Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Kids Request I Beat All the Heroes

Ive been teaching kids to draw comics as fast as possible - quick freehand mouse doodles

Also drawing request stuff and using rorys story cubes


 This is the moment Magneto dumped 85 tons on scarlet witch and Marvel Girl. While Juggernaut shrugs off everything and trashed a building (thanks Kirstie and David) for pix of my TSR marvel battle royale game I will run at cons till ppl get sick of it.

Next con in NOV will be Masters of Evil vs Avengers from 80s comics.

Here Death vs Magneto vs Juggernaut. Juggernaut kicking trucks at Magneto and missing.

 Magma, Apocalypse and Juggernaut

Juggernaut was carried to core of Earth by Magma and both left the field

Me vs Batman (kids request)

Sunday, 12 April 2015

d100 Complete Murder Highway Pit-stops

So was inspired by con to do lots of roadwar tables



1 Camp 1d6 people 1d6 tents 50% chance of a small town feature
2-3 Crossroad 1d6 people 1d6 buildings 1 small town feature
4-5 Small 5d6 people 2d6 buildings d4+1 small town feature
6-7 Small 10d6 people 2d6+6 buildings all small town feature d3 medium features
8 Medeum 1d100+50 people d100+100 buildings all small town feature d4 medium features
9 Medeum 1d100+250 people 1d10 hundred buildings all small town feature d6+2 medium features
10 Large 1d10 thousand people 1d10 thousand buildings all medeum and small features, 1d6 large features

d20 Small town special features
1 Roadhouse diner and gas station
2 Garage and gas station
3 Toilet and shower block
4 Camping site
5 Hotel with bar or Motor Inn with family restaurant
6 Pub with own brewery
7 General store
8 Sheriff
9 Doctor clinic
10 Post office
11 Shelter
12 Abandoned train station or bus stop
13 Tourist look out and rest spot
14 Prostitutes in tiny lit sheds by road or caravans
15 Water tower
16 Vehicle graveyard
17 Grain silo
18 Livestock loading yards
19 Sport field with team clubhouse and change rooms
20 Tiny old church and graveyard, usually empty or full of vagrants or cultists

d20 Medium town special features
1 School
2 Clinic
3 Police station
4 Church with graveyard
5 Car yard or boat shop if near water
6 Dump
7 Town Hall
8 Train station
9 Bank
10 Ag supply store
11 Tractor and farm machine store
12 Abattoir and butchery
13 Country fire station
14 Warehouse
15 Cold store
16 Mini mart
17 Service station with garage
18 Builders yard
19 Gun shop
20 Hall for d4 1=Masons 2=Druids 3=Scouts and girl guides 4=Cult

d20 Large town special features
1 Militia bunker and armoury
2 Factory
3 Cattle yard and meat works
4 TV or radio station
5 Grain silos and mill
6 Power plant
7 Sawmill
8 Highrise Motel
9 Apartment building
10 Courthouse and regional police command
11 Drive in or cinema
12 High school
13 Small airport
14 Hospital
15 Supermarket
16 Gang or private bunker
17 Casino
18 Fast food restaurant strip
19 Red light district of brothels and strip clubs
20 Corporate or gang lab

d20 Local Problems
1 Gang raids
2 Undead Attacks
3 Mutant vagrants
4 Death racers
5 Organised crime
6 Local Warlord
7 Corrupt lawmen
8 Cultists hidden everywhere
9 Company spies
10 Incompetent law
11 Serial killer
12 Mutant animals
13 Plague
14 Feral kids
15 Cannibalism
16 Evil Mayor
17 Corp development
18 Secret mutants
19 Trigger happy lynch mob
20 Toxic Dump

d20 Exotic Locations
1 Native reservation or camp
2 Mine or caves system
3 Tourist Attraction
4 Gang clubhouse
5 Spooky old house
6 Closed industrial ruins
7 Truckstop complex
8 Mass plague graves
9 Specialty store
10 Park with rangers
11 Crumbling old mansion
12 Pawn shop and second hand goods
13 Corporate black lab
14 Colonial ruins
15 Cult ritual site
16 Old quarry
17 Mutant reservation
18 Hobo camp
19 Prison
20 Homeless cyborg veteran camp

d10 Small town Defence
1 Part time sheriff
2 Sheriff plus deputies
3 Amateur militia
3 Bad arsed militia vets
4 Ranger patrol zone
5 Vigilante with vehicle
6 Vigilante gang
7 Lynch mob of easily confused with torches and nooses
8 Sanctioned op lives near town
9 Gang who charge protection
10 Local sniper survivalist

d10 Medium Town Defence
1 Sheriff dept
2 Sheriff bunker with vehicles
3 Police Department with detectives
4 Police bunker with chopper and STAR force
5 Mercenaries guard key facilities
6 Sanctioned op team
7 Corporate security team
8 Gang bunker
9 Militia bunker
10 Large wall with gate

d10 Large Town Defence
1 Drones and ultralights on patrol
2 Auto gun sentries
3 Robots mostly ex military
4 Large Police fort with chopper and STAR force
5 Large police fort with armed Hummers and heavy weapons
6 Veteran militia with fox holes and trenches all over town
7 Militia Fort or Gang fort
8 Satellite warning system
9 Security cameras and alarms all over town
10 Sanctioned op agency

d100 Other Defences
01 Trenches
02 Camera System
03 Motion Detectors
04 Thermal Cameras
05 Lowlight goggles and gun sights
06 Flying recon drone
07 Gun drones
08 Flying armed drone
09 Drawbridge
10 Moat
11 Foxholes
12 Sandbags
13 Trenches
14 Earthworks
15 Bunkers
16 Tunnels
17 Minefields
18 Car traps
19 Recon high alt blimp drone
20 Safe rooms
21 Demolition packs
22 Claymore mine traps with triplines
23 Anti tank mines
24 Burning oil
25 Oil slicks
26 Dog patrols
27 Pet mutant
28 Robots
29 Auto gun sentry
30 Armed civilians
31 Duress alarms on citizens
32 Security check points
33 Wire Fence
34 Razor wire
35 Wall
36 Watch towers
37 Spotlights
38 Ground Radar
39 Electronic warfare suite
40 Snipers
41 Machine gun nest
42 Mortar post
43 Concrete bunkers
44 Anti tank rocket post
45 Flame thrower crew
46 EMP bomb
47 Pits with deadly critters
48 Crude snares
49 Dead falls of rubble
50 Pit traps with hidden openings
51 Crude alarms (tins on wire)
52 Hi tech alarms
53 Heavy locks and doors
54 Hidden pits of flammable oil
55 Explosives activated by remote or wire
56 Concrete barriers
57 Fake trapped buildings
58 Trip line activated guns
59 Trip line activated claymores
60 Simple electric fence
61 high voltage electric fence
62 Bullet proof glass
63 Napalm trap
64 Smoke bombs
65 Anti personnel grenades
66 Fox traps
67 Bear traps
68 Pipe bombs with tripline
69 Grenade with trip line
70 Flammable gas trap with ignition system
71 Tear gas grenades
72 Poison gas grenades
73 Knock out grenades
74 Remote machine gun
75 Remote mortar
76 Severed heads on poles
77 Rows of enemy corpses hanging up
78 Radio jammers
79 Junkyard electro magnet and crusher
80 Remote bulldozers
81 Paint bomb
82 Pop up bollards
83 Pop up anti car spikes
84 Pop up barriers
85 Flaming gas jets
86 Iron beams or rubble dropped by remote
87 Remote control pit traps
88 Pit full of zombies
89 Pit of flammable liquid
90 Concrete anti tank traps
91 Pits with spikes
92 Rolls of barbed wire
93 Mud filled depressions
94 Accoustic stunner
95 Suspended logs on chains
96 Automated gates
97 Bomb vest pedestrians
98 Pedestrians with sticky bombs
99 Burning tires in heaps or rolled down streets
100 Molotovs ready everywhere

Saturday, 11 April 2015

d100 New Road Hazards

Did one table like this but it went a bit off track. This will be standard one for a while.

d10 Road Hazards
1 Road surfac

2 Amospheric
4 Pedestrians
5 Battleground
6 Ambush
7 Personal Vehicle
8 Heavy Vehicles
9 Creatures
10 Strange

d100 Road Hazards

01 Wet roads
02 Pot holes
03 Creatures
04 Craters
05 Tires
06 Garbage
07 Pit
08 Roadworks
09 Corpses of animals or persons
10 Empty drums
11 Smoke
12 Fog
13 Bushfire
14 Rain
15 Storm
16 Hail and sleet
17 Acid rain
18 Dust storm
19 Strange auroras
20 Meteor shower
21 Quake
22 Crumbling cliff
23 Flash flood
24 Rubble
25 Fallen tree
26 Animal crossing
27 Geothermal vent
28 Sinkhole
29 Mudslide
30 Contamination d4 1=radiation 2=plague 3=mutagen 4=poison
31 Women with prams
32 Children off to school, church or on a field trip
33 Old people, some with wheelchairs and canes
34 Militia group ready with heavy weapons
35 Scavenger gang out looting
36 Workers on the way to or from work
37 Legal authorities like police, tax, council inspectors, parking inspectors
38 Delivery person usually couriers or postal service
39 Accident scene with emergency vehicles
40 Refugees with belongings seeking to escape a crisis
41 Oil slick
42 Paint slick
43 Mines
44 Burning pools of napalm and wreckage and bodies
45 Caltrops
46 Broken glass
47 Deployed car trap destroys tires
48 Wreckage of vehicles
49 Sandbags and barricades
50 Armed wounded hidden and paranoid
51 Neck high mono wire for decapitating cyclists
52 Auto gun emplacement in high position
53 Sniper team watching road
54 Machine gun nest with sandbags
55 Heavy weapon team in bunker d4 1=grenade launcher 2=mortar 3=anti tank rockets 4=
56 Vehicle with gang on ground
57 Militia in trenches
58 Biker gang
59 Police speed trap or checkpoint, concealed with car traps
60 Military with tank traps and mined road
61 Broken sedan with stranded driver on road
62 Camping vehicles of refugees or nomads or hippies
63 Gang having a break by road
64 Gang blocked road with support vehicles for toll
65 Fugitive crazies in broken vehicle try too stop you
66 Wreck on road now air of a creature
67 Wreck on road with dormant zombies
68 Mutants living in wreck on road
69 Upright family in stranded car, well armed and trained, on way to church
70 Car lef on road with bomb as booby trap
71 Train wreck blocks road
72 Truck wreck on road, popular gang ambush point
73 Burning truck on road, attackers still nearby
74 Airship wreck partially on road, attracts looters, some survivors
75 Plane wreck near road, survivors and looters near
76 Construction vehicle on road abandoned and no fuel
77 Ag vehicle blocks road, dead farmer near, possible killers near
78 Nomad town camped on road, wary of strangers with guns
79 Remains of road train of semi trailers possible looters nearby
80 Fuel or water transport on road, dead crew nearby
81 Pet animal with owners nearby
82 Stray dog pack eating roadkill
83 Farm animals and protective herders d4 1=sheep 2=cattle 3=triffids, 4=horses
84 Native animal herd crossing possibly being hunted 1=giant goanna 2=bunyip 3=kangaroos 4=emus
85 Mutants blocking road 1=fighting 2=eating roadkill 3=attacking travelers 4=camping
86 Swarm covers road and sky d4 1=locusts 2=flies 3=moths 4=birds
87 Swarm covers road d4 1=mice 2=cane toads 3=rabbits 4=scorpions
88 A genitally reconstructed dinosaur or ice age megafauna blocks road or ambushes
89 A black lab made monster loose adopted this road as home
90 Lone native animal crosses road in front of vehicle d4 1=wombat 2=emu 3=kangaroo 4=goanna
91 Weird lights chase travellers
92 UFO fly over, power and memory loss
93 Ghost hitch hiker, keeps appearing till picked up or reach destination
94 Cultists on road awaiting sacrifices
95 Undead in cars with smartest ones driving seats, await dormant near road
96 Dreamtime spirit haunts road cursing travellers who dont appease
97 Bodies on road and car wrecks actually zombies
98 Lone lost grey alien on road tries to flag down human help he expects
99 Evil child waves for help d4 1=psionic brat 2=demonic offspring 3=mutant dominator 4=serial killer
100 Ghost car blocks road and hunts down those who drive through them

Monday, 6 April 2015

Otherworldy Relics pt 1

Ive last 2 years gone from being bedridden 16 hours a day to currently having 3 jobs for 36 hours a week. A temporary promotion and nice words from boss ay moment.  Have 3 art gigs this fortnight and scrounging a deposit a studio. Next weekend is a con im running 3 games - space Cthulhu (need to make character sheets), road war game (characters and car sheets and vehicle hit locations) and tsr marvel fall of the mutants (Print out lots of character sheets and this time bring several copies of the one table needed in game). So some entries on that after the weekend art gigs over.

I wrote a catalog-zine essay for Anything goes sticker and paste up exhibit. Was in show and helped out show a bit. Was good fun show with great new and old talent. Good rehearsal for huge PASTE MODERNISM no.4 show this year.

I have 2 week holiday season work coming up instead of term programs I teach. I will try to do a magic item and treasure compilation from this blog during that time.

So his is another type of magic thingy.

I'm kinda mean with magic items in my Exiles settings and all the weird curses has players wary to test stuff in the field with one identify per property not enough info to test on the fly. But I do like items that can grow with a character.This is another type.

Basically the items have two power settings one mundane and other unearthly. When you find most items they are in mundane state with one roll on the d100 Mundane Effects and d100 Mundane powers. They have remained hidden, depowered and lost to their origin plane. When mundane property used or in the presence of cross planar activity like a monster or gate or portal or god the items mundane effect may activate.

When origin plane crossed, or in a gate and a period after or in presence of certain planar beings the weapon will reveal it's d100 Unearthly Effect and Unearthly Powers when in use and possibly when gates, planes or certain beings near. When a character reaches name level noble status of the objects unearthly and mundane abilities are usable while the name rank character wields it.

Some affects might suit a certain alignment so feel free to re roll. Possibly a negative effect could be removed by some deed or feat. Negative effect could be a taint from mortal world or a divine being. Instead of rolling on unearthly effects you could increase a mundane effect to a greater extent.

Part of the point is you get items that grow with you and are intriguing enough to generate plot.

the Items should have some personality, a name and a striking appearance.

The Items history should be unveiled level by level and as new abilities are exposed. (Why not play magic items dependent on living pawns and their level for Item to fulfill destiny).

Instead of getting new items, these items will get new abilities and effect and triggers as wielder grows in power. By name level at least one greater powers should be always on.

These items are jealous so only one each.

Typical Lv Features
(This is a yardstick, DM could introduce a one off power, or add due to in play events like uncovering item history. This might even be a guide for character as item game. Work your mortal to near god status then reveal you true status as the puppet master and you are claimed by the gods). Make you own version or improvise on fly for your campaign.
0 +1 Mundane Effect & 1 Trigger
1 +1 Mundane Effect & 1 Mundane Power & 1 Trigger
2 +2 Mundane Powers & 1 Mundane Effects & 1 Triggers
3 +2 Mundane Powers & 2 Mundane Effects & 2 Triggers
4 +3 Mundane Powers & 3 Mundane Effects & 3 Triggers
5 +3 Mundane Powers & 3 Mundane Effects & 4 Triggers & 1 Unearthly Effect
6 +4 Mundane Powers & 4 Mundane Effects & 5 Triggers & 1 Unearthly Effect
7 +4 Mundane Powers & 4 Mundane Effects & 6 Triggers & 1 Unearthly Effect
8 +5 Mundane Powers & 5 Mundane Effects & 7 Triggers & 1 Unearthly Effect
9 +5 Mundane Powers & 5 Mundane Effects & 8 Triggers & 2 Unearthly Effect
10 +6 Mundane Powers & 6 Mundane Effects & 9 Triggers & 2 Unearthly Effect
11 +6 Mundane Powers & 6 Mundane Effects & 10 Triggers & 2 Unearthly Effect
12 +7 Mundane Powers & 7 Mundane Effects & 11 Triggers & 2 Unearthly Effect
13 +7 Mundane Powers & 7 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 3 Unearthly Effect
14 +8 Mundane Powers & 8 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 3 Unearthly Effect
15 +8 Mundane Powers & 8 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 3 Unearthly Effect
16 +9 Mundane Powers & 9 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 3 Unearthly Effect
17 +9 Mundane Powers & 9 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 4 Unearthly Effect
18 +10 Mundane Powers & 10 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 4 Unearthly Effect
19 +10 Mundane Powers & 10 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 4 Unearthly Effect
20 +10 Mundane Powers & 10 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 5 Unearthly Effect

You may not need to be so mechanistic about it but might help with some players. Give item to everyone in a starting party and use to lead them about your sandbox.

D12 Things that might trigger effects

(oh just use them all when you want)

1 Approached by race or planar beings akin to home plane
2 Approach a gateway to other plane
3 Approached by deity or powerful being akin to home plane
4 Touched by magic akin to home plane
5 Contact with certain natural things like moonlight, fire or blood
6 Used in battle with enemy of creators
7 When close to a planar traveler
8 If contacts something from unfulfilled quest or tragic dilemma of past
9 If covered in wielders blood
10 If approached by relic of home plane
11 In presence of certain being or beings like spirits, faeries, gremlins, elves, goblins, demons, etc
12 When wielder gains levels and temporary power ups of affected by magic of home powers

d100 Mundane Effects
1 Shimmer in air
2 Faerie fire around object
3 No shadow
4 No reflection
5 Musical score accompanies action
6 Glass like
7 Sings
8 Bleeds
9 Coins vanish d10% per day carried
10 Trumpet sounds
11 Cymbal clashes
12 Whip crack
13 Item Glows
14 Puff of smoke
15 Sprout a flower by daylight or shroom by dark
16 Hair grows 1d6 inches
17 Flash of pyrotechnics
18 Sweet harp or savage drum music
19 Horrible scream from hell or sweet laughter
20 Attracts flies by day and mosquitoes at night
21 Paper, cloth, leather, paper goods age by 10% if carried
22 Releases delightful or foul odour
23 Hair grows longer and more luxurious when in use
24 Aurora of sparkling light
25 Attract butterflies or moths
26 Eyes become metallic coloured
27 Eyes glow in dark
28 Protected from rain
29 Dry instantly after being wet
30 Sparkles
31 Children shun or are attracted to
32 Wild animals are curious
33 Wielder exhales sparks
34 Wielder exhales smoke
35 Wielder exhales chilly fog
36 Hair stands up when in use
37 Hear voices offering alignment advice
38 Metal items of wielder sparkle
39 Eyes and teeth sparkle
40 Glass nearby vibrates
41 Wood nearby creaks
42 Item becomes chilly and frost covered
43 Item glows with heat that does not harm
44 Item sparks in use
45 Breeze starts when used
46 Distant animals howl when used
47 Veins inside users body glow briefly when used
48 Glowing sigils appear in air when used
49 Item seems to drink light
50 Item seems to drink darkness
51 Other worldly voice shouts
52 Skin changes colour while used
53 Bestial features emphasised when in use
54 Birds or bats attracted when used
55 Skin becomes pale when used
56 Voice changes in use
57 Attract gentle bees or vile flies
58 Wielder sings while in use
59 Sexual characteristics look more impressive
60 Bathed in shadow
61 Seeds and leaves sprout when in use
62 Worms sprout from earth or dead nearby when used
63 Astrological star sign in glowing light appears when used
64 Seem several inches taller when in use
65 Seem more musclebound when in use
66 Wielder becomes more androgynous from using
67 Vapour comes from body of wielder
68 Wielder grows more or loses body hair
69 A bird of prey cries when readied for action
70 Clothing becomes clean and crisper when used
71 Nosebleed whenever item used
72 Feels pain when used
73 Feel destined for greatness if wielded
74 Vapour rises from object when used
75 A small pet creature attracted to user
76 Noticeable pressure wave emanates from user if used
77 High pitched sound comes from wielder when used
78 Halo or crescent horn aura appears above users head in use
79 Candle flame ignites on item or wielders body when in use
80 Fingernails and eyebrows lengthen while in use
81 Wielder appears to be incredibly light
82 Wielder fades away for a moment when used
83 Tattoos appear when used
84 For a moment seems 2D when activated
85 Small objects in area rattle when item used
86 Wielder appears plant or fungi like when used
87 Wielder tears up when item used
88 Wielder laughs heartily when used
89 Item appears bejewelled wen actively used
90 Hear whisper sounds of spirits or faeries or gremlins
91 A glowing symbol of a god or planar being appears on item or wielder
92 Use attracts spirits or faeries or gremlins
93 Use attracts undead
94 When in use user perceives screaming phantoms of the void
95 When in use a being of great power notices wielder
96 When in use wielders non magic metal goods rust and tarnish on surface
97 Sounds of swarm of flapping wings when in use
98 Skin gains metallic hue when used
99 Insects and worms crawl from users clothing
100 Small creatures and plants die near wielder when in use

d100 Mundane powers
1 +1AC
2 +1Save
3 +1d4 MOV
4 +1STR
5 +1CON
6 +1DEX
7 +1INT
8 +1WIS
9 +1CHA
10 +1 HP per HD/Level
11 +1d4 HP
12 Re-roll one failed dice roll per day
13 -1 per die DAM from fire
14 -1 per die DAM from cold
15 -1 per die DAM from lightning
16 Resist Sleep
17 Resist Charm
18 Resist Hold Person
19 Resist Magic Missile
20 Protection from evil/good/law/chaos spell (one) once per day
21 Half damage from cold one hit per day
22 Half damage from fire one hit per day
23 Half damage from electricity one hit per day
24 Half damage from darkness one hit per day
25  Half damage from acid one hit per day
26  Half damage from fire one hit per day
27  Half damage from poison one hit per day
28  Half damage from edged wound one hit per day
29  Half damage from blunt impact one hit per day
30  Half damage from unarmed or animal attack one hit per day
31 Identify spell once per day
32 Spiderclimb spell once per day
33 Web spell once per day
34 Mirror Image spell once per day
35 Monster Summoning 1 spell once per day
36 Magic Missile spell once per day
37 Knock spell once per day
38 Purify food and Water spell once per day
39 Detect Trap spell once per day
40 Feather fall once per day
41 Slow Poison spell once per day
42 Darkness spell once per day
43 Light spell once per day
44 Create food and water spell once per day
45 Cure light wounds once per day
46 Bless once per day
47 Levitate spell once per day
48 Sleep spell once per day
49 Magic Missile spell once per day
50 Charm Person spell once per day
51 Animal friendship spell once per day
52 Silence spell once per day
53 Comprehend Languages spell once per day
54 Animal speech spell once per day
55 Feign dead spell once per day
56 Charm Animal spell once per day
57Item makes 20 shots for a sling or bow or musket a day
58 Item makes a copper piece per day or something of that value
59 Resistant to natural hot weather
60 Resistant to natural cold weather
61 Visions of relics mysteries fill wielders dreams
62 See spirits and non corporeal dead normally invisible on border to normal world
63 Night vision or Infra vision or other odd sense
64 Repair damaged mundane item up to 4 square inches once per day
65 Alerts if attacked in sleep
66 Every kill of certain beings heals you one HP
67 Preserves your corpse perfectly helping revival process
68 Empathic link to spirit of item, get sense of emotion from it when in use or activated
69 Item twitches and moves of own accord at times and tries to communicate and aid you
70 See lay lines, faerie circles and invisible gateways
71 Speak or read one human language past or present
72 Speak one planar (or alignment) language
73 Speak one monster language
74 Speak one animal language
75 Speak one monster language
76 Knowledge of one type lore non weapon proficiency
77 Knowledge of one type craft non weapon proficiency
78 Knowledge of wilderness or exploration non weapon proficiency
79 Knowledge of one type lore non weapon proficiency
80 Knowledge of one type lore non weapon proficiency
81 Detect Magic 1" per level
82 Detect secret doors 1" per level
83 Detect Poison 1" per level
84 Detect Enemy 1" per level
85 Detect Life 1" per level
86 Detect Corpse 1" per level
87 Detect other worldly beings 1" per level
88 Detect water 3" per level
89 Detect copper 1" per level
90 Detect invisible 1" per level
91 Detect silver 1" per level
92 Detect gate 1" per level
93 Detect Draconic beings 1" per level
94 Detect elemental beings 1" per level
95 Detect chaos 1" per level
96 Detect law 1" per level
97 Detect evil 1" per level
98 Detect good 1" per level
99 Detect Lycanthropes 1" per level
100 Detect Undead 1" per level

unearthly powers for otherworldly relics later

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Exile Island: Those Darned Evil Wizards

So the master of the tower above hobgoblin halls has stopped communicating. Since the crystal forge was taken little from the evil spell casters has been seen. Adventurers watching a shanty town grow. A group of Templars came to defend the portable shrine of the sun god. A trader set up a adventuring supply store and snack shop from his wagon. A wagon with four prostitutes arrived. The murder hobo colony grew to twenty. So party watching this happen and priest of shrine moaning this is just a step in re civilizing the area.

Skullcrusher the giant took a necklace that turned him into a bird but makes it impossible to stabilize wounds below zero. Nahme took the holy bell that could turn undead for her temple to go with the warning bell. It had feature that if risked life for another would attract gaze of the gods of good. Serren the octopus sorcerer nabbed lots of cash and some petty magic baubles and a dagger.

So a kobold flunky came running to camp
"help a wizard came and cast sleep on us - help!".

Into the upper explored tower they found all the kobold guards had been bespelled then fed into the furnace. It is very close to the apocolypse count down the great crystal skull furnace will summon. So Nahm the angel flew to city and hired a wizard a few thousand gp to cast cone of cold to qunch the furnace fire (requires a ritual to re-ignite) the cast rock to mud on roof to collapse on top then cast mud to rock. hould hold for a while but post kobolds with good hearing here the wizard suggested.

Up the stairs to break through the next wall of stone and into the necromancer hall. Undead came and Nahme rang the bell driving undead wights and zombies into a dead end wall. Debated if they could team work the dead and whittle down with missiles. But needed silver on wights and would take too long. So Serren thankfully fireballed them and they easily killed the last two standing by hand.

Into the necromancer hall that smelled of gore and chemichals and musty odl crypts. It was dark. Students were missing and found barracks and room full of mortician rites stuff and stacks of coffins. Nabbed a fortune in anatomical charts on walls.

Next was a library nook Serren got hot for. While he couldn't use spells he loved to read vile human books in his underwater grotto reading room. Began to figure all students turned to undead or fed to the soul furnace below. Apparently souls, magic items, spell books and spell levels memorised in a corpse were the fuel it needed to start doomsday. Past that was a great silver spirit summoning symbol on the floor they told the murder hobos was to be their pay. Something to do with summoning and communing with spirits. In middle of room was a fancy crypt on a plinth and beyond that was a shrine with the school book in chains and a skull on one altar and another. There was also a chest with a huge iron padlock with a skull on it. Near the crypt was an alchemical apparatus. Serren was a bit of a necromancy fan an a alchemist so he got near with Skull crusher.

The sarcophagi lid opened and bolt upright sat a black robed sunken faced necromancer with a pointy hat. Skull crusher joked at him so the Vampire used it's charming gaze which he was able to resist. His joy was sapped though. Others fired some arrows that boucned off him. Skullcrusher dropped his maul (actualy a 8 foot long small magic tree he uprooted as a youngling) and drew his shiny magic one.

The vampire fired a lightning bolt and Nahme silenced him with a spell. The down side was now she couldn't get near giant to amplify his armour with more magic as they usually did. He stabbed vampire and Serren threw a flaming shuriken spell both hurting the fiend. Skull crusher was touched and was mortally hurt by it's evil touch. Was starting to hope he could kill it in time before it would die. The vampire began to regenerate. Finaly vamp missed and Serren hurled fire Nahme and Nahme thre holy rocks killing it. For a moment. The bashed and stabbed it while Nahme smashed a splinter of wood from a coffin and steaked it. Skullcrusher cut its head off. It screamed and gushed torrents of scarlet then black blood before burning rappidly into a carbon shell. This crumbled and millions of bugs and worms and vermin crawled from the crumbling husk.

Among his ashes were a ring a dagger and a medallion. Serren realized the apparatus was to transfuse vampire blood with human. Vampirism had only happened in last few days. The Necromancers felt doomed days ago. No sign of the towers master? Among apparatus was a black demon heart that if fed with blood will pump.

So decided to give chained magic book that killed any who knew not the pass word to the Necromancer that Nahme brought over to help with sealing the crystal skull. Roderic the boy thief opened it. Others remarked what a foolish kid he was to pay a necromancer to age him too teen eager for his pocket money. Inside was a obsidian dagger and sword from the necromancer empire. Also was a wand used by necromancer police apprentices in the same empire. Finally was a relic Serren Knew of - a black glass and

So the a ring of protection +2, a dagger was +2 and a medallion that absorbed magic missiles.
The obsidian blades were +3, the wand shot a d6 missile 3" that always hit with infinite charges of life draining ray. Finally the iron tankard with skull motifs that could turn blood into a healing potion over an hour three times a day. Potions had t be drunk from flask before making a new one. It gave strange dreams but he was ok with that. Most of the items had bad mental influences but Serren kept dagger, tankard and medallion. Serren was feeling like a magic item hoarder but really would have had more but only took one evil mid altering item as more would be confusing. The wand did turn user towards evil. Many were in fact resting places of creators spirits. Some shufling of magic items went on around party followers from hand me downs. Most items were sold to the necromancer. Murder hoboes joined his service.

After worrying about all that the party went through the next magic stone wall with the priest dispelling it with his magic. Upstairs was a ransacked elemental wizard hall. Most was looted but four circles with coloured gems werelayed out with obvious elemental attachments with fire circle with red gems etc. Each had a altar too. Debated what to do and ignored the kitchen. Finally stepped in circle to grab the brownish gems  and a hungry xorn appeared and gobbled gems. Were atempts to argue with it but it aggressively demanded gems and threaten to enter other circles. Nahme taunted it, flew around it while it swum through the walls and ceiling after her. Then she banished it after it called some water maiden while snacking on water circles gems. Nahme banished that and wanted out. She did not want to risk going on with her best spell powers depleted.

Party stomped got Kobolds to nab books but they looked greedily at the gems in the last to circles. So Skullcrusher blocked the stairway with rocks.

Monday, 23 March 2015

1/72 Mini O.D. and my Wish List

Arg pile of boxes came in other day.

Caesar modern special forces including a frogman - usable in mod and sf settings
Caesar modrn militia which are a bit terrorist with rpg7s and several busty skirt wearing ladies(?)
Pegasus gladiators - hardest yet to assemble but has midget gladiators and some women
Airfix WW2 russian without mortar stands two sets cheap better than ones i had as a kid 2for one sale
Zvesda Vikings actually well made, good poses and history - they look like they wanna shield bash you
Orion Vikings a bit more horny and squat generally but have some interesting weapons and poses including monks on ground begging for lives.

My 20s gangsters and cops are pretty fun. Several sets of early 20th c armed civilians including boxer rebellion, ww2 partisans and Russian revolutionaries. Robin hood set has lots of shifty thieves, monks and rangers. English pirates from Orion were very fun too.

Based up a heap of newer stuff and found to dragons and some other monsters. Will base up dome bugs, lizards and snakes too. finding toys to hack into 1/72 monsters is kinda fun. Lizard men were great set so will get rat men. Gladiator sets have some lions and panthers. Am getting some farm animals and farmers.

Wanna work on my bronze ancients a bit more and did the maths - big stores in the UK can get me $3-4 cheaper if i buy bulk. So I will stick to sales on ebay and look for loose lots of interesting stuff or out of date stuff like Tarzan and zoo sets. Got Herbie Revel cowboy and Indians. I have a box if Indian infantry (from India) and a GURPS Rome book almost a month late sigh.

Many sets of ancients in every day life mostly roman but some farmers and Egyptians available. Even a pilgrim set.

So here is a list of things I wish companies would make

1 Generic slingers in loin cloths or simpe robes - not enough slings in sets - sling auxiliaries should be quite common

2 Wolves or dogs - is a rare eskimo set and wargs but they are with saddles - could make up huge war dogs or just wild dogs

3 More Tribal representatives - Maori warriors would make a good wargame vs redcoats - American Indians and even Africans well done already. Cave man sets are rare but id like.

4 Mythical Monsters - tried Arcan Armies and got a few good things but sets after basic seem tricky to get. They have a centaur set, women riding lions, mummies and bear riding romans and some sphinxes. A set of greek and roman mythic creatures, a European one etc. I have dragons, huge trolls, giants, but more non humanoid sets.

5 Action Movie Heroes - any genre exploitation, Shaft, James Bond, cat suit super spys and more. There is good 25mm like this but more needed my scale. Boilersuit villain base mook set would help.

6 Some good sf sets - are starwars in this scale, are some astronauts and space war sets but some cooler modern sf heroes, fighting robots and even power armour. Judge dredd would rock and could cover any genre or most of the wish catagories really

7 Super heroes would work well given scenery to throw around battle fields from train scale and toy cars work well. Hot ppl in skin tight suits, a few capes, a few battlsuits and mutants.

8 Police and civilians from current era - perhaps riot cop, hippie protesters and mounted police on horses and bikes would make good gaming

9 Motorcyclists, road gangs, road warriors, punks for post apocalypse games - gamma style mutants

10 Witchcraft set with coven, dancing witches, demons, pagan altars, tied to burning stakes, flying on brooms - straight out of Goethe and Goya and other arts.

Stop Press

Just got bag of western civilian farmers with cattle, pigs, workers, campfires

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Exile Log: Send in the Murder Hoboes

So Far:
The unnamed dungeon company started as some city poor although not all were human. After dealing with some gangs and a few youthful looting sprees, finaly they came to a kobold redbrick maze run by Chondaru the Mystic. A sorcerer who they have had run ins for years. His wickedest feat seems to be running away with treasure invisibly.

Now the party owns Chondaru's dungeon and have their own manour houses, towers, pubs, poor houses, boarding house for virtuous women. They know nobility and non human kings in their thrall. Many competent loyal henchmen and followers.

After the party tried to get Chondaru through his mom he came up with his own schemes. Party tracked him to Hobgoblin Halls where they discovered that the halls were a lost bastion of good Nahme wishes to restore. Party rejoined by Dark elf buddy and he told them wonders of the Underland. While lost down below for a few months clearing out a orc citadel, Chondaru proved in a court of law Acula was dead as no such man could be found (he was by now a orc). Then He married Aculas widow. Chondaru was exposed and fled back to hobgobin halls to his new masters lap. Meanwhile the party have eliminated the non human buffer truibes from the dungeon clearing out the Halls for good. But the sorcery tower of a new masked master goes beyond. Each floor a school of magicians with some humanoid flunkies and monsters.

Questioning the increasingly common fifth and eighth rank wizards from the tower advising the boss monsters, they told of a giant crystal skull artifact. It was a magical furnace that when fueled with sacrificed souls and spell levels in minds of casters and magic items would have power to call fire from sky to cleanse the land. The Master tried to bribe away party with Chondaru and stall for the time but Nahme strictly says you must leave now or die.


The Tako octopus faerie with his trusty one eyed eelman bounty hunter, out to explore and experience the surface world

The Angle with her theif boy, bert the bugbear (She hopes he will turn good without coercion), priest assistant and younger brother, establishing a angelic bastion on earth as a mission from paradise

Skull Crusher
The giant at a mere under 9 foot tall he is considering changing class as growing taller not so appealing (+1d12 inches /lv). Has a bandit gang, a bugbear, a stray dog pack and has recruited the goblin king a flunky

And Guest Starring:


The orc with his wife orc warrior olga. At home he has five kobold princess brides and his original wife who like him was once human. Acula started as a starving forest hunter. His dad was a poacher. Now he is rich and a bona fide secret policeman of the Barron of Shadelport and a servant of hell.

So the party started hobgoblin halls and have pretty much destroyed them. They came here to find their arch enemy Chondaru. Nahme wanted to reclaim the halls as a great temple. But the uppermost levels of wizards seem to be running a artifact to ruin the world so they can unite monster bosses to wipe out Shadelport.

Around the treasure mine er I mean dungeon a shanty town of a dozen murder hobo's, a tent running a sly grog shop and a portable shrine. The priest was a important upcoming priest of the eighth rank to the gods of Law and Good. Other riff raff like the pary kobold friends, Skullcrushers bandits and a few curious villagers came to see what all the fuss was.

Serren met a murder hobo with grey whiskers and tattered pis scented armour. He seemed keen and said couldn't wait to have his pleasure with monsters. "Seems keen" thought Serrin aloud.

Skullcrusher met a murder hobo who claimed to be a specialist in counter humanoid terror tactics and was pleased to help out and ket to do some killing.

The first was a sexual pervert, he second a race murderer who is wanted by law for instigating border wars with humanoids. The second espoused that party should trick men monsters out then kill and rape the old weak and womanly ones while distracted. Party said they had own plans. Men accepted 7gp a day merc rates claiming they would prove how valuable they were. Both Chaotic Evil third veteran rank warriors.

So Serren and eelman, Skullcruasher and bugbear, Nahme with her thief and bugbear delved into the hollow mountain, through the empty humanoid lairs and up to the bugbear level they last battled in days ago. Shrine priest came and dispelled the latest magic stone wall and let party enter. Most of bugbear halls were empty and abandoned. Theif boy returned from a room reporting room whith doorways favoured by enemies last few attacks on party for cross fire. Party used a fog spell and Serrin with the power of sonar gained from a magic pie eaten years ago fireballed a room including the female sorceress that attacked them and they did not have time to kill her unconscious body.

So party attacked the other room of bugbears with ogres killing them swiftly. One of depraved murder hoboes tried to molest the half burned sorceress but Nahme said she would kill him. Yet another fued between Serren and Nahme broke out about who we should kill or capture. The octopoid sorcerer claimed as a disciple of chaos he was a better lawful good role model than Nahme. Nahme was also not bothering with money as it was just trash to her. She also makes them attend church for healing spells and tries to save every monster to sell for slavery (for their own good). To be fair she regularly offers monsters a city house and job contract and cares for all kinds of city poor in her missions.

Anyway went to next level and had priest destroy one more stonewall so the could enter the ogre operated crystal furnace. There was a quick and deadly series of battle with fireballs, rooms split by stonewalls with arrow slits which party got good at crossing. Murder hobo's were pretty well behaved except the second one who skinned monster faces to pin on his shield. Bad wizards seemed surprised the master didnt aid them before Serren killed them. Was a brief fued over cost of letting monsters live and be reformed. Nahme planned to put her new followers to work on the task and recruit more. Killed the copper furred bugbear king whose body burned like magnesium on death. Then from inside the ash husk was a bugbear faced larva crying like a baby.
Put the thing in a sack to trade with demons later.

Serren was revolted by all this mammalian compassion. Monsters are for killing not providing with infrastructure, education and fair wages.

Party called up kobolds and guards to consolidate gains in levels. Finally chased ogres into the crystal furnace room and killed them all. The king begged to be killed and Acula arrived and gave him a spare knife. He cut his throat and exploded with a frigid blast injuring Acula. All shrugged by Nahme displeased. Turns out the only way to stop fire is with a at least third rank cold wizard spell or something similar. Party all a bit frustrated but thousands in ogre gold.
Found a magic holy bell that scares undead. A necklace that turns men to birds but cursed if wrong bloodline. Some other nick knacks. Coudnt stop furnace but had loot and ogre workers dead. So had to leave it.

Back outside dungeon to rest. One final battle with wizards to go! Chondaru and the Master were going to pay. The forces of lawful good would recover a might bastion again.

Wizards and sorcerers and the master seemed to not be very aggressive.....yet.


Has been a very fun dungeon crawl game with three big dungeons of various sizes, politics, intrigue domestic drama and more. Mind you I prefer when they spend time in city and get into trouble. They really hate Chondaru. Higher levels = more dice and more better but more fatal save throws. Will look forward to them setting up domain choosing titles and such at name levels.

Crikey! Perhaps it will be time to go on a new high level mega dungeon and possibly some plane hopping. Party interested in going to explore by sea as Serren has a zombie warship.

d100 Childhood Tragedies for Savages

So this is for tribal folk, nomads, orcs, beast men and other savage non text using people.

I could do a similar table for barbarian nobility and town dwellers or vikings. For the slightly more posh barbarian.

I'm working on a big set of monthly farmer and seasonal domain tables. Also another class of magic items to make players suspicious - Otherworldly Treasures.

Pardon the dino erotica. I'm assuming they are consensual tingling tales.

d10  Childhood Tragedies for Savages
1 Genocide survivor

2 War survivor
3 Hunting tragedy
4 Wilderness survivor
5 Great Journey
6 Clan lore
7 Clan life
8 Will of the gods
9 Spirits of the wastes
10 Magic problems

d100  Childhood Tragedies for Savages
01 Your tribe were wiped out by other evil tribe leaving you last of your race
02 Your tribe were killed by civilised forces leaving you last of your race
03 Your tribe were killed by humanoids leaving you last of your race
04 Your tribe were killed by a monster leaving you last of your race
05 Your tribe all perished in tribal warfare leaving you last of your race
06 Your tribe were killed by starvation leaving you last of your race
07 Your tribe were killed by plague leaving you last of your race
08 Your tribe were enslaved by other nation leaving you alone
09 Your tribe joined a evil horde-cult leaving you alone
10 Your tribe lost honour and you left from shame
11 Tribal duel was fought and lost, banished by tribe
12 Failed tribal gauntlet ritual and banished
13 During battle you were horribly maimed and left for dead, tribe wont take you back
14 During a terrible war you showed cowardice and were banished
15 During a terrible war you were left behind and lost tribe
16 Your tribe were mercenaries for others and lost tribal ways
17 Your tribe were scattered in war and are still hunted by enemies
18 You were captured and tortured and your tribe failed to save you
19 You were enslaved as a war prisoner for years, home tribe rejected you on return
20 Foreign adventurers destroyed your tribe with war, booze and disease
21 Failed to return from initiation with questing beast and banished
22 While hunting terribly injured and left for dead by tribe
23 Accidentally wounded important person in hunt, now banished
24 Hunting party attacked by monster and you were blamed for deaths
25 While hunting was kidnapped by spirit beings for years, tribe fear you now
26 Killed a tabu animal on hunt now banished for murder
27 While hunting was lost in forbidden sacred lands and cursed by tribe
28 You divided up kill wrong way and leaders banished you
29 When hunting was tracked back home by enemies then blamed for those killed
30 A monster craving revenge for your hunting it's kin killed your tribe
31 Lost for days exploring caves when you escaped tribe thought you were undead
32 Poisoned while gathering food and lost tribe while recovering
33 Trapped and lost tribe d4 1=under a tree 2=rock slide 3=in a pit 4=sinkhole
34 Shelter collapsed and tribe assumed you were dead, now they fear you
35 Tribe insisted you be new taste tester so you fled
36 You prepared bad food and many died, tribe banished you
37 You over-harvested a valuable species wiping it out and were outcast by tribe
38 You shamed others finding more food and water and they resent and malign you
39 You accidentally spread a species which impoverished natural food supplies
40 You destroyed a magical resource forever by your sin
41 Tribe crossed a great deadly wasteland over a year
42 Tribe crossed a great body of water fraught with peril
43 You were carried away and wandered half the world trying to find home
44 You left your hidden tribal lands and never found your way back
45 Lost for years in secret valley full of monsters, family didn't want you back
46 Travelled for months in a great cavern complex filled with wonders, lost your homeland
47 Travelled spirit roads across the world, you were among last mortals to use so one way path
48 Discovered a fabulous resource and others want to torture location from you
49 Your chief discovered a cursed treasure mound of the old ones and your tribe were wiped out
50 You were tested with ordeal and failed, outcast from tribe
51 Tribe members spread rumours about you using evil forbidden magic
52 Your siblings claimed you breached tribal lore to take your birthright
53 Tribe leaders tortured you and murdered your kin for breaking tribal tabu
54 You were obligated by honour to kill your d4 1=best friend 2=parents 3=siblings 4=self
55 Your family killed for defying the chief
56 Uncles killed your family to assume your parents wealth and status
57 Couldn't pay legal damages for killing would be murderers so you fled your death sentence
58 Spent years negotiating a hostage settlement to save your family that left you paupers
59 Terrible divorce and custody battle between d4 1=parents 2=ex lover 3=dead sibling lover 4=shaman
60 You discovered innovation but were outlawed for breaking traditions
61 At a great tribal gathering you were humiliated and your reputation is ruined
62 Inter clan blood feud has diminished both tribes to near extinction
63 Refused demands of shaman who banished you
64 You loved someone tabu to your bloodline and your lover was killed
65 You loved someone from another tribe and both tribes hate you now
66 Married against your will but you hated them so much you fled
67 Your tribe traded you as a slave when times were tough
68 Your close family or lover sacrificed themselves to save you
69 Your beloved wonder beast chum was killed and you killed the killers starting a blood feud
70 Other tribal members kept trying to murder you over some grudge
71 A tribal god visited you and bid you slaughter your corrupt tribe
72 You became inhabited by a divine avatar during climax or a tribal war
73 You wiped out a race in a tribal war, you were praised then but nobody likes your company now
74 You met a great chosen of the gods hero as a child and your legend seem to live in their shadow
75 A god made you bear a relic for a times and you didn't seem to do a adequate job
76 A god laid waste to your land and their cult enslaved the survivors
77 Tribe found to be hybrids with servitors of the elder gods, other tribes wipe your out
78 A tribal cult wanted to sacrifice you and kept you prisoner but you ran away
79 Your tribe converted to the new faith except you who fled
80 Only your unique bloodline may kill a evil god so they torment you with tragedy and danger
81 Spent years with tree and spirits and tribe did not welcome you back
82 Spent several years possessed d4 1=ghost 2=demon 3=spirit 4=ancestor
83 Nightmares of great primordial spirits seeking to return haunt your dreams
84 Ancestral beast spirits turned on your tribe facing a battle for breaking a tabu
85 A evil shaman terrorised your community with disease and spectral possession
86 Mighty evil spirits haunt where ever your clan stay too long anywhere
87 Your tribe had a special relationship with folk spirit lords which made them outsiders
88 Beast spirits raised you and human wish to force you to tell the spirits secrets
89 Evil spirit of elder times was disturbed, it tormented then killed your tribe
90 A spirit loves you, ever stalking and trying to trick, seduce and kidnap you
91 Travelled through a magical gateway and lost far from tribe
92 Lost in fairy land, when returned your race had long died off
93 You carry the last taint of pre human bloodline and non humans treat you differently
94 A wizard killed your tribe then built a tower on top of your clan burial grounds
95 A sorcerer sacrificed your lover to summon a demon
96 Your tribe became lycanthropes, evil animal monster men
97 A necromancer killed your tribe and turned them into undead minions
98 Your family was killed and their souls and heads taken by the killer
99 Your tribe had many magicians and worked with many wonder workers out of mostly awe
100 Your tribe hate spell users of all kinds and prefer them dead and burned