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d100 Stuff Found on Apocalyptic Roadways

This is for stuff on roadside for rural areas and wastelands. As it is for Australia and my setting i might explain a few things. A Swagman is a traveling homeless person who makes a living doing odd jobs and farm work, usually bearded men with sack with a billy (a metal pot), tea, tobbacco, a bed roll, a lighter and not much else. In my year 2000 setting there are many animals recreated from prehistory. Some in wildlife parks gone feral. Others released by Green Fist a pro nature first terrorist org. The tasmanian devils and tigers (thylacine) and marsuipial lions are not the worst. Komodo dragon size goannas can smell a wounded person for miles and love smell of opened tin of fish. Nothing except near death deters them. At night you can hear the devils fighting over roadkill sounding like horrors.WIld Dingos might seak into camp to steal food too and if desperate might attack. Huge mutant "Devil" dingos have been seen.

Rural areas in hills and ranges around cities still a bit green every 25km
Wilderness with grass and trees every 50km
Wasteland mostly desert and dried crap every 100km

d10 Quick Version

1 Roadkill
2 Corpse
3 Pedestrian
4 Animal
5 Car Wreck
6 Other Wreckage
7 Goods
8 Nature
9 Ruins
10 Buildings

d100 Stuff Found on Apocalyptic Roadways
01 Squashed small animal like possum, rabbit, fox, cat
02 Squashed medium animal like pig, wombat, grey roo, small deer, goat or dog
03 Squashed large animal like cow, red kangaroo, large deer, horse, emu
04 Animal that appears dead blocking road but leaps up and attacks with final breath
05 Road crawling with cane toads, mice or other plague
06 A medium or large animal runs straight at car from out of nowhere
07 Local people scraping up road kill hungrily for a feast, welcome to join in BBQ
08 A strange tentacled mutant corpse nobody can identify
09 A strange mutant attacks travelers out of nowhere throwing itself hungrily at vehicles
10 Road kill being eaten by huge goanna, wild dogs, tasmanian devil, thylacine, marsuipial lion
11 Corpse tied to chain horribly dragged on road ill dead
12 Dead cop nailed to fence or telegraph pole or crude crucifix made from wrecked vehicles
13 Decapitated motorcyclist, wire across road will damage anything at biker neck height with speed
14 Scene of biker battle 2d12 corpses of several gangs 1in6 still have loot on them and a few bikes
15 Row of crucified gang members picked at by crows
16 Remains of cult ritual sacrifice
17 Human skeleton with last shred of flesh being chewed by wild animals (see 10)
18 Body of bound and gagged person d4 1=business man 2=farmer 3=teen girl 4=child
19 Parachute with corpse hanging from tree or or telegraph pole
20 Corpses rotting in trees pecked by birds d4 1=bikers 2=farmers 3=pilgrims 4=city folk
21 A hitch hiking teen aged girl on he run 1in6 she is a serial killer looking for victims to avenge herself
22 A cop who lost his bike and was left here by gang
23 A biker ditched from his gang for some infringement 1in6 he is working with them for an ambush
24 A farmer who was carjacked and abandoned need to get home to save his family
25 A aboriginal hunter with his dog, a cheeky funny guy
26 A homeless swagman with backpack looking for work down to last teabag and scrap of flower
27 A farmer kid lazily risking life by hitch hiking despite what parents say
28 A teen looking to flee to big city where anything is possible
29 A smelly hobo with dreadlocks covered in dirt with everything hand made from scraps
30 A city person dehydrated looking for help since abandoned hours ago
31 Big aggressive red kangaroo will attack and disembowel anyone they can
32 Flock of crazily running emus with little sense of self preservation on road
33 Komodo dragon size goannas following crawling person off the road
34 Mutant horror lurking in grass using a human corpse with backpack as bait
35 Bog by side or road with semi submerged car, probable croc or 1in6 a mutant bunyip thing
36 Remains of zoo or nature reserve with possibly feral exotic non natives or reconstructed megafauna
37 Swarms of bugs, canetoads, birds, lizards, rabbits or rodents cover road attacking anything man made
38 Flapping mutant water leaper horror attacks car but escapes to water if harmed badly
39 Staked out bodies crawling with ants left by some gang
40 Several bikes on road side with no bodies, if investigated giant man sized scorpion or spider attacks
41 Burning car with suicide body of working dad inside, 1d4 kids looking on crying
42 Car wrapped around telegraph pole (concrete in Sth Australia) d4 bodies with 1in6 of one alive
43 Broken car with several city folk died of exposure and no water
44 Abandoned car with amazingly crude bush mechanic repairs like grass filled tires
45 Interceptor with engine idling, actually a trap left by gang explodes when senses human near
46 Abandoned renegade off road vehicle, contaminated and radioactive
47 Abandoned farmer work utility vehicle with dead farmer outside, deadly snake or spider inside
48 Burned out wreck riddled with bullets and possibly rocket damage
49 Car or bike in tree with remains of impaled driver who accidentally made jump somehow
50 Car flipped over with unconscious wounded outlaws, actually rigged to blow by enemies or mad cops
51 Wrecked bus with dead passengers and looted baggage 1in6 chance of finding d4 survivors
52 Burnt out wrecked semi trailer with some remaining scattered goods d4 1=dead animals 2=grain 3=crates of building materials 4=barrels of slurry ready to be converted to fuel
53 Burned out food caravan 1in6 with homeless swagman making camp inside
54 Semi trailor blocking road with 3in6 chance of gang in waiting with ambush
55 Burned out smouldering police vehicles 1in6 of badly injured cop nearby
56 Crashed plane wreck 1in6 with remaining loot
57 Crater with chunks of satellite 1in6 radioactive 1in6 with automated defenses
58 Construction vehicle wreck 1in6 with a feral kid living in remains
59 Farm tractor half buried in mud, some parts worth scavenging
60 Farm machinery in dump 1in6 with stranded gang member wounded in ruins recovering
61 Suitcases and personal baggage littered on road side with papers fluttering in the wind
62 Crates laying on corner dropped by truck d4 1=machine parts 2=food 3=ore 4=coffins
63 Bags of clothes and personal goods near unmarked fresh graves
64 Dozens of good condition tires of various types 12=2d12
65 Jerrycan loose on edge of road d4 1=water 2=gasoline 3=biofuel 4=liquid narcotics
66 Plastic wrapped bundle d4 1=bodyparts 2=drugs 3=stolen or counterfeit banknotes 4=rotten food
67 Plastic cases d4 1=organs 1in6 still fresh 2=electronic parts 3=record collection 4=medical supplies
68 Pile of rubble dumped d4 1=coal 2=ore 3=gravel 4=covering a reasonable condition car with body
69 Garbage bags if searched may find d4 1=edible sealed food 2=gun 3=body 4=electrical appliances
70 Buried cache, trapped d4 1=firearms 2=food and water supplies 3=dodgy explosives 4=drugs
71 Open cut mine, partly flooded with wrecks of vehicles and sheds lair of d4 1=animals 2=mutants 3=gang 4=ferals
72 Mineshack with shaft or tunnel lair of d4 1=animals 2=mutants 3=cannibal swagman 4=prospector
73 Sudden storm produces flash flood, gulleys become temporary streams and may block road
74 Geothermal vent bubbling with steam or mud
75 Smoke from burning coal seam in underground mine or gas vent with flaming pit
76 Bushfire or grassfire running rampant, poor visibility and air, possibly block road
77 Triffids around road will move to block path when sense cars and try to eat divers
78 Red weed a bioengineered pest covers everything 2in6 including road, may hide ruins or creatures
79 Radioactive or poison contamination leaves dead animals everywhere, will contaminate fuel plant if used as fuel requiring decontamination for whole car
80 Trees littered with bones and bodies, mutant or animals live in trees eating passing humans
81 Gas station long ago burned out inhibited by d4 1=animal 2=bikers 3=ferals 4=mutant
82 Old farmhouse inhibited by d4 1=crazy farmer 2=cultists 3=animal 4=feral kid gang
83 Schoolhouse inhibited by d4 1=feral kid gang 2=homeless swagman 3=mad teacher 4=cultists
84 Church inhibited by d4 1=mad priest/nun 2=cultists 3=mutant horror 4=zombies
85 General store inhibited by d4 1=traps 2=swagmen 3=feral clan 4=gang
86 Farm shed inhibited by d4 1=swagmen 2=feral clan 3=homeless farmers 4=outlaw gang
87 Bunker built by survivalists inhibited by d4 1=mad survvalists 2=gang 3=cult 4=ferals
88 Toll station inhibited by d4 1=homeless swagman 2=stranded trucker 3=highwaymen 4=mutant
89 Compound of wrecked buses and vehicles with feral gang living in wrecks
90 Ruined pre 20th C farm building of stone inhibited by d4 1=swagman 2=animal 3=cult 4=mutant
91 Gang fort with walls built from trash and wrecks where gang rule area from and raid others
92 Fortified police precinct with garage and automated weapons and drones
93 Bunker where survivalists gang rule area from
94 Corporate compound with mercenaries at gatehouse to fenced property
95 Shanty town of nomads with vehicles in circle around tents, willing to trade
96 Mutant hovels and humpies by roadside where they beg from passers by or toll them
97 Aboriginal settlement with portable housing and sheds, wary of white folk causing trouble on their land
98 Food caravan with truck selling food and drink, popular with locals
99 Roadhouse restaurant with fuel station and garage, surrounded by fence with guards
100 Truck stop with concrete bunker, tucks, diner and machine gun nests in towers

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BRP BABYLON DYNASTY: Halls of the Damned

A player described the setting as like dnd with history which i don't really mind. Now up and running fine. Party spent a few days in Uruk and Iltani gathered tablets from the great temple of Ishtar before returning to Babylon. Re met barbarian Pek who joined group for new mission.

Toth (Steve) Half Egyptian Nergal Cultist has taken to wearing a vampires black kilt, blackened armour of noble quality and a huge khopesh. Keen to serve the lord of death and keep the underworld secrets from mankind.

Iltani (Olaf) Sumerian daughter scribe of Ishtar cult mother divorced from father, good with rod and dagger, has a daughter and is divorced, receives alimony payments from Sumerian husband. A devout scholar and Ihtar cultist seeks knowledge in all forms.

Sobek (Hanna) Amorite chariot driver and archer whose clan worship lion ancestor. Her ancestors to west had some Egyptian links but have fled from west as Egyptians pulled out. Is good with animals and likes taking responsibility for livestock captured and donkey carts. Father allowing her to practise drive Sumerian battle donkey waggon with a team of four. Loaned a slave to drive other donkey cart and care for animals. Still looking for religion.

Kull Draco (Andrew) a Gutian huge brute kin of the bear totem caries a huge battle axe. Interested in status and respectability, told by priests of Marduk should marry a Babylonian girl and be civilised. Not totally convinced but tempted to by a slave free her and marry her as nobody will marry a savage ugly illiterate Gutian.

Pek son of Farg a wild Kassite barbarian archer and initiate of Ninurta, slightly better assimilated than other barbarians. One of last clans to remain wild while others assimilated for hundreds of years. Wishes to be a mighty hero and monster slayer

So Father of the civilised adventurers had heard reports of barbarian and nomads driven to the land of two rivers by drought in the wastelands and possible Elamite invasion. Also increased supernatural encounters everywhere and bad omens. Told of a possible pre flood ruin by Shepperd-trader camp in west so sent the party with barbarian scouts. Also loaning them the donkey battle waggon Sobek was training with as she had taken to brilliantly.

Party set off with normal donkey cart in rear with slave to drive and Kull with his dog. While out of site of of civilisation saw some hunters and spoke to them. Were Amorites so sobek tried to befriend which didn't do so well till she gave them a live marsh hen. They told of a ruined shack to south west and a well to north west on way to tent town. Decided to see if well in good condition. When close set slave to watch cart and battle waggon went ahead. Then Kull and Pek sneaked out ahead and saw a multi racial band of Gutians, Amorites and fair Hurrians.

Informed the rest in the battle waggon then went back to ambush the bandits guards. Pek shot and killed one and injured another and Kull hacked other to death. The drunken bandits did not hear. The victorious men split up and got close to camp and could hear the battle waggon coming. By time the bandits aware of danger arrows and javelins struck them. They formed a wall of sword and shield men in front and had slingers and javelin men behind. Pek kept shooting them while Kull charged with his dog. The battle waggon trundled around them and Iltani jumped off and charged. Toth threw javelins and the combined missiles of party whittled the slingers down. Bandits drunk and unlucky. One fell over and stayed down in fear.

Kull got up close to attack as battle waggon zoomed past. Toth swung fron the safety of the car and killed a swordsman. Sobek steered the cart over the downed wounded slingers. Then went after men who fled and ran one more down. Iltani dodged a sling stone and sent curses to demoralise the men. Several more fled and Pek shot them. Finally bandits surrounded. Iltani got Pek to stop killing the wounded but Sobek put several run over out of misery. Three men in walking condition were tied to waggon.

Found six loads of barley, a merchant suit and some jugs of beer and a goat. Well in good condition and camped and drank the left over beer. Kull convinced a gutian prisoner to behave and he could get a job like he had. In morning dropped slave in well with rope to trawl through rope and he found tablets. Some just records but several with exorcism ritual instructions to cure a type of disease spirit.

By lunch arrived at herder encampment and met chief. Toth as the most noble with the big sword was asked to behead the uncooperative bandits in front of crowd and he put on a adequate show. Vultures snatched the heads and flew off with them. The gutian bandit was put to work and agreed to behave. Shepherd kids selected to show the ancient tell (ruin city mound) and the hired men with some of grain to watch the donkey cart and battle waggon. Also received a goat for stopping bandits which Sobek pleased by.

Searched the mound and Iltani found a snake headed idol. Toth found a carved bone gazelle and Pek found a pot decorated with goat men. Kull pulled out some bricks from side of mound and found a great hole. The party lowered themselves in and Iltani noticed old Sumerian like architecture. Wandered in long forgotten gall and heard howls. Found tracks of men but Nergal could tell had long toe nails. Sobek shuddered at howls and all readied themselves. Sobek waned to flee but Kull got in her way.

Ghouls charged screaming and Toth recognised they were corpses possessed by bad spirits. The fiends showed little restraint and were cut down. One had bite parried by Kull who managed to cut upper skull free from its jaw and brought another down.  Pek got off an arrow before one snapped at him and broke its teeth on Pek's buckler in his bow hand. Sobek killed one but got clawed in the leg and went down.

Toth recovered his fear and killed one attacking him then killed one menacing Pek. Kull downed another and party hacked two dying wounded ones into chunks. Rested and went into processional hall. Where once was a statue tIshtar was a crude Ereshkigal Statue made from dung with owl guardians. Iltani knew this layout from her home temple. Went to great courtyard to find a great stinking pit. Most gagged at a bit and Toth and Iltani got head spins. They saw vapours take shape of smokey phantoms. Iltani threw up. Above it was great dome of rubble. Looked to where library should be and found room with shelves long decayed and piles of tablets in mounds. Heard a muttering and a glow over a mound.

While others prepared charms of protection, Pek scuttled up mound and saw emaciated librarian in priestess robes carrying a great staff with a cuneiform covered lead head. He fired a flaming arrow through it while others clambered up mound to follow. Sobek slipped and rolled down. Toth struck it and realised it had a mighty aurara of power, Iltani's curse of fear failed, the glow stripping the spells power. The other came and hacked at it and Toth was badly hurt in the leg and crawled to safety. The mummified priestess fell and was smashed to mummy dust and broken bones. Took her lead capped maul and headband. Found some interesting books but best included letters from last days of pre flood times recording bad omens and the gods with holding their power.Also a sorcery spell on a alabaster tablet.

While looked through tablets barbarian illiterates watched on guard. Heard moans from the huge pit. Pek fired burning arrow dawn and saw it shrink to nothing. Across pit heard slow moving hooves on brick. Pek and Kull went to see and saw a zombie Minotaur with a bronze double axe patrolling edge of pit. Party all spoke in fear but decided to fight. As they returned the minotaur saw the light this time as they were in his from and he charged. Iltani, Toth, Sobek and Kull threw javelins and Pek fired his burning arrows blessed by the spirits. The burning arrow struck its head that went up in a flash and burst to crumbling embers. The headless beast fell.

As they got close to recover javelins the headless thing stood and party freaked out. The were faster and rushed it. Kull cut it's leg and it fell. Heroes hacked and kicked and pushed it into the pit. As sighed with relief head foul wings from below coming up. So they fled, with Kull and Pek looking back to see harpy demons from the underworld come to slay defilers of the dead.

Managed to crawl outside and cover hole when felt earth shake and peak of the great mound collapsed, linking 40 metres and a great plume of dust rose into the sky. Returned to the tent camp and traded barley from bandits for cheese and feasted on camel. Next morning returned to Babylon to rest. Sold cheese and tablets then rested to recover from wounds.All gave thanks to the gods and sought wise ones to advise them on paths of power. The lead capped maul and Minotaur axe were enchanted. The circlet of the mummy was too with a healing matrix and magi battery which Iltani got as was a Ishtar relic. Sobek got the goats. Toth was just happy he got to help separate mankind from the underworld as it should be.

My meters per second charts for my roadwar game proved handy for the chariots too. Must read RQ3 Colosseum on chariots too.

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Roadwar Rules, Systems and Current Interests

So i lashed out and got the Rubble and Ruin PDF chaosium monograph on Drive Thru as price had dropped. Never seen much talk on it which is not a great sign. As a post apoc setting goes it is grittier than most, more like the Aftermath setting or a bit more advanced than mad max. It has lots of evocative ideas for societies, genetics, cyborgs and car fights. No mutants but it is only 20 years or so after he bomb but genetics and cybernetics is closed. Gets very close to modified animals but does not step far from the idea. As a BRP source book A little bit brief on some rules and rule mods from standard BRP I dont think are worth it. I think it has some good ideas to plunder for many post apoc and dark future settings. It has a campaign area and some adventures I cant really comment on yet.

A few other products that are handy too. My setting is cyberpunk in the walled cities and mad max outside. A bit of Judge Dredd even. So the Dark Future game by GW and supplements and white dwarf add ons are a must. The novels by Jack Yeovil are genius (really by Kim Numan probably one of my fave genre writers).

Death valley free prison for Iron Crown's Cyberworld setting is genius. Great evocative art of scratch built Mad Max flavour vehicles for a huge outdoor prison complex. Cyberworld game has a very underrated setting a biit more fun than most cyberpunk settings. This and Dark Future have inexplicable fortean events making the setting a bit weird and uncertain as to what could happen.

Cyberpunk has good content to steal for my outer cities but I always found a bit too clean and cool for me. plenty of Anime like Burst Angel did it better. I could add some stuff stuff from Chrome books in my setting easily. I would add more robotics (something cyberpunk lacks) and drones and even mecha. BRP mecha book is a reasonable book but Id probably have to change it a bit. Mekton the anime book from makers of cyberpunk pretty good too. I'm not adverse to having a transformable vehicle as a example of over the top car tech from a city.

I have stolen from Top Secret/SI and it's kind of proto cyberpunk setting F.R.E.E.lancers. The high stakes gamble has some good car related stuff in it. Once again a world in ruin, with companies and the rich sheltered from the worst effects.

GURPS Autoduel is great too. The 3rd ed has one of my favourite covers and suits of armour n a game product ever. I don't get why later ed did not use it. Setting has mix of pre or near apocalypse, companies, immorality and blood sports. The Carwars road atlases and Uncle Albert accessory books are good too. Some third part modules i need to inspect also.

Ill be presenting some vehicle accessory price lists then vehicle build rules soon. The game has a life of it's own now and if i get it working i might run as a con game or even a wargame. At least BRP works well with metric while i never liked straight d6 games like Traveller, GURPS and Carwars.

As my club old timer i am referred to as a simulationist. Despite best efforts to convert me to Gumshoe, FATE and Nemesis engines I find story games egoistic and dont feel risky. I even exaggerate my wounds in them and never feel like I will die. Im not a Killer GM and I run games to have fun but I want players to feel fragile and that a mistake will smear them or drive them mad. BRP does this well. Im also glad to feel my maths skills improve again as they had deteriorated with other systems. The criticisms I get about BRP I find funny because I remember games that sound like these accusations far more like FGU engine games with derived stats and 30 hit locations being run by war vets, survivalists and hardcore wargamers.

I still don't see how a game that everything you need is on the character sheet can be bad. Don't like skill curve - actually use mods. Don't know why you should care about stories in COC? Why do you need a mechanical nudge or not just write your way out like most scenarios actually do? Worst thing in DnD5 is the mechanical roleplaying nudge. If I really wanted to be an actor I would go act and I have been a performer. I can stay in character for hours but some cant. I don't want to play a disabled old guy all the time. I don't have room for costume as my books and art stuff take up too much of the cube i live in. One shots lack continuity I like, but are occasionally ok. Probably why board games dont do it for me. LARP vampire games popular with my friends but i just want to kill vampires and find these games are too player vs player, egoistic and resemple school, gang and workplace bullying too much to be fun or escapist.

Some players are smarter. Some are better actors and good at immersing in the setting. And some people like to be macho and be strong and carry big weapons and smash. That good variety to have at table. Players who want to jeopardise whole mission to role play or get too player vs player or just slow down game perhaps need more story based mechanics. I find some games like gumshoe to weaken game master agency, lack continuity (and limit improvement of characters over time) and to actually be more linear.

Im still playing TSR Marvel fortnightly but very combat oriented so less blog worthy.

Club will be moving soon from building I live in so probably will game a bit less and get back to writing, design and art and work as my health has improved. In a year or so will be interested in moving somewhere with more room for books and comics I can afford again where I can use spray paint without sabotage and whining from others.

Next year will do BRP Pulp and Rome settings possibly a stint at my Decopunk Cthulhu Metropolis which could morph into Flash Gordon. A straight SF would be nice too. Will still do my Exile Island DnD still and still interested in publishing stuff.

I will play DnD5 i think its good and i will get players book. About half the oldschool gamers I know are trying it and several club games converting from 4th ed. I dont really want to write for it yet but Im enjoying seeing what others do. BX is more heroic than BRP and handles my setting, Psychon and the more gritty/straight long stairs stuff fine. 5th ed is fine for me as a player but i crave oldschool still to DM, Its a bit too heroic for feel of my games and I play Marvel when I want that direction.

Tables below are for me BRP game. I use 1 second combat rounds which is pretty harsh. The other rule set I have is Recoil rules where most guns shoot same rate but get harder to hit more shots you take without stopping. Has not been a problem in play and players happy to take cover and rest a second. Has made big guns slightly less popular. Will detail somewhere soon. This sheet isn't perfect yet. Will do vehicle hit tables yet. Realised I could do WW1 planes with similar rules.

Friday, 22 August 2014

d100 Anacronistic Encounters for near that gateway

These left over from my long stairs game tables and i had to edit out of my redbrick encounters recently so here is a full table to add freaks from time and space in your dungeon.

I always loved the film Time bandits and the time travellers who all get horribly killed fighting evil.

Most games wouldn't suit this but Planet Psychon would.

Feel free to put gun users on last ammo supply.

Fragments for future anachronism encounter table

1 Frangarr - Bugbear pyro in Korean war helmet, with cigars and flamethrower and a few goblin "grunts"
2  Goblin with grenades suicide vest limping holds jewel and pretends to surrender
3 Kobold with dynamite and cowboy hat and lit torch demands you obey him
4 Goblin hero with SMG, confederate hat and goblin gang
3 Kundorg - Orc with assault rifle, 2 clips and one grenade, SWAT cap who uses his 6 men as distractions
4 Knuckles the goblin wizard with 1d6 dynamite sticks, pointy hat and several gormless students
5 Orc bandit is familiar with surface folk combat methods and has a flintlock pistol, smoke grenade, tazer, six pack of beer, machete and several young impressionable orc warriors awed by him
6 Bandit chief with captured other worldly arms including a vibrosword (2d6 rounds left), sonic blaster (d6 shots, works 50% of the time) and a flashlight followed by his bandits
7 Sargent Potter - AWOL sarge with 1d4 chaos mutations and his mutant grunts (one mutation each) long ago ran out of ammo but have rust guns with bayonets and gas masks
8 Private Stapleton - alone, afraid and shoots anything that moves but down to last clip in his rifle
9 Frogman hero with assault rifle and bottle of Whiskey, with frog men thugs who worship him as a god
10 Dark elf assassin with captured sniper riffle, climbing gear and dungeon-chamo gillies suit and a bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms
10 Yuri Konstanzin - Eastern European gangster hiding in dungeon with a scorpion machine pistol, has 6 armed orc bodyguards with rifles
11 Private Powell - AWOL surface soldier with rifle and 6 deep gnome techs with zip guns
12 Manx Steelskull - deranged cyborg lost in the wasteland with laser pistol instead of a hand, with gang of mutant mongrel cannibals
13 Karl Maximov - Euro mercenary with orcs and humans in bandit gang of hired killers
14 Black O'Donal black marketeer smuggler deals to corrupt local troops 12 hobgoblins with pistols
15 Nameless MIB goons with no nation of origin markings clues, government black ops agents with SMGs
16 Tentacled mutant with trucker hat with sexually crude slogan, has molotovs in old whiskey bottles, carton of cigarettes and and redneck goons with petty cosmetic mutations
17 Orcs with straw hats, missing teeth, neck beards, check shirts, armed with mix of wood axes and rusty double barrelled shotguns and moonshine in ceramic bottles looking fur purdy mouthed strangers
18 Goblins on roller skates with coloured wigs, and rusty revolvers. The leader has a Sony Walkman and headphones
19 Squad of troopers on patrol from experimental operations command looking for indigenous creatures to take prisoners, with rifles and machetes and bayonets
20 Bugbear bootlegging gangsters running interplanar hooch racket. With pinstripe suits, fedorsas, cigars, pistols and one with a tommygun
21 Bugbear cops with truncheons looking for gangsters or anyone who looks suspicious to them with pistols and one with a tommygun
22 Kobold youths with slings, molotovs, knives and balaclavas shouting slogans "death to oppressors!"
23 Orcs with white hoods, torches, clubs, pitchforks looking to cleanse dungeon of impure species like humans. All inbred and slightly drunk
24 Goblins with machetes and propaganda brochures warning them against communists and witches that threaten their way of life
25 Minotaur with a chainsaw and a eye patch, has a six pack of beer and bag of human flesh jerky
26 Orcs in riot armour with ballistic shields, truncheons and teargas, warn enemies to drop weapons then attack. Leader has a .22 pistol for executing captives
27 Goblins run begging adventurers to help vs strangers in area with odd weapons and customs (re roll for threat), explain strange magicians have decimated their tribe
28 Kobold kids with Halloween bags sorting 20th century candy from yearly inter planar trek
29 Stalkers in NBC suits and ak47's looking for loot they can sell back on Russian side of their gate
30 Zombie trench fighters from WW1 with gas masks and improvised weapons like entrenching tools, batons wrapped in barbed wire, rusty muddy broken rifles with bayonets  
31 Lost battered robot overjoyed to see human after years of wandering a post apocalyptic wasteland, programmed to cook and clean with d6 months power left
32 Lizard man master with a laser pistol and whip commanding band of degenerate lizardmen
33 Goblin child on tricycle with cowboy hat and toy cap gun surprises party, if left alive follows them calling their names out
34 High on drugs kobold gang with red shorts and braces, cleavers, and plastic mouse ears, sing "who's the leader of the gang?" as they attack
35 Dad and two kids from 20th C with hiking outfits and camping supplies lost while white water rafting in earthquake, possibly followed by cave person and dinosaur
36 Kobolds with shopping trolley full of 20th C food - claim the gods gave it too them
37 Nazi arctic expedition from 1938 capturing anyone they can to take home or for field vivisection, numbers are dropping and lost, possibly with crashed flying saucer
38 Cowboys who chased a small dinosaur into mists in a hidden valley now lost
39 Flight crew from WW2 hellcat squadron bewildered at how ended up here armed with pistols and flare guns
40 Lost doctor from Victorian London runs from strange fog, seeks help from pursuers, keen to get back to disemboweling prostitutes in own time or perhaps joining party if they seem into horrible murder too
41 Hear eerie chiming music and come across ice cream van or pushcart with kobolds operating it since they found it and ate owner, still plenty of frozen treats left till power dies
42 Eerie scream as glowing astronaut weights approach, nearby wreckage of a crushed space capsule
43 Savage apemen lost in the forbidden zone with rifles, truncheons and attack dogs trained to track and pursue humans
44 Future hate mongering dictator with masked inquisitors and beserkers lost in time wastes fleeing doomed civilisation with crude lasers and broad swords and flails
45 Future mutant evil brain in pepper pot shaped travel vehicle with laser and and single claw, hates all life and stair cases, accompanied by brutish ape men with pistols
46 Goblins with Beatles wigs, sunglasses, cigarettes, love beads, automatic pistols and guitars
48 Goblin in french maid costume with duster looking lost and forlorn
49 Duck beastman with trench coat, fedora and cigar trying to solve plane portal mystery
50 Dimensional refugees, home plane destroyed or enslaved, just ordinary families on the run
51 Squad from long lost destroyed civilisation led by a wizard, archaic weapons of very high quality, believe they can conquer these weak modern folk
52 Halflings from world where they are average height and rule supreme, disturbed by freaking giants in this world and hungry for snacks
53 Eldren in silver suits several with laser wands had mishap returning from the stars, more reliant on psionics or magic
54 Hungry morlocks left own world due to diminishing humanoids to eat, happy now hear, armed with wheel lock muskets
55 Biker gang from post apocalypse with horned helmets, mixed but poor quality weapons and outlandish armour cobbled together from remnants of past
56 Mobile intelligent triffids just want to get to good spot to breed and may try and just pretend to be immobile, communicate by telepathy
57 Warrior god from other world cut from source of power, he is rude, pompous and assured he deserves worship and obedience and he cannot be harmed
58 Kobolds on moped out of control, crash, blame humans and attack to death
59 Bunch of drunks staggering home from sport game with plush team mascots, signs, beer, trumpets, face paint and team shirts, rude to ant one they meet
60 Group of teen plane hoppers trying to find way home and have a gate detecting device, experienced at break and entry,sneaking, hiding and other thief and survival skills but avoid fights
61 Cyborg secret agent trying to assassinate mad scientist with gate machine and something has gone wrong, has a laser eye, dart gun finger, superior strength and resilience runs off atomic battery
62 Band of mutant adventurers one who can make gateways trying to go home, have mix of stone age and energy weapons, with scrap armour
63 Cyber Demon with minigun but only has ammo for few seconds of fire then relies on his chainsword
64 Band of changelings from faerie land in human form, all acting as travelling bards but really ethereal glowing elf like beings in true form, seek knowledge of faerie portal
65 Lost plane travelling plumber with gorilla and elf princess hoping to return himself and friends home
66 Crazed atomic cultists with pear shaped mutation bomb hoping to detonate near city to bestow blessing of the mutant gods on them
67 Team of plane hoppers including a psychic, a physicist, a archaeologist, a linguist and a secret agent who would prefer to keep travelling but could be convinced to stay
68 Black ops kill team with SMGs and tac nuke trying to seal the gate from this side but lost
69 Formarian warrior with his par fish part hound hunting beast shocked at world dominated by slave men, keen to establish a stronghold and breed with locals to restore his civilisation
70 Friendly time and planar traveller, eccentric but not really mere human, looking for help to close local gateway before something bad happens, might recruit a companion from locals when leaves
71 A orc super hero from other plane can fly, is strong, invulnerable and breathes fire. Disappointed by orcs status here, hopes to save them from being a second class race, allergic to electrum
72 Dark armoured troopers of elder god, partially on other plane are hard to kill but break down into bugs when they die, have spears
73 Large jolly bald man actually a intelligent shoggoth in disguise seeks to settle here and use gate to call through dark elder gods
74 Tentacled horror from beyond immune to normal weapons but not magic was guarding gate for cult or otherworldly masters but was lost chasing an intruder
75 A black monolith that keeps spawning monsters every hour, can teleport once a day, is sentient and telepathically will offer to use its powers to conquer the world in service to right master
76 A warlock sen here as banishment will pretend to be good and helpless but seeks opportunities for supreme power he encounters then betrays anyone to grasp power. Will use some of his dark powers to charm and cruelly destroy which might give him away, cannot enter hallowed ground
77 Witch pretending to be helpless woman really a evil hag, will accompany and even marry to fit in, eeks to establish herself as a great power or a dungeon boss. Banished by sisters for ambition
78 Plane traveller who is friendly and able veteran fighter, but concerned each wold he visits faces a great doom he must witness and try to stop
79 A 7 foot tall sorceress in royal robes with crown, feigns friendliness but is superior and commanding. Eventually she will expose herself and seek to obtain evil relics, banished from home and for her evil
80 Prince Valar the damned might be friendly but will seek out great evils to serve, he is reborn next dawn if slain so his home plane banished him. Has some honour but believes all must be under control of the mighty
81 Doctor Zacharia Jones from twentieth century with great genius but cowardly selfish greedy liar. Expert manipulator (especially of young and may think elves and hobbits are young) he tried to rip of aliens for cheap shot at power and wound up here
82 Battlesuit wearer from post apocalyptic world with jump pack and laser seeks to establish self as warlord before atomic fuel cell depleted, a stupid bully who only understands manly strength
83 Cold skinned pale humanoid friendly but nasty actually from plane of cold seeks to damage world o bring forth eternal winter
84 Trickster god looking for a laugh will follow anyone friendly and create additional threats and might aid them, depending on treatment may reward or curse companions before leaving
85 Arrogant youth with strange mental powers seems friendly and lost seeks respect first then love and fear before gods come to take him home
86 World emperor Zatan banished by his minions outraged at being a nobody here. A great warrior but arrogant and assumes all love him and will wish to serve him. Might learn a bit or go on some crazy scheme for power
87 Reptile men with serpent man wizard from dawn times outraged by filthy apes everywhere seek to awaken kin, enslave humans and breed with them to restore species
88 A crystal coffin with sleeping necromancer, banished by peers in ancient times. If opened seeks to great army and conquer, offer those who freed to be lieutenants and servants and lovers if pretty enough
89 Goat men cultists seeking gate they have dreamt of to help bring evil powers into the world, assume adventurers are enemies who will try and stop them
90 Grey skinned humanoid aliens, differing heights and some in silver suits with lasers. Most naked or in underpants and possibly with tools. Seek somewhere to camp, know many will die without home technology
91 Young witch boy with his hellcat seek protectors and a isolated village he can bend to will and use as a base to snatch power and spread his dark faith
92 Young warrior attractive but ignorant seeks teachers and friends, actually bastard of other planar being who has just escaped. If a good influence will resist evil parent otherwise will seek to out do and kill parent to take their plane
93 A attractive spell caster in royal robes seeks a quiet life and true love, parent a mighty planar despot with evil powers who will seek their rebel child in the future
94 A vampire seeking thralls to build  power base, might cooperate to get out of area
95 A fallen angel who wants to go home but knows is a reject, might try being good but will grow impatient and lash out. Is very attractive and finds earthly vice exhilarating
96 A cult seek to control gate as a scheme to gain power as directed by their master. Might ally with adventurers to cleanse area of competition
97 A demon has been released and daily grows in power. Is handsome and promises power to destroy enemies but just stalling. A great being of good is on way to stop him, the battle will be very destructive
98 A god in almost human form has come to usher in new age of terror and destruction. Awaits sacred vessels to arrive with relics to open more gateways, treats mortals like toys and seeks to wait undisturbed
99 A great wave of madness overwhelms area as elder god establishes foothold. Horrors of old times awake and come to serve it. It's power is linked to a monolith it requires to stay here
100 A great kaiju god beast comes to lay waste to world, gods send a being or one of own to fight it and request adventurers to damage the gate to weaken the creature

Thursday, 21 August 2014

BRP BABYLON: On the road to old Sumeria

First session was really just a character generation with the RQ3 intro adventure the money tree to teach system basics. Met a troll a duck and had a roc steal party donkey. The second session had them visiting the city Borsippa (dedicated to Nebo/Nabu the scribe god). Found references in the "brotherhood of briny wisdom" library exploring the wastes and hunting a haunted cave near a long destroyed village rumoured to have supernatural activity. Camped in ruins. Saw a creepy shadow move to Iltani's back while she drank from a well and all party broke camp and moved to hills. Found cave and killed goat men demons and found a pre flood vampire sleeping in a crystal coffin who they killed. Took his black rod of office and black woollen kilt.

I had some issues with 8 players and got grumpy. Two older players didn't like this so I've culled back group and got to five players with space for guests. Ran much more like i expected and got more done. Players getting into history more, less player vs player and less dnd type shenanigans. Have players interested in reading Hammurabi's legal code and other documents. One Player brought me Armies of the Ancient near East which has been a awesome read with good warrior kit of all the races I have in play.

Still have room for guest spots just need core players to be established.

I'm using notes from my 90s game of this for the clan consisting of a noble father with many children with slaves and foreigners.

Lord Mardukbanipal, Champion of Babylon, Landed Warrior, Aged 47

Townhouse with warehouse and garden on Nisaba Canal
Farmhouse on river with orchards, barley field and swine
500 head cattle with pastoral rights
300 head sheep with pastoral rights

The Family
Mishangal, 1st wife, Cursed invalid, fevered, possessed, aged 44
-Mushudad, 1st son, Noble and heir of clan, honourable, loves king, aged 28*
-Ibsima, 1st daughter, Married to priestly clan, wise and responsible, aged 26*
-Yesmina, 2nd daughter, Married to Malgelab merchant clan, aged 25
Matnashali, 2nd wife, Loves intrigue, superstitious, vindictive, aged 39
-Shamashbar, 2nd son, Honest, pious, friendly, unimaginative, aged 23*
-Ninsalmis, 3rd daughter, Flirt, daddies favourite, dangerous, aged 22*
-Nergalmar, 3rd son, Violent, vindictive, worldly, rude, charismatic, aged 21
Enlilabdar, Uncle, veteran, loyal caretaker of estates, dwells on riverside estate, aged 47
- married (twice), six children (mmffmf), thinks too many women are trouble
Sinmat, Aunt, ex-Ishtar acolyte, now household scribe, , aged 44
-adopted 2 daughters, trained as scribes, Ishtar initiates, unwilling for them to marry
Marsaddru, Uncle, veteran, dock foreman, treasurer, warehouse master, aged 43
-divorced three times, now married to marsh girl slave with two young daughters
Sidaru, Aunt, widowed, runs sly grog shop and flophouse on the docks, aged 41
-2 sons in the court of the king who occasionally visit, prefers clan house to palace life

Party Members in the Family 
Toth (Steve) Half Egyptian Nergal Cultist has taken to wearing the vampires black kilt and wears blackened armour of noble quality and a huge khopesh (well most use short swords and daggers)
Iltani (Olaf) Sumerian daughter scribe of Ishtar mother divorced from father, good with rod and dagger, has a daughter and is divorced, receives alimony payments from Sumerian husband
Ariana (Andz) Minoan raised daughter has been leading crew of Mycenean Pirates, Adad cultist, a sword woman

Hired Barbarian Guards - scouts and skirmishers
Sobek (Hanna) Amorite javelineer and archer whose clan worship lion ancestor. Her ancestors to west had some Egyptian links
Kull Draco (Andrew) a Gutian huge brute kin of the bear totem caries a huge battle axe

Are some others but will list later.

Instructed to research increases in supernatural menace since Hammurabi's death.

Forces of chaos swelling across the land, omens of evil abound.

On way to Kish (12k down road) youths attacked and were easily defeated and captured. Handed to city gate guard. Barbarians wanted to sell as slaves but life isn't that easy when your civilised. Things catch up with you.

The Sumerian king list states that Kish was the first city to have kings following the deluge, famed for red bricks. Patron god Zababa a form of Ninurta here is married to Ishtar, the local version of the Earth goddess was a deified ruling queen. There is a large Ishtar ziggarut outside of town and a Zababa one inside. Sargon of Akkad came from here, possibly source of Akkadian language a thousand years before. Days of power long gone still city of great fame and all emperors and conquerors covet to be king of Kish.

In kish the source of kingship were greeted by family trade house staff and met ally of Fathers, Ududu who welcomed the party and took to his home for dinner. Flirted with Ariana but wary so he slept with Amorite body guard instead. All heard of trouble in a brick mine. Villagers mining pre flood bricks found cursed tomb
battled a demon. It had lion face, bird feet, bristly haired body and a snake for a phallus. It's terrible scream wracked them with fear but they slew it. Toth damned it to Nergal as he hacked it up. Sealed tomb and left city.

Next on to Nippur the city of enlil. More truly Sumerian but very cosmopolitan. Like Kish all coveted the city for symbolic power, an important holy city. Since rise of Babylon Nippur is a bit run down but has a impressive ziggarut and walled holy quarter. A great ishtar temple was here also. Enlil was former supreme ruler but Marduk god of Babylon usurped ultimate power. A religious festival was in progress and statues of gods were being carried through streets and in barges to visit each others temples.

10km south is a great cult distribution centre of tithed livestock and tablets the party passed.

Went south to Larsa and were watched by bandits who fled when they saw well armed fearless party advanced on them. In Larsa saw ziggurat to sun god Uta (Shamash in Akkadian).

Next to Ur where saw the great ziggarut of Sin the moon god which impressed all.

Then finally to Eridu the holy sity of Enki to study for several weeks and bathe in sacred baths of his temple. Several earned divination techniques. Ariana learnt weather divination from Adad shrine and Iltani learnt to read dreams. Barbarians met Gutian mercenaries who told that Elamites were preparing for war and recruiting Gutian troops. Several took time to study Sumerian. Invited three Adad cultists to join them on road. took more dangerous wasteland edge route.

Back to Ur briefly then to Uruk but avoided Arab scouts. Barbarians archers threatened party but they charged.bandits hurling javelins and firing back. Sobek killed leader with javelin through chest. Several party members went through marsh and cover of reeds but realised slowed them down too much. Party ran them down beating them and chased some through reeds and marsh defeating them and robbing their camp.
 Men were Gutians who told how steppes had poor rain and hungry nomads and tribes looked to cities and river peoples to rob.

Arrived in Uruk and admired ancient walls built by Gilgamesh and shrines to it's divine kings of old and Ishtar and other goddesses. The great white pier where Ishtar brought secrets she stole from Enki after the flood.

Then back through Borsipa and to Babylon to inform dad of their discoveries and experiences.

I overlapped about 20 maps and found none fitted exactly - all distorted and slightly incompatible. Best city map from a book I photocopied from Adelaide uni 20 years ago with a hundred cities on it. Populations generally 10-50 000. Babylon I have made biggest as it is centre of the world and all.

Game was good and feels like working like I want.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

d100 Secret Rooms

I have players that always search for secret rooms and occasionally they roll very well and i want to reward them. These shouldn't upset your dungeon too much. Most not especially rewarding with the more gonzo results last.

You could put 2d6 of these on a level for a quick bit of dungeon filler.

In my friend Herbie's fighting fantasy game sub tunnels are under every level where monsters spy on intruders, first aid teams hide, monsters change costumes to pretend to be new monsters and all kinds of troubles.

Inspired me to do a shrine generator later.

1d10 So now you have found door now what?
1 Simple mechanism easily opens
2 Difficult to find opening mechanism requires second search or loud smashing to open
3 Door is locked
4 Door is alarmed and signals other area if opened secretly
5 Door is alarmed or very noisy may alert others or occupants
6 Door is trapped
7 Door is jammed, possibly spiked from inside, need to be forced noisily
8 Door requires a puzzle to open
9 Door opened by mechanism somewhere else
10 Re roll 1d3 times, if get 10 again then cursed or magically trapped

1d10 Quick secret room
1 just a hiding space for small goods
2 a cramped hidey hole
3 a hidden closet
4 a small cell
5 a tiny store room
6 a medium store room
7 a large store room
8 a passage way
9 stairs up or down
10 strange magical chamber

d100 Secret Rooms
01 Cache of monsters emergency healing potions
02 Toxic slime spills out if opened
03 Cache of drugs and paraphernalia like smoking pipes
04 Bottles of grog
05 Jars of fermented sauerkraut, pickled eggs and gherkins
06 A map, tablet, scroll in a tube or book
07 An invisible imp hides inside and follows whoever frees from silver sealed door
08 A rat nest swarm out
09 A speaking tube to distant part of dungeon
10 Large toad sits blinking
11 Cowering blubbing humanoid cries for mercy
12 Kobold with spyhole, dagger, sleep gas vial and antidote pill
13 Filled with bones which leap out if opened to form 1d6 skeletons
14 A dead priest curled up tight, could not get out and died hiding in here
15 Hostile dust devil, a tiny air elemental
16 A scarecrow or hideous dummy falls onto who opens door 1in6 a lesser golem
17 Rotten corpse with purse falls out, horribly infected with parasites like worms
18 Gagged prisoner stuffed in hole
19 Nest of gremlins scurry everywhere including adventurers belongings and clothes
20 Cache of monster costumes, masks, bandages and makeup
21 An apprentice with a sleep spell and a dagger and a spyhole
22 A forgotten crypt where a evil wight has slumbered for decades till now
23 An assassin with a spy hole, poison darts and a garrotte
24 Cache of rations like dried meat, fish or groats
25 Cache of weapons and ammunition
26 Barrel of water with drinking cup attached with chain or hanging on hook
27 A stinking lavatory of some kind such as a hole or pot
28 Cache of lamps, oil, candles, flints and fire wood
29 A barred, locked and trapped display case with a magic item inside
30 Cache of silver arrows or quarrels, a silver dagger and wolvesbane
31 A bugbear hit man with a collection ho human heads and a spy hole
32 Six loaded crossbows tied to chair with strings tied to triggers attached to door or held by kobold
33 Toxic fungus releases spore clout if exposed to light or movement
34 Cache of trap repair tools, trap ammo and spatulas for scraping up adventurers
35 Cache of cleaning supplies like mops, buckets, rat traps and fermented urine
36 Cache with tins of paint, brushes and a step ladder
37 Tiny drug den with pillows, hookah, tin of cookies, 1in6 comatose monster with munchies if awakened
38 Tiny shrine with bottles of holy water, holy symbol, garlic, wooden stakes and mallet
39 A thriving termite mound which some monsters like to eat
40 Hellhound on a chain barks and spits fire
41 Hellcat purrs happily if released and follows lawful or evil persons
42 A cell with a vile shrine of underworld guarded by a shadow that appears if any attempt to desecrate
43 A cell with a comfy bed and box with dried figs, 1in6 has a napping monster
44 A meditating priest probably evil and angered to be disturbed
45 Cell with basket of live snakes or scorpions
46 Cell with chained adventurer prisoners who has gone blind and mad
47 A work gang of zombies with work mauls waiting to work or fight
48 A giant beetle which defends its grubs ferociously
49 Room with plinth with delicious smelling fresh pie cooling on top
50 Room with desk and monster duty roster, tie sheets and payroll 1d6 x 1000 copper
51 A decrepit burial chamber with several napping ghouls
52 Camber with manacled skeletons on wall
53 A unclean well, piles of soap, soiled clothes and a resentful female humanoid scrubbing clothes
54 Empty room covered in graffiti of local factions
55 Giant hungry toad in room ready to swallow any who open door
56 Room full of fungus and mushrooms with silver sickle hanging from nail and many cut shroom stalks
57 Room with a pyramid made of rotting severed heads and a chopping block and executioners axe
58 Room with gallows and hood hanging on hook and coil of spare rope
59 Room with cages of albino hens, feed and eggs
60 Room with friendly goat, feed, stool and milk bucket. She bleats to be milked
61 A hidden barracks for humanoids like orcs or hobgoblins off duty
62 Room with butchers tools and hanging haunches of meat
63 Room with spears stuck in ground with severed adventurer heads on display
64 Shelves with 1d6 body bags, each with toe tag describing if to be buried, eaten or recycled
65 Pit of lime with corpses in bottom
66 Beserkers trapped in here huddled in balls, leap into frenzies if door opened
67 Cowering naked old madman with pile of chewed monster bones and dagger
68 Sacks of stinking meat and maimed bodies scraped from traps and a iron meat grinder
69 Elf huddled in ball scrawny and blinking, trapped in here for month
70 Food store room with bloated halfling unable to move
71 Stacked room full of crates and or barrels
72 Room cluttered full of garbage and broken furniture
73 Tanning room with flayed salted hides and vats of stinking chemicals
74 Party of dead adventurers starved or asphyxiated, possibly some with magic
75 Sobbing prisoner chained to bed
76 Angry prisoner ready to throw toilet bucket on whom ever opens the door
77 Long forgotten loot stolen by now dead minion of dungeon boss
78 Collection of filthy plates, cups, empty jars, bottles and old pots
79 Scale model of part of dungeon with tiny pewter figurines
80 Old prison cell with dead prisoner and chalk map on wall
81 A secret passage to a different part of level
82 A secret stair case to a different level up or down
83 A entry to a tiny cave chamber or complex
84 A room with openings into sewer and air vents
85 Entry to cramped maintenance tunnel follows main corridors
86 Tunnel leads to other dungeon complex
87 Tunnel leads to surface
88 Tunnel leads to underland kingdom of darkness
89 Tunnel leads to monster lair
90 Tunnel leads to burial catacombs
91 Tunnel leads to long lost chamber of ancient evil gods with madness inducing cursed idol
92 Hag with cauldron making a potion and willing to sell charms to be left alone
93 A magical mirror allows communication with d4 1=dungeon boss 2=demon 3=distant wizard 4=a god
94 Cursed relic in hands of dead humanoid
95 A holy idol d4 1=heals 1pt once 2=bless for 10 minutes 3=may answer question 4=safe zone
96 A underworld idol d4 1=curses unbelievers 2=summons guardian 3=fear aura 4=
97 A rust beast hungry for metal treats
98 A other planar entity kept in a power circle but invisible, if circle crossed will be free
99 A other planar entity kept in a power circle and willing to bargain to be freed
100 Chamber with planar gateway with puzzle lock door

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Roadwar 2000 Journal: Shootout at the shoggoth mine


Karumi the psychic biker ninja agent of Gentech corp

Wasteland mutant freak with car built only for ramming with metal shutters over windows and huge armour slabs in front and back.

A ex sheriff out for revenge in a police interceptor. Town destroyed so police status active even though a death racer

A sniper veteran who is just getting into bikes

A cyborg war vet with self control issues and a van

So gang with ninja, sheriff, mutie and sniper on way to b list death race. The semi big league. Eating in a roadhouse chicken shop when tv add for Bobs BBQ restaurant chain came on with promotion to kill party and get $5000 per party member that never makes it to the race.

A bit unsettled but nobody in chicken shop cared. Got moving. Sniper with cyber eye saw dust plume and zoomed in to see bikers coming. Remembering last time he shot first and initiated total kill on "innocent biker gang" he held fire. Bikers got closer. 300 metres....200 metres....100 meters then they turned off road and fled.

Two hundred k later and saw another gang in formation zooming in. Sheriff accidentally misidentified as gang who killed his family and accelerated to 180kmh. Bikers began evasive driving. Rest followed him as he began to fire twin linked machine guns. Destroyed leader of gang then put lots of holes in second in command bike frame but guy somehow made it through. Got closer and ninja girl creamed another from her bike MG. Second in command finally lost control and flipped bike and turned into a red skid mark.

Finaly got to ram range with both cars and ninja bike in formation. Sniper held back as closest to weaponized bike was his cyberlinked assault rifle in rear facing mount. Gang dodged police interceptor. A biker jumped on police cruiser roof with chain. Another attached a crude home made stickybomb to car side on back door.

Mutie had a guy miss with a molotov and swerved into two cycles smearing drivers and crushing bikes but slowed him a bit. Ninja fired a few more bursts and missed and tried to do a 180 bootleg turn and only managed 80 degrees and a huge skid. Sniper tried to kick a guy on way past but got off some bursts with improv rear gun injuring more bikers.

Sheriff linked to car by brainjack so leaned out with truncheon to knock off stickybomb. Got rapped by chain in helmet. Mutie pulled up from behind with his sawn off and liquified biker on cop car roof. Sheriff got his chance and pushed off bomb. Got 5 out of 12 bikes, last seven went off road and escaped. Bomb went off with napalm and explosives and nails. Teamed moved on.

Got to armoured truckstop that looked safe in greener more humid zone. Fairly sure not a biker gang fortress. Let through gates after hearing rules. Parked and friendly mechanic offered services. Ninja got her bike recharged. Mutie got a bio slurry fuel plant to turn roadkill into fuel. Was second hand and stolen but probably safe. Sheriff got a carwash. Sniper disappointed no fancy ammo here.

Joined by old cyber vet buddy in van. Was the less crazy of two that didn't need his therapist on hand. Got huge steaks and expensive booze and swarmed by bunch of average prostitutes. Mutie hired a room and read bible to four of them. One showed him her Elder Nguyen Seth Brethren of Joseph bible and he studied it with horror till dawn. Others rested in cars as still wary of the bounty on them. In morning farmer came round offering them a pig each (worth thousands) if they would get miners of his farm.

Sheriff checked was no legal claim or use of farmers land so party went to look. Farmer invited to house and had a look via his hide in hills at what bikers doing. Saw sheds with bikes and cars. Portable toilets (with fuel plants). Caravans for bunks. Mining shed. Big open shed with grog still and BBQ where miners ate and partied. One caravan had bars where they kept four captive women which convinced team to take job. Couldn't work out what they were mining. Sheriff saw Brethren of Joseph brochures in camp through his extreme telescopic cyber eye.

Sniper and Sherrif set up in the farmers hideout with guns. Sheriff using captured battered sniper rifle from gang they killed ages ago. Ninja made a crude bush camo netting ponch and put over her stealth suit and got to 40 metres of camp and hid. Used her telepathy to evesdrop Black Dragon. the operation boss. A asian merc and miners leader. Other miners all gangbangers and criminals. Pried on Black Dragon with her Gentech research granted powers and overheard him recruiting more miner/scum. Mutie and cyborg went in on bikes using info from Karumi about recruiting to infiltrate. Black Dragon told they would get $2000 a month to mine and kill intruders. Flunkey showed around camp and they got told they would get meat and grog and party drugs and girls. Showed around camp and saw mining shed where soild being sifted more like bad archeology dig. Had cases of aboriginal relics they said they were going to sell but not what miners were after. Saw a bark cylinder mummy. Sheriff who had sneaked closer saw what was in cases and stomache churned as he was of aboriginal decent. Mutie and the cyborg had eaten lots of roadkill and recognised huge emu and kangaroo bones which meant the dig was over 10 000 years into the past.

In mine saw they had cleared out a tunnel aboriginals had sealed up thousands of years ago. Saw hand stencil prints on wall and painted scene of dancers and some amorphous horror thing with eyes and mouths and tentacles. Miners were trying to unblock more tunnels. Huge rocks used unlike anything ever documented in Australia. Found a pattern of emu footprints painted on rocks.

So boys went to work. Cyborg was a demolitions expert and mechanic so he got keys and access to explosives and sheds. Explored camp and noticed most vehicles renegade scratchbuilt from salvage but one black 4x4 belonging to Black Dragon was very high tech. Cyborg concerned it would have sensors against planting bomb there. Grabbed a bunch of C4 and with his own electronic remote detonators started rigging up bombs around camp.

Inside mine was a hard afternoon work for the massive mutant and his crew got way close to getting into a new sealed section that seemed way older into the volcanic mountain. Convinced his crew they would get a bonus and kept digging while most miners went to eat and party.

Ninja girl in hiding noticed weird pressure wave emanating from mine. Mutie felt it too as he broke through into volcanic vent with strange well. Sniper saw emus congregating into three large groups an sneak up on camp. Three groups of 30. He was pretty freaked as they seemed to be acting in unison. Karumi psionicly felt chatter of emus as they moved around her in the dusk forest. Sheriff a bit freaked but stayed put. Even when one pecked his badge.

Mutie returned to camp checking up with team mates by radio. Cyborg had camp riddled with bombs. Both joined miners in party shed and encouraged drinking games. Black Dragon pleased by news from mine went to his car for satellite call to his corporation HQ at Universal Products. Strange winds came from mine and emus crept ever closer. Miners had pulled out girls in chains for a dance floor show and offered mutie a girl. He demanded all of them at once and miners laughed and let him have keys for two and a caravan. Cyborg given one while other woman in tears dancing. Mutie went to caravan and released girl teling them to hold on. Cyborg brought his girl into caravan too. Other girl dancing next to still which they had planned for sniper to shoot.

Invisible in dark to most, cyborg saw them with his thermographic vision. Sensing everything going to shit cyborg got case of explosives and slid under Dragons 4x4 flipping it and injuring occupant. One blast enough to make him have zone flashbacks and rest of bombs detonated. Miners freaked and ran for gun rack after first blast but didnt make it in time. About three got long arms left in party shed but sniper turned head of one with scoped rifle's head into mist. Mutie ran from caravan with pump action killing the guy with a shotgun.

Swarms of emus ran into camp. Karumi followed ran after them. while sherif with scoped magnum desert eagle killed last miner who got a decent gun. Black dragon crawled from wrecked car and got a .50 cal from sniper in chest and he disappeared from sight. Cyborg in full cyberpsych mode ran unarmed with emus at miners and smushed a head with his cyber arm with jackhammer punch mode. Emus were tearing miners into shreds. Karumi locked onto Dragon with her mind and ran for his location. He was applying a high tech med pack to chest wound and was a cyborg. Mutie and sherrif grabbed all the women and were planning on getting the mining vehicle with grader scoop on fron but saw cyberpscho head that way foaming at mouth screaming and decided to head opposite direction into bush.

Emus tore miners into scattered limbs, heads and torsos.

All heard strange gibbering booming voice from mine that no human could make.

Cyborg got into mine which he had sealed with bomb before to see a translucent tendrin crawl through crack in rock. It sprouted ane eye and blinked at him. Karumi felt disturbance of the being as she ran to Dragon who got into only surviving renegade 4x4. Slightly too late to stop it she hung on. A sniper round hit cars tank and fuel began to leak. She dropped in a grenade and dropped off. Blast damaged vehicle and set alight but kept going. She found a damaged but working bike and gave chase.

In a lucid moment the cyborg shot the shoggoth tendril. Did nothing but made it flex against the rubble and move towards him. Dropped his C4 backpack and left it. Ran a bit and detonated the mine soundly. Psychic presence diminished and the emus ran. Sheriff managed to jump on one and ride it for a bit and fell off. Landed on his bum and thought that was one less wish on his bucket list.

Karumi gave chase to burning vehicle a her bike had four times acceleration she caught up and ran the driver through with her mono vibro katana. Car crashed and exploded. Saw burning cyborg scream and waited till sure he was dead. Even roasted some march mellows on smouldering wreck.

Other got away with girl and cyborg got the mining vehichle. Rested in farmers house and team came to finding Karumi bagging the metal skeleton of black dragon. Found case of aboriginal relics. Sheriff wanted to rebury but rest of gang wanted to take to museum for cash. At least they dropped the black market idea.  Found loose cash, car parts, lots of handguns and tool. Let farmer keep lots and party agreed to let him hold onto pigs till market time in three months for extra cash instead of filling back seats of cars in squealing pigs.

Teamed moved onto bigger town for repairs, ammo and rest.

Next time: Coopernook NSW to Goldcoast QL deathrace!

Roadwar Vehicle Sheet

Have been introducing more weird elements into play. Will sit down and design a bunch of cars to highlight differences between 80s custom cars most people drive in wasteland and the ones more like advanced jet fighters on wheels like Gentech ones. Bikes too. Price lists too. Best cars will be worth millions with AI's, nanite repair systems, anti air missiles, lasers and satellite links and combat hacking decks.

At least this form will let me sit around designing a bunch of cars stats up for play.

Doing a speed conversion chart for miles per hour to kilometers per hour and meters per second which i need for my character sheets. I can adapt later for ww1 flying aces or war ships. Animal speeds handy and my human speeds actually came out ok.

I use (SIZ + DEX)/4 formula and would allow a skill for more speed and endurance. I might allow a conx5 roll for +1 speed with odds getting worse after CON in rounds.

Mostly in game if you et out a car or your bike crashes you are virtually standing still and easy prey for a .50 cal or a car.

Took enough notes to phase out top secret/si content i was using. Will plunder some other games and gurps carwars and dark future yet. Then will probably need to do cyberwear.


Went down very well.

Designed some standard cars and tables speeded play. Game report soon.

Need to do more standard types and a bunch of death racers and hardware for next game. Game has a life of own and has been big fun. Roads when work gets colour printer fixed lol. Then i can take some pix too. Train HO scale bikes have been great might get more.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Doh! More proof why i cant be trusted to edit myself

JDJarvis pointed out my boss monster table seriously out of whack. I could spend a year just re doing all my old blogs but i generally go for the accuracy of a machine gun over a zen archer. I have to get stuff out of my head before i forget it.

Part 1
Part 2

So JD pointed out tables added together = 116 entries which is because my brain decided some early hour in jan 2013 that i needed two lots of numbers in 30s range.

Originally was for long stairs so will remove some of those entries and the more genric ones to put elsewhere. Possibly do d100 generic enemies and d100 anachronisms which will work better. Also remove stats, hd and level references so i can fudge them into more uses on the fly. . Some petty formatting incompatibilities too. d100 dungeon over lords might be a thing too. d100 dungeon loners posible for solitary dungeon killers who might be at odds with factions.

Fussing over this stuff has delayed me getting redbrick proof copies out too. That and health better so working more and having social life and gaming more than doing new stuff.

Did you know writing tables isn't a substitute for sleep?

1d4 level bosses per floor is a good policy for lazy faction creation.

d100 level bosses

1  Uragi Dran two blade wielding bandit queen with her gang hiding from law and trying to claim turf
2  Myrkord Zarjann - mage Spider, poison web spinner, cunning and evil with spider cultist fanatics
3  Skreekold Thrull - goblin wizard with several fireball scrolls and hobgoblin troops
4  Graargk Maarz - orc warrior hero, famous spear master with orc followers, wear elf hands for decor
5  Kerang Raag - kobold hero with elite kobold brothers, all fire proof from magic well they drank from
6  Zardrann Malaz - dark elf outlaw noble and kidnapper, dark elf assassins guard him
7  Fangrom Grimgram - ogre hero with huge magic club, respawns from his last stool daily if killed
8  Fetziik Tzaetchkul - assassin sorcerer who terrorizes the surface with bandit thugs
9  Nayag Blugskien - orc shaman with fanatic orcs and zombie guardians, likes to make magic traps
10 Trojiman Nargskinner - troll innovator, offers to mate with visitors in name of peace, attacks if rejected
11 Braja Minord - badger beast man and his brothers looking for victims to kill and permanent nest
12  Kulgax Rodjarm - goat man and his foul brothers looking for sacrifices and demons to serve
13  Zorad Gorax ogre leads tribe of degenerate mutant mongrel beast men who are always hungry
14  Zorias Trilldan - awol fundamentalist mad priest, pressgangs orcs and humans into corrupt evil sect
15  Gungra Rocklob - troglodyte chief with poison javelin and his warriors looking for food and loot
16  Kumra Ka - mummy with cult and priests, prefers to send other undead to do his bidding
17 Grondru Charg - minotaur berserker kills anything it can has kobold worshipers
18 Slorr - Headless ogre drags loose blubber after him, imp lives in his jowls directs him and orc servants
19 Ghurn Tnajgorr - goblin hero with SMG or 3 bombs and 8 max hp goblins
20 Poxx Nurdfurglar - chaos goblin chief with mutations and mutant bodyguards feared by most goblins
21 Blartrap Fruggler - hobgoblin hero, 4 arms, 4 poison daggers, has fanatic goblin flunkies
22  Kuurna Vrun - bandit cheif with captured weapons and press ganged surface folk desperate to live
23 The Red Wizard - grumpy university dropout with and fire resistant lizard men with exotic weapons
24 The Blue Wizard - lazy aristocrat looking for food and cheap highs, has many charmed mooks
25 The Green Wizard - impirial military war wizard gone awol, pressgang locals into bandit gang
26 Shrazelda the Sorceress - seeks knowledge of surface affairs, served by goblins and hobgoblins
27 Oorlan the Mad - savage cruel sorcerer, the dungeon talks to him in dreams, uses Hobgoblins
28 Umruk Klaan - evil high priest with zombies or & skeletons, tempts party with loot to get their corpses
29 Klak K Klak - praying mantis man hunter stalks and attacks while busy with trap, portal or obstacle
30 Hsskol - barrow wight with zombie followers, feign death for ambush, has magic silver sword
31 The Red Skeleton - evil regenerating skeleton priest, with skeletons guard who hates the living
32 Kazjangluer - evil cat man assassin seeks food and pretty things, has gang of mixed humanoids
33 Palag Strumpa - hobgoblin heroine, with pet rust monster and goblins using leather, wood & stone
34 Morgron the Grim- warrior slowly turning into wight reborn undead if killed, gang becomse zombies
35 Makkub Slogth - kobold hero riding carrion crawler with kobold archer followers
36 Spunrudd Klaw - kobold wizard 5th and weaver, makes magic traps, 4d4 kobold staff
37 Brother Harvrard - hobgoblin monk and his fanatic initiates, use staff and martial art skills
38 Nylock Klespar - goblin sorcerer, leaves trail of cursed items before attack, has goblin grunts
39 Bakkas Blackbeard - evil hearted dwarf with hobgoblin servants, loves to crush skulls
40 Ninnigas Fuldpepper - mad halfling feigns friendship, offers drugged food, has bandit gang
41 Grung Garl - Lizard chieftain 5HD of kingship quest, trident specialist with lizardman guards
42 Hrdrassus Klarr - serpent man wizard who hates uppity apes, with gang of lizard man guards
42 Billy Gumple - awol balif with chaos mutations, and mutant bandit grunts in his service
43 Shlaarn Torg - Chaos Hero warrior with chaos mutations and  beast men mongrels
44 Boggulp Glumhop - toadman hero with evil sword and his loyal offspring gang
45 Dalaag Thrull - dark elf assassin with wererat buddies and swarm of huge rats
46 Bokkus Jarog - morlock cheiftain leading gang of fierce morlocks looking for food and weapons
47 Thujjud Xtor - bountyhunter, scarified bandaged Rogue, uses traps and bandits
48 Zokkad Awrmwarg - draconian bounty hunter, mixed human, reptile man and dragon man gang
49 Zinmah Thrusstldong - halfling gypsy maid and friends, feigns being hunted, rob party blind
50 Haarg Bluetoungue - hyena man and hungry boys always looking for laugh and chance to torment
51 Gugrah Stinkweasel - wicked goblin druidic caster and her pets, spreads fungi traps
52 Karannak - mad wizard, obsessed with getting surface peoples "magic", has orc grunt for guards
53 Chondaru - sorcerer with pet ogre and some charmed bugbears, dreams of owning whole dungeon
54 Black Conner - black marketeer smuggler deals to corrupt surface troops, has hobgoblin troops
55 Garnash Toth - goblin wizard with his gang of sons and hobgoblin halberdiers seeking magic items
56 Zolat Crunge - orc hero & boar rider with his brothers looking for gold, food and power over the weak
57 Kralag Thrull - warg riding goblin captain with his troops, veteran skirmishers who avoid direct battle
58 Minga Derran - goblin bat riding chief who use normal bats as spies and are experts at fleeing fights
59 Kebbah Druul - kobold dog riding hero with a huge pack of wild dogs that fight to the death for kobolds
60 Zeddan Groll - kobold ant rider chief who dwells with the queen ant and use ants to tunnel and fight
61 Borboa Glan - mushroom man chief spread fungi gardens and seeks anything compostable
62 Kerbas Grun - flatulant ogre with his gang of orcs he raised since birth who serve fanatically
63 Mystrath Goon - goblin graffiti gang leader over teen horde who paint gang signs over dungeons
64 Kimbaal Drox - bugbear assassin clan who serve highest paying lords and love killing adventurers
65 Mikkash Hsrath - reptile man and his warband seeking relics of reptilian age and unite lizard tribes
66 Kzaggha Skeel - bat man chief & followers seek sacrifices to their blood goddess, seeks vampirehood
67 Jurunn Blerax - spider priestess spreading webs and giant spider eggs for her goddess
68 Rozakan Rawdoth - evil dwarf exiles seek to establish a forge, armoury and treasury in dungeon
69 Dernzar Graal - a unicorn man with might of a minotaur with a dozen drunk goblins on a mad spree
70 Gezub Hrort - mole man hates human slavers with his five brothers will burst through walls to ambush
71 Zradrah Klaan - reptile man cultist with 6 guards wear human skins so gods tricked into aiding them
72 Zarbaxis - goblin boss really a thoul with his eight heroic hobgoblin sons likes to eat humans
73 Draudmar Kan the hopping hobgoblin and his seven brothers all make superior +1 charge attacks
74 Zeereeg Far - cat man with his charmed swordswomen (his crazy cat ladies) declared area his turf
75 Rannimong the Dull - a stupid hobgoblin with his ogre buddies that make him look smarter, eats losers
76 Greeblas Dun - evil gnome priestess & cult troops seeks to build evil apparatus with magical purpose
77 Zoobiah Garr - fishman priest and cult heroes seek lost fishman gold and water entrances to dungeon
78 Kaabash Droth - boarman and his beserker brothers seek food and fights and slaves
79 Oolian Zriah - doppelganger leader of bandits will pretend to be a captive if gang killed
80 Jassath Knoon - swine shapeshifter sorceress with cult seduce new members to join them
81 Mezrab Grool - werewolf and his pack of wolves seek to create more werewolves
82 Kirrith Dron - wererat and his ratmen cult seek to establish selves here and to city thieves guilds
83 Boggrud Zrax - frogman cheif with his gang seek spawning ground and to dominate water supplies
84 Zmax Drudd - kobold hero with gang all ride a single giant centipede and throw envenomed darts
85 Srool Blodge - catfishman wizard leads common fishmen cultists to restore fish folk empire of old
86 Kebrad Dronex - evil necromancer with his zombie unicorn men seek to create undead horde
87 Gerotax Gronn - evil hobgoblin pimp & stable of angry fighting mixed humanoid prostitutes in makeup
88 Zirriad Monstrog - wizard with gang of orcs, especially like to capture women's clothing
89 Rimzaga Patoolion - priestess of dungeon goddess cult seeks to convert all dungeon occupants
90 Rotan Gzork - minotaur with his goatmen thugs like to smash stuff and smear feces everywhere
91 Honorius Gildman - renegade knight of empire with gang of nasty bandits in hiding from emperor
92 Zoradna Kruell - sorceress and her angry amazons kill and castrate males in the dungeon
93 Dolindra Marizitan - lady assassin with her cult in hiding, like planting secret panels and traps
94 Morg Taan - she ogre with orc seeks male sex slaves to father more litters of monsters
95 Bastrad Gorr - horned ogre with slave wizard and hobgoblin troops enjoy collecting severed heads
96 Tribolg Taarg the black - bugbear with his horde of murder goblins, enjoys eating human prisoners
97 Grambran Odron - hobgoblin hero tends fungus garden and albino pigs, sells food to dungeon
98 Mazkeen Viril - cult leader has goblins collect dung to feed creature in cult pit, human flesh good too
99 Orok Glon - ogre with hobgoblins raise baby monsters in pits in hopes of taking dungeon
100 Mezkiah Seran - she orc with male harem sells onions, turnips & mushrooms to rest of dungeon

So these are left overs for future tables

Fragments for future anachronism encounter table
These left over from my long stairs game

Frangarr - Bugbear Pyro - Korean war helmet, cigars and flamethrower 6+6HD, 2 buddies
Name - Goblin with hidden claymore suicide vest limping holds jewel gets close demands you obey him
Goblin hero with SMG or 3 bombs and 8 max hp goblins
Kun - Orc with Assault rifle and 2 clips and one grenade, uses his 6 men as distractions
Goblin wizard with 1d6 dynamite sticks
is familiar with surface combat methods
bandit cheif with captured surface arms and personnel, 2d4+4 bandits
- Sargent Potter - Awol sarge with 1d4 chaos mutations, 5th lv warrior with 1d4 mutant grunts
Private Stapleton
frogman hero 4HD with assault rifle, with 12 bullywugs
Dark elf assassin with captured sniper riffle, climbing gear and dungeon-chamo
- Yuri Konstanzin - Surface gangster hiding in dungeon, has 6 armed orc bodyguards
Private Powell - awol surface soldier with captured arms and 6 deep gnome techs with SMGs
Manx Steelskull - apparent cyborg 60HP 14HD, laser, gang of mutant mongrel men cannibals
Karl Maximov - surface mercenary with bad of orcs and humans in bandit gang of hired killers black marketeer smuggler deals to corrupt surface troops, 12 hobgoblins with smgs
Nameless MIB goons with no nation of origin clues, 8 government black ops agents with SMGs

For future enemy table
Oolian Zriah doppelganger leader of bandits will pretend to be captive if gang killed
Zarod Kludge ogre with orcs trying to breed gelatinous horrors in pit by chopping into halves
Zooran Xoth - intelligent spider giant mage with swarm of her spawn seek to turn dungeon into nest

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Giant class for my EMO DnD game

I've been promising this for a long time to my players so to celebrate 200 000 hits here it is. A bit of Rabelais inspired this.

Gargantuan humanoid folk

HD: 1d12
Prime Stat: STR
WP: 2 (+1/2nd Lv)
NWP: 2 (+1/2nd Lv)
Non-WP mod: -2
Languages: 1d3 (+1/3rd Lv) S=spoken and W=written

Spells: None
NWP: Warrior
Shield: Any
Armour: Light or Medeum
Weapon: Any melee or missile excluding bows, crossbows or guns
Fight as: Warrior
Save as: Warrior

Bonus Skills
Weapon Proficiencies: Brawling and Critical Hits
Non Weapon Proficiencies: Muscle, Endurance
Languages: Common S, one extras S of giant or elemental type or alignment

Giants are a primordial pre human race who battled the gods in the dawn age and lost. They also battled dragons, reptilians and many other elder races. They have menaced elves and dwarves and halflings and humans since those races existed. Most giants are degenerate cursed monsters. Some are still refined as humans but most of the more magical ones were exterminated aeons ago. Giants are infamous for their voracious appetites. Many giants are terrible parents and allow their young to roam wild. Some children manage to dwell among humans briefly until they grow inhumanly tall and develop monstrous features. Larger giants have trouble fitting in houses or dungeons. Also will tend to have bad reactions with common folk who think you want to eat them.

+1d12 inches per level with starting height of 6 feet tall
+1 point of STR every second level
+1" Move every 4th lv
+1 Attack at 8th level and +2 at 16th level
Bump damage dice to next up as a warrior vs large creatures at 6th and vs all at 12th (based on size not skill)
Every 5th level may take a advantage and a disadvantage or may take neither for more posh giants
At 6th lv and every level after giants get a follower on the follower table
Giants may recruit followers normally considered monsters

STR Chart
13-15 +1 damage
16-17 +2 damage
18-19 +3 damage
20-21 +4 damage
22-23 +5 damage
24-25 +6 damage
26-27 +7 damage
28-29 +8 damage
30-31 +9 damage

Fire Breath 2DAM/lv 1"/lv range save for half one use per level per day
Dimension Door once per week
Shape Change to a single species (human, bird, dwarf, fox) 1 Turn (10m) per level
Fear gaze one per level per day 1"/lv range
Eat any organic stuff even if rotten and inedible to most races including bones and wood and sewerage
+2 AC Hardened skin
Horns +1 Attack with unarmed attack
Dark vision works in total darkness
Smell magic within 1" with INT roll
Eat inorganic items like rocks or metal
Cast arcane spell as sorcerer first level once per day
Cast divine spell as priest first level once per day
Stinking cloud which giant immune to and at centre, once per day
+2 Save vs fire and take half damage
+2 Save vs cold and take half damage
+2 Save vs electricity and take half damage

Cyclops with one eye
Extra head roll separate INT and WIS but cannot exceed
Tail gets a bit awkward and embarrassing
Extra Hideous -1d3 CHA
Extra Stupid -1d3 INT
Extra Foolish -1d3 WIS
Slow -1d4 Move
Vain always wears tasteless cheap gaudy clothes and jeweler y
Eat body weight daily in food
Huge overbite fangs make speech difficult
Noisy always flatulent, grunting, spluttering, snoring 1/2 sneaking chances
Stink of armpits, old boots, rotten eggs, piss and vomit, easy to track by smell
Constantly dribble phlegm and spittle, horrible stains on clothes and leaves a trail
Alcoholic prone to binges and drunken stupidity and rages, craves booze constantly

d12 Followers
1 Ogre
2 Bugbear
3 1d8 Orcs
4 1d6 Hobgoblins
5 1d10 Goblins
6 3d4 Kobolds
7 2d4 Bandits
8 1d6 Wild dogs
9 1d3 Wolves
10 Black Bear (brown at 10th)
11 Dire Wolf
12 3d4 Giant Rats