Saturday, 3 October 2015

Great Weird War test play and terrain table

So from playtest i can run this several ways.using my tables
A gonzo weird shoot em up or gritty horror
Also factors for a one off into the weird zone in no mans land or as start of a campaign

For a one off or grittier game:
Haunted phenomena good to use as red herrings or bait
Rolled monsters should be linked or related - avoid too many monsters syndromes
Be more willing to re-interpret tables to give adventure focus or change result if needed
Monsters and SAN losses should be high d20 is a good threat level with some d6-d10 minions
Use more horror type results and bunp other genre stuff like sf or mystery men

For a longer weirder game:
Works well for veteran players who know all the  monsters and is a bit jaded
For players who always wanted to have tommy guns, BAR or lewis guns which respectable keepers contrive reasons you couldn't have one
Live with incongruent elements in the zone tables
Will eventually be swallowed up or go on to be awesome pulp action heroes around the world
Impact of zome as a time space mythos planar hotspot

Fun for the Keeper:
Players have machine guns and 7 second fuse grenades and monsters are wrestling with party members all the time, mayhem ensues
Compasses go crazy in the zone a good sign weird phenomena occurring.

d10 Quick NoMans land terrain
1 Barbed Wire - difficult passage d10 roll for how thick
2 Ruins - mostly foundations and bits of wall and rubble
3 Debris Mounds - heaps of rubble, wagon wheels, mashed barbed wire, tree trunks
4 Dead Forest - trunks, logs, with mud and debris
5 Crater Field - fields of blasted earth, unexploded shells, mounds of earth and mud
6 Mud Field - slippery with treacherous quicksand bogs 1in10 with wooden walkways
7 Flooded Field - inches of water over mud, flooded craters and abandoned trenches
8 Mine Field - land mines and other booby traps like grenades with trip lines
9 Open Field - mud covered but flat ground highly visible to enemy
10 Broken ground - earth churned up and broken by shellfire, rough but offers lots of cover

Difficult Terrain can roll how difficult obstacles are
"1" would be some paths blocked and easily traversed "10" solid impassible or very dangerous
An artillery barrage might help get through (navigate or artillery roll and a messenger pigeon)

A hexcrawl like this plus other tables will be used
i might try and make graphics for each type

d100 Air Encounters
d100 Weird Aerial Encounters

So first three groups I ran

First group played well together and scenario and exploration underground worked well.
They chose to enter ruins in the zone via sapper tunnels into drains under town
Hung out with men, questioned them about ghosts and strange stuff and got to know some men
Morning set off found lonley swweating young tunnel guard who said he had heard a dog or something in dark. Men went down tunnel and found a pre-war burried tunnel entry. Crawled into a complex of basements linked by crawl ways with a french communist printing press making german and english pamphlets. Shot Frenchies and Sappers happily looted grease, food, the press and other stuff. Heroes went on with two sappers and came into basement of a mental hospital. Found it was sealed under rubble but found a giant rat hole. Tempted to return and blame all phenomena on communists but went into pit.

They came into maze of mud and root mass and battled french line of the Boucher family as mutant midget rat people. When Ygolnac grabbed a player guy behing him with Tommy guy did 90 points of damage through the held man obliterating him and making monster god fall. As all ran one player driven mad chased them with two live mills bombs. Others shot his legs and found he wouldn't drop grenades. So thought about spending 2-3 seconds cutting of his hands but they all ran back to base with lots of intell. Fun Group. Two dead

Next group had a bit of player vs player with one person a bit frustrated, a few nice girls who got a bit talked over and a guy who argued petty rules and military history. The did cooperate fairly well in combat and went up to town ruins by tunnel the surfaced. Found some drums of toxic waste, Killed some germans. Found a unconscious tommy in a mud pit and explored a sink hole where was a part derro boy was living with prisoners, dead animals and a broken hate ray that players repaired but luckily guy who turned on was only one to resist and shit down. Sfredded machine, captured dwarf and went home. I should have had a bigger threat reallt to climax it all - all survived and brought back prisoners uniting french families. Did recover evil book and letters from Dr who had been guardian of the midget boy monster. Way too happy really.

The third team chose to fly over to observe it at dawn (if they went at night monsters would have downed them. So in three SE5 two seater planes (secons is observer gunner). Got shot down and lived. Late player arived and i unkilled a pilot then player swapped character with another. Managed to damage two attackers and shoot down one. So now the four men in no mans land with two lewis guns working. They decided to check out ruined town as so close rather than return to own lines. Saw some germans laying mines and killed them and took their weapons and went deeper into ruins. Rested due to hunger, fatigue and wounds and heard germans. So crept out to fing gasmasked troops commanded by officers burying time release cylinders of what party though was gas. Shot them all and found officers were medical doctors officers with secret papers. Found one not dead so party put on respirators and removed mans mask and tested the yellow gas on him. Turned out to be a super virulent plague.

They returned to hide out and rested and looked through german plans. Guard saw a white figure in distance towards evening and they investigated. Captain saw a bit of figure and they tried to surround it in ruined area. On soldier realised it was tight next to him around corner and tried to punch the lumpy white fleshed thing. A spongy rotten bloated humanoid which struck back. Rest charged and shot it finding bullets not very effective.  Eventually one punched it over and everyone fled with a mills bomb near by. Exploded into white dust cloud and a few chunks party collected. Looked around and found wghat it was doing. Scribed a yellow sign, the full activated enchanted kind that destroys sanity and curses viewers to be attacked by monsters. So most shaken and another really cursed and developed six phobias including the dead, fungus, gas, germs to name a few. Captain photographed wall then they blew it up. Returned lines went to paris to report. They were grilled by officers, decontaminated and questioned by doctors. After a few of boys went to brothel as advised by officer, found it was actually full of german spies which led to arrests. Back at base men in darkroom had gone mad looking at yellow sign. Was some kind of fight and everything was locked down. Some talk of this as a weapon that could be dropped on enemy lines.

As has time went back into the zone after recovering. Found a collapsed tunnel with german and english sappers fighting over it and helped the tommies. Got into some mess with serpent men who had awakened from shelling and killed a dinosaur. This group were fun and got lots done. The king in yellow gas/plague thing was fun. Also if was campaign would get Hastur Undead growing in HQ morgue and ripples of SAN losses from data brought in by team.

Have day of tonight from con but slept through time to goto zine fair but get a day laying about resting. Will do some prep tonight to improve mondays three sessions.

Having a roadwar game at club at six pm and a bit of upcomming rome character generation.

Friday, 2 October 2015

kid holiday zombie war

So i wa messing about with kids i made a simple war game months back - this time we made zombies vs army game. I was zombie vs 3 boys who eventually after my initial luck spree got to use their movement and range to win. Next time i get a din0saur or more spawning rolls. Still was good for an hour of play

kill a zombie roll roll a 6
kill a soldier roll 3+
4shoot range 5 or throw grenade 3
+2 range if on building roof
army move 3 zombies move 1

zombie starts with 1/2 as many in number
but spawn on a roll of 6 after every army player moves and place next to any army piece. If a zombie gets a kill victim reswpans as zombie

needs a bit of tweeking but fun.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

WW1 Kit for Into no mans land

Prepping for local Sydney convention. Im focusing on commonwealth and german kit for current game but will try and get French, Russian and Austrian later. WW1 minis include croatian, Canadians, ANZAC (Australia and new zealand), colonial troops, african colonial forces and many more. I have two brit tanks, two french and a german. I have some bases to stick on. I have a few fighter planes. Players will get choice of entering the zone from the air or from ground infantry or tank or underground with sappers. Hmm might need a quick air encounter chart or two but i do have TSR Dawn Patrol game. 

Commonwealth kit I need as the Experimental Operations Command is British in this period. Covers commonwealth nations but canadians did have a lame rifle for a period. American doughboys gave up the boy scout hats and adopted lots of Tommy kit.

1916 private soldier, Battle of the Somme (above)

1 Hob nail boots
2 Puttees (for binding trousers around lower legs)
3 Socks
4 Shirt and vest
5 Gas mask container
6 Gas mask
7 Non Commissioned ranks hat
8 Notebook and service warrant card
9 Battledress tunic – note stripes on sleeve denote rank
10 Mess tins
11 Tin opener and can of food, appears to be tinned stewed apple
12 Oxo cubes
13 Bar of chocolate
14 Bar of soap
15 Water flask
16 Belt
17 Leather belt with leather pouches for kit
18 Haversack
19 Longjohn under garments, battledress trousers and braces
20 Boot polish and two brushes
21 Blankets
22 Dog tags – imprinted with name, rank and service number
23 Trench club – for breaking heavy ground for trenching into and for fighting the enemy at close quarters
24 Entrenching tool handle; often the handle was customised with lumps of metal and made into a trench club
25 Leather pouch for entrenching tool
26 Field dressing
27 Cigarettes and matches
28 Mess kit containing knife, fork spoon, shaving brush, soap and brass button polisher (slid underneath battledress button to protect BD from polish)
29 Polish
30 Razor
31 Gun oil
32 Cloth for pull-through for cleaning barrels internally
33 Bullet
34 Ammunition belt, with five pouches of five rounds
35 Penknife and pull through cord
36 Entrenching tool spade; sometimes soldiers sharpened the edges of the spade and used these to fight
37 Lee Enfield 303 bolt action rifle. It was developed at the beginning of the twentieth century as an attempt to create a standard rifle for both the infantry and soldiers on horseback. As it turned out it was ideally suited to conditions in the trenches – it wasn’t good at firing over long distances, but was really robust and could stand up to the mud. It was still used right up into the 1950s. 5 shots.
38 Bayonet – to be attached to fore end of rifle
39 Helmet – with cover 6AP
40 Fob watch, personal effects. Officers tended to have pocket watches more so than infantry soldiers
41 Coins – possibly local francs or similar, personal effects
42 Scabbard for bayonet, worn on leather belt around waist over hip
43 5 round ammunition clips – ready to load magazine of 303 rifle - enough for 75shots cavalry getting 90 shots

There were two breast pockets for personal items and the soldier's AB64 Pay Book, two smaller pockets for other items, and an internal pocket sewn under the right flap of the lower tunic where the First Field Dressing was kept. Leather was used for training outfits but were deployed often while most were supposed to use webbing.

32kg or 70 pounds weight making most users operate fatigued

Officers use a Webley .44 revolver

Lewis Machine gun
The British officially adopted the Lewis machine gun in .303 calibre for Land and Aircraft use in October 1915. Despite costing more than a Vickers gun to manufacture (the cost of a Lewis Gun in 1915 was £165, and the Vickers cost about £100), Lewis machine-guns were in high demand with the British military during World War I. The Lewis also had the advantage of being about 80% faster (in both time and component parts) to build than the Vickers gun (and was a lot more portable). They were nearly ubiquitous on the Western Front, outnumbering the Vickers gun by a ratio of about 3:1.

The Lewis Gun utilised two different drum magazines, one holding 47 and the other 97 rounds of ammunition and had a rate of fire of 500 to 600 rounds per minute. The gun weighed 28 pounds (13 kg), only about half as much as a typical medium machine gun of the era, such as the Vickers machine gun, and was chosen in part because, being more portable than a heavy machine gun (such as the Vickers), it could be carried and used by a single soldier. Used for anti aircraft and on aircraft,

Mills Bomb
First modern british fragmentation grenade for defensive purposes. 7sec fuse early ones replaced by 4 second fuses during ww2. The British Home Guard were instructed that the throwing range of was about 30 yards with a danger area of about 100 yds. Rod type ifle grenade version appears 1917 with a range of 150m but they ware rifle out. Weight

Will try to crank out air tables and character sheet tonight,

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Chaosium continues but death of BRP?

Chaosium continues to disappoint? - So Chaosium getting RQ back seemed to make people happy. After a few years of disappointing layouts and cthulhu products I was getting hopeful after products like Magic World (though if dyslexic me spots typos something is wrong) and Blood Tide gave me hope. Now Chaosium have cut licences to other producers of often superior products and are cutting the BRP gold book.I am saddened for companies and people who wasted time developing products to have them axed due to this and difficulty working with them. Ive been playing their games since 1983 often exclusively. For most of 90s I only bought Cthulhu stuff, now i'm pretty wary of new products and glad I only got PDFs. Id love it if they re-released some of older books as even PDF - many have ridiculous prices second hand.  

Delta Green - looking for new mechanics due to licencing problems?" Arc Dream sale point offline when I looked
Alephtar Games - producing new d100 system losing BRP Rome and many fine products gone probably forever - a dozen or so of best ever made for system pulled from market
Cubical 7 - seem to be hanging in with Britannia Line and Laundry - hope they hold out
Design Mechanism - Apparently losing some products? - no news since May - still most stuff on Drive Through

Please let me know if I'm wrong about any of this.

I imagine nobody new will enter field of BRP products after this.
Open licence versions might be only viable version.

I'm still pissed that CoC7 changed stats the way it did and still considering no longer keeping up
Id rather they went d20 like pendragon (underdeveloped BRP lite system)
Current RQ so slow to make characters and absurdly complex with choices

So I will stick with my own mutant version which is BRP or RQ3 without strike ranks and bonus system from Ringworld. I may be adding stun damage rules from TSR Gangbusters and TopSecret SI so characters can fist fight without killing as easily. Worked really well in past. Will do a new PC sheet soon. I still do most mechanical lifting for players and find them struggling with adding two or three two digit numbers. That's why I made this to help. In CoC I rarely used the derivative rolls like Knowledge or luck rolls in a session, likewise I don't use resistance rolls much and older system seems fine. Most pro story gamers who whinge about CoC search repetitive rolls as one of biggest gripes. I always allow someone who searches exactly the right place to find a thing or clue. It is pretty obvious. Point of a roll is to short hand process by sacrificing time so you don't have to roleplay searching every crate in a attack. In the 90s RQ and Cthulhu had so much gold online comparatively which helped when I was poor povo studying or being in a couple. Net and getting second hand National Geographics for 10c was my main inspiration.

There was a point I weighed up BRP vs GURPS. BRP won because it used metric and preferred idea of percentages not hexadecimal. Gurps also lost out because of points which I had had my time with that game in mid 80s. Champions and Gurps do great setting books. Actually I dislike GURPS4 look and feel. GURPS1-3 seemed to have a awesome setting every month and wide licencing of great books. Points trouble me when player picks up a new item "Why cant I keep the villains 4d6 Armour Piercing Ranged killing Attack obvious accessible focus gun?). The income charts in GURPS Horror are useful in Call of Cthulhu too.

All this confirms to me that licenced product lines are dangerous and will die over licence problems not popularity or quality like versions of Star Wars or Marvel games.

Feels like a Avalon Hill disaster all over again. For one of oldest companies the still seem to act like strugglers. I don't have fanboy faith in any commercial company in games or comics anymore.

So I will be grabbing everything still on shelves at my shop tonight and get my feelers out for the Merrie England Book (apparently intended as a RQ  book). Anyone selling piles of GURPS1-3 ed setting books let me know.

Stuff like this killed

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Murder Highway Sports for wasteland gladiators

So this is a quick list of major vehicle combat sports. Ten years of such events has made other sports obsolete. Cricket, soccer, rugby and football variants have experimented with more lethal combat have been developed. Rollerball has replaced netball as most played sport and most popular sport played by women. These are some ideas and prize guidelines to create races. My party after a year of play are at bottom of semi pro with a few career highlights promising they will make a-list.

Amatuer shows tend to have improvised plate armour and mostly a single machine gun on old cars.

Semi pro cars can survive machine gun bursts and hev multiple weapon systems on new cars. Older Gentech interceptors 4-9 years old often appear in semi pro class.

Pro team drive custom build heavily armed single passenger pursuit cars like gentech interceptor. Lasers, missiles and other expensive weapons systems and ammo used

Amatuer events are weekly
Semi pro monthly
Pro team quarterly

I plan a route on googl;e maps and draw a line to represent route on paper
I work out how many days and mark pitsop checkpoints
Each stage between pitstop checkpoints is a segment
For each segment I roll road conditions, terrain and weather
For each segment I roll a d3 encounters
I generate pitstops and roll and create encounters for each character in camp

DeathraceMulti stage legalized outside of City control zones. A popular telivised event reying on the lawless non urban zones world wide. Official race management select and prewarn people on route about the Deathrace. Spread world wide and imitated by local youths everywhere. Drivers race but more points are given for vehicular slaughter of pedestrians than anything else. Locals often prepare defences. Fans try to get killed by favorite drivers. Big prizes in three divisions (amatuer, semi pro and pro teams). Terrorist protesters leave traps for cars or sacrifice selves carrying placards. As the first such event it is pretty tame now as copies more violent and based on car vs car. Most have 3 day events with a pit stop zone to recover over night. This is part of the media spectacle also.
Racers may not open fire on each other or race officials
Racers may not open fire in start or finish zones on anyone
Racers may ram or bump each other
Racers obtain points for running over pedestrians
Score points for killing other car crews only if they are on foot
Score points for completing sections in place holder positions

Division Per Pit Stop Completion (amatuer, semi pro and pro teams)
1st Place $5000 - $10 000 - $20 000
2nd Place $2000 - $5000 - $10 000
3rd Place $1000 - $2000 - $5000

Division Final Finish (amatuer, semi pro and pro teams)
1st Place $1200 - $100 000 - $1000 000
2nd Place $8000 - $20 000  - $10 0000
3rd Place $5000 - $10 000  - $25 0000

Chicken Race
Racers compete for who is fastest and bravest. Mostly amatuer or criminal with short tracks.  Racers either race head on into a collision or race at a cliff and the first to chicken out loses. Most popular with teens or the desperate for cash. Bets pay for racers efforts and some bet their cars.

Cannonball Run
A non car vs car yearly illegal race challenges racers to cover multi state route and avoid law officials. Shabby and poorly run but popular. Despite conflicts with law a popular event and has many celebrity motor murder sport veterans. Showmanship contributes to fans and sponsorship. From Coober Pedy (South Australia - a underground opal mine town) to Alice Springs (Northern Territory near site of Ayers Rock). Fierce gang fights in wasteland, passes through 1960's A bomb sites on Emu Flats.

1st Place $250 000
2nd Place $100 000
3rd Place $25 000

Road War

Usually two gangs battle over a square battlefield. Originally unofficial and some took days or weeks. TV rights have ruined this event say old fans. Now teams have a budget and build a combat team and fight to the death. Some events battle over a strongpoint, a resource, a hostage, a moving battle truck or some other prize.

Division Team Winnings (amatuer, semi pro and pro teams)
1st Place $1200 - $100 000 - $1000 000
2nd Place $8000 - $20 000  - $10 0000
3rd Place $5000 - $10 000  - $25 0000

Kill Team Drag RaceTwo teams of four on a straight road charge each other and open fire. Teams have budgets to build vehicles and attempt different design strategies.  Variants include cat with bikes for poor copies and trucks with escort cars.

1st Place $1200 - $100 000 - $1000 000
2nd Place $8000 - $20 000  - $10 0000
3rd Place $5000 - $10 000  - $25 0000

Salt Flat Races

Mostly for speed with million dollar jet and rocket cars but a cheaper version of event uses rocket boosted cars which fire rockets at each other Experimental league running test games.

Sydney Murder Motorsport Stadium War League
One on one and team games in a marked battlefield including stadiums and sports fields. Space is relatively small and slow acceleration not such a problem. Event hosts may vary conditions with minefields, machine gun bunkers, mus, tank traps and other novelties. Battlefields are getting more exotic in big events.

1st Place $900 - $50 000 - $100 000
2nd Place $6000 - $10 000  - $25 0000
3rd Place $3000 - $5 000  - $10 0000/

Adelaide to Darwin 500
Cross country through off road often difficult condition routes. Less flashy with more amatuer contenders. Many racers disappear forever en route and numbers of racers limit TV drone feed. Discourages racer on racer violence but years of off camera violence, racers have stopped bothering to hide it. Bikes compete in this with cars.

1st Place $50 000
2nd Place $15 000
3rd Place $6 000

Broken Hill to Ballarat 
Two day event with one night pitstop. Has every year had major racers vs roadgang battle which has become the highlight. Victorian state side of course is sleepy but has winding roads. Broken hill is a former mining town increasingly with many artists while Ballarat is a tourist gold town with a large oth population. End of race party attracts international celebrities.

1st Place $40 000
2nd Place $10 000
3rd Place $2 000

Bathurst Raceway
Holy site of murder motorsports which quickly adapted multiple race events into car combat shows. Famous for full day circuit races with various prize divisions and weapon classes. The local township is one of the best custom car centres of the country. Daily there is some kind of race. Circuit increasingly introducing machine pillboxes, jumps and water crossings.

Philip Island Raceway
Island race course with many races including motorcycle only race. As unarmed races have declined, management have tried to save events and sponsors will poorly organised circuit events.

1st Place $40 000
2nd Place $10 000
3rd Place $2 000

Kids Charity Combat Bash
This yearly charity sponsors pay racers and racers donate cash to charity. Highly televised and a good profile raising event. Held in a different state each year but corporate management in Western Australia, Surviving competitors do sa victory lap in stadium with dying children passengers. Celebrity teams, charity teams, novelty teams, amateurs all join in for this race. At least one of the three days is cross road and country tracks. Some get sponsors to reward per kill others pay for the drivers death. At the end is a huge bachelors and spinsters ball which is a drunken vomit spraying rocknroll dance. Usually leaves a muddy field covered in tinnies and beer bottles.

d6 Day long race - if one day
d3 segments per day

d20 Race Oddity
1 Fanatic penal racers entered in event to earn pardons instead of cash
2 Targeted by anti death race terrorists who claim gladiators are a corruptive force
3 Media circus with global media and celebrities flocking to event
4 Organised crime everywhere and corruption in race admin
5 Ganglord of wasteland declared death to all racers
6 Cultists plan to use race fatalities in ritual climaxing in cult blood bath
7 Undead outbreak on route or around pit stop
8 Law have reasons to stop race as a message to race scene
9 Mutant hordes or species arises to avenge selves against past races that killed their kind
10 Christian sect gang cult opposed to race strike with force, singing to their deaths
11 Weapons cant be used till tokens captured or markers driven over
12 Ammo available at certain race locations often different systems
13 A heavy vehicle like bus or semi trailer truck operated by gang attacks race
14 Strange paranormal phenomena like ufo, psychic or supernatural power
15 Heavily fortified and armed locals well prepared dug in to stop racers
16 Shortages, hijacked supplies make food, fuel, water and ammo scarce
17 Race rife with pit stop sabotage, poisoning and hobbling drivers
18 Bonus Cash in bunkers with  armed defenders
19 Remote controlled traps, jumps, drones and other gimmicks set up for race
20 Fans on the track in cars or on foot get in way, swarm drivers and get in way

Orcus Talk to us...

Timothy S. Brannan on his blog asaked about readers experiences with orcus. I did one of my rants and here it is. Id be pleased to use Orcus he is so totally oldschool.

Feel free to request i remold any classic DnD or setting tropes.

We were 16 playing games at home, school, library and wargaming club
Old wargamer appalled by my running took over and had Orcus kill all our 16th lv first characters.

Ive seen a skit like this on a utube so it must be common

He also played a paladin who found an other characters (chaotic nuetral cat-spirit ninja wujen) orphanage for monster kids from years of plundering dungeons. The paladin burned it and killed them all while cat lady went to shops.

This guy was 40 and was in military and had been a fanatic wargamer. He would lend me cool game stuff so i could run it and he would get to play and take over as dm when he felt i was kind or heroic storytelling or something. I realized later most adults got sick of him and wouldn't put up with this shit.

So yeah a big bully power gamer who picks on weak, justifies it is for the best
while sitting on bone throne palanquin eating some gore and welcomes you to join him.
His champions are promised eternal death as a sentient unbound free roaming undead from the moment they die. By feasting with Orcus most low level arise as zombies. Higher level ones become what Orcus desires at moment and he justifies his treachery with self. He craves followers dedicate the souls of you murder victims to him and spreading his cause. Most Importantly and follow the path of chaos and evil.

"The undead that carry the palanquin are mixed,
enthralled, enslaved and resentful which pleases him
they wear filthy tattered rags and remnants of royal and great raiment
they swarm out and attack - they are constantly replaced and countless
he will tempt you with return of your ancestors souls or power
his chaos priesthood lurk in dungeons and spread seed of undeath
to seize the worlds dungeons and then use as bases to destroy all life"

Real and a false wand both sentient and hate each other claiming to love Orcus more.
Each have a cult. The false one is a titan mattock or maul with death touch, power word kill three times a day and sentient and controls non Orcus users increasingly. The other one is a divine artifact. Other subcults include ones specializing in each undead type, necromancy, horned templars, grave robbing thieves and a mostly harmless funerary workers cult.

This last sect portray him as a harmless underworld guardian but really are a secret demon cult. They take a tithe of all families of grave goods and bodies for Orcus and protect the rest. Taking more would expose them. Outsider grave robbers are eaten by ancestors of locals which seems ok. Many sorcerers male and female dedicated to Orcus like to wear the severed heads of their dead spouses hanging around their necks and continue to talk to them.

Some dawn age portrayals of him before the fall he is a minor fertility god with a sikcle in service of the earth. This he saw as a demotion and fall from heavens, becoming a unruly drunken murdering beastman. Some time in long night he cut ties with gods and became a kingdom maker in the eternal underworld. It is a ancient underworld land of darkness and ruin, scattered with sprawling necropolises. Even its forests are dead. Dismembered corpses hanging in trees. Undead beasts and horrors mimicking life.

Doh! Ive said too much, Orcus will be mad.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Dungeon Rush Shanty Towns

So in a big dungeon with many adventurers increasingly flocking to the call of easy gold and slaves, enterprising folk decide to cash in.

To start with some adventurers usually leave a camp with donkeys, carts, guards and other followers. As more adventurers and curious come a shanty town begins to form. Each week a new feature is added till it evolves into a village then a town. Many survive long after the gold is gone and some ruler appoints a noble or locals elect a mayor and legitimate settlers move in under increased presence of law.

In first year most will use tents and wagons but wooden kit buildings spring up after it is apparent the town will be here a while. Some adventurers after a few sorties see town grow and go into business.

Use a d10 for early stage then d20 after a few months.

 d20 Businesses 
1 Dungeoneer supply store - every day tools of exploration and mining
2 Brothel - a few local women in tents at first to pimp run whorehouse later
3 Sly grog shop - a humble drinking venue with company and music
4 Stable - donkeys, wagons and care for mounted beasts
5 Tavern - a large drinking den with gambling and food and later brings in entertainers
6 Pawn Shop - buy and sell goods from broke adventurers
7 Boarding and bath house - initially rows of tents to eventually a wooden house
8 Smithy - horseshoes, tool making, weapon and armour repairs,
9 Shrine - a priest has come to heal and convert immoral adventurers
10 Food seller - buy rations, fresh and cooked food, each a specialty
11 Baker - brings in a oven and flour, makes bread daily for settlement
12 Butcher - provides meat and buys exotic dungeon meats
13 Money Changer - trades currency (d4% rate) and lends money
14 Slaver - buys and sells humanoids and men, most end up heavy labour till death
25 Barber - also acts as dentist and doctor for first aid
16 Thieves guild - will move in to control crime and keep tabs on adventurers
17 Mercenary guild - where you may hire guards or soldiers
18 Magic Shop - with a magician to identify and trade magics
19 Healer - sets up a hospital for diseased and wounded
20 Sheriff is elected and paid for by local business owners with a hut and a cage

d50 Local Problems
1 Bandits begin to prey on route to civilization
2 Lack of sanitation, stinks at first then disease outbreaks
3 Humanoids harass travelers in area
4 Humanoids skirmishers attack, possibly prelude to major attack
5 Drunk murder hobos flood town, sleep in streets and brawl in the mud
6 Homeless refugees and urchins looking for work arrive and start begging
7 Humanoids increasingly wander into town outraged people wont serve them
8 Main street is a foot deep in stinking mud
9 Shortage of women brings out peculiar habits not approved by church
10 Booze all drunk dry, fights break out
11 VD epidemic - locals itchy, scabby, infertile and increasingly insane
12 Inquisitor comes to inspect camp for signs of heretics or cultists
13 Cultists infiltrate camp and start murdering victims
14 Lice, fleas and ticks break out
15 Horses and donkeys all sick most die of disease
16 Local lynch mob hang or burn some one once a week
17 Spy from dungeon starts to murder, sabotage and cause local unrest
18 Fire breaks out damaging buildings, tents and killing some locals
19 Grog supplies bad, many go blind or mad or die
20 Lack of food causes price hikes and illness
21 Stray dogs increasing some with rabies
22 Rat swarms everywhere bit people in beds at night
23 Lack of clean water brings disease and high prices
24 A phantom terrifying locals
25 A lycanthrope in camp everyone under suspicion
26 Doppelgangers infiltrate camp to murder
27 Drug addiction and alcoholism rampant
28 Tunnel under town collapses
29 Everyone in false panic that monster attack imminent
30 Local thugs try to take over and monopolise alcohol
31 Local business man tries to take over other shops with dirty tricks
32 People found eaten by some monster attracted to camp
34 Monsters setting traps around camp
35 Backstabbed robbed corpses found about town
36 Gangs form among residents and start to brawl
37 Plague carrier visits and dies
38 A wolfpack in area starting to attack locals and kill dogs
39 A big cat like a panther or mountain lion eats a few locals
40 Shoddy building collapses and kills several people
41 Mosquitoes swarms spread disease to locals and animals
42 Leeches crawling everywhere
43 Flash flood washes away part of camp
44 A tree falls on camp killing someone
45 Trail covered by rockslide and new path required
46 Humanoids poison local water supply
47 Pile of severed murder hobo heads left by gate on morning
48 Locals fight over a woman starting a huge brawl
49 Signs of demonic summoning or cult ritual found near camp
50 Campers dig up haunted burial mound and undead attack by night

d50 Seasonal Visitors
1 Road builders come to improve road to civilization
2 Wagon of fancy prostitutes from city
3 Travelling minstrel and actors come to perform
4 Traveling circus always looking to buy new freaks
5 Slaver come with shipment of wives to sell
6 Priest and acolytes comes to convert sinners and feud with any local priests
7 Travelling tailor comes to mend and sell clothing and hats
8 Travelling tinkerer fixes things like boots, weapons and tools
9 Tanner comes to buy exotic skins, furs and hides
10 Cobbler comes to mend and sell boots
11 Visiting noble with entourage inspects camp for local ruler
12 Wizard and apprentice visits to trade magic items
13 Family of adventurer looking for kinsman who they have not seen in a while
14 Drug dealer come to supply area and enjoy local vices
15 Demihuman adventurers arrive, usually disgusted and make own camp
16 Quality cook visits and everyone raving about quality of food
17 Con man comes to fleece adventurers with land deeds and fake potions
18 Thief gang passes through to rob everyone and move on
19 Gambler passes through to suck camp dry of money
20 Bounty hunters looking for a wanted murder hobo
21 Military inspect area to consider building a fort
22 Lumber men come in to clear trees
23 Missionaries come to aid limbless, diseased and drunken murder hobos
24 Tax men come to claim income tax from business men and adventurers
25 Historian comes to visit to document happenings and examine historic finds
26 Dandy wannabee adventurers from city insult scruffy locals and start fights
27 Hoodlum from city organises pit fights with man and beast and monsters
28 A fight promoter with star gladiator takes on all comers for cash
29 A builder comes to construct a structure
30 Fortune Tellers mostly hucksters exploiting locals
31 Brewer visits with barrels on wagon
32 Preachers come to encourage adventurers to quit lives of sin
33 Cultist comes to recruit
34 Fight promoter comes to buy monsters for city gladiators
45 Messenger arrives looking for client to deliver map or letter to
46 Monster boss from dungeon sends envoy to make deal with camp
37 Loud braggart adventurer declares he will cleanse dungeon
38 A famous adventurer and followers joins camp
39 A band of filthy murder hobos join camp and start rivalries with established ones
40 An apothecary's son comes to trade potions for exotic monster organs
41 Inbred rednecks visit to see if a good place to settle down
42 Farming family visits to examine land and judge if camp a fit community
43 A poet comes to compose works on the local heroes or murder hobos if he cant find any heroes
44 A bard comes to put on shows, seduce women and make a name for himself
45 A cat seller with wagon load of cats arrives, guaranteed to reduce rats
46 Miracle medicine show comes through to fleece the foolish
47 Military officer comes to make sure locals not stirring up war with humanoids
48 Rural hunters and trappers come seeking furs and exotic game
49 Rich hunters come to hunt monsters for a lark, treat locals like stupid scum
50 Settlers with wagons come to inspect local land and community

When settlers move in and the dungeon is fished murder hobos move to a new megadungeon. Sometimes a noble takes interest and sends in tax men or military to take over. When a noble begins charging for a dungeon licence and his men begin to inspect and imprison adventurers this also can mean death for the town. Military might move in and build a fort to establish order and control. Military dungeon engineers will of course start strip and open cut mining on the mega dungeon. Some even seal entries and pump in smoke then ambush fleeing monsters. Amateur murder hobos are no match for imperial dungeoneers mining magic for the empire.

Local dungeon might retaliate and the camp might require more mercenaries and build a wall.

A camp like this and it's growth might be a entertaining diversion from a campaign megadungeon. Heroes might get to become important or even name the town. A graveyard with wooden headstones might well appear within a few months.

Also this is more detail on military dungeoneering

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Bezerka Con Mascots

Did these mascots for bezerkacon

It is a 2 day con which is doing some stuff ive never seen in a sydney con like focus on art, larp, boardgames, cardgames, wargames, stalls and more as opposed to rooms of just rpg guys

I will be doing some kids workshops, selling my new colouring book, and running probably road wars and marvel as they are visual looking - possibly do mars attacks and cthulhu wars.

A busy two months of 7 day weeks (including my game day sundays 12-1030 gaming here as a cheat). Then december to adelaide to hang with old crew and working on book production to finish the redbrick zone book (possibly name change needed as i found a similar company of that name).

I has day off monday then ten days over fortnight 9-5 when i thought i was on the way out....

So will buy more old gurps books and perhaps some more minis...

Saturday, 19 September 2015

d100 Roads and travel conditions

Welcome to the wide brown land

I have had road conditions appear on other tables but i realized i need a more basic one for play - i need it pronto. Those older ones might be modified or be used for situational cases like car chases or are meant to be a surprise. These tables could be rolled for every segment of a journey or murder race. Meant to cover larger scales and provide scenery. Or google map and my pittstop tables. Off road desert probably easiest.

Also this

Difficult ground conditions require reliability roll for vehicle per day
Base is mechanic skill + off road handling bonus (GM might subtract lost car HP)
+20 if vehicle new, x1/2 if poorly maintained
A failure is some drop in performance or a bit drops off requiring a repair roll
Fumble would be catastrophic failure requiring parts or equipment
Suitably rugged military grade vehicles might ignore difficult terrain altogether

Roads, Barriers & Terrain
You can roll lower dice to get more common results. d4-2 wasteland (zero or less means no barriers d6 Agricultural areas d8 to include rural areas closer to cities with d10+ good semi abandoned wealth small farms for rich people near city. Areas where nice tree filled properties have been abandoned with a few die hard blue bloods hanging in. 

d12 Quick Roads
1 Trail in grass where kangaroos go to water supply or migrate
2 Rough dirty trail with rocks and water filled pot holes and prone to floods
3 Gravely rough road graded every few years
4 Well traveled dirt farmers road, dust visible for kilometers 
5 Battered pothole filled neglected bitumen road
6 Craters and bullet riddled. Reasonable road but combat damaged.
7 Reasonable sealed rural road with a few crumbling to gravel patches
8 Reasonable road but some some lanes lost to rockslides and washouts
9 Good condition road well maintained  10 Battered highway with a few craters and wrecks 1in6 sections lit well
11 G
ood quality highway well maintained, well lit by solar lighting 
12 Metalic self healing nanite
 coating highway, solar powered and lit, monitored by feds spysats and killsats, far more policed than any other road type. Mostly in uptown or important industrial links 

d12 Quick Roadside Barriers
1 Short posts with reflectors

2 Short posts with metal crash barrier
3 Concrete crash barrier 1-2m high with wire mesh
4 Short three wire fence with metal steaks or wooden posts
5 Short wire fence with barbed wire and electric wire
6 A 2m high wood or brush fence often dilapidated
7 As four above plus rabbit proof with chicken wire mesh above and below ground
8 Tall 2m high fence that can keep out dingoes, deer, kangaroos, refugees, zombies 1in6 electric 1in6 razor wire
9 Short dry stone wall from colonial times, some scattered farm ruins
10 Tall 2m stone wall with mortar 1in6 have cemented broken glass bottles or iron spikes  on top
11 Short brick wall 1-2m high, 
1in6 have camera systems, 1in6 razor wire 1in6 electric
12 Huge concrete walls and barriers or carved and tunneled into bedrock

d12 Quick Wasteland Oz Terrain
1 Sand d4 1=red 2=yellow 3=grey 4=brown 

2 Ash and burnt out bush fire 1in10 still burning off and smoking
3 Gravel mostly d4 1=red 2=grey 3=black 4=brown
4 Stony dirt with squat salt bushes 
5 Stony ground covered in dry thorny shrubs 1m high to the horizon difficult drive 
6 Rubble, rocks, big cliffs, eroded monuments with some scraggly trees difficult drive 
7 Grass with thin trees with occasional giant gum, creek and 2-3m high termite mound difficult drive 
 Grassy meadows with light trees, creeks, bushes and occasional drop or huge stone
Light bush land with lighter trees most common, rivers, difficult drive, difficult drive  
10  Heavy bush with mostly huge and large trees over rocky ground, rivers and rocky ground. impassable by car
11 Mountainous and hilly with winding roads with steep cliffs, tunnels and bridges. Straggly trees and bushes and native grass
12 Salt pan with surreal opalescent colours surrounded by fields of Salvation Jane (Purple) and Sth African Wild daisies(yellow) - introduced pests. Seasonal floods every one to ten years and is muddy some times or submerged. Mostly just salt.

d12 Weather
1 Bone dry as dead dingo's dick. 40c 104f Sky clear remains for 3d6 days

2 Sunny day on the beach for xmas 30c 86f Some clouds d6 days
3 Warm weather suitable to play cricket 20c 68f Clouds and gentle breeze lasts d6 days
4 Humid sweaty weather causes itching and dandruff 30c 86f Some clouds 2d6 days 
5 Drizzling and showers, muddy roadsides, humid, grey sky 10c 50f or 30c 86f  d6 days  
6 Pelting showers, flash floods, difficult creek crossings grey sky 10c 50f d6 days
7 Fog rolls out at dusk till dawn hiding the land under blanket of mystery 0c 32f d6 days
8 Snow or hail or sleet makes roads slick and may damage paint jobs -10c 14f 1 day
9 Severe winds blows huge dust clouds turning sky red or orange like mars 1 day
10 Severe storm and winds bring down trees and blow around cows like leaves
11 Acid rail damages clothes, stings eyes and defoliates plants
12 Chem and rad tainted clouds drop some hell brew, mutants dance in the rain  

Some areas in Victorian Alps and Canberra get snow in winter. On the edge of the apocalypse Australian weather can be crazy. Even deserts can get frost at night a way of gathering water. Many deserts areas flood 
seasonally or every decade in summer, remain green for a few months. Wetland areas have many crossings like ferries and bridges. Monsoon rain or hurricane might be a good backdrop. Or just cover everything in mud.

Night time rules might be handy

Australian roads have mostly wooden electricity and phone poles, while in Sth Australia they have i beams with concrete beams (ow!). More likely to be functional if better quality road. Mostly functional highways have lights.

d12 Other roadside features
1 Emergency truck breaking lanes regularly
2 Concrete barriers divide middle in places
3 Windmills or solar farms
Well appointed with payphones 1in6 not vandalized by kids or gangs
5 Crops of farm structures 1in6 modern and not in ruins
6 Plague of some kind d4 1=locusts 2=cane toads 3=rabbits 4=rats
7 Tourist attractions 1in6 not in ruins, popular gang hangouts if ruined
8 Observation points with rest stops and some kind of monument to Aussie failure*
9 Wild kangaroos, emus, deer, pigs, goats or feral farm animals thriving
10 Mounds of garbage like dumped wrecks, beer cans, ciggy and takeaway packs, used nappies, junkmail, sacks of old clothes, suitcases, fridges, broken appliances
11 Huge electrical towers, anterra, microwave towers, dish arrays in area
Roadworks in progress with police armoured cars on guard

*=Starving explorers, killed settlers, racist bushranger, heroic dog sacrifice, war deaths

Friday, 18 September 2015

d100 Wonder What's in the Well?

Well here it is. A local well in a village, city or dungeon needs water. Factions will seek to control wells but sometimes old ones are forgotten or change purpose over time. Most people dislike adventurers fouling their water supply and don't encourage adventurers. The contents of a well are often interesting. Ancients clans fought over wells and worshiped them. Even sacrificing animals and humans. 

d10 What kind of well is it?
1 Grassy or mushroom overgrown mound with a muddy narrow shaft opens to subtereanean water chamber
Grassy or mushroom overgrown patch with a sinkhole pit, a small spring produces a few gallons a day 
3 Dirty hole surrounded by muck and footprints, dry out in hot season but rest of year water pools in ground attracting animals
4 A neat shaft into ground with a bucket or jug and rope to gather water
5 A short stone circle surrounds the brick lined shaft into ground
6 As per five but a small roof covers the well and it has a winch and bucket
7 A shaft carved into bare rock long ago
8 A shaft carved into bare rock with a locked lid or bars preventing access
9 A shaft carved into bare rock next to dry fountain and broken hand pump
10 A crumbling ancient brick shaft with some old foundations around entry

d10 Quick Well Contents
01 Rubbish
02 Vermin
03 Body
04 Grotto
05 Hideout
06 Humanoid lair
07 Monster lair
08 Cursed
09 Haunted
10 Weird

d100 Well
01 Broken pots
02 Old broken bones
03 Rotten food scraps
04 Rotten lumps of floating wood
05 Slimy algae rafts floating on surface
06 Floating excrement
07 Remains of old wooden hoist and bucket
08 Floating remains of moldy books
09 Great floating lumps of fungus or mold or slime possibly 1in6 deadly dungeon kind
10 Abandoned treasure chest in bottom half buried in mud

11 Savage carnivorous school of rippy fish
12 Huge aquatic serpent or eel creeps from well some night and steals local pets 

13 Bats nest in walls and airspace in cave beneath
14 Huge stranded snapping turtle
15 Gigantic freshwater lobster
16 Tentacled horror (huge octopus)
17 Wounded animal on ledge d4 1=goat 2=dog 3=pig 4=donkey
18 Huge rat colony if startled swarms everywhere screaming
19 Giant bug nest usually ant or termites in dungeon but also bees or wasps if outside
20 Giant bat like a doom bat or huge vampire bat or goblin riding bat
21 Dead animal d4 1=goat 2=dog 3=bird 4=big fish with big bite mark
22 Sacrificed animals 1=dogs 2=cats 3=birds 4=goat
23 Burned ashes of human sacrifices
24 Mixed jumbled bones of human and animal sacrifices
25 Murder victims corpses dumped here by locals for centuries
26 Floating rotten human corpse
27 Remains of long lost underworld shrine with skeletons
28 Zombies dumped here when necromancer overstaffed
29 Ledge at bottom with remains of broken boned starved person
30 Ledge on side is a opening of a long forgotten crypt or tomb
31 A delightful cave with crystals, calcium formations and luminous fungi  
32 Gated cave almost sealed by formations contains a long mummified monk
33 Crystal filled cave with great crystal imprisoning something
34 A bubbling grotto with misty pools is home of a holy hermit
35 A strange slime encrusted grotto where a deformed sorcerer dwells
36 Cave complex with stone age paintings and megalithic shrine
37 Spectacular fungus cave with some mushroom folk
38 An amazing crystal grotto with steaming geothermal spring
39 Grotto with large docile albino cave fish
40 Grotto with a lonely undine appointed to live here as punishment of a god
41 Cave in bottom is secret lair of a bandit gang
42 Cave in bottom is secret thieves guild bolthole
43 Cave off side of shaft houses 1d6 runaway children
44 Cave off side of shaft home to a refugee family
45 Cave off side of shaft home to 1d6 escaped slaves
46 Cave system at bottom home to clan of inbred cannibals
47 Cave system at bottom home to crazed berserk madmen
48 Secret door off shaft is hidden cult shrine
49  Secret door off shaft is band of hidden desperate adventurers
50 Secret door off shaft is a assassin clan hideout
51 Kobolds have built a cramped hidey-hole to avoid bigger monsters
52 Goblin lair with hidden fungus garden grotto
53 Albino degenerate lizard folk have a semi submerged complex
54 Fish men outpost to monitor the surface and kidnap mates
55 Orc outcasts lair carved from shaft in hiding
56 Bugbear secret family burrow off shaft, they love to scare locals
57 Rat men lair with chaos altar and swarm of pet giant rats taint the water
58 Frog men dwell here peacefully fishing and trying to seduce local women
59 Secret lair of hobgoblin spies watching area for their distant king
60 A cave complex with magically sleeping serpent men and pet dinosaur
61 Owlbear fell down long ago into damp cave now very hungry
62 A Carrion crawler nests here with several paralysed prisoners
63 A Bonesnapper lived here since a egg left by lizard men
64 A enraged hook horror like to pull on any ropes dropped down
65 Nilbogs are thrown down by local goblin tribe kin for being too weird 
66 A furious troll lurks down here, tricked into being trapped
67 Hideous ogre lurks in cave constantly counting his sack of gold
68 A small black dragon has lived here for aeons in secret
69 A hideous formarian hid here as a child and now too big to escape
70 A grell was planted here by mindflayer cult long ago
71 Well is tainted but could be purified by magic
72 Water causes fevered hallucinations if not boiled
73 Water causes madness unless black altar in bottom destroyed
74 Water transforms drinkers into goblins unless purified by magic
75 Well has a trapped demon in the bottom bound by magic
76 Well is polluted until water weirds in bottom killed
77 A hellcat whispers advice from the darkness and offers to help you
78 Well has become tainted with sulpher and boiling, possibly connected to hell
79 A witch dropped a potion in well and drinkers turn into children 24 hours after drinking
80 Water is unholy water and causes disease if drunk
81 A spectre arises from well by night to torment living
82 Cave at bottom filled with megafauna skeletons which arise if disturbed
83 A vampire is trapped in well his coffin surrounded by flowing water
84 Ghouls lair in bottom, creeping out at night to steal corpses
85 Phantoms from millennium of sacrifice, human and nonhumans
86 Superior skeletons from ancient times guard a necromancers chest
87 A wight dwells in his tomb inside well occasionally screaming by night
88 Aquatic ghouls feast on centuries of dumped corpses in well
89 A spirit seeks someone to complete a quest so they may find eternal rest
90 A spirit possesses victims and makes them murder comrades and kin
91 Secret door off shaft is long lost trapped treasure
92 Lonely stranded selkie would love help to escape to sea
93 Leads to separate cavern or dungeon caves long forgotten
94 Water heals 1d4 damage if drunk within 3 rounds from well once a day
95 Water is holy water but if removed loses potency in 24 hours
96 Water has strange random magical properties (use this possibly)
97 Well is intelligent and will talk for hours about gods it has met or something
98 Well if swum through takes you to the "Woods between worlds" a multiversal hub
99 Well has a imprisoned immortal in the bottom
100 A god made a sacrifice here once, some remnants or entity or monster remains. Possibly messing with this will change your life

(should do random dungeon fountain table with a random magic pool table - i think JD has one...)