More a furnished fine house but the house is cursed and entities of other planes visit looking for victims, undead arise if left, cultists and madmen are drawn here to draw blood. You cant get out until you have put the evil to rest. Anything could happen.

Romantic ruins exploration
Gothics love 
rambling throughruins to write poems. Exploration by night is the best. The more bloody the ruins history the better. Seeking pagan pornographic art, performing thrilling and forbidden deeds. It is quite the lark. 

Tragedy and doom!
Before you start the dungeon your party can have personal reasons to be at the dungeon, vendettas with local villain, tragic pasts and more. Characters, enemies and certain locations all linked by doom.Sometimes a attempt to relax turns into a adventure or a old tragedy returns.

Im considering moodscapes for gothic sub zones. Basically a additional layer of weirdness for your dungeon. More on this later.

Im considering doing a madness table with temporary WIS stat losses and recovery rules but see my to do list below.

So far I want to spread my tables to cover these things
Quite a bit of my city stuff and maritime stuff could be applicable
Maybe my DX Psionics as a spell system and some classes renamed exorcist (Shaman)
Start writing some guidelines to use these
Will group my tables under these headers

Some Gothic Zone Stuff To Do
d100 Tragedy table - haunting covered some ideas for this too
d100 Lesser hauntings
d100 Madness, horror, shocks
d100 Alluring strange headstones
d100 Shrines
d100 Sarcophagi
d100 Madhouses and prisons

something about dramatic manor stair cases
d100 Haunted Ruins
d100 Pirenesi/gothic ruins
d100 Crimes and common punishments

d100 Non fatal tortures
Found notes on "holiness factor" for grave areas
d100 Non Corporeal Undead Encounters
d100 Corporeal Undead Encounters
d100 Wandering holy folk, hermits and hunters of unholy
d100 Secret Societies
d100 Cults
d100 Gothic Dungeon Masterminds
d100 Undead boss monsters - might do sub-bosses also
d100 Honest undead motivations
d100 Madmen and their monsters
d100 Old lonely women/hags
d100 Violent convicts
d100 Insane inmates
d100 Virtuous young nobles and ladies
d100 Wicked young nobles and ladies
d100 Emotional Hysteria to break the tension...and get adventure happening
d100 Disappointments

So my basic idea of a gothic book has expanded quite a bit. Still looking for more emotions and melodrama. Thinking of Mood effecting or eating undead, Seven Sin Stimulating devils to guide you. I need to get a look at oriental adventures spirits again.

This set designed to be for a sprawling prison complex, but also a mental asylum, a workhouse for the poor, poor hospital or slave labour. It also includes lots of torture and architectural scaled devices of cruelty.

d10 Quick 
Colossal Dungeon Features
01 Cells
02 Courtyards
03 Gatehouses
04 Towers and walkways
05 Torture and punishment
06 Workshops
07 Hospital
08 Secret doors and spyholes
09 Mechanical apparatus
10 Administration

d100 Colossal Dungeon Dressings

01 Hall lined with small cells behind thick doors with for slots
02 Hall lined with barred cells easily observed
03 Hall with a giant open cell
04 Hall with cell pits with locked barred lids
05 Hall with rows of manacles or leg irons 
06 Hall hanging with small cages and gibbets
07 Hall with walk way around deep pits for prisoners
08 Half submerged pits with rocks to sit on with leg irons
09 Hall strewn in garbage, bones and scraps from prisoners
10 Hall with rows of small cages without room to sit or stand

11 Courtyard with bare rock where lone prisoners left exposed
12 Courtyard with sunken floor and walkway around for madmen 

13 Courtyard with nameless grave pits for dead inmates
14 Courtyard for exercising inmates or a few hours a day
15 Courtyard with battered tables and shambling beds 
16 Courtyard where guards drill and have target practise or shooting squads
17 Courtyard full of stores and building materials
18 Courtyard where prisoners chained to large rocks and left exposed
19 Courtyard with flogging frames
20 Courtyard with gallows or chopping block
21 A ornate gatehouse with gargoyles and governors offices and residence above
22 A gatehouse to control movement between prison sections
23 A gatehouse with observation area to watch adjacent courtyards and cell blocks
24 A gatehouse with records office and guard station
25 A gatehouse were trolleys (food or laundry) moved through and searched
26 A gatehouse with bathhouse where prisoners are controlled while bathing
27 A gate with store rooms for clothing, bed linen and other goods
28 A gatehouse with infirmary where basic medical needs like pulling teeth met
29 A gatehouse with guards armoury and murder holes
30 A gate house where keys kept and made
31 Watch tower for guards to see grounds
32 Solitary prison tower for isolated prisoner
33 Solitary tower with luxury cell for nobles or rich guests
34 A punishment tower with gallows and stretching apparatus
35 A guard tower with best marksmen on duty
36 Walkways for guards and marksmen to cross sections of prison faster 
37 Walkway used for storage of junk
38 Walkway between areas left alone due to hauntings
39 Walkways up high for guards to spy into various areas of prison
40 Walkway granting views over several courtyards
41 Torture room with fire pit, iron braziers, cauldrons and chains
42 Torture room with stretching and impaling apparatus
43 Torture room with great wheel for breaking men
44 Torture room with iron maidens and spiked beds 
45 Torture room with torture chair with clamps and implements 
46 Torture room with well used for dunking and water torture
47 Torture room collection of severed heads, limbs and bodies in gibbets
48 Torture room with tiny dark locked punishment boxes
49 Torture room with dissection room with seating for important persons to view
50 Torture room benches for restraining victims with collections of knives and implements
51 Weaving workshop with looms and spinning wheels, piles of cloth, wool and spindles
52 Woodshop where prisoners make wheels, carts, doors and work on prison repairs
53 Metalshop where blacksmith and helpers make bars and chains
54 A kitchen and bakery where workers cook prison food or goods to sell
55 A laundry with well where prison washing and commercial jobs handled
56 A basket weaving workshop with piles of dried vines and finished baskets
57 A tailoring workshop where inmates sew clothes and sails in dim light
58 A stone working pit with rocks to be cut or broken into gravel with mallets
59 A ceramics workshop with clay, wheels, pots, bricks and roof tiles made
60 A brewery where prisoners make grog possibly without permission
61 A hospital foe quarantining disease carriers
62 A medical delousing area with chemical baths and powders
63 Wing of small cages or cells for the worst insane inmates
64 A medical operating room and laboratory for normally illegal experiments
65 A surgical room with multiple bloody benches and rusty tools
66 Dental chairs with pliers, tongs, hammers and rope
67 A medical area for staff and guards, clean with stocked alcohol cupboard 
68 A room of stores for medical supplies including chests of artificial limbs
69 A apothecary for making medicine possibly unofficial and run by mob or guards or both
70 Row of beds with straps and manacles for ill prisoners unfit to work
71 Secret passage for staff escape
72 Secret storage room with weapons and booze
73 Secret panic room to hide from riots
74 Secret prisoner dug tunnel under concealed loose stone
75 Secret cell with dead prisoner, possibly haunted
76 Secret tunnel partly collapsed with dead inmates
77 Secret panel into crawl space between walls and get into basement or catacombs
78 Secret door into crawlspace where you can spy on many cells
79 Secret compartment with tobacco, soap and a knife
80 Secret compartment used as letter drop
81 Flour mill cranked by human labour several stories high with grain silos
82 Huge portcullis gate apparatus with hand winched crank
83 Huge machine to simulate person being torn apart by horses
84 Huge crushing apparatus with spiked platform for victim 
85 Room with crushing spiked walls or ceiling
86 Room which can be flooded with hand cranked pump and reservoir 
87 A apparatus that kills men loaded into crushing wheels and they come out zombies 
88 A rotating wobbling disk with randomly popping up spikes for prisoner death matches
89 A room where restrained victims are flooded with bugs or snakes or rats
90 A room where prisoners run gauntlet through traps and loose monsters
91 Scriptorium and current records room
92 Document storage room with records to earliest days of prison
93 Staff kitchen and mess room
94 Office for section chief or governor
95 Barracks for staff or bedrooms for officers and wives
96 School for staff children often taught by good behaviour educated inmate
97 Library with plenty of religious, penal theory and stories of reform and torture
98 Prison shrine and priest office
99 Theatre where semi reformed put on talent shows and plays
100 Morgue where special prisoners bodies like magicians remains kept under lock

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d100 Gothic Dungeon Dressings

These are intended to furnish castes, palaces, manors, churches and large state buildings. But really for dungeons. The more decrepit catacombs version of table more run down, possibly crude, with lots of dead. If description calls out for a open courtyard or windows then there is a cave ceiling or built dome in place above instead of a sky. It could have a deep shaft from above and some light.

Gothic dungeon rooms A-Z goes well with this
You could probably arrange some letter forms and put courtyards connecting multiple nodes as squares or circles or hexagons
add this to do gothic dwarf dingeon and add undead grave stuff for horror

Will do a catacomb specific set later perhaps a dungeon set for penny dreadful villains and a haunted feature one

d10 Quick Gothic Decor types
01 Fortifications and power
 Stairs, ladders, domes and vaults
 Columns, buttresses and archways
 Plinths, pedestals and altars
05 Statues and gargoyles
06 Relief carving and latices
07 Ceilings and stained glass
08 Room Furnishings
09 Paintings, tapestries
10 Floor tiles and rugs

d100 Gothic Dungeon Dressings
01 Great Barbican with heavy gate and guard rooms and tower or ceiling height
02 Heavy reinforced oak door with metal rivets, a lock and bar
03 Solid door with metal lock
04 Arrow slits or fortified battlements for archers or crossbowmen to shoot from cover
05 Murder holes with d4 1=hot oil 2=hot lead 3=burning oil 4=boiling water
06 Hidden guard post where guards watch and may ambush or signal help
07 Prison cells
08 Prisoners cage or gibbets
09 Torture dungeon
10 Courtyard with parade ground for soldiers or staff

11 Stairs d4 1=up 2=down 3=split level room 4=bricked up
12 Two grand stairs that go to same upper level - usually offices or bedrooms

13 Trap and ladders d4 1=up 2=down 3=trapdoor 4=sealed up
14 Hall has a high vaulted roof with flying buttresses and artworks, possibly stained glass
15 Room has a high dome possibly with windows or artworks
16 A great shaft above (or inside a tower), or huge pit below
17 A huge candelabra dominates the room, supported by chains or ropes
18 Bell chamber actually runs several levels above and below with ropes and mechanism
19 Incredible mural on ceiling by best artists of time
20 Organ chamber is a architectural bellow powered organ built into high ceiling room 
21 Wall is variegated with buttresses making niches
22 High ceiling, buttresses and flying buttresses with windows to a hidden upper level
23 Ornamental stone arch over door with some holy design
24 Relief carved memorial archway around door depicting afterlife or creation or war scenes
25 Huge triumphal arch with interior split into two floors, well fortified panic room
26 A open courtyard with columns around the outside
27 A great column with engraved monumental relief art of some event
28 A classical theatre with a semicircle of steps around the stage
29 Cloistered open courtyard with covered walkway around the outside
30 A ceremonial bridge so persons can walk under a priest, mostly useless but fancy
31 Podium for a speaker with book stand and stone step seating
32 Stage with seating for rituals, presentations, performances or choirs
33 Small lecture theatre with room for secretaries desk and a number of scholars
34 A dais with engraved woodland scenes and creepy staring animals
35 Statuette of saint of beast in a niche
36 Blood stained old shrine in a niche
37 Pedestal displaying armour and weapon of a righteous soldier or cleric
38 Pedestal displaying a ancient urn or statuette or art object
39 Altar with significant religious scenes engraved, often some urns and candlesticks
40 Statue of mythic creature over altar with braziers or fountains
41 A great statue of d4 1=robed figure 2=knight 3=noble 4=merchant
42 Rows of mummified bodies built into niches with clergy regalia
43 Rows old statues of pious old priests and saints from the past
44 Engraved sarcophagi of a armoured warrior in order dress
45 Busts of scholars and war leaders on plinths
46 Collection of even more ancient stone statues and border stones
47 Ugly faces or skulls up high in corners d4 1=alarm 2=surveillance 3=cast spell 4=speak
48 One gargoyle part of a feature on plinthor two guarding a doorway
49 Rows of gargoyles perched around a courtyard on shelves
50 A gigantic gargoyle or a gaggle of exotic looking foreign looking gargoyles
51 A huge relief battle scene marble runs across a wall
52 A carved font with stone seats and a cup on a chain
53 Stone benches in niches for prayer with carved scenes of pious heroes and clergy
54 A huge marble fireplace with carved scenes of mythic history
55 Rows of thin columns part of flying buttress every few meters on side of room
56 A stone screen formed with interlocking holy symbols carved in stone (& a bit of glue)
57 A stone screen carved to look like beasts or interlocking animal horns
58 A stone screen carved to look like vegetation or with vegetable themes
59 Intricate stone lattice screens around a open courtyard
60 Stone semi transparent screen carved with incredible skill
61 A glistening series of small glass works depicting local founding families and donors 
62 A glass depiction of creations and heavens
63 Hundreds of candelabra filled hall with elaborate equipment for servants to help light
64 Stone head with mouth for doorway, high ceiling to make art have more impact
65 High dome with giant stone figure carved into walls or remains of huge machine cogs
66 Crumbling mosaic vaulted high ceiling with ancients symbols a bit odd by modern tastes
67 Apocryphal painting of local saint doing something strange
68 Great shutters in ceiling can open or close for ventilation in very high ceiling
69 Huge mural depicting the dawn of humans and their relations with gods and non humans
70 Variegated dome high up with gold and silver leaf
71 Huge throne on dais with rug before it usually entered through a courtyard
72 Artful canopy in covering high ceiling over a locked reliquary on a dais
73 Huge royal bed for visiting high priests or kings, 4d6 layers with canopy and columns
74 Stage with locked book case chained on a reading stand, often valuable 
75 Huge torture apparatus 1=mechanical 2=chemical 3=magical 4=slow impaling 
76 A great kitchen fit for barracks, noble or rich monastery, huge spit roasts and ovens
77 Monk cells often small niches and hidden in clusters or inside structure of building
78 Store rooms full of boxes, art work, furniture under sheets, dusty and dark
79 Trophy room with museum of mighty deeds of local faith objects that prove the miracles
80 Artisan work benches for crafts or scribe projects, samples of goods on hand
81 Painted heraldic creatures on walls
82 Painted stars and night sky on walls
83 Painted gloomy underworld mural on walls
84 Paintings of martyrs suffering on canvas
85 Panels depicting the gods birth, childhood and later life on wall
86 Painted scenes of the end times or underworld on walls
87 Paintings of cult heroes in frames with prayers written on frames
88 Tapestry of the dawn times
89 Tapestry of gifts being presented to church and king
90 Tapestry of kings victory over old bloodline
91 Mozaic of the religions founders on floor
92 Tiles on floor include maps  
93 Mozaic of animals in wild or fish in water
94 Bricks forming crude 8bit holy symbol pattern
95 Long carpet in colours of nobility or church
96 Huge carpet of abstract symbols actually remnants of older faith
97 Carpet includes map 1=world 2=local county 3=complex 4=catacombs
98 Crypt entry built into alcove wall as artwork, shiny stuff inside
99 Well shaft for d4 1=drinking 2=bathing 3=rituals 4=garbage with possible monster
100 Trap door in floor or ceiling d4 1=spy hide 2=prison cell 3=crypt 4=secret complex

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d100 Everyday Deaths

Common deaths are tragic but seen as ordinary. Useful if you need a cause of death for a family back story or some reason. Still writing magic farm animals. Blogger mssing up my post orders alot.

d10 Death types

1 Animals unleashed
2 Everyday in the home
3 Everyday at work
4 Everyday violence
5 Everyday fumble
6 Everyday justice
7 Everyday Vice
8 Everyday Medical
9 Everyday Magic
10 Murdered by Monsters

d100 Everyday Deaths
01 Gored by a bull
02 Run over by carriage
03 Fell of horse
04 Bit by diseased dog
05 Attacked by stag
06 Mauled by bear
07 Eaten by wolves
08 Gored by wild boar
09 Trampled by cattle
10 Stung by bees, wasps, spiders or snakes

11 Starved to death from famine or poverty
12 Died of old age in bed

13 Fell down stairs or off roof or out of bed
14 Homeless and exposed to weather
15 Killed in house fire
16 Accidental food poisoning
17 Stranger robbed and murdered
18 Domestic violence
19 Arrested by law taken away forever 
20 Stack of crushing crates fell
21 Struck by a mallet or work maul
22 Crushed by a barrel
23 Wall collapsed
24 Wagon out of control crashed
25 Murdered by Bandits 
26 Murdered by workplace bullies
27 Executed for causing a accident
28 Crane dropped load of goods
29 Loaded wagon toppled over 
30 Murdered by gangster over protection racket 
31 Killed in a bar fight or sport match
32 Killed fighting over found treasure
33 Murdered in market place for small change
34 Guards killed rioters to break up a mob
35 Executed for a crime in public
36 Murder hobos killed and robbed for no reason
37 Killed for urging others to ignore crime syndicate
38 Found murdered nobody knows why or who
39 Killed by neighbor over quarrel
40 Disappeared looking for treasure
41 Accidentally killed self with weapon
42 Limb cut off in work accident and bled to death
43 Fell and impaled on fence
44 Tree fell on top
45 Fell into staked wolf pit
46 Accidentally consumed poison
47 Fell in water and drowned
48 Set alight and burned horribly
49 Choked on dust or toxic fumes
50 Smothered by grain in silo
51 Imprisoned falsely and died in prison from torture
52 Rounded up with a gang and all put to death
53 Taken as a hostage and murdered
54 Joined a cult then executed
55 Insulted noble and beaten by servants
56 Paid thugs killed to gain land for some schemer
57 Hunted by a nobleman for sport
58 Accidentally went on private land and killed by game warden
59 Died from troubling old war wounds
60 Refused to testify against friend and tortured to death
61 Died while drunkenly staggering in town
62 Died of organ failure after life long alcoholism
63 Died of drug abuse
64 Lynched by commoners for debauched behavior
65 Lost all money and killed by loan sharks
66 Caught in act of awful sex crime and executed
67 Caught molesting farm animals and burned by mob
68 Caught grave robbing and killed by mob
69 Caught with private prison cell and captives, executed
70 Caught committing adultery and killed by mob
71 Died of plague
72 Killed for leaving quarantine house
73 Operated on by quack
74 Wasted away on fake healing tonic
75 Died from septic wound
76 Limbs amputated but still killed by gangrene 
77 Committed suicide
78 Died in madhouse
79 Died in leprous colony
80 Died in hospital care over months
81 Testing magic items
82 Accidentally summoned planar creature
83 Killed in crossfire of dueling wizards
84 Accused of witchcraft and burned
85 Killed by witchcraft, everybody sure
86 Disappeared but later seen as a zombie 
87 Killed by spell caster for some offence or accident
88 Turned into animal and eaten
89 Killed by magical guardian or trap
90 Humanoids robbed and killed
91 Killed by supernatural horror in public
92 Eaten by humanoids or cult
93 Sacrificed to local monster by authorities
94 Flying horror swooped and snatched away
95 Thing from waters grabbed and dragged into depths
96 Some beast burrowed up from earth and snatched them
97 Sacrificed by humanoids or a cult
98 Creatures from the depths raided and murdered
99 Found a monster lair in odd place
100 Killed by monster in own home

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

d100 Random Strange Crypt Table

In my Gothic compilation i have basically lots of stuff on undead, graveyards and things a ravenloft goth would expect in a setting many dnd guys would call gothic. This stuff is mostly grave robbing really and I have done and am also working on stuff about hysterical emotions, insanity, madmen, villains, spooky manour houses and their gloomy histories. At one stage my party spat dummy over undead encounters and they bought a ship and went onto maritime exploration instead. Partly inspired by all the treasure maps they found while grave robbing.

The crime and punishment stuff ive touched on of late might fit in gothic book too - more on mental institutions and proper state dungeons for torture and abusing possibly guilty persons. Gothic stuff is most diverse topic with many more locations and tropes to explore. Was interesting mixing my table sets like gothic + dwarf dungeon = lost undead dwarf city. Lots of religious stuff and even lonely moor encounters. Witches might be a thing or a d100 old lonley women/hags. Suggestions always welcome.

For some reason i like to do things in sets of 4 or 12 but I may start some new dungeon zone types. Hellish boiler room zone, a demonic serial killer endless cursed basement might be a thing soon.

I think Im finding harder to find simple topic tables and difficult more wordy ones ones take more time. d100 Crystals took me months. d100 magic farm animals taken much longer than I would like. A good request often inspires me too so Paetron might be a way to generate reader requested d100 dnd stuff. Hopefully living in canberra I will get lots of time to work on my various manuscripts.

Wikepedia on crypts and burial vaults:
"A crypt (from Latin crypta "vault") is a stone chamber beneath the floor of a church or other building. It typically contains coffins, sarcophagi, or religious relics"

In more modern terms, a crypt is most often a stone chambered burial vault used to store the deceased. Crypts are usually found in cemeteries and under public religious buildings, such as churches or cathedrals, but are also occasionally found beneath mausoleums or chapels on personal estates. Wealthy or prestigious families will often have a 'family crypt' or 'vault' in which all members of the family are interred. Many royal families, for example, have vast crypts containing the bodies of dozens of former royalty. In some localities an above ground crypt is more commonly called a mausoleum, which also refers to any elaborate building intended as a burial place, for one or any number of people.

The last sentence is the main point for me.

Older version of this below I dont think I got point of a crypt that well more like tombs and will re label as such later. This table better for filling a typical village or city graveyard. I could still do strange sarcophagi - could be buried or in a dungeon store room. Ive been accidentally rewriting stuff ive done before. Twice of late, so will update my things to do lists more often. Have updated my links on the left sidebar for pages too. A few other inks need fixing and updating.

Good for rich bodies
coffins and common bodies
funery urns to smash for loot
more graves more oriented for barbarians
Graveyard generators and basic guardians
Older crypts table and extra grave guardians- i would class these as tombs more now
Spooky stuff in graveyards
Odd Graves

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Will do a post on sarcophagi later...
On my other pages of this blog under my emo dnd stuff the gothic section links to graves, bodies, graveyards and more so fill you crypt with stuff from there and use these d10 tables to pad out your crypt. Roll as many times as you like, The d100 is weirder still.

d10 Crypt Locations
This is if you have heroes seeking a specific crypt from records for a relic for instance.

1 Under common church or temple
2 Under a great cathedral or high temple
3 Under a family house or castle
4 Under ruins of a church, house or castle
5 In a family estate or property
6 In a tiny plot of land in cramped urban area
7 In a lonely out of the way roadside churchyard
8 In a great necropolis
9 In a quiet village cemetery
10 In a lonely windswept isolated place

d10 Exterior Decorations for Crypts

1 Water feature fountain, horse trough or pool
2 Pair or more of columns
3 Statue often of dead or religious
4 Bench possibly with sheltered porch
5 Decorative archway
6 Carved with poetry and scriptures
7 Carved with relief art of family or great deeds
8 Holy symbol of interred's faith
9 Overgrown with vines and vegetation
10 Buried mostly into earth with door visible

d10 Security for crypts
1in4 chance of being trapped also
1 Stone wall around crypt
2 Iron bar fence with locked gate
3 Solid metal doors with quality locks
4 Stone door sealed and difficult to open in secret
5 Secret door entrance
6 Crypt contaminated with poison gas or disease
7 A watchman or hermit or local watches over it
8 Defilers are cursed by godly or wizard magic
9 Has a strange animal protector like a big black devil dog
10 Has otherworldly entity protecting it like ghost or demon

d10 Inside Crypt
1 Inters a single sarcophagus and 1in4 with a pile of bones in corner
2 Niches or shelves in walls with 6+2d6 mummified bodies
3 A feature sarcophagi with sealed holes with coffins or shrouded bodies inside
A feature sarcophagi with funeral urns of ashes in niches or shelves
 A feature sarcophagi with more recent coffins stacked around chamber
 A feature sarcophagi with shrouded mummies laying in floor against walls
 A feature sarcophagi with skulls on top of bones in niches or shelves
8 Walls and ceiling covered in bones, feature skeletal mummies dressed standing upright 
9 Large underground chamber with columns, paintings, relief art, shrine and sarcophagi 
10 A large complex with many chambers with different styles in each chamber

d100 Random Strange Crypt Table
01 The miser's crypt, filled with traps and scattered with bones of his poor descendants who reanimate and attack any trying to rob his cache of copper coins
02 The Weeping Virgin's Crypt, everyone knows the tragedy of the virgin who died of the plague. She was interned here then awoke from her coma, weeping for days before death. She is now some kind of haunting spirit
03 The Virtuous Maiden's Crypt, loved by locals she died of sickness but really she had a vampire lover and she feeds off local virgins
04 The Wizard Crypt, all fear the old man wizard but he was rich. Now he is a mummy who awakens to read his books
05 The Good Mayors Crypt is well known and attractive. The Mayor had bone golems interned with him as guardians
06 The Old Captain's Crypt decorated with sea themed carvings is well known in area. What people dont know is he worshiped sea demons and if disturbed will arise with his fish folk brides to protect his collection of exotic trade goods and furnishings
07 Brave Hugo's Crypt, has a statue of Hugo and was built by his adventurer friends. One fiend a rogue now leads a band of evil murder hobos who live in the crypt with their ill gotten loot via a secret door 
08 Karizon the Transmuter's Crypt, he studied shape shifters and now crypt is home to a family of doppelgangers and their pet mimic
09 Azul the Shadow's Crypt, a evil rogue and crime lord some say served the demons of living darkness. Now shadows dwell here
10 Artan's Crypt, a trader was buried with many exotic items including his idol collections. One idol contains a wicked spirit who has summoned imps to dwell here and they use as a base for their soul buying operation

11 Mistress Shastra's Crypt has been cursed by the spider goddess and now it is full of cobwebs and giant spiders
12 Bartan's Rest is a where jolly local sherrif was interned by grateful admirers but he was actually murdered and the angry revenant didn't know who killed him so now he kills travellers by night and murdered the local bandit gangs

13 Sir Torin's Crypt a goodly knight was buried with gems from the crusades, if disturbed his armour and sword arise to fight
14 Ahmon DeTaint's Crypt, where a aged respected knight was burried after a sudden illness. Actually he was poinoned with chaos tainted troll blood and on death trolls burst from his corpse and are now insane with hunger. Locals hear screams from within by night
15 Dame Zeldra's Crypt, a famous rich widow inside she is a ghoul queen and gnaws on her poisoned husbands bones. She is keen to eat new men and get out 
16 Lord Drodon's Crypt, with oriental ornamental tiles from a far off land is a striking sight. Some hear music from inside and the Lords faithful bard had his throat slit and was swalled inside. Now undead the bard lures in victims to kill and eat or tell him stories
17 The Brothers Crypt, where two brothers, the last of their lines was burred. The twit brothers now undead enjoy dueling and see newcomers in the tomb as practice 
18 Bloodbeard's Crypt a famous bandit and pirate who was pardoned during the war. Now his beard is alive with demon blood, and is a great hairy snake like hell beast
19 Blarg's Crypt, a bad local man who obtained wealth by unknown means. Actually he worked with evil goat men and now they live in crypt attempting to raise him as a goat man hero with blasphemous rites. People hear bleating by night
20 Oorod's Crypt a scholar and astrologer who died mysteriously of a broken neck. It is known by all e was intered with his astrology books and his telescope. The invisible horror he spied in the stars by accident killed him and now dwells here, strangling and draining local animals of blood by night
21 Madnaan's Crypt a religious scholar whos crypt has been defiled by demons who live in crypt and use as a base of terror. Madnaan has been risen to high status by head church since death and seek adventurers to cleanse the tomb and recver his remains to be used as relics
22 Kiroth's Tomb a lumber trader was killed by elves. Since his death the arrow heads inside him have turned his corpse into a undead tree man who by night murders humans and plants trees
23 Flunn's Crypt, a famous womaniser was cursed by local witches, now he prowls the night killing and eating is former buddies
24 Takar's Crypt a celebrated tavern keeper and sherrif, sounds of celebration like music and laughing are heard within, his enemies who's crimes he exposed are furious and want someone to stop his otherworldy fun but locals dont mind it
25 Branahan's Crypt is carved with scenes of witches cavorting with familiars. This champion of witches saved many lonely old women from angry mobs. A expert on witch lore who maintained that stuff was long ago. Still someone built and decorated this crypt
26 Noodle's Crypt, a famed tailor who served the rich and amased a fortune which he used to collect strange relics and lore. Some say he was also a wizard who made magic garments. Murder hoboes attempting to rob crypt found dead with eyes and mouths sewn up
27 Jaybee's Crypt a warrior who's sword Blackrazor was feared and never seen since his death. With it he travelled across he world seeking adventure
28 Calivar's Crypt a doll maker and collector who modeled many famous heroes, gods and beauties. His crypt has been eyed of by rival collectors but they are put off by the ice emanations. One thief's frozen corpse was covered in tiny bites and scratches 
29 Teray's Crypt a esoteric wizard who preserved old ways and reputed to be a plane shifter. Collected many compendiums of planar lore and some say there is a gate in his crypt.
30 Bloody Jack's Crypt a scholar specializing in the study of corrupt, tragic, cursed and gloomy kingdoms. His studies of grotsque rulers and nations earned him many enemies who were not flattered. Many who wished not to be exposed have sent various horrors to watch his tomb and protect it's secrets
31 Crypt of Satarias a devil worshiping depraved sorcerer and high priest of the old ones. His depraved cult interned him with his many vices, so robbers assume crypt full of treasure, drugs, evil relics and a undead harem
32 Zacarim's Crypt a famed scholar of dungeon lore involved in many great feuds in the magic collogeum of Shadelport. His infamous burning of the house of Ftar and other incidents made him a intriguing figure and subject of false rumours. Some say he is a vampire who dwells in the crypt with his mostly all female adventures guild 
33 Gareg's Crypt, a former dairy merchant his crypt is surrounded by high quality statues. Some say he was interred with one of the gorgon sisters as a guardian 
34 Perdustin's Crypt, a scholar of otherworldly and dungeon lore he died in his cross breeding monster labs. Thouls now use his crypt as a lair terrorising locals. They have been killed many times but uncannily return again and again 
35 Johan's Crypt, was a traveling sage who after a single night of dreams in a haunted lich house never slept again. Some say even in death he will not sleep  
36 Terimshotz Crypt, famed for his dilapidated old manour and collection of dungeon and adventurer maps his crypt built from the burnt stones of the infamous spirit haunted manour
37 Arnar Khem's Crypt famous pugilist who famously battled monsters. Starting from early days asa pit fighter became noted for killing goblins with one punch. Then worked up to beating other monsters like flumphs and bugbears. Possibly died in cage match vs gelatinous cube and pool of green slime. His crypt paid for by fans had many fallen monsters interred with him
38 Jensen's Crypt pioneering settler in area when still frontier, led a wagon train of freaks and desperate outcasts to area long ago. Local murder hobos sing about his exploits with local monsters in campfire songs. Some say crypt filled with odd relics found in old days but his many descendants in area keep an eye on this run down crypt 
39 Gussell's Crypt, former sea captain who was missing for years apparently on a ghost ship and lost in strange lands. He was buried with strange relics from his travels and barnacle encrusted sea ghouls and frog men have been seen around this place at night
40 Sister Nurel's Crypt, a stern nun who fed the starving who converted to her faith and left rest to die. Shunned by her her god her revenant dwells inside. Emaciated dead and skeletons surround her barred chamber attempting to eat her while she prays for forgivness. Occasionaly they do but next day all returns as before 
41 Lady Orla's Crypt, spent her life hunting and torturing and killing those who killed her family. She never found them all and never found rest in her grave
42 Lady Bathra's Crypt, made poor children into cosmetics for the rich and cursed by common folk, bloody footprints and broken mirrors have been found nearby 
43 Zandara's Crypt, the famed beauty was leader of assasins guild. Followers tortured an old priest to give her final rites then they killed him. A bloody cult leave her offerings and prey for her to grant them knowlege. Those who try and stop them are murdered
44 Ulrain's Crypt, a young bride some believe was murdered by her husband. Since her burial his families graves have been violated. Their gnawed and broken bones scattered around the area
45 Dandachar's Crypt, a former mercenary who enjoyed burning orphanages and selling children. Now small shambling figures have been seen around his crypt trying to break inside
46 Pelorian's Crypt, a lady wizard who's rivals had her tortured for witchcraft so they could steal her spellbooks. Several local wizards have been found dead with their eyes gauged out and their fingers missing. All their books and wizard paraphernalia has disappeared. Her now empty burned out tower overlooks the crypt
47 Debrahar's Crypt a lady adventurer who was killed by a succubus. Some say she is now a fearsome wight who howls at the full moon
48 Maggar's Crypt a former master hunter who guided decadent nobles to hunt exotic beasts and maidens. Wolves have been seen digging around the crypt and locals debate if he was a demon or a werewolf
49 Mother Krang's Cryp, she ran abusive orphanages and charity donations made her rich. Demons granted her a deal for eternal life and now she is a undead horror who must eat children to live. Bones litter the area around her resting place. Her coffin was the largest ever made in the region
50 Vorad's Crypt a notorious pimp and slave trader was killed by a paladin for enslaving nuns in his brothels. A she devils has raised him as her undead consort and his screams are heard every full moon 
51 Nerrella's Crypt, a lady necromancer who robbed many old wizards before one was prepared and took her body when she killed him. Inside the crypt she toils making new undead to torment the area
52 Dr Varashdig's Crypt, he was a great surgeon and wizard who collected remains of evil doers from gallows across the country. He sewed them into hulking great flesh golems to guard his body from necromancers 
53 Zahdran's Crypt a mean money lender and pawnbroker, killed and robbed, his spectre rattles coins in crypt and moans to attract victims inside
54 Lodan's Crypt a forester well regarded by those of old and new ways, overgrown in vines which attempt to entangle intruders, if opened bears from the forest come to defend his body
55 Piazan's Crypt a famous seducer and dandy has been arising from the dead to seduce other inhabitants of graveyard. He is  now a ghoul often found making love with other undead but also jealous lovers of his partners have been arising and causing trouble
56 Undra's Crypt is covered in holy symbols and hidden truth id shr died giving birth to a were wolf, Inside she is a wight with undead wolf servants who dug their way in. Her son will seek vengance on those who defile her grave
57 Zhuel Family Crypt a clan of rich infamous fiends who lost everything through vice and villainy. Insied the clan are ghouls still carrying out their depraved lusts
58 Westington Family Crypt, a good family crypt but tainted by burying last son alive, he is now a angry spirit and has reanimated kin as skeletons to punish his clan, if he is stopped the clan will est in peace
59 Black Brotherhood crypt of a fraternal order linked to crime and vice, inside shadows lurk
60 Sisters of Varsha, a holy order of nuns actually actually wicked ghoul clan who eat and abuse young men
61 Krunrel Family crypt were infamous hunters who even killed unicorns. Since death tey have become wights who hunt and skin villagers, only willing to convert high born to undead to dwell with them. The gods hate this clan and few remain in poverty 
62  Taban Clan Crypt, a family of merchants who collected exotic foreign idols. The undead clan will buy and sell grave goods to the living at night which is deplored by proper undead
63 Hulnarj Clan suspected of being assassins were rounded up by king, killed then pardoned and buried. The undead now hut and kill the descendants of their humiliating murder. They are hard to find now so expanding vengeance to the living now
64 Orvrak's Crypt, a cruel rich man who operated mental hospitals for profit and opportunities for surgical and magical experiments. His spirit forms a monstrous pale worm-man thing that catches the living to torment in his crypt
65 Madam Merto's Crypt, she was accused of killing and eating all the women on a small island colony so she poisoned herself and was spared a trial. Now she appears as a seductive slightly older phantom widow who kills any woman near her men
66 Maabda's Crypt a famous witch woman who some say still flies over the village at night spying on gossip and selecting victims to curse and udders to blight
67 Castolya's Crypt a noble woman who ran orphanages and hundreds of babies. Most think well of her but the story of a child who escaped her hidden witch torture kitchen still is told by locals
68 Missus Vrinpreen's Crypt, known as a exponent of proper speech and manners, she would have her servants flogged to protect them from vice. Now people are still are polite near hearing distance of her crypt at night. A few uncouth types have been found half eaten
69 Belgorra's Crypt, high mother of a sorcery sect who was perpetually magically pregnant. Recently cultists have come offering sacrifice to her. Strange half man half mutant horrors have been found of late and resemble missing local men and several have been killed by farmers. The cult say she will arise and spawn a race of super witch children
70 Calperthia's Crypt, was a successful merchant and council member. Well respected some were always trying to destroy her victories and slander her. Poisoned, she was buried and a gang of hoodlums paid to vandalize the crypt vanished. She is a wight queen fueled by vengeance against her enemies. Her growing pack of undead men make her stronger  
71 Mayerth's Crypt, carved with pendulous brested maids, satyrs and wine gods, dedicated to a popular barmaid who served from child to over a hundred. A few dead fool grave robbers have been found here drowned in beer with happy expressions 
72 Zuulya's Crypt, a local fortune teller and mystic who was donated this crypt by her patrons to keep her secrets silent. It has been encrusted with many religious idols and symbols and repulsive to magical beings including spell casters
73 Sister Trayun's Crypt a martial artist who protected the village and killed 47 bandits at the cost of her life. Students of her style come to the crypt and prey and protect the great Sister's remains 
74 Zonrang's Crypt, was a large spoiled daughter of wealthy mine owners. She hired gangs to beat any woman prettier or had nicer shoes or things. Choked on a potted doormouse, and took twelve men to carry her body to the burial. Occasionally a local beauty is attacked by a great undead toad demon thing locals have named after this crypt
75 Lord Hulrun's Crypt, a petty lord who traded in slaves and used humans as sadistic playthings. Murdered by his daughter who fled to ignominy, his resting place has reported haunting of spirits and rites of angry slave cultists. Local priest has been meaning to re sanctify the crypt
76 Hurran's Crypt, a gentleman on his travels who was loved everywhere he went. Was murdered and locals who owed him money purchased the crypt. They were even buried around the crypt. It even has a coinslot and people come here to drop in a coin for luck
77 Ullrann & Bridge Crypt, some say it was from before the lands former known occupants. Ullrann was a necromancer clan who used it for several hundred years. They were exhumed and cremated and returned to the newly refurbished crypt for the up and coming Bridge clan. Anyway the place is a mess and cursed undead battle here and enter the crypt freely and down to it's underworld
78 The Old Crypt, a megalithic black stone slab crypt with aeons of weathering have worn scratches from a dragon almost gone. Cultists attracted by strange dreams get chased away by locals often. Inside a tiny angry elder god thing writhes in fury trying to contact and control mortals. It knows it is vulnerable to harm from heroic or spell casting mortals
79 Dr Zaruz's Crypt where the good doctor (a wizard too) was interned with the star stone that fell from the heavens. He and the stone glowed as they were sealed in a lead coffin placed in the crypt
80 Master Ruun's Crypt, head of a crime syndicate of martial artists that terrorised city blocks for generations. The masters replacements have been interned inside as well. These superior bad juju zombies practice every night then return to meditation by day
81 Scarlet Sisterhood, a band of wealthy devil worshiping fighting lady murder hobos were buried here in a suicide pact as their leader died. They are vigilante revenants hunting bad husbands and slave owners. When they slumber together they share memories in between solo missions delivered to them by a underworld goddess familiar
82 Arnk Zuu's Crypt, a mysterious eastern wizard who aided the grand fleet with good weather and destroyed enemies with storms. He was sealed in alive very sure he would meditate himself into a state beyond flesh and live forever
83 Zorg Larg's Crypt, son of a famed brutish mercenary who married a orc! Zorg was killed when young by a party of murder hobos. The criminals were sacrificed calling demons by orc witches, who also enchanted Zorg and his armour. Half orcs come to leave him turnips  
84 Sirilliram's Crypt a reputed elf adventurer murdered by a secret admirer. The folorn maid wails at night killing homeless persons and drunks sleeping here 
85 Baazrok's Crypt was the token Dwarf lover around these parts who got best trade deals because he offered to pay dwarves royalties to use technology stolen by humans. When he died the crypt was carved and sealed by his friends with traps to punish any who would harm the structure. A stone golem comes out to repair damage and seasonal maintenance. Local kids say that is when to sneak in
86 Cragmarv's Crypt, executioner, torturer and right hand man of many powerful men. Died drink driving off a cliff, his patrons built into his crypt a complete torture dungeon so he would never miss home. Now his spirit possess bodies of preferably a fit male human and kidnaps people so he can keep up torturing 
87 Kahrdril's Crypt, a man obsessed with the ancients who sent expeditions into the underland. His body was never recovered but his crypt and grave goods were prepared, and his favorite slaves were sacrificed ready for him. Turns out people say they were actually dark elves
88 Captain Sally's  Crypt, lady privateer who was infected by black demon ichor and used a mimic as a heart before she finally died. From house maid to pirate queen she was a popular subject of biographies, paintings and saucy prints. Hundreds of ruined old pirates have come here and been found dead on the front steps 
89 Zamon Gra's Crypt, supposed friend of the immortal Black Baron, Zamon was a unstoppable warrior turned necromancer who tried to claim the great sceptre of the goat headed lord of undeath. He was assassinated by is former friends and the necromancers guild 
90 Yin Yuin's Crypt, a exotic courtier of the east who served in the court administratum, and was a spy for many factions with many secrets. She committed suicide by entering the black crypt and had her soul eaten to preserve her secrets. A necromancer took the secrets anyway now she is a huge angry wight with the abilities of a assassin and martial artist
91 The Black Crypt housed a noble warrior line who's clan was murdered by the Baron. They have been reborn as warrior wights and ghouls, angry and impotent 
92 Durlan's Crypt where the great she-wizard was buried after her last spell duel. Nobody knows who the winner was but now the angry spectre of Durlan sucks the life from mortal spell caster who dares flaunt their power near her crypt
93 Kudras's Crypt, the snake dancer who kept performing into her 80s in the courts of the city. Some say she was leader of a cult of snake worshiping vampire lovers. Murderers staked her and her followers interned her in the Crypt then committed suicide.Gloomy teens into poetry often come here 
94 Zirra's Crypt a famed mercenary woman who was friends to orcs and pirates. She was burred with her loot and orc witches placed magic wards and spells on the site 
95 Mirnmorg's Crypt, a jolly fat baker who invented a popular pie sold across the city. The pie king filled a huge pie shaped coffin and was sealed up with giant gingerbread men and dough golems with pretzel hilted swords. He was even mummified in pastry but non at funeral would try any. Smell of hot cinnamon buns lures curious loners to the crypt at night
96 Psuttzetta's Crypt a tall thin beak nosed girl who tried and failed to get married and died old with only her maids for company. Young men taking shortcuts home from the pub have been chased by a screaming corpse that bears a likeness to Psuttzetta 97 Fimgorn the wizard died in his inn room and the villagers split his stash and could still pay for his crypt. There was a bit of a surprise that he was a she when the cleric came to perform the rites and record the death. Fimgorn's spirit is inside mostly reading and writing  his books 
98 Ptormar's Crypt a trouble making political rebel who was sponsored by noble patrons till he was murdered by the state. His patrons paid dwarves to fill it with traps and elves to provide magical ones
99 Grechnap's Clan Crypt was a old rural slaving family who became paupers and canibals in the ruin of the manour. When that burned down they come here to wallow in thir accestors remains. They claim the dead will protect them 
100 Old Wizard Holwey's Crypt, a unpopular rural wizard killed by a mob of hill people. He was intered with the remains of his former wives and tiny coffins of his sons who all died before manhood. Locals entombed him from fear with his spellbooks that survived the burning