Friday, 22 May 2015

Games currently on and Prep

Ive been run down this week watching vids again but will get more stuff done this weekend and next week. d100 magic umbrellas coming soon. Domain tables for FRP being researched. D100 Requests as ever welcome. Thanks for guys who rated me top10 of late again. Remember ive done plenty of road war theme posts last year if your going mad max.

Real True Detectives
Ive been running Call of Cthulhu 1920s again - as I did no prep I just ran adventures straight from Robert Chambers The King In Yellow which I did in the past. Has been very enjoyable and players flinching at doors being slammed with pretty much nothing happenind. On player finally got King In Yello manyscript and locked in a safe kind of stone walling story a bit. Basicly players are poor detectives investigating a artist who has been seeing the clients daughter and detectives paid to research him and look for potential scandal. Players have developed enough side sub plots to not even need adventures. Had a squabble about players mortgage for 10 minutes which ive never done in CoC. As a major player leaving on trip soon I will probably cut this game soon and reschedule later. Next session will turn up heat.

Crikey i need to get roadwar design process done today (mostly done). MADMAX fever might renew interest in the game as im a few players short. I have collected 130 toy vehicles and now have lots of modern 172 scale terrorist and special forces minis. Some more terrain and tokens for mines, oil needed. Will compile all my roadwar stuff shortly in a PDF - only a few more d100 tables.

Exiles DnD
I find high level dnd more tedious - more rule book checking, more dice rolls (30d20 hit rolls in big combats for the monsters sides) more paperwork for treasure and harder to kill. 10th lv party but i still get to kill some followers regularly. Mostly anything they fight lasts under 5 rounds - trying to challenge without killing all or making easy gets harder. Gods will be getting involved more. Subjects for my d100 is getting harder to find. Looking for more monster minis for my 1/72 minis and looking for tiny octopus minis to put weapons in tentacles.

Just read Gurps Rome - a lot more readable than BRP one. BRP one is awesome but heavy. Will be reading more history and im reading and looking at mass tactics more. Will get a big set of 1/72 roman army I have plenty of ancients and germans and celts and gladiators. Im thinking of setting in either Augustus/nero/trajan period. Oddly all the gurps and BRP books both slowest items i bought online both took 3months.

Viking Rus 920AD
Have had two sessions will blog soon. Have two big hardcovers of fine line art of everyday life and settlements of Vikings and Slavs - very good guides. Enjoyed the history research. Some reason my rare copy of RUS game from 80s australiam missing. Think last landlord chucked some of my stuff while i was moving out. Had great magic and folklore. Have several sets of vikings now and more coming - got some Rus peasant militia too all 1/72. Running as kids of last game and hope to use lots of modules i never used. Also a LOTFP module set in a monastary i might use.

Weird War One
I have ordered airfix german/french/british/american infantry and will get extra sets of germans and russians later. Have a diecast tank and plane and will get more. A7v german tank ive seen at ok price. Hat brand pack of 2 small french tanks a good price too. Will start game as seemingly historic and get weirder. Sucker Punch ww1 sequence was nice (only babydoll was good looking rest were dogs). Will be a bridge between steam punk age and diesel punk. Was a PC wargame that did ths too but i dont rememer name - so many building/tech tree wargames around 97. players will be pilots. Possibly will muster out for global adventures by time martians defeated. Lots more reading and digging up stuff from popular mechanics and other sources. WW1 seems much more horrible to me - everything crude and ill conceived. No idea when I will run possibly will do a con game in NOV. I got Dawn Partol TSR gam a while back and was inspired - I was a big fan of WW1 biggles as a boy. Shame hard to get cheap diecast SE5 and albatross fighters.

I was a big plastic plane kit fan as well as 1/72 mini fan as a kid but kits too fragile and harder to store. My family big plane nuts and another branch train nuts (trains suck withou guns on them). My moms family from a long line of techies with flat feet who dodged war but got medals for making better guns. Carpenters on wooden ships and fitters and turners most of 20thc and lots of mining middle managers and tool makers. Guns were family sport for generations but all got out now as hobby full of dickheads.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Exile Log: Pugilism and Property Sales

So once again thanks to all who worked on petty gods - one of my fave products of last few years. Will be very handy as my party 10th level and I was about to pull out Deities and Demigods as a monster manual again.

So spells were mostly exhausted and the party were at the gates of one of the Princes of evil fire lords on a quasi plane of fire.

Tash drank a potion of clairvoyance and and spied on the structure rising from the molten fire sea. Pyrax with two huge elementals with two robed sorcerers and 5 branded kilt wearing slaves throwing purple scented logs into Pyrax's holy throne brazier.

We can lick that.

So they waited a bit and drank last healing potions. As climbed up the giant went forward wearing the octopus sorcerer on his head and Tash close behind.  The rest slunk back as most of the party followers shouldn't really be here.

The five branded slaves with empty sacks, leather togas and sandals came down stairs. Party killed them and searched them. Sacks made from salamander wool and fire proof. Gave them to halfling sailor followers to play with and they started having sack races. Continued up stairs and the forward team entered the holy fire chamber of the fire lord. Tash and her familiar turned invisible sending her explosive trapped flying skulls forward at her command. The fire lord threw up a fire wall splitting the party. His sorcerers spat fireballs and his elementals began to stride forward. One went through the fire wall and battled the halfling pirate lord Asper and a few party flunkies. The fishman grabbed spare magic trident from Asper's  back pack. The octopus scuttled away for saftey after throwing some fire shuriken and tried to dispel the firewall. The sorcerers peppered heroes with fire shuriken too.

The skulls exploded killing the sorcerers and blasting their corpses to shreds. A fire elemental died too in blasts and the Giant killed another with his magic maul. The fire lord shrugged off most spells of course and called another huge fire elemental which the giant killed. He lobbed a huge Finaly all pounded the fire lord with spells and blows banishing him. The fire wall fell and the were reunited as the others behind it managed to kill the last elemental.

The heroes (I use term loosely) waited for hours for the molten gold filled with gems too cool and looked through charred scraps of sorcerer flesh for surviving magic items. Got ring of fire resistance, a fireball wand, a fancy staff and a fancy pope like hat of fire elemental command. Debated to sell magic mirror to talk to fire lord weekly or keep it to taunt him. After all enemies of party might use against party as fire cult would be most likely to buy it. Party loaded up undead after rest and marched back way they came with no monsters they killed having re-spawned (this rally happens on a quasi fire plane). With bugbear guide went to beach to meet jollyboats and kidnapped their guide. All keen to head home but got lost for a few days with overcast weather.

Only a few days to visit Island of the Wine God but all keen to get home and divide loot and sell gold and gems and magic. Over 66 000gp loot so the Halfling Asper and Skullcrusher the giant went halves in a ruined castle with dungeon (sight unseen). Asper bought two more pubs.Tried to buy Bugbear Island but apparently was a city trading post.

Asper recruited a chaotic evil priest of demon god of greed and murder, who needed to get out of town. The high priest  killed anyone who was close to his rank and asper found priests tales of debauchery amusing.

"Id marry him if he was a lady", said Asper.

Octopus bought a apothecary and lab and a pawnshop.  Skullcrusher visited his dungeon and all met up in city to prepare to visit the temporary Island of the wine god. A night on the town and the fourth voyage would begin. Was another creepy monolith on a rocky outcrop they saw at sea too on way home.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Exile Log: Happy Name Level Day

After the hobgoblin halls was taken by the heroes and the sorcerers citadel above things went quickly. The discovery of a a magic murder machine marvel of the gods wars got them more urgent and called in the Barron and hired a Necromancer to help seal the artifact away. Or at least till the stars were no longer right to be used. Chondaru the party foe since way back had been shape changed into a woman and had murdered the citadel master and done a runner with the best loot. Other wizards had fled but plenty of magic loot left.

So back to city to get titles (9th level hit) and spend cash and go to the noble only magic mart. Took some time to work on domain and set followers to work. Finally decided to go sailing. Some heroes left party and other joined. Whole tone of aadventures turned to nasty evil murder hobo nobility.

Lord Skullscrusher the giant squabbled with the priests over the Hobgoblin halls as they wanted it for church. As the LE Barron always supports the LG minority and keeps them in line with demon phobia he supported church claims. He gave the giant his own dungeon near rest of party holdings on edge of mountains near to Shadelport. He was titled Dungeon Lord and was given some prisoner to keep out of circulation in secret by the state. Managed to recruit lots of kobolds, goblins (has a minor king for a follower), bandits and wild dogs. Always out to recruit some extra monsters and has his bodyguard hitman bugbear. The giant is pretty amoral and just likes to smoosh stuff. Has taken to adopting cursed tribal relics of stone age and is willing to accept curses or try to deal with spirits in them. Has even adopted a set whose disadvantages together make a plus - cannot first aid below zero HP, auto stabilise below zero hits and a back up survival interested spirit takes over body till positive HP and can flee.  As long as he gets glory and to smoosh people he is happy. Is becoming a Warrior (Giant 8 Warrior 2) as was worried growth would be a problem. Now getting more fancy fighting finesse and superhuman strength. He can also turn into bird, Dimension Door once a week and has a tail. He is a brilliant chef and still likes to show off how he makes random roadkill and dead monsters into tasty food. Ordered a suit of platemail and bankrupted himself to point of borrowing 4gp.

Lady Nahme the Angel has established herself as a Bishop of the Sungod with Aproval of the Baron . Is married with several younger siblings and priest followers. Has a temple and manour running a small new crossroads and a shared party dungeon underneath. It is full of poor houses and workshops to trade and educate them. Also a bunch of kobolds (defence traps and building crew) and a few goblins (best at running a fungi garden), orcs and bugbears and other critters. Some areas full of weird magic fog still. She is considered the guardian of the rebuilding work turning the Hobgoblin Hall and Sorcerers Citadel into the Holy Halls they were 800 years ago. She spends lots of time there. Has several poor houses. Refuses shares of party treasure constantly but actually filthy rich. Her workshop is developing linen exports and she uses to house those reformed from her city poorhouses and ladies guest houses for virtuous women. She has retired from adventuring. They were a means to and end and and she couldn't stand dealing with their money and power grubbing. She did force them to go to church for healing and insist they all get married which was a start.

Lord Aculard has the tower hideout of a former assassin cult. He was a common poachers son who tuned into the deadliest archer in the land. He become a orc lover, married Olga (one of Nahme's reformed followers) then become a orc then convinced his other wife and dad and brother into becoming orcs. His assassin tower is a official bastion of the secret police and he is now a captain. Has increased defences adding a keep and other towers, courtyards and moat works. Had builders killed. Filled the place with orcs. Still trades with Nahmes Dungeon orcs. Has a dungeon, disguise and forgery labs and lts of neat stuff. Assassin orc training centre for the next generation. Has lots of Kobold wives and is Inlaw of Kobold King (and Heir). These are Kobolds that live in Nahme's dungeon. He has several interesting houses in city. One of his human wives divorced over him becoming a Orc. He had been declared dead by Chondaru who also married Aculards other wife just to piss him off during a months long underland quest. He has contacts with orc tribe deep under the earth too. Retired to build his power base (player has Ninja commitments same night). He also sold his soul to a Devil to be raised from the dead in the underland by a Ork king. Sneaking up on a cateoplas not a good idea he learned the hard way.

Lady Tash the party Bard had returned from long absence before dungeon finished and now she was a state supported Bard Lord decided to buy a theater. Turned down several plays about necromancy then quit party as she thought they were too evil. Lives with her girlfriend and goat familiar in a nice town house with lots of money. Now considered a great Bard is feared for powers of slander by everyone. State gives some artistic freedoms and she accepts the Barony as a necessity.

Serren the wicked Tako Sea Lord octopus fairy has had a great time on the surface with adventurers. Choosing the vilest relics the party find and seeking knowledge of the elder age when his god Cthulhu held sway has been great for developing his sorcery powers and patronage. Has his spells down so tight just needs to think them and can still use other tentacles. Has bought a seaside pub next to a wharf with a party warehouse nearby. Is building a seaside tower with underwater level.  Also has in dungeon village of party creation several water access magically locked chambers, wet and dry. Serren likes to kill things and fascinated by the power of Necromancy. Has bought a old prison hulk and filled with ranks of zombie oarsmen (he plans to attach to a undead whale and make the whole thing a necro-submersible. His followers include deep ones, eel men, lizard men and others (he has lost interest in some and let them die). Has just got a bucket with zero level young octopi from his evil home city. Has a letter of marque from the Barony and is one of the pirate lords of the city. It limits his piracy but Shadelport is a pirate paradise after all.

Kali the Lady Wizard is a necromancer who tries to be fairly decent for her kind with her raven has rejoined the party. She is enjoying her apprentice filled tower mostly run by older apprentices. She has been working on spells that keep severed heads as talking undead heads with memories and a spell to make flying flaming skulls. The new direction of the party has made her being able to grab evil secrets more easy making her mighty for her age.

Asper Cumberbitch the Halfling has returned with even more of his look alike cousins. Has several pubs and properties including a bathhhouse where he just bought and put a follower in charge to run as a pimp. First gang he befriended helps his racket and he has helped them get a influence on wizardry students of the university and expand to several other districts. Wants to work gang connection into a secret society and is building own tunnels and safe houses off sewer system. Has connection with cities biggest drug dealer. He re met party as has a warf and ship near Serren's. Under his waterside pub is a secret trapdoor he uses to press gang his crew. Has mostly halflngs and human salty semen (marine murder hobo's). A bunch of human freaks who are mellowed out by the chaotic evil halflings who dine on the hour every hour on board. Strangely only crew to get fat and not lose a man per day at sea. As a sea lord privateer he has studied navigation and it is estimated his exploration range will exeed any other ship due to his crews superior health and morale. He employed a pit fighter as mate who controls the human crew while halfling cousins are officers and important crew (like chefs). Asper is a greedy sleazy little pimp who makes halflings look bad. He partly is motivated by annoying tall people.

So party has got collection of all the island treasure maps they have been collecting for years, got some more and have been buying more. Sailed out in Autum with mostly gloomy weather to explore and loot. Had been to several Islands years ago where Asper and Kali met a imortal who they after rescuing him got sick of his whining and nailed him in a barrel and threw him in the sea. Also found a treasure with hundreds of skeleton guards that was a bit harrowing. Asper and Kali were grave robbers together in old days. So they had some experience as treasure hunters.

First Islands visited:
Mad hermit Island with weird haunted house, stole tableware
Witch Island with a monolith to call dead ancestors, weighed 4 tonne and party nicked it
Kobold Island they traded with kobolds and bought three prisoners including a elf
Druid Island with blood monoliths that the party had to kill
Goblin Island where the ran away from a goblin open cut mine in fear of swarming
Cult Island a former colony of banned cult found tainted gold and a giant death watch bug killed a few followers - lost interest in bug filled island, found clues to next island

Second Voyage Islands:
Sunken City of coast of mysterious East continent had sunken tips of star spawn towers - drove a star godling back into its crystal crypt

Third Voyage:
Bugbear Island was surrounded in sleet and fog but party met a bugbear in volcanic thermal baths who guided them to the fire caverns. He waited with drugged rum and cash for party who left two of the giants men to guard him. Inside a volcanic cavern with paths  a foot above lava river went on  for miles. Killed fire bugbears, salamanders (1st ed style) and holes in roadway full of fire snakes they could easily kill but snakes kept pouring from holes so party ran as Giant in full plate kept them busy. Found fire snake eggs and huge piles of gems and cash. They know they are in fact in a demi fire plane ruled by Pyronex the lord of evil fire elementals. Party using hoardes of undead to clear through encounters (mostly fire spell proof) and zombie monsters to transport dead monster body parts to sell in city. Greedily following treasure deep into monster lands.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

d100 Pit Stop Weirdos

So we have covered normal folk you meet on road and pitstops. Here are the freaks and weirdos. People you less often want to meet. A few more of these table coming then i will make a pdf for use in play. d100Mutants d100Cyborgs d100Cults and d100corporations in pipeline requests considered. Wanna start on my Weird War One setting soon.

d10 Pit Stop Weirdos
2 Law men
3 Hustler
4 Fugitive
5 Cult
6 Muties
7 Punks
8 Hippies
9 Carny Folk
10 Agents and ops
01 Old veteran with missing cyber limbs "Govment say I can't be trusted"
02 Drug addict offering to wash windows
03 Pilgrim or nun or salvation army collecting for poor fund
04 Cultist collecting for esoteric commune of weirdos nearby
05 Blind man with a tray, a dog and a musical instrument
06 Desperate for drugs offers to sell remaining organs discount
07 Desperate student working as a amateur pits stop prostitute
08 Old man with dogs trained to beg with him
09 Death racer legs blown off by mines lost everything
10 Crazy old drunk prospector mumbles about gold deposits in zombie country for booze
11 Old sheriff tired and negligent on trail of criminals, hopelessly outclassed
12 Sheriff with interceptor out on mad gang killing spree out of revenge
13 Redneck deputy with pet dawg looking for vice and blackmail opportunities
14 Undercover cop trying tp look like wilderness scum and not getting it quite right
15 Cyborg corporate cop on a search and destroy mission
16 City lawman retired and come to bring law to the wastes, biomodified with ultra tech tools
17 Off duty cop hunting crook who got away on technicality or by crossing border
18 Eager keen young copper, helpful polite, clean and naive
19 Customs officer in disguise looking for smuggled drugs, dino embryos, slaves or worse
20 Cyber-Narc out to kill dealers and destroy labs, torture addicts for information then kills 
21 Used arms dealer offering discount military grade weapons
22 Mad old scientist offers experimental technology stolen from lab
23 Car dealer has lot of second hand vehicles and parts not too far away
24 Back yard doctor will surgerize and healificate the needy for cash no questions asked
25 Counterfeit papers dealer with passports, licences, new IDs, hacked records, the works
26 Pro drug dealer deals in many substances including un-tested black lab drugs
27 Pimp offers lovers for average tastes 1in6 offering stranger tastes
28 Merc broker deals in finding jobs and recruitment
29 Black lab medic installs used cyberwear and vat grown synthetic organs
30 Fence for stolen goods will buy and sell goods on black market 
31 Cyborg on the run from lab will beg for help, goes psychotic if guns fired
32 Escaped serial killer and cannibal
33 Escaped prison death racer seeks new ID and face so can go pro
34 Escaped from corp biolab d4 1=replicant 2=psionic 3=mutant 4=organ donor clone
35 Escaped cult leader from death row out to start new cult for sex, murder and slavery
36 AWOL military cyborg being hunted as memory not erased for security reasons
37 Escaped whistle blower journalist embarrassed rich and powerful now on the run
38 Escaped drug dealer keen to set up lab and a gang more carefully this time
39 Foreign spy fled into outback desperate to escape continent, hunted by agents
40 Scientist fled company lab with secrets looking for a new deal, chased by assasins 
41 Pro mutants cultists spreading contaminants to humans
42 Death race fans hoping to steal souvenirs like hair, clothing and car parts from heroes
43 Cultists looking for interesting people to murder as initiation
44 Cultists looking for worthy human sacrifices for upcoming ritual
45 Flirty fisher cultists offering sex to recruit members into love sect
46 Cult assassins hunting for enemies to eliminate, corpses turn to mist when dead
47 Cultists looking for stolen goods to recover, will beg, offer cash then try theft or murder
48 Death cultists trying to spread zombie plague, might mess with graves to awaken dead
49 Green cultists spreading red weed and triffid seeds in human areas
50 Saucer cultists collecting sightings, explaining all your problems from UFO abduction
51 Mutant merc offering his services and strange power
52 Mutant looking for love, chronic stalkers who trails love object uncannily anywhere
53 Mutant dying from disgusting degenerative condition looking to gp out with a bang
54 Alien spy pretending to be a mutant or a mutant pretending to be alien
55 Mutant cannibal come among humans to sate cannibalistic cravings
56 Disease resistant mutant being hunted by corporations to dissect
57 Crazy mutant teens pranking humans and uncool types with powers
58 Mutant with rope burns on neck running from lynch mob needs help
59 Mutant bounty hunters looking for anti mutant criminals
60 Mutant prostitute offering her powers as exotic relief
61 Punk kids arguing with law makers and looking to make trouble
62 Punk hacker kids selling services for limited time only
63 Punk rock band on wasteland tour to build grass roots credibility
64 Punk kids run away from school and heading for open road if they can steal vehicles
65 Punk kids mutilating selves with tatoos, piercings, safety pins and implants
66 Punk hair stylists offer make overs for low price
67 Punk kids competing for prizes with knife fights or vehicle stunts
68 Punk mechanics looking for work, adults don't take their talent seriously
69 Punk gang taunting and heckling passers by, bullying for fun
70 Punk gang cooking up some drugs in a makeshift kitchen
71 Healers amazing treatments d4 1=psychic power 2=medicine 3=prayer 4=new age
72 Drugged hippies clutter up place stoned out of minds and drooling
73 Hippies playing terrible music and trying to start impromptu music festival
74 Hippie trader selling beads, granny glasses, wigs, scarves, and tie dye shirts
75 Hippies have crossed a triffid with marijuana proudly showing their baby to world
76 Hippies protesting a local injustice with signs and chants, locals unimpressed
77 Shaved hippies looking for help, commune under attack by rednecks who cut their hair
78 Hippies on bicycles trying to convince everyone benefits of pedal power
79 Hippie guru and followers playing music, light shows & offering masters for wisdom
80 Hippie sect claim powers from meditation and drugs, actually guru use mutagens
81 Mutant freak show with pay per view shows in tents
82 Travelling casino run by carny folk gang
83 Gamblers offering to play all comers will leave when sucked cash dry or mob forms
84 Tattooed acrobats working as prostitutes to finance their circus
85 Menagerie of mutant creatures with ringmaster and creature tamers
86 Gang of homicidal clowns if teased or insulted go into murder frenzy
87 Gang of cannibal clowns, some already part zombie
88 Travelling circus with variety of acts, struggling poor and vice ridden
89 Stunt cyclist telling all about tomorrows stunt show only $5 bucks a ticket
90 Carny folk seemingly out for good time actualy trying to recruit kids to join circus
91 Vatican Monk/Nun of the inquisition hunting supernatural and religious enemies
92 Sanctioned op on mission, killing some time before hitting the road
93 Corporate agent watching area for company interests, reports anything unusual
94 Government black op looking for gang, mutant or criminal trouble makers to kill
95 Martial artist with incredible ability hunting a cult as favour for dead friend
96 Hired hit man looking to kill target shortly, mostly mob and corp hits  
97 Professor and students out to solve local mystery and looking for escorts
98 Undercover vigilante d4 1=psionic 2=mutant 3=cyborg 4=turning undead
99 Alien investigator looking for answers or interesting stuff to blame on aliens
100 Secret society agent seeks d4 1=relic 2=enemy sect 3=escaped member 4=chosen one

Gamma Dungeon One Mod

Based on this and letters column

Mod based on some discussion of ending xp systems which went further to mess with level system. Replace uniform level gain with random mod or extra ability. Gammaworld status level did is this in old versions. Levels are status thing you earn by doing what culture or secret society or faction expects. Yo get to roll a benefit each level.

This is my terrible version of idea pushing further for gonzo power gaming.
Chuck standard adventurer progression. Everyone starts gross and randomly progresses

Basically this is for one short campaigns of 10 games or so or one off.

Players are a semi divine hero but most are zero level mooks

1HD per CON Point

Warrior 1d10 HD 
+5 To hit Use any weapon or armour
10 WP 4NWP 1d4 Languages
Priest 1d8 HD
+3 To hit Use cult approved weapons (mace, crossbow, sling, dagger, staff) and medium armour
5WP 5NWP 1d6 Languages10th Lv Preist Spells
Rogue 1d6 HD
+3 To hit Concealable weapons (dagger, staff, bow, sword) and light armour
4WP 10NWP 1d8 Languages
Wizard 1d4 HD
+0 To hit Use Dagger, staff, dart or crossbow, no armour
2WP 10NWP 2d6 Languages 10th Lv Wizard Spells

As you go up a status level by donating stuff or killing for your cause you get a roll here

d10 every time you go up a status rank
1 +1 on a choice stat, class required stat can exceed 18
2 +1 level on spell casting ability or pick a new spell class/list
3 +1 to hit
4 +1d3 languages
5 +d3 WP proficiency slots
6 +d3 NWP proficiency slots
8 +1 WP, NWP and 1 language
0 1d6 followers each with a d4 HD
9 1 follower with 6D
10 Mutation or other random power

Also ad to mix lots of random magic items - wands are like firearms and magic stuff is common but dangerous for zero level types to touch. Aim dungeons at 10th level even use gammaworld monsters. Deities and demigods has lotsa useful monsters too.

XPs if used gained for donating cash or relics, sacrificing enemies in battle, resolving story and plot threads, especially if towards the characters chosen faction - a cult, church, knight order, secret society, criminal gang, country, wizard school whatever. The below status table below used for head over one faction of a cosmopolitan city. If settlement totally dominated by one faction then would be counted as a next size up locale and would have factional sub groups with own leaders.

Status 3 head of local or village chapter or band of disciples
Status 5 head of town chapter or extended clan
Status 9 head of knight or wizard dominion or city
Status 13 head of a kingdom
Status 18 one of known heads in world

I might do this for a short campaign or a one off or as a hothouse for heroes on planet Psychon or next time I run a heroes in hell day (Post 10th lv vs hell one offs).

Friday, 8 May 2015

d100 Common Folk on Murder Road

d10 Common Folk on road or pit stops
1 Farmer - common folk who live off he land, drive farm utility vehicles, off road and trucks

2 Workers - labourers to and from work, drive cheap personal transport or work vehicle
3 Family - ordinary family on errands with sensible family car
4 Traders - dealers, grifters and salesmen with economy or offroad cars or vans
5 Pilgrims - religious travellers with sensible cars, mini buses and even horse and cart
6 Nomads - wild mobile clan folk with fleets of buses, trucks, bikes, buggies and cars
7 Entertainers - often busk for rides and food, cheap vehicles even bicycle
8 Drivers - delivery and transport workers mostly in cars , station wagons, vans or utility 
9 Refugees - fleeing a disaster or poverty in anything that moves or even foot
10 Militia - seem ordinary but armed militia trained gun lover who prefer off road ore utility trucks

Could be a single person or a group of such persons

d100 Common Folk on road
01 A group farmers moving animals
02 A group farmers moving grown produce
03 Farmers looking to repair a large farm vehicle or ag-mech
04 Part of a lynch mob looking for who got local girl pregnant
05 Wandering about looking people to share homespun wisdom with
06 Out hunting d4 1=mutants 2=dingos 3=zombies 4=geese
07 On the way to a major fair for produce and sideshow carnies
08 On the way to see a live hanging (possibly not legal)
09 Looking for missing livestock lost or stolen
10 Farm Inspector looking for slave labour, mutant or zombie sheep and other undesirables
11 Builders with tools and supplies working on a site
12 Mining company geologists just looking to frag your area or claim your land
13 Farm workers with hats, blue singlets and boots working on farm
14 Slaver taking his wares to a site 1in6 on year slave labour entry visa
15 Prostitutes having a breather and working the area
16 Swagmen, wandering homeless old itinerant old workers with no families
17 Non English speaking workers 1in6 illegal refugee rest multigenerational residents
18 Miners working a company site looking to blow cash and steam 
19 Meatworkers often mobile with tools, wear bloody stinking aprons and carry knives
20 Mechanics work in garage or mobile service with high fees
21 Kids out for adventure on d4 1=go carts 2=motorbikes 3=rollerblades 4=powerscooters
22 Teens out for kicks, fighting, car races, hunting monsters and other cheap thrills
23 Family out shopping for groceries
24 Family out to release unwanted pet d4 1=puppy 2=kitty 3=triffid 4=small shoggoth 
25 Group of ladies out doing groceries, getting hair done and flirting
26 Dads taking sons on manly trip d4 1=hunting 2=scouts 3=kill a hobo 4=secret cult
27 Moms taking daughters on trip for d4 1=shopping 2=hair 3=teashop 4=witchcraft
28 Grandparent out on field trip, 1in6 ex military veterans armed and paranoid
29 School field trip d4 1=tiny tots 2=screaming kids 3=frisky teens 4=mutant teens 
30 Dads out for drinking beer and shooting and driving fun
31 Con artist selling personalised bibles, fake shares, bigfoot blood, timeshare holidays
32 Desperate salesman selling brushes, pots, fur coats, vacuums, 
33 Ladies selling cosmetics, perfume, plastic dinnerware, fashion and hats
34 Drug dealer selling mostly d4 1=pot 2=speed 3=fractyl dust 4=mutagen
35 Travelling store selling favorite brands, meat, drygoods, ration packs
36 Travelling gunsmith repairing guns and making ammo, very well armed
37 Travelling grog and tobacco sales
38 Travelling medicine show d4 1=sham quack 2=new age therapist 3=unlicensed doc 4=legit chemist with modern product
39 Foodvan d6 1=soy burgers 2=hot dog 3=Soylent Green 4=icecream 5=roadkill 6=cannibalism
40 Flashy business man in luxury car and servant, cons rich and towns from cash
41 Family on way to church event in best clothes
42 Nuns on way to visit sacred church 1in6 are hardcore gun nun combat vets
43 True believers inspired to visit a miracle site, sing lots
44 Hippies on way to protest d4 1=military 2=cops 3=racists 4=detention centres
45 Cultists on way to join commune to prepare for end of the world, flirty recruiters
46 Cultists on holy murder trail, ritually murdering people to anoint sacred sites
47 Religious vigilante motor gang out performing good deeds and fighting cults
48 Aboriginals on way to religious gathering and family BBQ
49 Christian missionaries trying to save the damned of the cursed wasteland
50 Christian charismatic preacher d4 1=healing scam 2=sex mad 3=cash scam 4=actually mythos cultist
51 Nomad teens out for thrills and adult adventure
52 Nomad warriors hunting d4 1=criminal 2=enemy 3=bounty 4=contract kill
53 Nomad scouts looking for route for main tribal convoy
54 Nomad traders shopping and swapping goods
55 Nomad louts looking for trouble and excuse to call whole gang for fight
56 Nomad carnies offering entertainment, cons, games, snacks and prizes
57 Nomad gamblers looking to fleece area systematically with clan bodyguards
58 Nomad mercenaries looking for opportunities for work
59 Nomad feral hippy plague carriers looking for food, sex and dancing 
60 Nomad mutants, ugly and unwelcome, poorer and more resentful than most nomads 
61 Band looking for gigs and tours d6 1=punk 2=country 3=metal 4=rock 5=hip hop 6=polka
62 Busking carny folk living fragile life as on the road artists
63 Travelling clowns out to spread joy to the wasteland, not very receptive so far
64 Religious performers sucker in audience with fun then start preaching
65 Travelling movie show set up theatre or drive-ins for country towns 
66 Bitter stand up comics riddled with vice and always speak in foul language
67 Travelling hobo band with home made instruments of the wasteland surprisingly good
68 Traveling talent show seeks to recruit attractive youths for inner city pimps
69 Sports team trying to get locals to play for bet d4 1=Turkey Shoot 2=football 3=murderball 4=deathrace
70 Travelling theatre troop actually a cult into ritual murder
71 Postal workers on delivery routs some on foot others on huge outback routes
72 Delivery driver mostly in vans with goods
73 Truck drivers out to relax after long journey
74 Armoured car drivers transporting cash, well armed and wary
75 Refrigerated food delivery drivers
76 Medical courier moving organs and medical supplies
77 Sanctioned op company crew meeting for big operation
78 Black market courier d4 1=drugs 2=vice 3=bootleg videos 4=bootleg guns
79 Cross country courier or decoys delivering packages no questions asked
80 Bus and taxi drivers plus passengers
81 Starving family with no idea about survival on the run from immigration camp
82 Elderly people on run from crisis
83 Children without parents on the run from slavers
84 Desperate refugees from zombie plague infected area
85 Family farmers on run from d4 1=gangs 2=zombi attack 3=mutants 4=cultists
86 Teachers from school with students on run from gang
87 Awol military on run from military disaster in disguise as farmers
88 Cult fleeing lynch mob, tell how rest of town were satanists tormenting them  
89 Clones escaped from medical corp who are very keen to get back 
90 Workers escaped a site disaster and fleeing gangs
91 Deputy sheriff among armed farmers
92 Militia recruits in casual clothes
93 Militia vets in uniforms looking out for trouble makers
94 Militia off for beer after target practice
95 Militia incognito lookin fer weirdos, cultists, hobos or city folk to blame stuff on
96 Local cops in civies looking to relax but wary of outsidrs
97 Local mobsters running protection racket and collecting fees
98 Military taking break in between working on d4 1=mutie cull 2=feral animal cull 3=disaster relief 4=hunting zombies 5=building structure 6=reruiting
99 Militia transporting supplies some relaxing others on guard
100 Sanctioned ops d4 1=on mission but playing cool 2=scouts 3=suicidal mission 4=drunk

d100 Childhood Tragedies for High Barbarians

Starting VIKINGS2 game Sunday. Will prep minis - make ship cut outs.

Got some chinease made cheap soldiers on ebay with half figures are space marines in 4 poses - a running guy with gun, a squatting guy with bigger gun, a weird big gun with a cable connected to mans belt and a guy who could be a battlesuit or heavy space suit. All in sealed suits and good to have rare SF units. 4 poses of USA retro guys  handy for boilersuit goons in volcano bases and wargames with kids. About 80 space guys and 80 army goons in green for under $20 on ebay. A lil crude, but cheap green army man vibe some kids will like. I might paint space ones into factions.

This is for the more advanced barbarians who may not write but practice a advanced degree of culture and are not nomadic or primitive. Barbarian of this type might innovate some technology over civilized city states or empires.

d10  Childhood Tragedies for High Barbarians
1 Near Death

2 Battlefield horrors
3 Feast hall drama
4 Wilderness tragedy
5 Raiding enemies
6 Clan law
7 Clan and court life
8 Will of the gods
9 Spirit world
10 Magic problems

d100 Childhood Tragedies for High Barbarians
01 Terrible sea accident or weather killed everyone but you
02 Interclan blood feud warfare killed your family
03 Monsters from the hills came and killed your family
04 Your nation was conquered and most of your kin killed
05 Strangers bought a terrible plague wiping out your village home
06 Winter was relentless and many died in harsh long cold
07 A kinsman became a monster and killed all in your home
08 A kinsman started a feud with a non human who killed your clan
09 A terrible invasion of your clan land exterminated you all
10 Families land sloughed off hillside and into the sea or crevice killing all
11 Saw your family murdered in front of you by invaders
12 Your home has burned with your clan inside by enemies
13 Enemies abused and killed your loved ones in front of you 
14 Your clan wiped out attacking a well prepared clever enemy
15 Your clan tricked into suicidal charge you were too wounded to join
16 Spells destroyed your clan in a great destructive attack
17 Clan leader by taboo act then cursed and fell in battle, whole clan butchered
18 Cursed treasure seized by kinsmen doomed whole community
19 Clan all murdered by enemies d4 1=impaled 2=burned 3=torn apart 4=beheaded
20 Clan backed loser in a tribal feud, picked off one by one and you were sent away
21 Family stabbed at noble dinner table for some error of manners
22 You were tortured for entertainment at a feast
23 Mass poisoning at feast you survived, others suspicious it was you
24 Your poem offended wrong person and you were publicly thrashed and beaten
25 Banished by ruler for your unwelcome comment at a feast
26 Met attractive lover at feast then stabbed by their family who hate your kind
27 Leader cursed by god feast hall attacked by monsters
28 Enemies spoke falsehoods about you at feast and lord had you tortured
29 Enemies attacked feast and killed all but you who escaped badly burnt
30 Ruler offered you marriage deal you refused, now your lord wants you dead
31 While crossing mountains you were separated and lost for months alone
32 While crossing mountains your friends were all killed only you returned
33 While following a valley your band were kidnapped by bandits for 1d4 years
34 Found a great treasure but guardian monster came and killed you band
35 Found a lost dungeon but only you got out alive
36 While camped in ruins cultists caught and killed your friends
37 Monsters eliminated you band d4 1=dragon 2=giants 3=trolls 4=ogres
38 Lost in a cave for years tormented by horrors of underland
39 Trapped in lost valley of d4 1=dinosaurs 2=undead 3=cavemen 4=goblins
40 Chased across distance by monsters for days, lost many allies
41 Raiders killed and maimed many of your kin and nearly got you too
42 You were raised by invaders who stole you from your own family and killed them
43 Many of your clan and loved ones were carried away into slavery by a foreign king
44 You and your mother were stolen by raiders and you were raised by horrible clan
45 While raiding a village you were separated from your war band and lost in foreign land
46 While on raid you were captured and lived among your enemies for years
47 While on raid you were captured and imprisoned and tortured by your enemies
48 While on raid discovered villagers were actually cultists, demons ate your war band
49 While on a raid you were turned into a farm beast and were used by farmers for years
50 Raid on monster lair, band betrayed by wizard who stole relic and left you all to die
51 You killed enemies in self defence, you were bankrupted in court as you struck first
52 Your father and brothers were killed by clan leader after being found guilty in rigged trial
53 Jealous neighbor lied in court, seized your land, and made your family wretched paupers
54 A enemy lied about you in court and you killed them illegally and were exiled
55 You had a trial by combat and won but foes clan made trouble for you and clan
56 You were accused of witchcraft and survived trial by ordeal, you hate your tribe now
57 A lover claimed you promised to marry them in court and you had to flee
58 Your family disowned you in court  after you failed to save several siblings
59 While clans met to solve legal disputes you were accused of murder and had to flee
60 A noble wanted your clans land so bribed others to make lawsuits against you
61 Fought with a sibling and killed them, family curse you
62 Lost a duel, your reputation was ruined and land robbed and family left you
63 Lost a bet at a animal fight and lost everything, you sure fight was rigged
64 Family sold into slavery due to bad debts
65 Your clan were resettled into a new land, all tragically tormented by unwelcome locals
66 After father killed mother re married a rich man and sent you away to live with kin
67 A parent had a scandalous affair causing divorce and leading to bloodshed
68 You were given to enemy clan to ensure peace, one of theirs was raised in your place
69 You were secretly adopted, your family were killed after failing to take a leaders power
70 A noble claimed you as their property and you were enslaved and mistreated
71 You offended a wandering god in disguise and they cursed you to never return home
72 Your kin broke out with cannibalism and then wendigos, you managed to escape
73 A kinsman worshiped a bad god or spirit in disguise, other suspicious of your kin
74 A god struck down your clan leader sending you all down into ruin
75 A god saved you from a calamity that killed your clan, they may require you one day
76 An ancestor had a great relic and your male kin all died trying to find it
77 A god is said to be your ancestor but most don't believe it and heckle you
78 A parent angrily uttered blasphemy and were killed by the god, others disdain your clan
79 Clan said to have worshiped blood thirsty forgotten gods and mated with beast men
80 Your family changed faith and became hated by clan so moved away to new land
81 Shaman gave bad prophecy about you and you were exiled
82 Wise woman said at birth you would attract trouble so family left you exposed to die
83 Ghost of wronged kin constantly torments you for justice which made you a outlaw
84 A forest spirit almost killed you as a child for using bad language in the woods
85 Ghost has taken several of your kin and friends and made them suicide in front of you 
86 Ancestor spirits seek ancient wrongs righted, would cause problems for your clan status
87 A bad shaman sent disease, madness and hungry spirits to your family for some wrong
88 Bad shaman demanded a consort from your kin, since has tormented them for refusal
89 Spirit animal constantly causes your clan trouble for some strange deed
90 Family barn troll saved you from horrible murder of your family
91 A bad magician robbed your clan graves, now they serve him as living dead
92 A wizard betrayed your family and stole one of your siblings as a lover
93 A witch seduced a parent, later your family were killed by mob looking for witch
94 Enemies paid a sorcerer to fireball your family home killing many kin
95 Faerie folk lured away or kidnapped your kin away leaving you alone
96 You were left family cursed item and you are now it's bearer
97 You spent d4 years as a wild beast in the forest before being restored to human
98 A wizard led your band to a dread ruined island of the elder gods, most died horribly 
99 You slept in a sacred place and dreamed of horrible pre human times and lost ruins
100 One of your parents or step parents was secretly a evil spell caster

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Porc N Orc Talk inspired by Dyvers

Some old and new stuff on Orcs after i realized mine might be a good mix of oldschool and gonzo 80s Brit fantasy gaming style cliches, plus some other stuff

Generally shorthand for a horrendous savage brute good at killing

You can generally feel not so bad about killing and robbing orcs
They are not a proper race even right? 
I mean wizards can make them (a 3rd lv spell with variations)

I have lots of orcs of different tribal types and I generally make them a variants of my BX beast-man class (barbarian is another variant). Players like to know difference and find some tribes ok. A player recently married several orcs then became one over about five level play time. He now has a nice dungeon but seeks life extension powers. Orcs make up 20-40% of the human population in my setting. The campaign is based around a horrible LE city full of pirates and rumoured to be ruled by the Devil. The city has orcs do most military duties and orc nobles are respected.

However they are brutal thugs even the civilized polite ones. They can be honorable but are anathema to humans in many ways. They eat disgusting things and are feared in war as killer brutes. New orc tribes boil up from the deep or a wizards spawning pits every decade.

They are mostly worshipers of devils or the dead or spirits of war. Many orcs are even non believers in worship as no god ever really helped them. Other orc variants serve demons or chaos or elder daemons. A great orc earth goddess mother draws power from the earth and spirit world she uses orcs as defenders of the wild ways. They don't even hate elves and have been seen with them hunting humans. Orcs sacrifice blood and bless blood not holy water. Their gods prefer murder for food and like hoards of gold.

Only Traditional Orcs, the Barron of Shadelport and his licensed representatives may legally make orcs. Orc kind had no females for early existence until orcs of different tribes learned to make females by different means or heroes wished for females from the gods. More recent orcs learned to wish for better spells to make females instead of a few wives. Eventually Orc heroes learned they could marry minor earth goddesses and this type became quite fecund. Being more nature worshipers with druidic rather than clerical powers for the rare elite magic orcs. Many older orcs take up magic late in life (change class to priest or druid or sorcerer or wizard). Others will seek the more skilled professions as a thief or warrior or some other class. Orc monks?

So orcs start as beastman then continues going for d12 HD per level and other advances as a beastman but can change class at some point to specialize and become professional i the human world. Ive been describing my beastman class as abhuman more because it has come to include more weirder things like rock men or tree men or other non beast based races like on Planet Mongo. Also orcs can interbreed with beastmen like the swine headed orcs plague years ago. This can create many interesting orc beast hybrids and allows for more decent breeds of beastmen by contrast. Orc breed with goblinoids too and many think they are a sub form of goblinoid as hybrids so common in some places.

What would orc bards be like? Orcs are very vocal and like drums, chanting, horns, screaming and swearing. Humans find it rattling and unnerving. Orcs are impatient and many stupid ones have tantrums and do stupid things. They are jealous of all other races and can be spiteful. They are very loyal and obedient servants. If orcs feel mistreated they will look for weaknesses and opportunities against the leaders. They are all highly political which helps them avoid killing each other (other races or tribes need not apply for this benefit).

Orc style food is one of the top ten preferred eating styles of Shadelport Many humans have learned to live off it or feed to their kids "no6 Orcish style is cheap, healthy, flavorsome: olives, bugs, rodents, chilli, potatoes, eggplants, mushrooms, worms, radishes". They like things to be dark coloured and oily. Char grilled is a prefered cooking style but boiling and frying and earth ovens are a favourite. Orc like to spitroast their victims. Many dishes salted or pickled in vinegar which can make more palpable for humans. Chaotic orcs are riddled with disease and parasites but lawful ones are disciplined and have better good hygiene and surgery.

Orc tribes of the underland sub breeds hre too on this broken boss monster class table set
Old races including orcs

Goblins, hobgoblins, dryads, elves, hobbits, gnomes, trolls, ogres, changelings, beast men lived in a golden age when beasts and plants ruled the world before humans. Orcs like humans were born at the end of this age. Elves invented spells to make orcs as a way to use their own dead in desperate times. The came to regret this when evil ones learned how to do the same. Many later traditions did diferent things. The first Orc were sexless but later versions created all orcs as males. These orcs were created to out breed and fight their enemies. Modern orcs have used many secret tricks and means to create female orcs. With many tribes having gender equality in numbers, their are still many with no females in wilds using old spells. Natural reproduction is the most common means of breeding today by advanced tribes. Wizards will create orcs singly or en-mass still. 
Most created orcs feel some sense of obligation to their creators. Creators must be wary to dominate and train the orc quickly or they may turn on their creators. 

Also some orcs created gender changing spells to give their sub breeds females or mistreat prisoners. Supposedly is a spell to make orcs into humans.

1d10 Where do these orcs get females for tribal reproduction
1 Steal women from any other species and possibly turn to orcs with magic
2 Some voluntarily change sex with magic and are considered very heroic
3 Allied tribe with earth godesses who provides plenty of females
4 Some become functional hermaphrodites who can father their own children
5 Shaman or priest or sorcerer uses spells to reproduce tribe
6 Kidnap children of others to raise as own and use spell to change worthy ones
7 Leader must journey to gods home every generation to ensure gods provide females
8 Single orc queen lays lots of eggs sacs, one each day if fed enough
9 Leaders obtain a few females mostly for selves by trade and use magic to make orcs
10 Female tribe with little interest in fathers, raise children collectively

Some orc tribe females are indistinguishable and equal, they birth a single young
Others females have large hips, buttocks and breasts delivering multiple babies at a time
Some have multiple nipples like a sow and have litters of babies

A orc baby will survive newborn eating bugs, birds, mice and eventually finding a tribe.

Create Orc 3rd level Spell
Ritual takes 1 hour once materials ready
Material Components variable but include ritual use of relics from the dawn age, gestures, incense and some musicians with drums and gongs and chime and chants

Many variants of this spell but most turn a single corpse into a cocoon like sack that later splits when a fully formed orc bursts out. Each spell has a set form and colour that spell creates. Orcs all are inborn with sneak, hide, climb and learn the first weapons they are given rapidly.

d10 Spell type
1 Dead Elf to Orc spell as first used by elves creates a
 into a sexless orc 
2 Dead Human to Orc spell makes dead humans
 into a sexless orc 
3 Human to Orc spell turns a living voluntary 
(torture ok) human into a sexless orc 
4 Flesh to Orc spell allows maker to stitch up any meat to form a sexless creature
5 Blood to Orc spell mixes blood from a body with clay to make
 sexless orc 
6 Corpse Orc spell grinds up mummified bodies and form into sexless orc
7 Alchemical Orc spell uses 2000gp distillery and 100gp gold in chemicals into 
a M or F orc
8 Baby to Orc spell uses a human baby under 1 year into a grown 
a M or F orc
9 Clay Orc spell requires a life size figure of their sterile dream orc then animate, pottery skill helps
10 Bog to Orc the most recent spell allows you to form a male orc from natural swampy muck

Create Orcs 7rd level Spell
As above but makes one orc per level, more materials needed obviously

Monday, 4 May 2015

End of Babylonian game the Pix

 Kull and Ariana on dragon supporting troops

 Babylonian Chariot corp (Im using Assyrians for Army with Auxiliaries and Sumerians for armies  called from the city states of the south) - no horses as this in 1700 BC

Both sides represent - every civilization on the Mediterranean is Cockblocking Babylon!

 Good guys ready to kill all the foreigners in one swoop
Managed to bribe local Canaanites and Arab nomads to help them

 The crew waiting as each few inches moved and long range missiles fire turn by turn before anything exiting happens

Evil cultists are working behind lines! These serve Cthulhu but Ariana has had seashore cultists killed.(actually druids from HAT brand celtic command plus ladies from HAT's Warrior Queen Chariot set - presumably they are Boadicea and her daughters). These will be cultists in all my games.

Dragon destroyed lots of chariots and broke the enemy elite

You can see enemy elites up to something

Here is Hittite Wizard and his demons. Dragon flame and arrows and Javelins from flying heroes stopped him but pets managed a message to a weaker form of He who must not be named!

Oops Hastur is here and he is eating the faction that called him. I dare not let you see him with his face turned.

Nyarlathotep grew from someone among Egyptian standard bearers and observers

 A phantom mind sending from the house he lies dreaming in - heroes stopped the real thing coming

Ninurta in distance after Nyarlathotep and the dragon vs Hastur. 3xd100/d10 SAN checks

 So yes I have Cthulhu Wars which I could have gotten 70 bux cheaper but Ive been dreaming of this for ages. At least many amies good in my Rome game. Statue supposed wise man from nativity set I nicked. More like Sennacherib or some other Bastard king.  Big fun and awesome apocalyptic end for party. So my 1/72 mania got to flex its muscles and i got some pix.

A few more here

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Babylon Apocalypse War

Crikey I posted this a bit early withot any text so I better get going here

Party had a year or prep. Ariana went to spend time with Griffons. Kull spent time in Dragon Pits of Marduk, Pek persued the secrets of his god Ninurta and gained a spirit, Sobek had become a shaman, not by raw power than with expert ability in rituals and a bit of luck, Toth spent time speaking to the dead and Iltani had learned more sorcery.

So time to face the coalition. Egypt (With Lybian mercenaries). Tyre-Sidon (with a horde of Phoenicians, philistines and sea people). Hittite led group with Mycenaean pirates and Mitani Charots. The Heroes came with King of Babylon and the armies camped and awaited the right moment. Saw the enemy try to hire local Canaanites and some Arab nomads to fight so Ariana and Sobek managed to get then on side. Iltani turned a boy into a giant dove and linked him to king so he could observe the battle fro on high. She cast spell on the elite troops to be more deadly and formed several smoke clouds she formed into horrors. Pek turned into a eagle and spied on area and saw cultists on the sea shore summoning something. Ariana sent her loyal Mycenaean  pirates to kill the cultists. Toth snuck into camps of enemies leaving a Phoenician knife in a Egyptian general and poisoning the Phoenicians water. Pek as a bird would waylay baggage carts and one crashed once revealing a black faceless sphinx he thought familiar.

Finally the battle was afoot and hoards of enemy irregulars, Pek led a huge force of archers in the trees on edge of battlefield which did a lot of damage. Canaanites suffered the most. Sobek riding her terrorbird led lions she had trapped in pits and now controlled. Kull rode a dragon which swept towards a enemy position shielded by trees. Toth and Iltani rode chariots in close. Iltani drove her smokey horror phantoms but enemy leaders had prepared them for this trick. Each main enemy faction had a group of chanting magicians. As heroes army of Babylon marched forward  both sides ran low on irregular auxiliaries and the enemy lost chariots to the dragon. When the great factions clashed and Pek and Ariana flew with spells over the battlefield they saw they were going to win.

In the distance a horrid sound was heard from the sea.

The Hittite wizard had been killed but his familiars carried on the summoning, a weaker form of the unnameable one than desired had been called.

The Sea peoples wizards sacrificed their wild dancing girls and began screaming and their eyes bled. Their spell was diminished when Arianas prate crew killed the cultists on the sea shore a few miles away. A mere dream of a god was called.

Elder gods began to appear. Foul tentacled face god surrounded by yellow mist swept on his callers, devouring them. The dead wizards familiars were worshiping it the unnameable one. Nyarlathotep appeared from among the Egyptians growing from among the Egyptian heralds. The lord of chaos screeched and waved his face tendril at the sky. Cthulhu's cult had been stopped but a phantom dream sending came, increasing the pressure on the minds of men.

The soldiers snapped, screaming in all directions, tho battle was now a panicked mob screaming madly. Sobek snapped, she remembered long ago Nyarlathotep promised her power and now she was here to wait on him in person. As she rode her bird towards the crawling chaos, Toth snatched her from his chariot and fled the battlefield. Pek called on Ninurta and the god gave him a gigantic form like the god. Pek-Ninurta strode towards the crawling chaos with his holy mace. Kull never to be outdone called Marduk who merged him with his dragon. Ariana blasted Hastur with lightning and flew into the highest branches of trees. Iltani called Ishtar and was granted more energy to user her powers of sorcery to bear. She blasted Hastur with bolts of smoke from her smoke phantoms. Dragon breath singed Hasturs screaming face.

Cthulhus dream form faded and Nyalotep had shifted form and fired himself into interstellar space.

Hastur was blasted by spells and dragons before exploding into a foul yellow fog.

Only a few heroes walked from battle and that cursed place.

Pek was gone with his god.
Kull the dragon went to live in Marduk's dragon spawning pits as a stud.
Ariana, Toth and Iltani lived for decades un-aged before departing the world of mortals.
Thats right the noble richborn kids hogged the elixir of life they stole.
Ariana went to live in mountains with centaurs, satyrs and griffins.
Toth and his snake goddess wife went to live in a great cavern near the land of the dead
Iltani became a sorceress advising the Empire
Sobek was kept in a tower but some say she escaped and is now a witch
Fluffy the terrorbird has no known location

Running Vikings 2 next week - set 16 years after last party including their children

Viking Generation

DEX POW APP 3d6 minimum of 9
EDU 2d6
16+2d6 years old

One Magic System - Spirit or Divine (some others available - one player a were-wolf)
INT x10 in personal interest skills
EDU x20 formal education skills
(AGE-16) x30 career skills

Set Novgarod Russia in 1020's

If I run Babylon again will include more crazy magic and non humans and more fantasy
Will post photos tomorrow