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Carousing pt7 Dungeon Dwelling

So part 6 is my old shore leave table here:

Am going to fix old item fx corruption tables - might do a blog with all together

Why would you downtime in a dungeon?

You are evil
You are a monster
You go solo exploring
You are a prisoner
You seek something lost
You are just scouting
Your so poor you get a job
You find other carousing boring
You need to know your enemy
You try infiltration to learn about dungeon lore

You might start as a prisoner but end up in with the monsters if several rolls made

d10 Dungeon dwelling life style - for monsters, prisoners or curious - quick version 
1 Prisoner - you somehow have been locked up (i guess you somehow escaped)
2 Hard labour - you start at the bottom with dirty jobs
3 Specialty labour - you work in a dungeon factory making goods
4 Trap Duty - you clean, maintain, set and build traps
5 Monster carer - you care for a monster lair
6 Guard Duty - protecting the dungeon or just wandering about
7 Boss Crew - get to work with retinue of a level or dungeon or faction boss
8 Magical Assistant - serve a dungeon shaman or other magic wielder
9 Magical Event - witness or discover bizarre dungeon magic
10 Monster party - attend a dungeon festival

d100 Dungeon dwelling life style - for monsters, prisoners or curious
01 Prisoner - you somehow have been locked up and kept in a stinking cell with regular beatings
02 Prisoner - you are kept locked up with other inmates who shank you but a dungeon healer saved you
03 Prisoner - you are manacled to a wall and passing monsters abuse you
04 Prisoner - you are horribly tortured by cruel sadists and left with scars and nightmares
05 Prisoner - you managed to get preferential treatment with your skills and made d6x10gp profit
06 Prisoner - prison keepers treated you as a favorite pet and other prisoners hated you
07 Prisoner - spent your time cross dressing to help you survive and get along
08 Prisoner - developed a drug habit now dependent on d4 1=booze 2=opium 3=black lotus 4=devil weed
09 Prisoner - became a gang leader and drug dealer you made d4x100gp and a stash of d12 drug doses
10 Prisoner - made friend d4 1=humanoid murderer 2=bandit 3=thief 4=prison lover roll random gender
11 Hard labour - nightsoil crew who clean latrines, collect monster dung and process sewerage
12 Hard labour - mining new areas with inferior tools with dangerous work practices
13 Hard labour - brick laying and paving new dungeon areas and moving back breaking loads
14 Hard labour - pack bearer transporting loads around dungeon for inhabitants 
15 Hard labour - runner transporting messages and small loads around dungeon fast
16 Hard labour - kitchen servant turning spits, filling cauldrons, hacking up meat and carrying food
17 Hard labour - mushroom farmer making compost and harvesting fungi, get terrible foot fungus
18 Hard labour - rat catcher trapping, skinning and supplying kitchens with rats normal and giant
19 Hard labour - orderly collecting wounded and taking to medical treatment, well treated 
20 Hard labour - cleaner scraping up muck and grime, mopping bloody floors, collecting monster vomit
21 Specialty labour - assisting blacksmiths making crude weapons, pumping bellows, hammering
22 Specialty labour - sweatshop leather worker making crude armour, tanning and curing hide
23 Specialty labour - dungeon medic assisting with treating sick and wounded creatures with healers
24 Specialty labour - wanders about refreshing lamp oil, candles, torches, firewood  & chimney sweeping
25 Specialty labour - cook hand working on monster recipes and preparing boss monster favorite dishes
26 Specialty labour - carpenter making doors, furniture, barrels and crates or just making planks
27 Specialty labour - butcher assistant slaughtering, skinning, chopping meat and transporting
28 Specialty labour - food preserver pickling, salting, preparing vinegar and drying meat and mushrooms
29 Specialty labour - brewer producing beer and wine and spirits from often horrible ingrediants
30 Specialty labour- lumberer who travels outside to collect wood for building and fires, cut down trees
31 Trap Duty - scraper who gets to collect bodies from traps and cleans them, free dungeon snacks
32 Trap Duty - sweatshop worker making traps from plans and kits for others to install
33 Trap Duty - trap tester you get to sample traps which is very dangerous
34 Trap Duty - trap baiter who sets appealing bait for traps, considered most creative job
35 Trap Duty - trap design work in trap lab, copying blueprints, sharpening quills, dreaming up traps
36 Trap Duty - trap installer sets up traps in locations around dungeon
37 Trap Duty - trap inspector checking if traps set, in working order and reporting to managers
38 Trap Duty - alarm monitor checks gongs, bells, rattles and other alarms working
39 Trap Duty - spyhole monitor in confined space to manually activate alarms and traps
40 Trap Duty - secret door instilation team build and maintain secret doors, often executed for secrecy
41 Monster carer - you clean monster lairs while they go wandering or sleeping
42 Monster carer - you collect monster dung and collected d100gp in valuable scraps
43 Monster carer - you care for baby monsters when at adorable and helpless stage
44 Monster carer - you get to know and train a single monster and could possibly recruit a a follower
45 Monster carer - you get to know one species very well and can predict their behavior
46 Monster carer - you get to bathe monsters which is very dangerous and stinky
47 Monster carer - you get to help breed monsters and understand reproduction well of one type
48 Monster carer - you are familiar with assisting monster trainers of one specific type
49 Monster carer - you worked with hunters catching one type of monster and learn their habits
50 Monster carer -you managed to escape with a baby monster in a sack
51 Guard Duty - you are assigned as a wandering monster aimlessly walking about looking for trouble
52 Guard Duty - you are a doorman protecting a single door from intruders
53 Guard Duty - you spent time on alert in a guard post with other creatures
54 Guard Duty - you spent time drunk and bullying lesser creatures with your squad
55 Guard Duty - you got to guard monster treasure and pilfered 1d4x100gp
56 Guard Duty - guard women and children who treated you well but other guards laughed at you
57 Guard Duty - harem guard made into a eunuch if male by jealous boss monster
58 Guard Duty - you got to join raiders of outside world looting and kidnapping
59 Guard Duty - you got to work with guard and riding beasts
60 Guard Duty - you got to gamble d4 1=lost 3d6gp 2=lost d100gp 3=gain 3d6gp 4=gain d100gp
61 Boss Crew - get to work with retinue of a faction boss learning lots about day to day activities
62 Boss Crew - get to work with retinue of a level boss learning lots about day to day activities
63 Boss Crew - get to work with retinue of dungeon boss learning lots about day to day activities
64 Boss Crew - got to be guard of a sub chief on raids and interfaction battles
65 Boss Crew - got guard secret entrances and bosses escape routes
66 Boss Crew - got to be hooded executioner decapitating bosses enemies and punishing failures
67 Boss Crew - got to be hooded torturer of naughty dungeon staff using whips and torture
68 Boss Crew - got to be a spy for dungeon boss informing of rival faction activities
69 Boss Crew - got to betray boss in coup and rewarded by new leader with d6x100 for efort
70 Boss Crew - got to maintain your own staff, can recruit permanent followers from them if able
71 Magical Assistant - serve a dungeon shaman dealing with ancestors, spirits and healing
72 Magical Assistant - served a mad wizard and his crazy experiments, stole a mystery potion
73 Magical Assistant - served a evil high priest as a zombie foreman
74 Magical Assistant - served a evil high priest with rituals and preparing sacrifices
75 Magical Assistant - served a sorcerer preparing and obtaining their drugs and other comforts 
76 Magical Assistant - served as a test subject for mushrooms and potions, hair turned abnormal colour
77 Magical Assistant - served setting up magical traps and other features of the dungeon
78 Magical Assistant - served looking after records of master and stole a scroll
79 Magical Assistant - served as a personal servant and managed to pilfer a petty magic item
80 Magical Assistant -turned into a monster and lived with them a while before being restored
81 Magical Event - witnessed communion with d4 1=wizard 2=sorcerer 3=priest 4=evil noble
82 Magical Event - witnessed communion with d4 1=god 2=demon 3=devil 4=old one
83 Magical Event - witnessed monsters praising messiah monster child with great destiny and powers
84 Magical Event - saw monster faction gate in reinforcements from somewhere else
85 Magical Event - saw strange faction magical sex rites nobody will believe, scholars will interested
86 Magical Event - gathering of monster magicians create d4 1=orcs 2=undead 3=golem 4=lycanthrope
87 Magical Event - saw faction magician manifest outer planar being to commune with comunity
88 Magical Event - lost in a magical maze for d6 days, came out starving
89 Magical Event - found a healing spring and found a magic healing brew
90 Magical Event - found a magical fountain and obtained a random magic potion
91 Monster party - attend a dungeon festival with wicker dragons and demons, get incredibly high
92 Monster party - at a party for noble monster coming of age ceremony, you are nominated a godparent
93 Monster party - wedding d4 1=caught bouquet 2=drunk 3=offended everybody 4=regrettable sex
94 Monster party - chosen to represent faction in brawl won several fights won d4x100gp from betting
95 Monster party - made lots of friends, chance will meet other guests over next few months
96 Monster party - holy blood feast made member of monster tribe or faction by priests and leaders
97 Monster party - gifted with a quality weapon by boss monster at gift giving ceremony
98 Monster party - monsters got you to chase naughty children at family festival to set them right
99 Monster party - monsters got you to play human in sacred cult drama, escaped when realized ending
100 Monster party -make you festival king and offered sex by ots of monsters, 1d6x100gp in gifts

Upcoming and outgoing stuff from me...

Shortly might be last exile log post for a bit my ailing DnD game for a bit . Lost a regular and its been a struggle keeping game afloat. I will try a different night perhaps and new club location might help (thou i have not been and ive axed 2 of my games now leaving me with sunday). Ive had people say i shouldn't consolidate to just 2 games on sunday as ppl claim they would like to play more games but i have not seen signs of these mythical gamers wanting to play other times. Club under my floor of building was great while i was sick to keep up social life but i think my games are not mainstream or popular sells like big name lines of product. My BRP stuff doing fine. My friends i game with in december when i return to Adelaide for xmas wanna play my dnd setting which is nice.

As my health improved to normal im really enjoying being able to work and would like to get back to my 70 hours a week of mixed casual work and my art business and projects including writing. Offered by a professional comic who kindly asks to borrow my personal anecdotes for his routine to train me back up. As im feeling well id like to perform again. Jot a dj job for caberet too. Sold $750 worth of art this week. Feeling well enough to date again but need some new social activities for opportunities. Having 2-5 drinks a week again.

I have two weeks of full time+ work and 3 con games to prep so sunday gaming fine for me for a bit. Then have SYD con and will have a go at getting games up after that. Something to alternate with my deathrace game sundays might be good other than that will wait and see. Shame as i enjoy dnd game and like writing for it. Have more road sections and some folding buildings and tokens for marvel game at con to ready. Need to stencil up stuff on roads too. Have glorantha books and 5 boxes of armies coming by post. Will order BRP Rome and Metamorphosis alpha hardbacks shortly.

Reading new DnD book is good in many ways but i find too many choices and complexities also. I just find myself a bit overwhelmed by mechanical options. Hideous halflings creep me out - i can barley look at them. I have no problems with real ppl under 4 foot 4 or other depictions of them. The design is best ever. The art pretty good and best colour version of the game. Too many terms with no explanation for new gamers is a big flaw. Early 80s basic set still needed.

Id still like to run a sf game sometime but something with committed players. Roadwar and marvel worked fine for drop ins. Rome and Rus will be next years historic brp/cthulhu/rq games.

Started on folder with my fave tables for sandboxing for new club to stop me carrying stuff and relying on net so had a big look back on old posts. While digging through my past blogs found i had done 2 tables on rival parties in dungeon tables so that was a hoot. Treasure and pice section of 1st ed adnd will be used too. Found my corruption fx for several tables broken. No no3 on about three tables.

Next few posts here:

More carousing tables
decided this older table for shore leave will be included in series as no6
d100 Living in a dungeon table no7
d100 Exploring the under land will be no 8
will do extra tables for 4 core classes too as d100 tables will repeat faster than you think if used every session. I might knock out a freebie of my city life tables on next blog milestone.

revised redbrick key tables with a d10 for every one of basic room types

dungeon forms - dungeon design, level design and room design - to facilitate random table use

some new encounters for mid and high level and higher level treasures

summaries on most important tables for dungeon stuff on a few sheets for inside my dm screen

Another attempt on mutation tables which i might do by level to fit into spells for several of my games.

Requests are always fun and welcome...

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BRP Babylon: Hunting Cults of the 4 Evils

Party returned from mount Mushu to Babylon where some met the gods and those who had missed out when the cave entry had temporarily vanished.

Now aware there were four great evils afoot heroes tried to plan how too battle.

They tried their means of divination, tried to study magic and settled into their new relationships. Kull tried to join Marduk but failed but has gained some help from his new in laws who see barbarian as means to restore status. Ariana had help from Daddy to help her meet a husband. They decided an Assyrian would help family interests to the north andd trade into Hittite lands. She had choice of rich older merchant or noble warrior her own age. She chose later and he has been keen to follow her.

To the North Hanbi king of the wind demons was stirring. He was displeased with his office and wanted more. To the mountains of the west Asag the great stone giant and his Gutian cultists were gathering force in the Zagaros mountains. To the south Tiamat was stirring in the sea and to the west the Anzu bird was stirring.

They sought priests to aid them in interpreting their divination attempts. At one stage there were strong signs that the Hittite lands in the mountains might be source of Hanbi or possibly the Hurrian or Mittani lands. Also asked the exorcists of Pazzuzu in the doctors district how their demon lord felt about his father Hanbi. Apparently Pazzuzu not involved in scheme and other demons jealous Pazzuzu receiving status and reverence and for terrifying other demons.

Pek asking about heard that many of the cultists of Anzu bird were among western barbarians, especially in hills to west of Ur. As his god had defeated Asag and Anzu his cult were very helpful and his gift of manticore and lion pelts impressed them. Nobody else had checked the possibility of persecuting the cults locally he found in Babylon depictions of Anzu in scribe district and being illiterate told others of his discoveries. As cultists could be killed easier than gods this tactic seemed attractive and party went to visit scribe. Parked chariot and barbarians of party outside while the egghead literates went inside. Scribe shop had supplies and services typical and some ancient tablets on display. One depicted the Anzu bird and saw several version of his forms. The lion bird (a griffin like monster), a half man half bird thing and a great eagle with a lion head. Iltani harassed him to buy it but he denied and said they had to leave. Toth got a cramp and his leg was paralysed. Outside some men in scribe kilts with shaven heads a rods came out and seemed to spot party barbarians in the street instantly. They were mind linked and one had detect enemy but party had no idea. Iltani alo got a sudden stif leg and then fight was on.

Toth ran to chariot crying "witch witch!"

Sobek could not see the problem and as was a street full of healers they found more.
Inside Pek and Iltani fought the shopkeeper and the scribes maiming them easily while one older man escaped. They looked at the tablets to see they were books of sorcery. Found a cylinder seal of agate that could print tablets with a contact Anzu spell. Iltani had called for Ishtar temple for help but Priests of Mark assumed authority and questioned everyone. The Leader wore a dragon costume with a face inside the dragon mouth. He set a date for a trial.  Ishtar priestess would attend to defend party but evidence and testimony of others was strong. If case difficult to resolve the sorcerers would be thrown into the river but the trial found them guilty and priests of Girra (or Nusku or Agni the fire god) came and burned the survivors of the fight.

So armed with the realisation cultists were everywhere they decided to head to Ur to kill cultists. Packed bags and headed with donkey cart south through several cities they had never seen before on a different route. Bandits attacks and were taken as slaves to UR. Party have become good hunters and now with plenty of minor spells the average youths and poor barbarians have little hope. Every trip they now feed themselves and collect skins as they go.

Arrived in Uruk and Iltani took party to her sisters home to rest a few days.

Road War Journal: Deathrace Part 2

So the team confronting a police roadblock simply took an alternate route.
Two more advanced cars had beaten them already. The japanese advanced racer with the huge rocket tube came in first with a few kills. The tailing car had racked up best score by hanging back and targeting schools and oldfolks homes.

So when team almost near goldcoast were surprised by aproach of a school bus (a new toy model). It was being driven by 11 death race fan gang members and 20 hostage teens were on board.

The team managed to destroy the bus tires and wheels from a distance and it had begun spinning out of control. The mutie racer with ram plates hit it in front as it spun and thr bus flipped though the air tumbling 360 degrees and landing on what was left of its wheels while the ninja biker girl of course drove under the flying bus. Everyone else sent of road to avoid the flying death machine.

When bus crashed many of the team kept racing but Karumi on her bike rode up to the now open bus door and emptied her silent machine pistol killing the leader and making his seconds take cover. She drew her vibro monoblade katana and began scything through the mostly stunned gang. The mutie had done a 180 degree turn and eventually got enough forward momentum to pull up and fire his battered sawn off. One shell jammed damned his wasteland grimed car and so he ran inside to see if he could punch any before Karumi killed them all. The Sheriff pulled up and aimed his magnum finishing a few off and within seconds the gang were all dead. They were angry death race fans. The same police convoy from before arrived actually they had been called away from roadblock to rescue the school bus so after they came across most of team performing first aid on injured kids. So after kids safe cops escorted them to the outskirts of the Goldcoast. They crossed finishing line after.

So one of the new team members (a cyborg in a green muscle car) had got third place for speed but low pedestrian kills to not rate (got a few thousand cash bonus). Mutie got third highest score in race for most kills including an accidental old person when trying to save old folks home. The Sherrif was barred for life from death racking and got booed by fans who would hate him forever for ruining the race by destroying most of the contestants.

The cyborgs had dropped out of the race to loot ruined vehicles and filled a semitrailer a truck and a van with parts to sell. Mutie and the the.

As they team caught up and celebrated a Gentech exec arrived to offer them all race expenses (ammo and repairs) and pay them well if they spied on a compound of the Brethren of Joseph in the northern territory. The team accepted and continued to party and spent next few days prepping and shopping.
So on the road with a few old team mates including a thief biker girls and a trucker who had been absent a while. Across the mountains the team drove by night. Mostly quiet but did see some inhabited ruins. A bunch of weird bushes and corpses on the road ahead someone identified as triffids so everyone went off road to avoid. Some farms had been left untended during the plagues of the early 90s and many were wild but the government kept it quiet.

Saw a ruin with a crowd of homeless and decided to visit. Starving homeless farmers told how a gang had driven them away so party thought would check it out. Spied on camp and saw only a few gang vehicles a folding razor wire fence and a mine field. Also saw gang members were bandaged and many coughing up blood. Records showed the gang were known as plague carriers. All thoughts of fighting them stopped and the party returned to farmers camp. Gave them some food and supplies. While gathering plant matter for trucks biofuel plant a mutant killer koala or drop bear leaped at the the truck driver but Sheriff and others shot it. Trucker threw bloody mess into the biofuel plant and kept on working.

Reached the desert and mostly empty but did see in distance a fortress by the road. Spied on with scouts and saw had flag indicating a militia group. Contacted them by radio and found they required doctors. While in compound after a tense entry the thief girl robbed the leaders  stash of gold. Went on their way with offer of welcome return. Most had no idea of theft.

Finally over the border into the Northern Territory and ahead saw convoy of all blue christian militia. A truck, several 4x4 offroaders, a pursuit muclecar and some bikes. At thought they thought their mission was involved but realised the religious gang were own brand of crazy who disliked Josephites. Radioed the team and the militia demanded the party needed to be inspected for muties, cultists, cyborgs and perverts if they wanted to pass. While team was willing to try and bullshit the new cybork kid in his green musclecar floored it and opened fire. Several party members fired rockets and grenaides including a white phosphorous round.

Most of the bikes were down and got rammed of the road. One biker went through the musclecar window and the driver got a few scratches from chunks of bone and high velocity gristle. Most of the ammo spent on the militia truck did very little. Wheels made better targets. As themusclecar pushed through the militia he dropped caltrops and smoke and forced cars off road. Mutie sis swiped truck and a pasenger fell out into his back rollcage but fell off seconds later when he rammed another car. As both car groups passed only the blue truck battered made it through. Another car on fire, another had crew killed by lucky burst. The new kids musclecar had a corner and machinegun destroyed.

Next time the spy mission begins....

I have become a car collecting addict. Have over a hundred now. 25% donations rest i have been stalking at sales. I just got lots of vans and light trucks and off road buggies. Have built some basic roads that interlock from foamcore and painted them grey for now. A few stencils will finish them off. Have paper templates for curves so will make them next - need buildings to use for marvel also, but scale not important as much in that game.

When my car rules complete will start posting car designs based on matchbox and hotwheels cars. Hotwheels more cool, matchbox more techie. Some hotwheels are weird scifi monster vehicles. I might wait a season before i get more. Apparently hottest toy in indonesia and i can tell they are selling well. Cheap knock offs don't have originality. Have a predator drone and a harrier might get a  A-10. These aircraft should scare party shitless. Some of vehicles slightly too good - I goofed on the trucks early on with stats. I need to rethink armour and effects on vehicles too.

The club has moved out of my building. My dnd game is in crisis again despite fun ive had but i need at least 3 regulars. With a bit less gaming im going to have more time write, more room to paint (i sold $500 other day) and i might get back into stand up as someone offered to coach me. Might get new players in new venue or get a new day sorted so i hope i can get my dnd game afloat again. My taste is a bit too obscure. Club has three levels and i hope to see next few days.

More road murder stuff soon.

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Carousing pt5 Rambling in the Wild

Not everyone likes to party in the city, read musty old books or prey, some hit the rural trails and look for recreation in the wilds. Many character classes would rather spend time in the bush than the city and this is for them.

I have considered a maritime version of this also. I considered a table for people or monsters living in dungeon communities. Any other tables for downtime recommendations I will consider.

JD asked last post how I use these tables - sometimes it is just to imply hero had a adventure in between game - especially if time passes or player misses a game - i might play as a solo for each player like Pendragon games have a solo phase if it would take a few rolls or all could be resolved in similar time.

I will be 3 game logs behind now doh. Considering revising my religions to as im using babylonian gods in a game i might customise my dnd setting gods more. Using Babylonian gods was always a shorthand.


d10 Getting close to nature in the great outdoors - for druids, barbarians and rangers - quick version
1 Meet travellers - companions on the road

2 Hostile encounter - meet dangerous threat
3 Discovery - find wondrous location
4 Lucky Find - find a interesting thing
5 Hunting - trail wild creatures
6 Exploration - learn to know the land
7 Hardship - difficult journey
8 Lost - off the trail
9 Accident - dangerous hazard
10 Festival - join local festivities

d100 Getting close to nature in the great outdoors - for druids, barbarians and rangers
01 Meet holy pilgrims on the road may meet again on travels
02 Meet hermit and his pets who teach unusual philosophy
03 Meet a magician who tells of a monster lair location 
04 Meet a ranger who might act as a guide in the future
05 Meet friendly non human tribes who invite you to feast and dancing
06 Meet adventurers who indicate a dungeon they seek, nobody has seen them since
07 Meet friendly country folk who you live with for a time in peace
08 Meet merchants who welcome you to join them for a spell
09 Meet lawmen chasing a criminal and aid them
10 Meet barbarians and live among them for a time
11 Hostile humanoids pursue you into rough terrain and you eventually elude them
12 Hostile monsters attack and you manage to kill them and capture a egg or infant
13 Hostile supernatural beings menace you and you hide in a holy site to evade them
14 Hostile flying creatures harry your travels till you discover a cavern system to escape
15 Hostile creature in your path you defeat and claim it's sack of loot d6x100gp16 Hostile undead haunt you by night till you hide in a lost shrine to escape
17 Hostile bandits hunt you and you manage to locate their lair and escape
18 Hostile robber knight almost kills you, after escape discover a reward for his head
19 Hostile were beast nips at you while running through brambles, pretty sure uninfected
20 Hostile faerie folk pester you and pick your pockets and play mean jokes on you
21 Discover a unexplored dungeon in a hidden pass in mountains
22 Discover a bubbling spring with friendly beings who beg you too keep it a secret
23 Discover a ruined building dating back to olden times with possible complex beneath it
24 Discover a monster lair with signs it has treasure and captives inside
25 Discover a dank sinkhole with a howling monster trapped inside and many remains
26 Discover a forgotten graveyard long neglected and possibly haunted
27 Discover a a dank ruined old House hidden from the common roads 
28 Discover a dank ruined castle off the beaten track looked strange so you lest it for later
29 Discover a strange tower in the wilderness and long isolated (towers 1 and 2)
30 Discover a Islands in a body of water such as a lake or river
31 Lucky Find of a hermits cave with long dead body and 1d6 healing herb bundles
32 Lucky Find a abandoned hoard with 1d6x100gp coins 
33 Lucky Find a lost donkey with a load of camping and adventuring supplies
34 Lucky Find dead prospector with map and deed for a lost mine
35 Lucky Find dying adventurer hands you a petty magic item 
36 Lucky Find deposit of possibly valuable ore or gems in a eroded cliff face
37 Lucky Find of a relic visible but virtually unobtainable with guards and barriers
38 Lucky Find of ancient carved marker stone pointing to some long forgotten location
39 Lucky Find of a prehistoric relic near a megalithic site of the ancestors
40 Lucky Find of a long forgotten crypt that may have treasure and a guardian
41 Hunting in forest tracked unicorns and find d6 magical unicorn poop each heals d4 hp
42 Hunting and follow the magical questing beast that leads you to a dungeon entrance
43 Hunting deer and chased by wolves for days till escaped to a village
44 Hunting deer but forest wardens of local ruler insist you need a licence and pursue you
45 Hunting for game but a monster attacked you and injured you as you fled
46 Hunting for game and stalked by a lion, battered and wounded but now have a lion pelt
47 Hunting for game and manage to collect 1d6 sets of skins and antlers
48 Hunting but offended druids who chase you in hopes of bloodily sacrificing you
49 Hunting but came across attractive elves who tried to lure you to faerie land as a slave
50 Hunting and came across nobles d4 1=hunt you 2=feast invite 3=
51 Exploration came across strange tree in the woodlands
52 Exploration came across a unknown monastery
53 Exploration came across a strange lone grave in the middle of nowhere
54 Exploration a route to unknown passage not on any map
55 Exploration of borders of the kingdom and important passages
56 Exploration of important villages and inns across the kingdom for future travels 
57 Exploration of coast line, rivers and water ways of the kingdom for future use
58 Exploration of mountain passes and find previously unknown valleys and passes
59 Exploration of forests and discover previously unknown hidden community
60 Exploration of kingdom and find a hidden dungeon complex
61 Hardship from being trapped by avalanche, starved until rescued by others by chance
62 Hardship from water poisoned, lay ill for days without being able to move till saved
63 Hardship from bad food, starved and delirious survived on bugs and snails
64 Hardship from injury with limited mobility and illness till managed to reach villagers 
65 Hardship from fevers with hallucinations, cared for by country folk until well 
66 Hardship from weather keeps you under cover and in shelter for days in misery
67 Hardship from disease made weak as a kitten and highly contagious 
68 Hardship from being trapped in a pit or snare for days before crawling out 
69 Hardship kills many fellow travellers when passage blocked by disaster or enemies
70 Hardship temperature extreme leaves you a weak and drained wreck 
71 Lost and find self in haunted forest surrounded by evil (ghostwood)
72 Lost in for days in the mountains and surrounded by peril 
73 Lost in horrid marshlands haunted by malign intelligence
74 Lost in dark elf woodlands and constantly taunted by evil fey beings
75 Lost in the forbidden sylvan forest of the bright elves forbidden to mankind 
76 Lost in the highlands where barbarians lurk on the fringes of civilisation
77 Lost on the forbidden moors by night and haunted by it's evil 
78 Lost and came across megalithic ruins from prehistory
79 Lost but meet a doomed immortal and you both find your way to civilisation together
80 Lost but aided buy unknown hidden race who return you blindfolded to homeland
81 Accident trapped in a bog and almost succumbed to drowning but lost one item
82 Accidentally fell off cliff injuring yourself badly and managed to crawl to civilisation 
83 Accidentally started fire, managed escape, sylvan beings & druids demand atonement
84 Accidentally swept away during a water crossing and attacked by water creatures
85 Accidentally struck by wooden branch while gathering firewood and knocked out
86 Accidentally caught in mudslide covered if foul sticky mud and carried down into valley
87 Accidentally outraged previously friendly locals who perused you with burning torches
88 Accidentally trod on a serpent and bitten, several days lay under a bush in fever
89 Accidentally stumbled into bandits camp but managed to escape with injuries
90 Accidentally shot by hunters who thought you were a wild man, they kind of apologise
91 Festival in local village during a wedding, all welcome for drinking, dancing and flirting
92 Festival to burn a great wicker idol and local druid says you are the guest of honour 
93 Festival to celebrate local religious event, locals merry and pleased to have a guest
94 Festival to bless the crops and animals with drinking and feasting and fornicating
95 Festival where two villages compete in gruelling sport event, both want you on their team
96 Festival of the moon where moonlight singing and dancing then feasting take place
97 Festival you are invited to includes fasting, austerity, sober thoughts and prayer
98 Festival where visitor chosen to fight a  creature in front of cheering crowd
99 Festival you stumble into where locals dress as monsters to scare children
100 Festival where someone made king for a day d4 1=stranger 2=idiot 3=slave 4=zombie

Monday, 15 September 2014

Carousing pt4 Holy Endevours

This is mostly of priests or at least deeply religious characters who desire to spend down time observing religious duties and contemplation. Probably the least exiting one of these tables to date. If you follow a evil cult just reverse the intent of the result. Instead of helping orphans you burn a orphanage and so on.  Hearing new myths of your god or discovering a different version or new lesson is a worthy result for the faithful.

d10 Charity, prayer and contemplation of the divine in the Holy district - quick version
1 Meeting - new contacts among holy folk and congregation
2 Invitation - interesting opportunity
3 Solace - deep reflection in isolation or as a hermit
4 Pilgrimage - visit a holy place person or relic
5 Secrets - forbidden or forgotten lore uncovered
6 Study scriptures - learn holy mysteries
7 Charity - working with the needy
8 Miracle - witness a holy wonder
9 Preaching - seeking new converts
10 Atonement - and cleansing rituals to absolve sins

d100 Charity, prayer and contemplation of the divine in the Holy district
01 Meet a holy person who offers to cast some high level spells for donations in the future
02 Meet a wondrous saint who inspires you to zealously battle the name of your god
03 A holy leader encourages you to make party members promise to attend church to receive healing
04 A elderly teacher teaches you many wise proverbs to constantly mutter around your peers
05 A keeper of holy relics allows you to handle some important objects that prove your faiths history
06 A wise holy leader presents you with a holy symbol worth d4x100gp as a gift to encourage you
07 A great historian of your faith shows you an account of a lost relic taken by the wicked into a dungeon
08 A important patriach/matriach of the faith call on you as you are at front line of fighting evil
09 You meet a teacher you identify as preaching heresy in secret - do you report him to inquisition?
10 A holy inquisitor has a prisoner he believes to be a witch or heretic and desires your help
11 Invitation to sit on ecclesiastical committee where you get to debate church policy on important issues
12 Invitation to join a order dedicated to slaying evil, if you accept they may provide aid and guidance
13 Invitation to join a order of peaceful contemplation you find brings you peace in between constant war
14 Invitation to join order of healers treating the sick poor, poor people recognising this treat you better
15 Invitation to assist inquisition in rooting out heretics, witches and diabolists serving evil
16 Invitation to perform a wedding ceremony of influential d4 1=merchant 2=knight 3=criminal 4=official
17 Invitation to perform last funeral rights d4 1=your teacher 2=a poor leader 3=knight 4=plague victims
18 Invitation to study in library of forbidden books and find location of a blasphemous cult dungeon
19 Invitation to give moral teaching to noble youth who follows you for 1d4 months for a huge donation
20 Invitation from villagers to stop a supernatural being menacing them in return for eternal gratitude
21 Solace in a isolated monastic community until you solve a horrible murder mystery and quit the order
22 Solace in a distant island with hermits community until they are enslaved and sold by the wicked
23 Solace in a isolated grotto but are annoyed by rich and nobility visiting you for trivial advice
24 Solace in a dark cave with bugs & snakes for company till church orders you to return to the struggle
25 Solace in a stone hut in misty mountains but demons kept taunting and tempting you so you fled
26 Solace in a distant wasteland where you almost died but a vision from god sustained you
27 Solace in a monastery until you discovered they had lost powers &  were living lives of depraved vice
28 Solace in a lonely shrine but got sick of villages asking for advice and blessing their animals
29 Solace in a plague colony helping the sick until someone you cared for you had you ordered out
30 Solace in a teaching position in a school but temptations and dramas made you return to adventuring
31 Pilgrimage on a tour of country shrines across land, met many local clergy and familiar with roads
32 Pilgrimage to location of a sacred miracle restores you faith
33 Pilgrimage to a great church where you studied and were inspired by the leaders there
34 Pilgrimage to holy font and received 1d6 bottles of holy water to share with your friends
35 Pilgrimage to holy font and received 1d6 bottles of 1d8 healing potions to share with your friends
36 Pilgrimage to distant shrine where you defended pilgrims from bandits, undead and other evils
37 Pilgrimage to visit relic of a saint restores your youth and vigor making you one year younger
38 Pilgrimage to graves of holy teachers and champions where you had vision of a great evil to destroy
39 Pilgrimage to dangerous mountains where you faced many hardships and had to flee badly injured
40 Pilgrimage to holy site was attacked by bandits and only you escaped, you swear to avenge them
41 Secrets uncovered that you church was once infiltrated by a evil cult posing as priests
42 Secrets uncovered that a senior leader was once involved in a great scandal that was covered up
43 Secrets uncovered that a important official was once possessed by great evil spirit
44 Secrets uncovered that a evil magician swore vengeance on your church and may be in area
45 Secrets uncovered that a inquisitor has been over zealous and has been tormenting folk beyond duty
46 Secrets uncovered that a county chapel was built on a cave complex of evil cultist and monsters
47 Secrets uncovered that a graveyard is tormented by undead and wicked and ought to be cleansed
48 Secrets uncovered that a civic leader was once a cult member in past and possibly needs checking on
49 Secrets uncovered that a saints relics are fake, real ones lost in a dungeon complex and still there
50 Secrets uncovered that a sect of wandering flagellants are actually demon worshipers spreading vice
51 Scriptures reveal to you a new myth of your god or a saint you had never come across before
52 Scriptures reveal to you a long forgotten evil dwells in a certain location and has been forgotten
53 Scriptures reveal to you that your church has been lapse in enforcing a ancient tradition
54 Scriptures reveal to you that we are living in a age of great wickedness and a apocalypse is coming
55 Scriptures reveal to you stories of the great epochs of past helping you locate deep hidden ruins
56 Scriptures reveal to you stories of horrors giving you advice on battling one type of monster
57 Scriptures reveal to you possible location of lost holy books from early pilgrims long ago
58 Scriptures reveal to you one of your party members is in need of moral guidance and your help
59 Scriptures reveal  the wicked deserve mercy & should be offered a chance to repent before death
60 Scriptures reveal to you visions of demons, devils and other horrors and a location of old ruins
61 Charity mission to the mutants offering them a better time in the next life causes a riot in ghetto
62 Charity mission to the plague victims earns the church many inheritances and a leader thanks you
63 Charity mission to the starving in the ghettos gains many recruits from the starving
64 Charity mission to help people escape lives of prostitution anger pimps who try to kill you
65 Charity mission to help orphans is attacked by slavers who you punished soundly
66 Charity mission to help widows earns you respect and support of noble women
67 Charity mission to help starving students turns many from wizardry and sorcery and into the church
68 Charity mission to island ends with population fighting each other and only you survive
69 Charity mission to rescue sewer children disappears and you cant find them
70 Charity mission to the ghettos has made you well known among city beggars
71 Miracle witnessed when a holy person cured dozens of the plague by leading in prayer
72 Miracle witnessed when a devil menaced a commoner and a priest drove it away
73 Miracle witnessed when a holy person created food feeding a hundred starving peasants
74 Miracle witnessed when a holy person converted a monster and led it away never to be seen again
75 Miracle witnessed when saw a divine servant of your god battle a supernatural evil
76 Miracle witnessed that a good and needy commoner was healed by power of faith at a shrine
77 Miracle witnessed when cultists trying to infiltrate holy ground burst into flames screaming
78 Miracle witnessed when a cursed graveyard had a great evil cleansed by a holy leader
79 Miracle witnessed when a holy person helped pilgrims escape a monster
80 Miracle witnessed when leader inspired loosing soldiers to rally and slaughter their enemies
81 Preaching mission to island ends with population fighting each other and only you survive
82 Preaching to barbarians d4 1=chased you 2=converts 3=crucified you 4=they killed non believers
83 Preaching to adventurers d4 1=attacked you 2=made donations 3=healed several 4=found a lost relic
84 Preaching goblins but they hopelessly misinterpret faith with comic and tragic results
85 Preaching to soldiery by healing and many gave tithes to your church
86 Preaching but encountered a rival faith and had a contest to choose the best faith for a group
87 Preaching but target group were in grip of nightmare monster cult who sent assassins after you
88 Preaching to prisoners and manage to get 1d6 released into your care on parole for a year
89 Preaching to poor who zealously armed themselves and disappeared in a dungeon full of evil
90 Preaching to homeless and managed to overcrowd the current missions of your church with needy
91 Atonement for all the blood letting and death you have caused by cleansing rituals
92 Atonement for contamination by fraternisation with strange adventurers required prayer and fasting
93 Atonement for neglecting you duties while adventuring by dwelling in silence in a holy cell
94 Atonement for touching unclean places and the dead by ritual cleansing and anointing with holy oil
95 Atonement for spending time on adventures by helping the poor and needy
96 Atonement for missing holy days by reading scriptures and deep contemplation
97 Atonement for helping non believers over faithful by serving commoners needs in ghetto shrine
98 Atonement for spending time away from church by celebrating holy day with fellow faithful
99 Atonement for missing important ritual, senior church leaders give you a quest to recover relics
100 Atonement for neglecting church needs you spend time performing manual labour at church

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Carousing pt3 Sholarly persuits

This is mostly for arcane spell casters but anyone studying or researching could apply. Not as much fun for most to hit books in spare time but for magician is worth it.

I have always thought term spell caster ugly and meta gamey so I use term magician to cover any type of spell caster you like but here mostly about arcane casters such as wizards and sorcerers.

d10 Study, research and experimentation in the University district - quick version
1 Meeting - new contacts among arcane establishment
2 Invitation - interesting opportunity
3 Experiment - make a lucky or unlucky blunder
4 Discovery - find interesting knowledge or clues
5 Secrets - forbidden or forgotten lore uncovered
6 Rivalry - a rival scholar tries to bother you and your work
7 Publishing - academic peer review of your work
8 Student - project have a learning opportunity
9 Opportunity - some lucky find or deal
10 School break - get to let down your beard to fraternise. A sorcerer might roll on priest version or this.

d100 Study, research and experimentation in the University district
01 Meet a magician who offers to swap spells from books or magic item
02 Meet a magician who teaches you familiar training +1hp
03 Meet a magician who gives you a dungeon map where he lost an item years ago
04 Meet a magician who gives you formula to create an item or potion
05 Meet a magician who when young slaved at a terrible artifact under a evil master
06 Meet a magician who once lived in long forgotten d4 1=dungeon 2=tower 3=castle 4=house
07 Meet a magician who wishes to be patron or sponsor of adventurers in return for books and scrolls
08 Meet a magician who offers you forbidden and blasphemous lore
09 Meet a magician who shows you his lab and experimental breeding program
10 Meet a magician who offers to train you in the future
11 Invitation to join secret order of magicians with strange schemes and conspiracies
12 Invitation to join secret order of magicians in contact with other planar beings
13 Invitation to help project to reactivate elder artifact for a share of ultimate power
14 Invitation to meet undead elder magicians in secret lair to learn of their great plan
15 Invitation to participate in orgiastic drug cult of a sorcerer in secret pleasure dome
16 Invitation to meeting of magicians guild to discuss trivium of city affairs
17 Invitation to lecture at the university of magic paid 100gp for guest speech
18 Invitation to teach rich youths basics lore and beginners first cantrips 100gp a month
19 Invitation to perform your "tricks" in front of nobles, if pleased may reward you
20 Invitation to from romantic admirer, a noble magic groupie who will cause trouble if spurned
21 Experiment with spell goes wrong but hints at interesting variant
22 Experiment with cheap scroll fragments and mushrooms, get to learn or swap a new spell
23 Experiment with brewing potions learn a new formula
24 Experiment and gain a cosmetic mutation with disastrous brew
25 Experiment but accidentally destroy expensive lab equipment, if not yours was on loan
26 Experiment temporarily changes your d4 1=race 2=gender 3=species 4=skin colour
27 Experiment with other planar symbols and summon a being that spares you for one favour
28 Experiment with fumigation of herbs to gain esoteric visions, develop minor drug habit
29 Experiment with magic trash of superior magician manage to create a potion with side effects
30 Experiment with obscure rituals, formula and animals create a monster egg
31 Discovery of information about a lost spell book in a d4 1=dungeon 2=cave 3=ruin 4=old house
32 Discovery of from a recycling old scrolls and find invisible text with odd lore or map fragment
33 Discovery of a map leading to a hidden settlement of non humans in the wilderness
34 Discovery of incredibly tasty sauce recipe using monster as ingredient
35 Discovery of exotic drug formula using monster as ingredient
36 Discovery of map location of other worldly gate and formula to open beneath a dungeon
37 Discovery of location of long lost ruins during research fabled resting place of lost magic items
38 Discovery of  old wizards journal describing many strange lands beyond civilisation
39 Discovery of  book illustrated with erotic summoning rituals worth 2d6x100gp to collector
40 Discovery of map of ruins of d4 1=necromancer 2=elder races 3=reptile folk 4=evil cult
41 Secret uncovered journal fragment hinting at scandal of ruling clan from long ago
42 Secret uncovered of true name of a outer planar or elemental being in a old text
43 Secret uncovered volume of blasphemous lore hidden for aeons for good of mankind
44 Secret uncovered about community secretly a cult of hybrid monsters
45 Secret uncovered about foreign agents seeking to steal local magic secrets
46 Secret uncovered scandal of magic school teacher or staff misconduct
47 Secret uncovered of location of secret outlaw magic school or possibly the secret black lodge
48 Secret uncovered old wizards sordid deeds, blackmail a petty magic trinket from him
49 Secret uncovered of lost gateway to faerie land and ritual to open it
50 Secret uncovered of dawn age magic and possible location of relics of when gods walked
51 A rival magician of your school challenges you to a spell off to see who is  greatest
52 A rival magician of your school hates you and constantly plots to shame and humiliate you
53 A rival magician interested in same potential lover tries dirty tricks and lies
54 A rival magician of your school is a honourable foe, competition brings you both glory and fame
55 A rival magician  tries to steal your spell book or drug stash with magic and mortal means
56 A rival magician recruits a party to beat you to dungeon treasure and will use dirty tricks
57 A rival magician challenges you to a familiar fight in a magic gymnasium to earn badges
58 A rival magician planted a cursed object in your possession ass a trick
59 A rival magician runs a smear campaign about you with gossip, pamphlets and slanderous artwork
60 A rival magician tries to seduce and steal your lover with magic disguises, charms and tricks
61 Publishing a paper at university gets you noticed by peers and scholars
62 Publishing a volume on dungeon exploration gets you apprentice wannabees follow you
63 Publishing a essay gets you a lecturing gig at various magician guilds 1d6x10 a month
64 Publishing about your amazing adventures gets you mocked and slandered by public
65 Publishing theories gets you laughed out of respectable academia but praised by lunatic fringe
66 Publishing your adventures is misunderstood as satirical comedy inspiring comedy musical plays
67 Publishing your adventures inspires copy cat juveniles who copy your antics and go to dooms
68 Publishing your work angers you enemies who driven to jealousy try and kill you
69 Publishing your papers gets you bequeathed money by a secret admirer d6x100gp
70 Publishing your journals earns you a literary award and book deal worth d6x100gp
71 Student project manage some kobolds in a dungeon for a week and filed a report on experience
72 Student project manage a work gang of zombies in sweatshop for extra credit with teachers
73 Student project manage watch a bound demon trapped in circle, protect from stray animals entering
74 Student project assist master while he negotiates with elemental lords through planar gateway
75 Student project transcribe scrolls and spells for master and pilfer one scroll for yourself in process
76 Student project teacher gets you to recharge wands and writes you a good reference
77 Student project manage alchemy lab and keep gremlins out or experiment will explode
78 Student project manage tests for potential new students and grade exams and aptitude tests
79 Student project work in library for credit and get to peek at forbidden books learning about a evil cult
80 Student project tending dangerous monsters and plants in menagerie cleaning out cages
81 Opportunity to blackmail teacher for d4 1=sexual misconduct 2=fraud 3=cultist 4=treason 1d6x100gp
82 Opportunity to loot a dead wizards estate d4 1=strange book 2=scroll 3=familiar 4=potion
83 Opportunity to steal a dungeon blueprint from planning office a teacher was consulting on
84 Opportunity to return item stolen from elves in return for friendship and or sex
85 Opportunity to eat some magic food d4 1=+1hp 2=-1year age 3=aroused 24hours 4=grow huge beard
86 Opportunity to talk to master about dirty tricks with your spells you had never considered
87 Opportunity to be intern to magician get to check out all their cool stuff and tower
88 Opportunity to get job as adviser to noble d4x100 per month wage, sacked if unavailable
89 Opportunity to assist great sage, get a foot in door of selling knowledge to fools racket
90 Opportunity to find masters sex secret d4 1=party golem 2=succubi 3=sexy imp 4=tentacle beast
91 School break but get into brawl with d4 1=barbarians 2=farmers 3=gang 4=priests
92 School break got drunk and misplaced something like a spellbook pay d4x100 to get returned
93 School break got into sexy times with d4 1=fellow student 2=teacher 3=janitor 4=someones familiar
94 School break road trip hunted by d4 1=yokel lynch mob  2=rednecks 3=orcs 4=kidnappers
95 School break and fellow students experiment with attractive but dangerous monsters in captivity
96 School break while partying supernatural horror killed peers one by one stalking you now
97 School break got into brawl with fellow student no spells or magic allowed
98 School break got to party with odd new friends d4 1=barbarians 2=orcs 3=thieves 4=assassins
99 School break woke up in wrong side of town with d4 1=goblins 2=wererats 3=vampire 4=demonic cult
100 School break with wild university fraternity now everyone assumes you are party animal

Friday, 12 September 2014

Carousing pt2 How the Rich Party

So this is for the wealth adventurers or at least the social climbing ones. A bit nicer than part one. Married adventurers tend to be more respectable and partners may encourage status climbing. A bit like Pendragon only more nasty.

d10 Upper class capering and social climbing in the Nob Hill district - quick version
1 Meeting - new contacts among gentry
2 Invitation - interesting opportunity
3 Dueling  - making enemies and rivalry
4 Romantic encounter - a moment of sweet love
5 Quest - a challenge of skill or luck
6 Intrigue among elites - devious schemes enfold you
7 Hunting - a relaxing stay at a hut lodge to kill animals
8 Witness - see some amazing spectacle or historic event
9 Feasting - roaring and gorging with the elite
10 Too much fun - terrible consequences of over indulgence

d100 Upper class capering and social climbing in the Nob Hill district
01 Meet a noble who tells family story hinting at a dungeon and treasure location
02 Meet a noble or wealthy patron who seeks to sponsor you for their own glory
03 Meet a patron who fancies adventurers and expects favours
04 Meet a patron who seeks live exotic monsters to d4 1=eat 2=paint 3=keep in zoo 4=taxidermy
05 Meet a patron who needs body guards when meeting bandit chief to negotiate release of hostages
06 Meet a patron who has a useless child, seeks adventurers to train child as adventurers
07 Meet a patron needs adventurers to cleanse d4 1=ruined castle 2=haunted house 3=crypt 4=cellar
08 Meet a patron who wants to pay adventurers to come along, bossy, cowardly, prone to screaming
09 Meet influential patron who will help in legal situation in future
10 Meet patron needs a dungeon emptied as revenge for monsters killing his kin
11 Invitation to upper crust orgy with d4  1=mystical cult 2=nobility after 3=theatre celebrities 4=demons
12 Invitation to join a club, order or fraternal society for influential elites
13 Invitation to party in noble manour house costume ball with lots of flirting and spectacles
14 Invitation a fight d4 1=man vs monster 2=women 3=bear vs dogs 4=demihumans vs humanoids
15 Invitation to see a live dissection d4 1=criminal 2=monster 3=demihuman 4=mutant
16 Invitation to see a wizard demonstrate magical principles and high level spells
17 Invitation to see a gory live execution with front row seats d4 1=traitor 2=thief 3=heretic 4=bandit
18 Invitation to sporting events including jousting and grand melee followed by feasting
19 Invitation to help burn down a farm and terrorise tenants for not paying rent for sport
20 Invitation to wedding where you get to meet rich and attractive flirts seeking partners
21 Challenged to a duel d4 1=hate your type 2=offended their lover 3=sadist 4=you insulted them
22 Asked to fight duel on others behalf as champion
23 Invited to a contest with 300gp prize d4 1=joust 2=swordfight 3=horse race 4=archery
24 While at party person decides you are worst upstart scum and dedicates self to making your life hard
25 At a feast a magic pie from a mad wizard arrives, host dares you to eat it
26 Challenged to a cockfight, must find a fighting cock fast (1in10 rival brings out of control cockatrice)
27 Host at party declares who has sex with most servants wins a prize 1d6x100gp
28 Rival insults your weapon quality contest to inflict biggest wound on condemned prisoners
29 Noble at party announces hunting contest, d6x100gp prize, releases peasants dressed as game birds
30 At a party contest to resist power of a curse, winner gets a magic item, draw must fight for it
31 Meet your dream lover d4 1=betrothed to another 2=dont like you 3=married 4=above your station
32 Meet your dream lover d4 1=cursed 2=monster in disguise 3=slave 4=they have vow of celibacy
33 Person you fancy kidnapped by d4 1=monster 2=robber knight 3=bandits 4=sorcerer
34 Person you fancy cursed by d4 1=cult 2=undead or demon 3=priest 4=magic item
35 Horrible person of status demands you love them d4 1=priest 2=magician 3=sadist 4=mad
36 Noble offers you loan of their pleasure golem for a week while they are away on business
37 Attractive person betrothed or in bad marriage seeks your help to escape
38 Meet love of your life, actually using a magic disguise d4 1=frog person 2=elf 3=kobold 4=fish person
39 Stay at noble manour get seduced by d4 1=host 2=host's spouse 3=their offspring 4=hosts parent
40 Magician will give you magic item if you marry them d4 1=hot 2=creepy 3=old 4=non human
41 Given quest to find Missing person reward d4 1=d6x1000gp 2=magic item 3=land 4=title
42 Given quest to stop evil custom or practice d4 1=d6x1000gp 2=magic item 3=land 4=title
43 Given quest to kill evil spell caster d4 1=d6x1000gp 2=magic item 3=land 4=title
44 Given quest to kill monster d4 1=d6x1000gp 2=magic item 3=land 4=title
45 Given quest to stop a curse d4 1=d6x1000gp 2=healing credit 3=magic item 4=cleric follower46 Given quest to find something in a shipwreck d4 1=d6x1000gp 2=magic item 3=land 4=title
47 Given quest to cleanse a dungeon d4 1=d6x1000gp 2=magic item 3=land 4=title
48 Given quest to find holy relic d4 1=d6x1000gp 2=healing credit 3=magic item 4=cleric follower
49 Given quest to punish heretic d4 1=d6x1000gp 2=healing credit 3=magic item 4=cleric follower
50 Given quest to explore and map area d4 1=d6x1000gp 2=magic item 3=land 4=title
51 Asked to spy on someone by 1=rich patron 2=family 3=secret police 4=church leader
52 Asked to deliver letter to someone and not to open at any cost or let fall into wrong hands
53 Asked to deliver message to lover from someone barred from being near person they adore
54 Come across documents that question heir of family, many parties seek these
55 Find a secret door at a party d4 1=secret torture room 2=evil altar 3=secret library 4=spy hidey hole
56 Assassinated person hands you a letter d4 1=love note 2=military secrets 3=sex scandal 4=treason
57 Someone asks you to help avenge self against powerful city patron who did something horrible
58 Discover a servant is actually a important heir hidden in dynasty conflict as a baby
59 Young lovers need help escaping vindictive patron who wants both to die horribly
60 Evil step parent trying to murder children and spouse to get loot
61 Hunting trip invitation to catch d4 1=game birds 2=wild boar 3=wolves 4=deer
62 Hunting trip invitation to kill d4 1=escaped slaves 2=goblins 3=gypsies 4=elves
63 While hunting druids turn part of group into game animals for cruel justice
64 Hunting trip but attacked by d4 1=lion 2=ogre 3=bandits 4=giant
65 Fishing trip catching d4 1=tuna 3=swordfish 3=shark 4=merfolk
66 While on hunting trip pursue the legendary questing beast, get lost in dangerous country 1d4 days
67 On a hunting trip and nature strikes back with d4 1=unicorn 2=druids 3=giant treemen 4=elves
68 On a hunting trip discover lost d4 1=cave 2=creature lair 3=dungeon 4=bandit hideout
69 Hunting trip where you accidentally kill your horse or a loaned one (probably owe money)
70 Stay at hunting lodge mostly drinking and eating all night, then drunkenly chasing game by day
71 Evil wizard appears at party to curse offsping of host then vanish in puff of smoke
72 Important dignitary fornicating publicly at party while spouse away
73 A person at a party drops out of sight, transforms into inhuman being and creeps or flies away
74 When guest at hosts home, see servant practice witchcraft or black arts
75 See a respected person meet black robed d4 1=assassin cult 2=cultist 3=foreign agent 4=criminals
76 Spell caster summons powerful being at noble event amazing everybody
77 A prophet at a courtly function declares the hosts family cursed and doomed
78 A important official demonstrating symptoms of insanity and endangering the kingdom
79 A important person is seen talking to otherworldly being via a mirror or other device
80 An important heir having an affair the family would never approve of
81 A huge jolly feast all will remember with best bards, novelty foods and exotic ingredients
82 A huge feast but everyone vomits from poisoning after 1d6 courses, host has cook grilled on spit
83 At jolly feast, stranger comes and offers a wish to any who can kill him or must perforn one task
84 Host at feast announces surprise entertainment where animals eat bad servants alive
85 At a feast when witness an assassination attempt on host
86 At feast morbid dish served as surprise roast d4 1=merfolk 2=dwarf 3=unicorn 4=lizard man
87 At feast a jester uses  a scroll to animate all the roast animals for a laugh, host beats him to death
88 At a feast magic elixir served reduces age by d4 years, someone gives to a dog it disappears
89 At feast corpulent guest explodes with strange parasites sending other guests screaming
90 Host decides guests joust with bread sticks riding servants for a lark and more silly horrible games
91 After roaring and gorging struck with horrible illness for 1d4 days vomiting and diarrhea
92 Develop unpleasant facial sores for 1d6 months or until cured
93 Next morning after feast cough up a large live frog
94 Gremlins followed you home and establish a nest in your residence making it a nightmare
95 Assassins come to kill you in case you witnessed something last nights party
96 A letter arrives night after party as reminder you promised to perform some herculean task
97 You have a tattoo d4 1=cult initiate symbol 2=someones name 3=heretical image 4=warning note
98 Angry mob around your house heard of your heretical deeds you dont remember
99 Priests come to prey for you having heard of you appalling deeds while drunk
100 Roll three more times